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The awkwardness of choosing the wrong in-flight movie

Ryan Lambie Apr 27, 2017

Deciding what film to watch on a plane is fraught with danger - especially if you worry what other passengers might think of your choices...

Nb: The following contains a mild spoiler for Toni Erdmann and descriptions of saucy film moments.

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To date, science has yet to bring us matter transporters or suspended animation, but things have moved on considerably when it comes to in-flight entertainment. Once upon a time, watching a movie on a plane meant squinting at a screen a few rows away as a heavily-edited version of a six-month old film played.

Today, most planes come with a little flat screen mounted on the seat in front of you; with a press of a few unresponsive buttons, you
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Peter Davison interview: Doctor Who, naked Germans, Campion

Simon Brew Oct 10, 2016

From Doctor Who and The FiveIsh Doctors to Campion and Button Moon: we chat to the fifth Doctor, Mr Peter Davison...

Ah, the mighty Peter Davison. The Fifth Doctor, All Creatures Great And Small, Campion, and living in a house with Freddy from Rainbow are just some of the topics we chatted to him about, ahead of the publication of his terrific autobiography, Is There Life Outside The Box.

We’ve got a fair bit to get through, so without further ado….

I got a sense you thoroughly enjoyed writing this book, once you were over some initial research-y hurdles. Would that be fair?

Yeah, that’s fair. It was kind of a journey, really. A reassembling. I’ve had these memories, and it was really a chance to put them down on paper and order them. Everything fragments as you get older, and things come out,
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Dr Who: films of Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy

Feature Alex Westthorp 16 Apr 2014 - 07:00

Alex's trek through the film roles of actors who've played the Doctor reaches Peter Davison, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy...

Read the previous part in this series, Doctor Who: the film careers of Patrick Troughton and Tom Baker, here.

In March 1981, as he made his Doctor Who debut, Peter Davison was already one the best known faces on British television. Not only was he the star of both a BBC and an ITV sitcom - Sink Or Swim and Holding The Fort - but as the young and slightly reckless Tristan Farnon in All Creatures Great And Small, about the often humorous cases of Yorkshire vet James Herriot and his colleagues, he had cemented his stardom. The part led, indirectly, to his casting as the venerable Time Lord.

The recently installed Doctor Who producer, John Nathan-Turner, had been the Production Unit Manager on
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Happy Birthday Doctor Who

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N Campion

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This weekend 48 years ago, the people of Britain and the rest of the world were still coming to terms with the death of JFK when the BBC One announcer introduced a new kids show about an elderly man and his mysterious granddaughter. It was called Doctor Who and was only supposed to last for a few months but 48 years later Doctor Who is still going strong. We have been lucky enough to have interviewed many of the people who helped make the show great during the past five decades and you can read those interviews by clicking on the links below. Also, you probably have your own views about the best Doctor Who stories but you can click the video links below to see which stories we regard as the best of the Whoniverse.
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Doctor Who complete reviews: Castrovalva

Climbing Kilimanjaro. Getting a cat to speak English. Finding any merit in hideous squealathon Glee. All impossible, and all rank alongside having to follow Tom Baker as the Doctor.

To accomplish this daunting task was Peter Davison, a familiar actor whose career spans over 30 years and several roles. Familiar to many people who watch At Home With The Braithwaites, Campion or All Creatures Great And Small, Davison was a brave choice for the role back in 1981. For one thing, at the time, he was only 29 when announced as the new Tardis incumbent, which - until Matt Smith - was the youngest age for an actor to play the Doctor. Davison was also the most familiar face to take on the role - at the time, he was well known from sitcoms such as Holding The Fort and Sink Or Swim (featuring Robert 'Salateen' Glenister), and also as Tristan Farnon, the
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The Last Detective: Complete Collection (review)

Oh my goodness, I’ve been in love with Peter Davison for 25 years -- through All Creatures Great and Small and Doctor Who and Albert Campion and A Very Peculiar Practice -- and oh dear, I’ve just fallen in love with him all over again in The Last Detective. This 2003-2007 ITV series never aired in the U.S., but now at least we can watch it on DVD. Which is a damn sight better than the Brits get, actually: a two-disc set is all that’s available in Region 2, which, I’m guessing, includes only the first of the four series in the Complete Collection, just out in Region 1. We get nine discs and seventeen episodes... although they’re more like mini movies: after the 90-minute pilot, each subsequent story is about 75 minutes long. (There’s also an entire bonus movie: a standalone adaptation from 1981 starring Bernard Cribbins
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