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Season 5

22 Nov. 1991
De verdenking
Martine Bos, an old school friend of Ingrid's, is brought into MCW in a delusional state and does not remember where she left her infant son. Simon and Tessa are getting to be very close. Sonja's health begins to deteriorate.
29 Nov. 1991
Seriously ill Joop Stevens refuses to be operated on nor will he allow a visit from his half brother Martijn Oomen. Ingrid is almost robbed of her purse in a shopping center but still insists on helping the two homeless delinquents.
6 Dec. 1991
Nieuwe hoop
Jan has managed to get an experimental Aids medicine to be tested on Sonja but Stefan Volkel and Leo Koning are not sure the medicine should be released yet. Liza is angling to learn more about Victor's secretive past.
13 Dec. 1991
Een gebroken hart
While Jan and Ingrid start planning their wedding they learn more about Mirna's troubled past. Tessa is very jealous of Joy spending so much time with Simon. Eric's job is already on the line and this is made worse when a mistake on his part is found by Jan. Liza is pregnant with Victor's child.
20 Dec. 1991
De bruiloft
Sonja requests to be treated with Dr. Huizinga's experimental medicine, despite Hugo's disapproval. Volkel & Koning ask Eric to sabotage the medicine, for which Jan will be blamed. Victor is not pleased to find out Liza has gotten pregnant without discussing it with him. All this transpires on Jan & Ingrid's wedding day.
27 Dec. 1991
Het verleden
Sonja has died. Eric is told to get rid of all the evidence and point all the blame towards Jan. Liza insists on visiting Victor's grown up autistic son Roelant. Lucie, who is working as a doctors assistant, proves to have a problem with authority. Guus has hit a female colleague with his car and is feeling responsible. This leads to questions from his boyfriend.
3 Jan. 1992
De keuze
Jan is worried about his son Christiaan's heart. Lucy and Eric go out to dinner despite their age difference. Peter uncovers evidence about the cause of Sonja's death, but Stefan Volkel stops him from getting it back to MCW.
10 Jan. 1992
Het oordeel
Vronie Hermans is back in hospital with heart troubles and reveals she has lost the publishing business. Reini is shocked to learn that Lucy has moved in with Eric. Astrid has diagnosed Victor as being seriously ill. Roos appears to be in love with Guus, making his boyfriend Marcel very jealous. Jan loses his right to practice on account of the experimental medicine he used on Sonya.
17 Jan. 1992
Het gevecht
Rape victim Vita refuses to press charges because she is afraid of her husband/pimp Leo Zwart. Vronie has an out of body experience when she has a heart attack. Victor realizes his cancer may have come from bottled up frustration concerning his son Roelant. Little Christiaan has a heart problem and needs to be operated on.
24 Jan. 1992
De operatie
Joy's former classmate Suzan is afraid to tell her father that she is raising a child on her own, so Joy and Nel ask Robin to pose as Suzan's boyfriend. Jan and Ingrid are very nervous about Christiaan's operation. Reini is going through menopause and thinks Dick might be having an affair. Tessa has a date with Leo Zwart to find out more about him, and gets a job offer from him.
31 Jan. 1992
De waarheid
Marcel has been beaten up by one of Leo Zwart's goons. Guus is surprised to learn Marcel married to one of Zwart's girls to get her a permit. Ispired by positive thinking, Victor asks Dick not to take away all of a terminal patient's hope of recovery. Reini admits to herself that she has a drinking problem.
7 Feb. 1992
Het bedrog
Jan has found out the name of the insecticide that killed Sonja and asks Eric to help him find out whee it came from. Dick decides to move out of Reini's place. Ingrid's father becomes paralyzed after suffering an unexpected stroke.
14 Feb. 1992
De uitlokking
Reini & Dick's marriage deteriorates. Nel & Robin have trouble sustaining their relationship as well. Jan suspects Eric may have been involved in Sonja's death. Tessa finds it more dangerous dealing with Leo Zwart than expected.
21 Feb. 1992
Een grensgeval
Reini immediately has misgivings after sleeping with Thijs. In order to save his own hide, Stefan Volkel is prepared to sacrifice Eric Koning. Ingrid discovers her father had an affair and an illegitimate child. Liza goes into premature labor. Tessa and Simon decide to go to Africa together.
28 Feb. 1992
Het komplot
Eric's car has exploded, taking Tessa and Simon's lives. Eric confesses everything to Jan while Leo Koning tries to expose Stefan Volkel. Victor and Liza are afraid their newborn daughter Anna might have suffered brain damage.

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