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Tucker vs. Tucker
Mr. Tucker sued for divorce on the grounds of infidelity by Mrs. Tucker. Mrs. Tucker was discovered having an illicit affair with a younger man who gave her lessons in, among other things, painting. Confronted with the fact that she was nearly naked when Mr. Tucker walked in on the two lovers, Mrs. Tucker exclaimed in testimony, "I was wearing a body stocking!", as if that explained everything. Judgment for Mr. Tucker. Trivia: This was Jack Forbes' first appearance in any S.A.G. production, and his audition was a walk-in without an appointment of any kind.
Bachman v Bachman
A rock musician & his wife, whose in a religious cult, fight over their son's custody. She accuses him of an affair with his band's female drummer, while he's concerned about the cult's strange ideas about raising children.
28 Apr. 1988
Gatten vs. Gatten
Jim Gatten was a lonely man who ran a diner. One day, a beautiful woman Terri sat down to eat. Jim caught Terri trying run out on her bill by climbing through a window. He put her to work as a waitress, and realized his business improved with her on the staff. They eventually married and the business became very profitable. Unfortunately Terri Gatten had her eye on several other men, including Jake Putnam. Terri convinced Jake to try to murder Jim, but the plot was foiled. Jake was brought in as a surprise witness to help win the case for Jim. The judge ruled in favor...
Colwell vs. Colwell
Respondent Colwell was sued for divorce by his wife, Petitioner Colwell, who claimed that the cult leader had defrauded her into gifting a large sum of community property to the cult. Judgment for Petitioner, with Respondent ordered to return the cash gifts to the community.
Semple vs Semple
Larry Semple is suing his wife, Doreen Semple, on the grounds of adultery claiming that their son's biological father has re-entered the picture.