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Season 2

18 Nov. 1989
The Crawling Eye
In the first national broadcast of MST3K, the Mads have moved into Deep 13, Joel has spruced up the Bots, and Forrest Tucker sleepwalks his way through this week's literally eye-popping film.
25 Nov. 1989
The Robot vs. the Aztec Mummy
The Mads fall victim to their own newly-installed security system, and the unfortunately-shaped Satellite of Love is besieged by Demon Dogs hoping to pray to the Giant Bone.
2 Dec. 1989
The Mad Monster
Things get hairy on the Satellite of Love thanks to the lupine antics of The Mad Monster (1942) and the second chapter of Radar Men from the Moon (1952).
20 Feb. 1990
Women of the Prehistoric Planet
Our intrepid hosts are trapped between Isaac Asimov's Literary Doomsday Device and Robert Ito from Quincy M.E. (1976) in a fur caveman outfit.
9 Dec. 1989
The Corpse Vanishes
Joel introduces the chiro-gyro at the invention exchange while the Mads show off their flame-throwing flower. In the theater, Joel and the Bots get the third installment of "Radar Men from the Moon" before the Bela Lugosi film "The Corpse Vanishes".
16 Dec. 1989
The Crawling Hand
Joel and the Bots have a tough time agreeing on how to spend their free time between segments of the teen sci-fi thriller "The Crawling Hand".
23 Dec. 1989
Robot Monster
The guys watch a post-apocalyptic film about aliens and robots, riff on two more installments of "Radar Men from the Moon", and try to understand surrealism.
30 Dec. 1989
The Slime People
The crew puts Commando Cody on trial for "crimes against reality" after watching the sixth episode of Radar Men while slime monsters invade Los Angeles in "The Slime People".
6 Jan. 1990
Project Moonbase
Joel and the Bots watch two more Commando Cody episodes and a film about a sabotaged space station. They also introduce their new product SPACOM to the Mads.
13 Jan. 1990
Robot Holocaust
When the ninth chapter of Radar Men from the Moon (1952) encounters technical difficulties, it gives the Mads an earlier opportunity to bring the Satellite of Love and its crew to their knees via Robot Holocaust (1986).
20 Jan. 1990
Moon Zero Two
The crew stages their own moon landing pageant as they watch the film Moon Zero Two (1969) about an astronaut hired to capture an asteroid made of sapphires.
27 Jan. 1990
Untamed Youth
Joel invents a pipe with a smoke detector and a sprinkler system built in for the invention exchange. The guys watch a 1950s teen flick about youths sentenced to manual labor at a cotton farm.
3 Feb. 1990
The Black Scorpion
Giant scorpions rise out of a volcano and attack Mexico in The Black Scorpion (1957) while the Bots throw a party for Joel.

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