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23 Oct. 1988
The Killer
Former IMF team leader Jim Phelps returns when his friend and protégé is killed. He would learn that his friend was in the midst of identifying a master criminal who is only known by the name Scorpio, so Scorpio sent his killer, a man who goes by many names who currently uses Matthew Drake, to take care of him. Jim's mission is to stop his next contract and to somehow find out who Scorpio is. So Jim selects 4 team members, Nicholas Black, a master of disguise, Casey Randall, a fashion designer who joined IMF to help get the ones who killed her fiance, Max Harte, a man...
30 Oct. 1988
The System
Jim Phelps and his team of agents get the mission to find the evidence and testimony necessary to put notorious crime ringleader Bob Connors, who have managed to escape justice for more than 10 years, in prison for good. The only person who knows enough about Connor's business dealings to provide this testimony is, however, a man who will never talk - Frank Marley. Apart from being Connors's close friend and protégé, Marley is, according to reports, secretly being groomed to take over Connor's business empire when he eventually retires. The team decides to move in on ...
6 Nov. 1988
Jim Phelps and his team of agents get the mission to extradite Colonel Gregory Usher to the United States legal system. A self-declared president in his country recognised for their large production of processed cocaine, Colonel Usher has been sought after for some time, wanted for his extensive world-wide drug trafficking.
20 Nov. 1988
The Condemned
Jim Phelps and his team of agents get the mission to free and clear the name of a retired American IMF-agent falsely imprisoned of murder in Istanbul. Now impending execution in Turkey, the former agent in question appears to have been set up by a crooked policeman named Captain Hamidou, who has built his whole career in the police force with corruption, murder and bribery. By making a quick arrest in this murder case, Hamidou earned himself a hefty promotion. An extra twist in the case turns out to be that the agent in need of rescue happens to be Jim's old colleague...
27 Nov. 1988
The Legacy
During World War Ii, Hitler amassed a huge amount of gold, which he entrusts to four of his confidantes to make sure that his legacy continues. But because several Nazis were apprehended in the 60's, which was when they were suppose to make their move, they choose to let the next generation handle it. And they are ready to make their move so Jim is instructed to stop them. Jim has Max replace the one member they know of because they've never met. And they're meeting in Switzerland. After the four meet, one of them asks them to reveal a number they were told to ...
11 Dec. 1988
The Wall
Jim Phelps and his team of agents get the mission to destroy the black market operation of Doctor Gerstner, who, in 1980s divided Berlin, runs a secret service helping people in East Germany to escape to the western side in return for large amounts of money. The really devious part of his service, however, is that the people whom he agrees to help across never reaches the west, seeing as his business partner, German intelligence man Colonel Batz, always has soldiers ready and waiting to arrest the escapees on the other side. Over the years, Gerstner and Batz have made...
18 Dec. 1988
The Cattle King
Jim Phelps and his team of agents get the mission to put Douglas Matthews - Australian cattle breeder, investor, and international arms dealer to terrorists - out of business. The IMF-team are however not alone in wanting to destroy Matthews. So are a group of Australian aborigines; infuriated by the fact that Matthews has killed their people and desecrated their lands in the process of his arms dealing.

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