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Not as bad as they say. . .
TelevisionJunkie26 June 1999
I remember the Freddy's Nightmares series very well (and recently looked into some videos that were released years ago). True, they did sell out after the third movie and turned Freddy into a cartoonish character, but the cartoonish character was perfect for the small screen. The first episode, "No More Mr. Nice Guy," mistells the story in every way (you'd think Tobe Hooper would've watched the first movie before he shot the episode), but after the show took off, the stories became more entertaining. The sequel to "Mr. Nice Guy," "Sister's Keeper," was one of my favorite episodes (though I haven't seen it in years). Some shows had little-known guest stars (such as Brad Pitt) and some featured old favorites (such as Tony Dow). Most Elm Street fans say this show was a huge disappointment (and in a way it was), but it gave Freddy another medium to wreak havok in, so I applaud their efforts.
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Oh, but some of them were soooooooo good.
hoversj30 December 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I still have grainy, late night, no-cable, cheap VHS dubs of this show from waaaaaayyyy back when, late-night-commercials and all, when I would stay up to whatever weird hour they would slap this show on -- just so I could tape it.

The series wasn't really ABOUT Freddy Kreuger - only the first couple of episodes actually involved him as anything but a Rod Serling-esquire announcer. Instead, each episode was a distinct nightmare, using the traditional horror themes of horrific childhood, dating, cannibalism, dating, money, death, dating, and... hmm... dating.

From the episode where a teenage boy accidentally says "I will love you forever" to the wrong girl, and is stuck with her (literally, at least for a moment, they grow together...), to the one where a young stewardess goes home with a strange man, only to find herself in his cabin, where he has a trophy room full of other stewardesses, and one I only vaguely remember which compared blind dates to hockey (and the injuries and penalties that go with it) - dating was definitely the scariest thing in the series.

One episode had Jeffrey Combs (Re-Animator, etc.) as a motivated pizza merchant with a tasty new secret ingredient. Not original, but still creepy and fun....

Even so, some of the episodes were great. My personal favorite was "It's a Miserable Life" where a young man is trapped working in his parents' burger joint, when he wants to go off to college. Stuck talking to himself and doing little puppet shows with old cheeseburgers - until one late night when a weird guy comes through the drive through and suddenly his life is not the same. No, not Freddy, just a thug with a gun - turns out the whole mind-blowing episode is just that - the last thoughts that pass through the kid's head... along with a bullet.

The second half of the same episode (many of the Freddie's Nightmares episodes were essentially two vaguely connected short stories) followed his girlfriend, who was also wounded, but not killed in the drive-by, and who is taken to "the hospital from heck" - they cram in all the most creepy hospital nightmare clichés, and then some - from accidentally having your mouth sewn shut - or waking up during an operation - to having your dead boyfriend try and lure you into the morgue for a little cuddle.

Again, that was my favorite.

Some of the episodes were much dumber, like ALMOST ALL OF THE ONES THEY'VE MADE AVAILABLE ON VIDEO. They put the crummy ones out as representative of the series, and then nobody likes them, thinks the show stunk, and then they don't put any more on video. It's a Miserable Life is only available on PAL DVD in England - but I'm still gonna buy it.
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If you are in to 80's camp, you're in luck.
RHGifs20 September 2014
I remember being a kid and seeing commercials for this show but, since it was on late at night, I never had the pleasure of watching it. Chiller TV ran marathons of this 7 or 8 years ago and, being the low budget, schlock loving individual that I am, came to enjoy this series greatly.

Season one shines far brighter than season two with episodes such as "It's A Miserable Life", "Sister's Keeper", "Do Dreams Bleed" and "Identity Crisis" standing out amongst the pack. Almost all of the episodes are cheesy as all get-out but still just kind of have that weird 80's vibe compounded by random and bizarre stories that make them enjoyable nonetheless.

I'd love to see this series get a full release on video. It's a classic among schlock mongers and utilizes standard 80's stereotypes that would likely be considered weird by those born long after the series originally aired.
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Not so Awful
twisted_sista11 September 2001
Its not as good as the movies but its watchable. I enjoyed Sisters Keeper the best as it was a good story and it has a truely disturbing end! If there's nothing on TV to watch then go rent this its not as awful as it sounds.
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I cant believe they pulled it off.
fullenw18 April 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This is one horror movie based TV show that gets it right. Friday the 13th the series had no connection to the movies. Poltergeist the legacy: I'm not so sure. It may have been loosely connected to the movies. It feels like they just throw a famous title on a show so fans will watch it.

It shows Freddy being burned by the Elm street parents(in the 1st episode I believe) and the amount of parents were disappointing. With all the kids he targeted in the 1st 3 movies, you'd expect there to be more parents. But oh well.

Freddy is basically the narrator for the show. He watches the actions of people in the real world sometimes getting involved somehow. Just like other anthology shows like Tales from the crypt, there's a supernatural or surprise ending twist involved.

The acting lacks but believe it or not: the violence sometimes surpasses that of the movie. This show lasted a couple of seasons and was made around the time of the 4th movie. i heard it was canceled due to protesting parents. I watched a lot of R rated stuff as a kid, so its a shame parents had to ruin it for everyone. 4 more movies came after the series , so it wasn't a total loss.
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great nostalgic TV
www-jabba8318 May 2007
i know technically this isn't the greatest TV show ever,i mean it was shot on video and its limitations show in both the audio and visual aspect of it.the acting can at time be also a little crumby.but,i love this show so scared the hell out of me when it first aired in 1988.of course it would i was 5 years old.but i recently purchased the DVD of the first 3 episodes,which unfortunately i hear is now deleted.and i also heard warner's aren't going to release any more due to the first DVD's bad sales.also the TV show didn't have the same feel as the movies,in fact i thought it had a more sinister tone.even though the colour palette is similar to nightmare on elm street 4(both that film and the TV show were made the same year),this has more of a serious tone whereas the fims were progressively getting more and more sardonic and jokey.not a bad thing,i like freddy as the clown wise cracker.but i think that was the strenght of this TV show,you didn't have freddy popping up every minutes cracking a joke before and after he kills fact this has more of a dream feel to it,reinforced by the soft focus of the not sure if its deliberate on the part of the shows creators or just to the limitations of being shot on video. i love this show,and taken not as a companion piece to the movies can be very enjoyable.much better than anything on TV today.
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Freddy's Nightmares is sweet
brentmalone10 August 2008
I don't see how you can say that Freddy's Nightmares is cheesy and a rip-off. You obviously don't know good TV when you see it. The episodes are packed with drama and blood. Freddy is creative in the way he kills people. I love Freddy's Nightmares and I hope to get all 44 episodes on DVD. The best episodes are: Saturday Night Special,School Daze, and Love Stinks. If you think this series sucked then you're entitled to your opinion but remember it's only your opinion and it means nothing. Freddy's Nightmares will always be one of the best series ever and you'll come to accept that fact soon enough. If you don't like it then don't watch it but don't deny it's brilliance.
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Has its ups and downs.
G.Spider28 July 1999
This series was started after the awful Nightmare on Elm Street 4. Freddy's original character was by now completely obscured by feeble wisecracks and, of course, the money-minded dross industry who realized they had a cash cow on their hands. Actually, some of the episodes in this series are better than some of the later Freddy films. 'End of the World' is an interesting and thought-provoking tale about the nuclear threat. There are also other strong episodes involving crystals which can turn daydreams into nightmarish reality, machines capable of watching dreams and the like. The pilot episode re-writes the Freddy myth but is still entertaining and well-made.

However, there are also a lot of episodes which are no more than an excuse for a series of rather unimaginative surreal images and occasional unfunny 'jokes' from Freddy. These come across as very tedious. 'Saturday Night Special', for example, is just complete trash.

But if you can get hold of the better episodes then do so, as they make good viewing.
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This one is different than the "Friday the 13th" series.
Aaron137526 July 2009
Of course, the fact that it is different than that series is both good and bad. This one is more of the "Tales from the Darkside" type of storytelling to it, and it actually had something to do with the movie. The Friday series had nothing to do with the movie, but had a nice running story. Freddy starred in this one, but a lot of the times he was more the host of the show rather than an actual participant. However, he did appear as the star of some of the episodes...think "Tales from the Crypt", but with the crypt keeper occasionally doing some of the dirty work himself. The stories varied in type and such as I remember one about survivors of a plane crash or something becoming cannibals and I also remember one involving Freddy and a cop, kind of a look back on how Freddy became Freddy. In the end a bit of an unnecessary show, there were already plenty of shows like this at the time that were superior in storytelling, the only thing new this one brought to the table was having the famous Freddy Krueger as a host.
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Not as good as the Freddy movies, but still watchable
jellyneckr14 July 2001
Warning: Spoilers
"Freddy's Nightmares" is not as good as most of the Nightmare on Elm Street movies, but it's not as bad as its reputation. As a syndicated anthology series with Freddy as the host rather than the lead in every episode, the show is about what one would expect from a low-budget series from the late 1980s. The standout episode is very first one. Directed by Tobe Hooper, the episode has a few good scares, a fair amount of tension, and an interesting story that explores the origins of Freddy. Some of the other episodes from the first season are well done given the limitations forced on the production. Other episodes aren't quite as well crafted, though very few are unwatchable. The series altogether is a huge mixed bag in terms of quality. Overall, the series is really only worth a look for huge Nightmare on Elm Street fans. 6/10
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A Great TV Series, Having Freddy Krueger as Showman – Volume 2
claudio_carvalho17 June 2004
The second volume of this series released on VHS in Brazil is composed of the following episodes:

1) ` Freddy's Tricks and Treats' (`A Noite das Bruxas')

Director: Ken Wiederhorn

Lead Cast: Mariska Hargitay (Marsha), Darren Dalton (Zach), Daniel McDonald (Mark) and Cameron Thor (Gary)

In Springwood, Marsha is a beautiful, but sexually repressed student of medicine. On the night of Halloween, she decides to go to the morgue of the university to dissect a corpse, while her friends are partying. She is very tired and has a nightmare with her imaginary boyfriend and her dead repressing grandmother. She is invited by a friend to participate of an experimental research with dreams, where they would be recorded and then played back. Certainly Freddy Krueger has an evil participation in this great story. The atmosphere of nightmare is excellent. Fans like me of Freddy Krueger will love this episode. My vote is eight. (16 Jun 2004).

2) `Killer Instinct' (`Instinto Assassino')

Director: Mick Garris

Lead Cast: Yvette Nipar (Nickie), Lori Petty (Chris Ketchum) and Kane Picoy (David)

In Springwood high school, Chris is a runner disputing with Nickie who is the best. Her mother was a successful athlete in the past and Chris has developed a kind of mental block, loosing the competitions in the end. Her trainer gives a stone with a necklace that belonged to her mother as an amulet. The life of Chris changes, affected by the evil effect of this bijouterie. Freddy Krueger presents this good horror story. My vote is six. (16 Jun 2004).

Title (Brazil): `A Hora do Pesadelo – O Terror de Freddy Krueger II' (` The Nightmare's Hour – The Terror of Freddy Krueger II')
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A Great TV Series, Having Freddy Krueger as Showman – Volume 3
claudio_carvalho18 June 2004
The third volume of this series released on VHS in Brazil is composed of the following episodes:

1) ` Sisters Keeper´s' (`Duplo Pesadelo')

Director: Ken Wiederhorn

Lead Cast: Hill Park (Lisa), Gry Park (Merit) and Anne Curry (Sara)

In Springwood, the twin sisters Lisa and Merit are suffering the consequences of the act of their father, the policeman who killed Freddy Krueger. Merit spent a period in a mental institution, having nightmares with the evil Freddy, and now is very protected by her mother, making Lisa a little jealous with the situation. In this episode, the sisters decide to share the same dream to fight against Freddy. Fans like me of Freddy Krueger will love this episode. My vote is eight. (17 Jun 2004).

2) `Mother´s Day' (` O Dia das Mães')

Director: Michael Lange

Lead Cast: Byron Thames (Billy), Jill Whitlow (Barbara), Elizabeth Savage (Sherry Gamble), Judith Blanton (Al)

In Springwood, on the mother's day, a family comes to live in the house that belonged to Freddy Krueger. Before the recem-married couple travels in honeymoon, Billy, the teenager son of the bride, is advised by her husband to take care with his belongings. While they are traveling, Billy meets his neighbor Sherry and reality and dream mixes in a crazy and tragic party. After this incident, Sherry decides to call her mother Barbara, who presents a show in the radio. This episode, composed in two parts, is another great horror story. My vote is eight. (17 Jun 2004).

Title (Brazil): `A Hora do Pesadelo – O Terror de Freddy Krueger III' (` The Nightmare's Hour – The Terror of Freddy Krueger III')
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A Great TV Series, Having Freddy Krueger as Showman – Volume 1
claudio_carvalho16 June 2004
This series was releases in Brazil on a collection of VHS with two episodes each and called `Freddy´s Nightmare – A Nightmare on Elm Street: The Series'. The first volume is composed of the following episodes:

1) ` No More Mr. Nice Guy'

Director: Tobe Hooper

Lead Cast: William Frankfather, Jan Williams and Gry Park

On his trial, the judge due to illegal procedure in his arresting releases Freddy Krueger. The locals decide to act as vigilantes and kill him. One lawman feels tormented for breaking the law. My vote is seven. (14 Jun 2004).

2) `It´s a Miserable Life'

Director: Tom McLoughlin

Lead Cast: Lar Park Lincoln and John Mitchell

The son of the owner of a snack bar stays in the graveyard shift, and while waiting for his girlfriend, he feels threatened by a man in a motorcycle. When his girlfriend arrives, many weird things happen with them. My vote is seven. (15 Jun 2004).

I am suspicious to comment this series, since I am a great fan of Freddy Krueger. Both episodes are great. In the second one, the atmosphere recalls `Twilight Zone'. Just as a curiosity, John Mitchell is the same actor of ` Hedwig and the Angry Inch'.

Title (Brazil): `A Hora do Pesadelo – O Terror de Freddy Krueger I' (` The Nightmare's Hour – The Terror of Freddy Krueger I')
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Jeez this was truly bad..
BatmanFunReviews201818 August 2018
The evil, sinister killer of the "Nightmare On Elm Street" movies, Freddy Krueger, hosts this show, where each week, he shows us a tale of evil and death about the lives of people who live in Springwood. Freddy's Nightmare has pretty much turned Freddy Krueger into a cartoon serial killer who is mostly annoying rather than scary unlike he was in Part 1, Part 3 and New Nightmare. It's just Robert Englund in make up screaming and showing his tongue and his glove for like 45 minutes of absolute boredom and nothingness, just do not waste your time.
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See this for Robert Englund but that's all.
alexanderdavies-993829 September 2017
I'm not surprised that there was a television series of Freddy Kruegar. After all, out of him, Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees, Kruegar was the only one with any personality. Hence, why he had his own series. There was some potential but the low budget, the lack of talented actors (except for Robert Englund) and poor storytelling all ensured that the results would be disappointing. The sets in the episodes look so bland and non- descript, they don't resemble anything from real life. Robert Englund is billed first and that was the correct decision as he is the one who sells the series. Each episode begins with Freddy introducing the story from his boiler room and makes an occasional appearance during the episode. For obvious reasons, Freddy's evil behaviour is toned down for television audiences. I don't really like the episodes that I have seen. The only one I can think of that was remotely watchable, was the opening one when Freddy tells his own story about how he ended up the way he did. The show does have a dark and macabre sense of humour which is made bearable by Robert Englund. He is great to watch but the rest is poor.
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A good TV show
jacobjohntaylor117 July 2017
This a good TV show. It is kind of overrated. I would not say it is a 6.5. It is good but not that good. I give it 5. It does a great acting. And pretty good story lines. It has great special effects. It is better scary. Scarier then The silence of the lambs could ever be. Scarier then the reboot of Friday the 13th from 2009 could ever be. Scarier the Halloween resurrection could ever be. A Nightmare on elm street (1984) is better. A Nightmare on elm street 2 Freddy's revenge is also better. A Nightmare on elm street 3 the dream worries is also better. A Nightmare on elm street 4 the dream master. A Nightmare on elm street 5 the dream child is also better. Freddy's dead the final nightmare is also better. New nightmare is also better. Freddy vs Jason is also better. But this a good horror show. See it.
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An ok series.
Movie Nuttball3 March 2003
This series was not My favorite. I was surprised how much gore and stuff was in it for a show on a local TV Station.Robert Englund was good as Freddy.I doubt this show is on any more but if it is and you haven't seen it before and are able to watch and like Freddy then watch it because its a gory series!
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Most episodes are shot,some others are worth a look.
Fire_Seraph6 February 2003
I first saw the series in 1989,during the fall,when I was in 5th grade.When it premired,I thought that Freddy was going to appear in every episode,like the first one.But he didn't.The beginning episode was a rewrite of the legend, of Freddy Kruger;and how he came to be.The episode concerned a police officer and his blonde twin girls,instead of Nancy and her parents.The twins'dad was allegedly responsible for the death of Freddy Kruger,in this version;(no spoilers being given here).Most episodes of F.M. never feature Freddy,except before the beginning of each story,and before commercial breaks.That may have been one of the biggest complaints,that many people have about the show.That,and the fact a lot of the episodes are crap.Freddy was only in a few of these,like Sisters Keeper,which the twin girls become the main target.He was also in the Halloween one,in which a girl is tormented, by the death of her strict grandmother in the past.These are only a few of the best ones.Another one with him in it,concerned,a witch girl who was obsessed with him,and a boy who wanted to make her into a love slave.Pretty Crazy.You should check it out.Another one I liked in paticulear was the second episode,which was a about a teenage boy,who kept having dreams about his job,at Beefy Boy Burgers.He seemed to have issues about it.There was some hilarious comic moments mixed in there,as well as suspense.You couldn't tell if he was actually being shot by the sniper,or he was just dreaming it.Another one worth seeing is the nuclear one,about a lady whos psychic dreams predict a bleak future,if a nuclear explosion isn't stopped.Look for the scene where Gumby melts into a puddle of sludge.It's pretty cool.Some others are just rancid cheese,scrapped from the bottom of the dumpster,Like the episode about a boy;who thinks his friends are being turned into androids.Or another one about a girl whos worried about being pregnant.Many of these shows had people,die or get disabled in stupid ways.The series later got desperate,and started going after adults,or doing everything to kill off survivors.One thing I should mention is,to look closely in the show.You,ll notice in the background a green and red light glowing,which means that Freddys presence is working secretly in the dreams,to make them turn to nightmares.The lights eeriely match his sweater.Another one I reccomend is the one about a lady who seems to be trapped in a game show.I will not give away what happens in the shows I mentioned.That,you will have to find out for yourself,my friend.If you can,also watch the Valentine episode,about a new teenage girl who's trying to seduce and steal another girl's boyfriend.
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Wow! Where to begin?
mpstjohn16 January 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I'm a bit conflicted over this. The show is on one hand awful, the acting is terrible (even when we get actual name actors like Brad Pitt and Bill Moseley in one episode), the dialogue is moronic and the premise/moral of each episode feels like something lifted out of a 50s educational short. There's no way you'll be scared for a moment from any of these episodes, and Robert Englund's cameos are short, pointless and corny in a sort of a Bob Saget on America's Funniest Home Videos kind of way.

On the other hand this is one of the funniest things to ever be on television. The 80s fashions, the soft focus makes the actors look like their on the set of The View at all times, the premises lend the material more to self-parody than scares, so we're left with an episode where a high school kid is afraid if he fails his SAT's his girlfriend will dump him and his parents disown him, another is afraid she'll be locked up in prison because she's a substandard mom (her husband is played by Brad Pit), another is afraid that all the parents in the world are in league against him when he runs away from home, another is afraid she'll be confused with her socially-retarded twin, another is afraid if he doesn't break up his mom and step-dad he'll get killed for having a party at his house. The list goes on and on.

Being that these are dreams I suppose you could look past the ludicrous plot points and devices, but they're so out of left field that there's no opportunities for the writers to actually scare the audience. You have characters dressed like something out of a 80s-themed nightmare wandering around delivering bad dialogue in very hammy fashion and making illogical decisions that serve no other purpose but to move the story to the next weird plot point (typically watching as a peripheral character does something uncharacteristic of a sane person while our main character stares aghast and too shocked to do anything about it).

If you're looking for something that'll scare you stay away. If you're looking, on the other hand, for one of the funniest things to come out of the 80s ever. Watch it.

Its been showing on Chiller TV lately (pretty much every day) and I've been watching, earlier out of morbid curiosity, and now just so I can get a good laugh in each day. With Arrested Development and Extras off the air this is officially the funniest thing on television right now.
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Freddy's Nightmares? More like the viewers nightmares.
edimusprime19 May 2006
Wow. Simply awful. I was a fan of the original movie, and begrudgingly sat through part 2, 3 was and improvement. 4,5 and Freddy's Dead were pretty bad. But NOTHING is as bad as Freddy's Nightmares. Freddy acts as a Rod Serlingesq host of this anthology series.

I can accept how Freddy became one punchline after another, but at least in the movies the appeal of Freddy carried the movies, but here these were so poorly made, they looked like high school productions of a horror series. The poor actors, if you really want to call yourself that after doing this show were obviously exactly what they paid for. I'm nearly certain this was a stopping point for two types of actors. Ones just starting on the Hollywood ladder, brand new willing to take any part that would put off their having to take that porn job they were offered last week, or seasoned actors on their way down the Hollywood ladder willing to take any part that would put off their having to take that porn job they were offered last week.

I half expected Dana Plato to guest star, but she was already dead by the time this was in production.

To paraphrase Nancy's line in the original Elm St,"What ever you do try not to fall asleep watching this."
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Like We Needed This?
Gislef1 September 1998
A feeble spinoff during the franchise's feeble Part 4-5-6 days, this anthology series is a poor excuse for A) more one-liners from Freddy Kruger , and B) to see how much gore we can put on syndicated TV. Friday the 13th and War of the Worlds manage to do the same thing, _and_ have interesting characters and a plot as well. Thankfully, this syndie was buried in late night by most of the local stations aired it. They should have buried it in a graveyard.
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Freddy Krueger meets Parker a bad way.
james_oblivion15 June 2003
I guess it wasn't bad enough that they had to take a truly terrifying and sinister character and turn him into a joke with a series of lame, laughable sequels. No...they had to give us this. An awful anthology television series which looks like it was shot on video, with horrible acting, hammy one-liners (as if the later sequels didn't have enough of those), and stupid (but surprisingly gory) deaths. I'll admit, it's kind of cool to see someone's heart ripped out on television...but the style of the show was more akin to what FOX would be doing in 1990 with Parker Lewis. Except that on Parker Lewis, it worked. Honestly, this series was a mistake and should be avoided at all costs. Any comparison to HBO's Tales from the Crypt series is ludicrous. Tales from the Crypt was the best horror anthology show on television...Freddy's Nightmares was a joke. And not a particularly funny one, either.
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Cheesy & Stupid
gin277227 February 2009
Personally I think this show looks pretty cheaply made. Some of the actors are terrible. They over do it & seem fake. I can always tell how it's going to end within the first 10 minutes or less of watching because they make it so transparently clear. It's not very well written either. I love to watch it to laugh at it. You know the saying "It's so bad that it's good?" Well, that saying applies to this show. I also like to watch just to see if I'm right when I guess how it's all going to end. So far I've been right every time. It's like a little game that I play. It's nice when you are bored & you feel like laughing at something.
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Sick and demented
EJBaggaley12 November 2004
The only 'Freddys Nightmares' episode i've ever enjoyed, was the first one, when they showed Freddy before he died for when the angry Springwood parents tracked him down in the boiler room and killed him, but all of the other episodes, I hated. As a child i've always been a Freddy Kreuger fanatic, for I have always found the Freddy films to be scary, humorous and fun to watch. However, this all changed after I viewed the second episode of The 'Freddys Nightmares' series. In my opinion, there's four types of horror films. There's black horror (ie. Gremlins/A nightmare on Elm Street), there's gruesome horror(ie.Night of the Living Dead), there's evil horror(ie.The Evil Dead/Exorcist) and there's reality horror (ie.Life story of Jeffrey Dahmer) thats based on a true story. The 'Freddys Nightmares' series, on the other hand, fits none of the above categories, as its unique in its own evil way, for its a cultish, twisted and demented series that should be banned to watch on public television. The 'Freddys Nightmares' series is one of the most abnormal Satanic horror episodes/shows that I have ever seen in my life. This one episode when a girl was house sitting and began to starve as there was no food in the house. She then started eating dog food and then turned into a wart-hog. When the owners arrived home, they were so scared of her, they threw a grenade in her mouth and she exploded. Another episode is when a woman was on a television games show and when she won, her prize was a slow tortured death of her hated parents-in-laws, for there death was to be eaten alive by killer red ants. Any director to think of stories so sick and twisted, must have serious mental problems. Watching these 'Freddys Nightmares' series have in fact distorted my good memories of the 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' movies. If you have children, and these episodes are on television one night, don't let them watch it, as not only children shouldn't watch it, but nobody should watch it, whoever you are.
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