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19 Sep. 1992
Home Away from Home/Rainy Day Robot/Odie the Amazing
Frankenstein Feline: Jon dreams he's Dr. Frankenstein building a cat. Weatherman Wade: Wade asks for the rain to go away and it does, but when a long drought follows he feels responsible. Fill-In Feline: When Garfield gets sick, Nermal is asked to substitute for the star.
19 Sep. 1992
The First Annual Garfield Watchers Test/Stark Raven Mad/The Record Breaker
Garfield hosts a quiz show for viewers at home. Orson does his own take on "The Raven". Garfield and Odie break Jon's record player.
26 Sep. 1992
Renewed Terror/Bad Time Story/Tooth or Dare
Night Of The Living Laundromat: Garfield discovers a plot by washing machines to conquer the world. Fast Food: Bo's cooking is so slow that Roy opens a fast food restaurant where the food is too fast for the customers. Cash and Carry: Jon decides to cut up all his credit cards and pay only with cash.
26 Sep. 1992
Country Cousin/The Name Game/The Carnival Curse
Speed Trap: On a vacation, Jon gets a speeding ticket but Garfield suspects foul play. Rubber Hole: Garfield plans to trap Odie in a hole. Flights of Fantasy: Tiring of Orson's imagination running wild, Wade tries some imagining of his own. Shoelaces: Garfield ties Jon's laces together. Castaway Cat: When the TV cable goes out, Garfield reads about Robinson Crusoe and gets caught up in the story.
3 Oct. 1992
Home Sweet Swindler/Forget-Me-Not Newton/The Great Inventor
Mind Over Matter: Jon buys a jewel from a phony Swami that will supposedly allow him to read minds. Orson At Bat: When Orson gets hit by a baseball, he imagines he's the famous "Casey" at the bat. The Multiple Choice Cartoon: Garfield offers the viewers a chance to make story choices with disastrous results.
3 Oct. 1992
Taste Makes Waist/The Wolf Who Cried Boy/Day of Doom
Galactic Gamesman: Garfield is bitten by the video game bug at the same time Jon comes down with appendicitis. Gluttony: Garfield and Jon pig out. Sly Spy Guy: Orson dreams he's Double-Oh Orson again, but when the secret agent is fired Pinfeather tries to hire hm. False Start: Garfield has trouble getting out of bed. The thing That Stayed Forever: Jon's Uncle Ed arrives for an extended stay until Garfield steps in.
10 Oct. 1992
The Kitty Council/The Bo Show/Bad Neighbor Policy
Bouncing Baby Blues: Garfield accidentally brings a baby home from the grocery store. The Ugly Duckling: Orson makes up a story to entertain the chicks. Learning lessons: The network hires the buddy Bears to help put some educational material in Garfield's cartoon.
17 Oct. 1992
Cute for Loot/The Caverns of Cocoa/Dream Date
Idol of ID: Garfield's and Odie's minds are switched when they touch a magical idol. Bedtime Story Blues: Orson tries to read Cinderella to Booker and Sheldon but, the chicks keep changing the story. Mama Manicotti: Garfield helps a small restaurant owner battle a large chain.
24 Oct. 1992
The Worst Pizza in the History of Mankind/Jack II: The Rest of the Story/The Garfield Opera
The Pizza Patrol: Garfield uses a pizza company's guarantee of "delivery in 30 minutes or its free" to get free pizza. The Son Also Rises: Wade's father, who believes his son is brave, comes to the farm just as the evil weasel returns. Rolling Romance: Jon's new car falls in love with him...and tells him so.
24 Oct. 1992
Dummy of Danger/Sooner or Later/Jumping Jon
Dummy of Danger: Garfield discovers Jon's new ventriloquist dummy is alive. Tree Stump: Garfield asks which is smarter: a dog or a tree stump. Sooner or Later: The wolf tricks the crew into putting things off. Jumping Jon: Jon decides to take up skydiving.
31 Oct. 1992
Sound Judgement/Gross Encounters/The Perils of Penelope
Home Sweet Swindler: Mr. Swindler returns and gets Jon to sell the house for $1. Heat Register: Odie runs into trouble. Forget-Me-Not-Newton: Wade's forgetful cousin Newton, arrives. The Great Inventor: Garfield tells a story about how an ancient cook and his cat invented lasagna.
31 Oct. 1992
The Cartoon Cat Conspiracy/Who Done It?/The Picnic Panic
Home Away From Home: When he leaves home, Garfield is adopted by an elderly lady with a mouse problem. Jogging Shoes: Jon buys Garfield jogging shoes. Rainy Day Robot: Roy buys a robot that creates weather and problems for Roy. Odie The Amazing: Odie finds a magic wand that works!
7 Nov. 1992
Ghost of a Chance/Roy Gets Sacked/Revenge of the Living Lunch
The First Annual Garfield Watchers Test: Garfield tests the audience. Cellar Door: Garfield closes the cellar door. Stark Raven Mad: Orson offers his version of "the rooster." The Record Breaker: Garfield and Odie brake Jon's record player.
7 Nov. 1992
Super Sonic Seymour/A Mildly Mental Mix-Up/The Garfield Rap
Super Sonic Seymour: Jon hires a time obsessed man to help him get his life organized, much to Garfield and Odie's dismay. A Mildly Mental Mix-Up: While a psychiatrist tries to cure Wade of his phobias, the wolf tricks Roy into abandoning his guard at the hen house. The Garfield Rap: Garfield's rap music video about being a cat becomes number one on a cat music channel.

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