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Season 2

8 Oct. 1989
Dream Come True
A distraught mother enlists the aide of a psychiatrist on a talk show to help her son, who's having nightmares about Freddy Krueger. Soon the doctor finds Freddy's gotten inside of his head too. Meanwhile, a cameraman sets out to prove the existence of Krueger, but he becomes a little too personally involved in his own news story.
15 Oct. 1989
Heartbreak Hotel
Following an Elvis sighting to The Springwood Hotel, a tabloid reporter finds that the phony stories that he writes come true. Meanwhile, an amnesiac has a terrifying dream that he committed murder before losing his memory.
22 Oct. 1989
Welcome to Springwood
Doug and Roxanne move to Springwood, but while Doug's at work, Roxanne begins to unpack and discovers that a mix-up with the movers has left their house filled with someone else's possessions -- in the boxes she finds bloody knives and shredded dresses. Meanwhile, Emily discovers a stack of 19th century love letters hidden behind a panel in her new home, and she begins to envision the relationships of the authors.
29 Oct. 1989
Photo Finish
A photographer who's anxious to get her career back on track gets some unexpected help on her latest photo shoots from Freddy, who's terrorizing her models. Meanwhile, three FBI agents come to Springwood to investigate a family homicide, but Freddy has some surprises in store for them.
5 Nov. 1989
Memory Overload
In part one, an alcoholic professor helps a former student. In the second part, a woman's computer begins talking to her.
12 Nov. 1989
Lucky Stiff
A recent widow comes to the realization that her late husband purchased a winning lottery ticket, so she goes to great lengths to recover it -- and keep the winnings for herself. Meanwhile, a grave digger resorts to blackmail to land the woman of his dreams.
19 Nov. 1989
Silence Is Golden
After accidentally assaulting a mime, obnoxious radio DJ Rick Rake is tormented by the mime. Meanwhile it turns out that the mime is also a burglar who learns that the last people he robbed were also killed.
26 Nov. 1989
An escaped convict (Marc Alaimo) returns home to retrieve the money he hid from a bank robbery, and discovers his son is bitter and his wife (Sheree North) has lost her mind. Later, a couple (Chris Nash, Ruth de Sosa) illegally adopts a baby, but as the little girl (Irina Cashen) grows, her new parents come to the realization that she may be evil.
3 Dec. 1989
Monkey Dreams
A scientist who's working on establishing contact with alien life finds his project in jeopardy when his loan shark comes to call. Meanwhile, another scientist is researching the communicative skills of an intelligent chimp but her arrogant boss seems to have more of an interest in torturing the animal than performing legitimate experiments.
17 Dec. 1989
Dreams That Kill
In this follow-up to "Dream Come True," the new host of "Springwood Confidential" (Dick Gautier) doesn't heed Freddy Krueger's warning to ax his latest show topic, "Dreams That Kill." Meanwhile, a doctor performs an experimental procedure that results in a patient (Christian Bocher) acquiring another man's personality -- and dreams.
24 Dec. 1989
It's My Party and You'll Die If I Want You To
In this follow-up to "Photo Finish," a phony psychic channeler becomes possessed by Freddy Krueger. Meanwhile, Freddy makes a surprise appearance at his class reunion to get even with the prom date who scorned him.
7 Jan. 1990
What You Don't Know Can Kill You
When a lecherous psychiatrist hypnotizes a female patient and seduces her, he's caught by a colleague, so he resorts to drastic measures to cover up his crime. Meanwhile, a man who has accidentally murdered is coerced by his girlfriend into undergoing plastic surgery to change his appearance -- but they unknowingly choose the face of a mobster who recently turned state's evidence and is being pursued by a hit man.
14 Jan. 1990
Easy Come, Easy Go
Hank's twin brother arrives and Greta enlists him to help bump off her new husband. Meanwhile, Greta's sister and her husband drop in for a surprise visit.
21 Jan. 1990
Prime Cut
During a camping trip, the men begin to wonder if their female tracker is a vampire. Meanwhile, two plane crash survivors who've been feasting on dead passengers are on the verge of rescue when an escaped killer intervenes.
28 Jan. 1990
Interior Loft
After Kim leaves her job to pursue her dream of writing a novel, her husband, David, convinces her to make an erotic recording on a 976 number to bring in extra cash. But Kim starts to have a mental breakdown when an obsessed caller begins murdering. Meanwhile, after reading Kim's manuscript, David wonders if Kim has herself assumed the murderous, sexually deviant personality of the heroine of her novel.
4 Feb. 1990
Interior Loft Later
To avoid prosecution and to increase the value of his work, an artist fakes his own death following the accidental death of one of his models. Before long, he goes stir crazy cooped in the loft apartment and accuses his wife of having an affair. Later, two ladies reluctantly agree to let a guy move into their apartment, but they're apprehensive about his intentions --- for good reason.
11 Feb. 1990
A couple move into an old house that is supposedly haunted, but the wife soon realizes just who's haunting the house. Later, another couple move into the house and form an unusual relationship with the moving man.
18 Feb. 1990
A Family Affair
After a man scorns his lover, he resorts to drastic measures to ensure that his family doesn't learn of their affair... but his plan hardly goes off without a hitch. Later, a man literally tries to cheat death.
25 Feb. 1990
Dust to Dust
In this follow-up to the "Prime Cut" episode, a group of recovering cannibals have a relapse and make the unfortunate decision to eat an intruder who's been contaminated with an alien disease.
4 Mar. 1990
Prisoner of Love
A priest who is giving last rights to a woman on death row is seduced and plans and unimaginable escape from the death house with a very tragic ending. Later Violet Rodriguez attempts to escape the same way hoping for better results.
11 Mar. 1990
Life Sentence
A prisoner (George De La Pena) is due for parole after serving time in prison, only to be haunted by his past before his release. Meanwhile, the prison warden (John Milford) tests an illegal drug for his own personal gain.

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