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6 Jan. 1993
Flowers from a Lady
Bubba is first on the scene of a carjacking and first in the heart of the victim, a city council woman with a history of "man problems".
12 Jan. 1993
Private Sessions
When a young woman takes her life by jumping off a bridge, her boyfriend, who is also Virgil's law school classmate, stands accused of her murder.
20 Jan. 1993
Judgment Day
A prominent judge's wife threatens to reveal a skeleton in his closet unless he grants her a lucrative divorce.
3 Feb. 1993
Falsely Accused
Wilson Sweet's job is put on the line when he is accused of soliciting a bribe from a shady used car salesman.
10 Feb. 1993
A Step Removed
A threat made in anger makes Parker's stepfather the prime suspect in the murder of his former boss.
17 Feb. 1993
Deadly Affection
A single mother is harassed by her landlord, who also happens to be her ex-boyfriend.
3 Mar. 1993
The Leftover Man: Part 1
When a racist politician visits Sparta during his political rally, a staged assassination attempt intended to make him look better to his perspective voters goes horribly wrong.
3 Mar. 1993
The Leftover Man: Part 2
The Sparta Police investigate when it is discovered that the murder attempt may not have been staged after all.
17 Mar. 1993
A Dish Best Served Cold
When an embezzler returns to Sparta after serving a prison sentence, quite a few people become suspects when the man is killed.
24 Mar. 1993
A man is determined to make sure a young woman does not receive her inheritance, promised by his grandfather 3 decades earlier.
28 Apr. 1993
Even Nice People
Shady real estate developers try to drive Gillespie's daughter out of her property, in order to make way for a new development project.
5 May 1993
Lake Winahatchie
The common-law husband of Lana's mother returns to Sparta and tries to extort money from the land developers, who are eventually driven out of town.
12 May 1993
A Correct Settling
Sparta Police investigate the possibility of a prison bishop being forced off the road being racially motivated. Bill Gillespie and Harriet Delong discuss taking their relationship to the next level.
16 Sep. 1993
Child's Play
Many changes come to Sparta. Virgil Tibbs has left the Sparta Police Department and he, Althea and their twins have returned to Philadelphia, PA so Virgil can complete his law school studies. Bill Gillespie has been voted out as chief and is replaced by FBI Agent Hampton Forbes from Memphis, TN. Forbes inherits the case of a reclusive man who is murdered as he is awaiting trial for manslaughter.
18 Sep. 1993
Hatton's Turn: Part 1
Gillespie gets the last laugh against the city council when he is named Newman County Sheriff to replace an ailing Will McComb, who has suffered a heart attack. As county sheriff, Gillespie's first case is that of a triple murder, where the investigation points to a good natured, mentally challenged teenage boy.
18 Sep. 1993
Hatton's Turn: Part 2
Gillespie and Forbes become fast friends when both police forces team up and solve the triple murder. Attorney Wade Hatton returns to Sparta and hopes to rekindle a romance from the past with Sarah Hallisey.
23 Sep. 1993
A Depraved Heart
Bubba Skinner is determined to have a womanizing real estate agent charged with attempted murder after the man knowingly infected Bubba's friend with HIV.
30 Sep. 1993
Incident at Brewer's Pond
A local drunk kills the man he believed was having an affair with his wife.
14 Oct. 1993
A Love Lost
When Lana's ex-boyfriend comes to Sparta, dim-witted Randy Calhoun stumbles upon the real reason for his visit: an illegal gun running operation.
28 Oct. 1993
Singin' the Blues
Luann moonlights as a singer at her boyfriend's new nightclub and she unwittingly uncovers a drug dealing operation run by the bartender.
4 Nov. 1993
Virgil Tibbs: Attorney at Law
Virgil Tibbs returns to Sparta with a law degree, news of his failed marriage and a murder suspect to defend.
10 Nov. 1993
Every Man's Family
Bubba travels to Atlanta, GA in an attempt to improve his drug addicted nephew's quality of life.
25 Oct. 1993
A Baby Called Rocket
Luann tries desperately to adopt a baby that was abandoned in a crack house raid.
9 Dec. 1993
Little Girl Lost
A hit-and-run accident caused by an alcoholic teenager claims the life of a 10-year-old girl.
16 Dec. 1993
Your Own Kind
An interracial high school couple is the target of a racist sniper on the Sparta High School field.

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