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Season 12

12 Oct. 2017
The crew discover a ship that has a cure for evil.
12 Oct. 2017
Red Dwarf is captured by the Mechanoid Intergalactic Liberation Front, a group of automata out to free androids being used as slaves and who turn Kryten's crew-mates into a robotic work-force. Rimmer enjoys his new carefree life but Lister resists and only a cleaning duel between him and Kryten can determine all their fates.
26 Oct. 2017
The crew find themselves on the 'Enconium', a ship where criticism is illegal and all ineptitude must be tolerated. When they protest they are arrested and threatened with draining of all critical thoughts. However Rimmer's bitterness about his childhood comes in handy in beating the draining machine, his inner critic and the system, at least for a while.
2 Nov. 2017
When all the machines on Red Dwarf go on strike, the boys compete in an election against each other to gain control of them.
9 Nov. 2017
After installing the latest software update the Dwarfers discover that the owners of Red Dwarf, Jupiter Mining Corporation, have been bought out by a corporation and only products made by them are visible to their employees.
16 Nov. 2017
When Red Dwarf starts acting up Kryten reveals a device he has been working on that Rimmer borrows. Is there really a universe where he is not a gigantic loser?

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