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Season 3

22 Sep. 1990
A Flaw Is Born
Harry is dating a world famous brain surgeon and he is a little apprehensive about dating someone so successful. Carol and Barbara plot revenge on a man that never called and promised he would.
29 Sep. 1990
Harry's Excellent Adventure
Harry is feeling that he is living his life for everyone else, but that he never has time for himself. When his globe trotting friend unexpectedly shows up, Harry's feelings are confirmed. So, on a whim, Harry jets off to Pamplona with his buddy to run with the bulls. It's only then that Harry sees the truth behind his life, and his pal's.
6 Oct. 1990
There's No Accounting
Barbara is dating a sensitive, intelligent new boyfriend and Carol is drawn to him. Bored by his new girlfriend that seems perfect for him.
13 Oct. 1990
Barbara the Mom
Barbara is babysitting her boyfriends young kids and thinks she has no motherly instincts. Carol volunteers at the zoo and finds out the pandas only mate when she is around.
20 Oct. 1990
The Tortoise & the Harry
Carol urges Barbara to take an art class. Harry gives a depressed boy a pet.
27 Oct. 1990
Mad About the Boy
Carol gets dumped once again and decides to fall for the first man she can find. Laverene decides to spice of the biography on Harry for the hospital newsletter.
3 Nov. 1990
Honey, I Shrunk Laverne
After Harry complains that Laverne makes to many office decisions without him so Laverne quits. Carol decides to talk Barbara into joining her poker game.
10 Nov. 1990
The Boy Next Door
Carol and Charley sleep together during a moment of weakness.
17 Nov. 1990
A Family Affair
Barbara has a new boyfriend and Harry thinks he is married. Harry and the girls are worried that Dreyfuss is getting to fat so they put him on a diet.
24 Nov. 1990
Someone to Watch Over Me
Charley is in the hospital and wants visitors, not getting any he hires actors to be his parents. Meanwhile neighbors accuse Dreyfuss of fathering there dogs puppies.
8 Dec. 1990
Harry Knows Best
When one of Harry's patients announces that she wants a nose job. Charley wants a career as a gigolo, and the Westons decided to take a family a portrait.
15 Dec. 1990
Whenever I Feel Afraid
Laverne is mugged and is feeling insecure about it. A new neighbor moves in and Carol and Barbara are both vying for him.
5 Jan. 1991
A Shot in the Dark
Barbara shoots Carol's boyfriend because she thinks he is a burglar. So he stays with the Weston's until he is healed. Laverne has a crippling fear of pubic speaking so Harry decides to help her.
19 Jan. 1991
Sucking Up Is Hard to Do
Barbara is up for a promotion at the police station but must learn the hard way about sucking up, with a little help from Carol. Laverne tries her hand at matchmaking for Harry. Charley gets a tattoo and maybe more. Meanwhile, Dr. Weston tells a young evangelist to stop preaching.
26 Jan. 1991
The Man That Got Away
Barbara tries to date a man named Fred who shows no interest in her while Laverne has to break the tie vote as to whether her home town of Hickory should install a traffic signal at its sole intersection.
2 Feb. 1991
The Mentor
Harry's mentor rejoins the hospital after being away. Later a member of the board approaches Harry telling him that they want to get rid of his mentor because he is making mistakes. Harry thinks they're doing this because of his age. But when Harry discovers he is making serious mistakes, he asks the man to step down or they'll get rid of him.
9 Feb. 1991
The Dog Who Knew Too Much
Each of the Weston's pour their hearts out to Dreyfuss, the girls each decide that they want to move out.
16 Feb. 1991
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?
When Harry starts dating a 28 year old, it upsets Carol, Barbara and the girls parents. Meanwhile Laverne trains a new trainee.
9 Mar. 1991
All About Harry
Harry dates a journalist who intends to write about their romance.
16 Mar. 1991
Drive, He Said
Everyone plans a surprise party for Charley, Harry is supposed to get him back to the house but Charley is more interested in finding an old girlfriend who he never got over.
23 Mar. 1991
The Last Temptation of Laverne
Laverne is blackmailed into taking blame for a car accident that she did not commit. Carol and Barbara decided to give an old man who is moving into a senior home a final last day of adventure.
13 Apr. 1991
What's Eating You?
Harry and Carol try to take care of Barbara when she develops an ulcer. Laverne searches for a discontinued brand of band-aids.
4 May 1991
The Cruise
Barbara practices for a talent show while on a cruise. Harry tries to avoid two ladies who will not leave him alone. Charley steers the ship into the Bermuda triangle while Carol finds the man of her dreams.
11 May 1991
The Way We Are
Harry who is looking forward to a childhood sweetheart visiting is excited, until a childhood rival also resurfaces. Charlie is confused what FICA is because they are taking part of his paycheck.

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