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Season 6

7 Oct. 1993
200 years after investigating the Esperato, the Red Dwarf crew awakes from suspended animation, as they set out to find Red Dwarf, which has vanished without a trace, on-board Starbug. Where they stumble upon a asteroid field containing lost spaceships. Where they find the asteroid field is inhabited by "Psirens" genetic engineered alien creatures that telepathically lure the ship's crew on the asteroids and suck out their brains.
14 Oct. 1993
Starbug is taken over by a tractor beam which takes them to a deep space space station, where the crew discover Legion, a life form conceived from a experiment by famous scientists. Only to learn Legion is composed from the minds of each member of the crew and he won't allow to leave and continue the search for Red Dwarf.
21 Oct. 1993
Gunmen of the Apocalypse
Starbug stumbles upon a battleship carrying on-board murderous cyborgs called "Simulants". When the "Simulants" infect Starbug with a virus and Starbug heads on a collision course with a volcanic planet. Lister, Cat and Rimmer connect Kryten to a Artifical Reality game set and Lister, Cat and Rimmer enter Kryten's dream of the wild-west, as they set out to help Kryten to fight the virus.
28 Oct. 1993
Emohawk: Polymorph II
Starbug is attacked by a Space Corp enforcement probe, for looting from derelict ships. Starbug crash lands on a Gelf moon, where Lister must marry the Gelf leader's daughter in exchange for a oxygen breathing unit. Only to find a Polymorph has gotten on-board Starbug, when Lister refuses to spend his honeymoon with the Gelf Bride.
4 Nov. 1993
The Starbug crew returns to the Simulant's battleship to salvage for food-supplies. But Rimmer, who has been diagnosed of a tense nervous disorder, escapes on-board a escape pod which has no steering. And is whisked away through a time-hole, only to find himself on a planet inhabited by clones of his own self.
11 Nov. 1993
Out of Time
Starbug enters a fog in space containing devices that create false realities, where the crew find a time machine, where they meet themselves 15 years in the future and engage in a space battle, when they learn their future selves are corrupt time travelers who are experiencing the very best of history.

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