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Hong Kong goes West - When Hong Kong film makers attempt to break the Western market - part 2

Moving into the 1990’s Golden Harvest would once again make an attempt for American success. Unfortunately their first American made film of the decade was the poor China O Brien (1990), an attempt by Golden Harvest to launch star Cynthia Rothrock as a star in her native country. Golden Harvest had previously worked well with Rothrock on the Hong Kong productions of Yes Madam (1985), Millionaires Express (1986), Above the Law (1986), Inspector Wears Skirts (1988) and The Blond Fury (1989). From a business stand point it makes sense why they would choose Rothrock to front China O Brien. The main issue is how director Robert Clouse chooses to shoot the action, showing that he hadn’t learned anything since his Enter the Dragon days, if...

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‘Fists of Fury’ DVD Review

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Presented by Cynthia Rothrock | Written by Leroy Patterson | Directed by Charles Band

Trailer compilations have, in recent year, become big business, they have also become increasingly important in terms of keeping trailers alive. In this time of streaming and digital downloads, where films come sans trailers and extras, there’s no real way – beyond these types of compilations – of seeing interesting trailers for obscure films you may not be aware of.

Titles such as Trailer War, Trailers from Hell, the UK’s very own Grindhouse Trailer Classics, Drive-In Delirium, Attack of the 80s, and 42nd Street Forever have not only kept the trailers alive in a physical format, but also allowed new audiences to discover new (old) films. Keeping up this tradition is Full Moon, who have released a number of trailer compilations already as part of the Grindhouse line – mainly focussing on the sleazier end of genre cinema like
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The Zen of Kung Fu Flicks

I love Martial Arts films, or better yet, Asian action cinema in general; Kung Fu, Ninjas, Samurai, Thai Boxing, Gun Fu, and my latest love: Silat. As escapist fun goes, nothing makes me happier than a good chop socky, hell, even a bad chop socky is not without its charm. A laughable plot, weird and esoteric fighting styles, and of course, terrible dubbing can be just as much fun as watching Shaolin Monks practice ancient techniques, that, if you were quick enough, and maybe had a knack, you could even learn a real move or two. “Old School” kung fu flicks always spoke to me because of the sense of respect and honor portrayed in the character of the hero, but more importantly, the idea that an individual could develop his body and mind and achieve feats of greatness.

Saturday afternoons in Philly only offered college sports, which I wasn’t into as a kid,
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Cynthia Rothrock headlines Badass Showdown

Cynthia Rothrock made a name for herself first as the undefeated middleweight World Karate Champion in Forms & Weapons for five consecutive years, then as the lead femme fatale in over 50 movies starting with 24 Hours to Midnight, the cult favorite Above the Law and the Sally Field hit thriller Eye for an Eye. Now the iron lady and her trademark Scorpion Kick are kickboxing their way to the screen in Badass Showdown, … Continue reading →
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The Cynthia Rothrock Interview By King Of Kung Fu

Selected Filmography:


1986:Millionaire’s Express

1986:Righting Wrongs

1988:China O’Brien

1989:Martial Law


2012:Double Fury


As a writer for Asian Movie Pulse, i was very excited when Cynthia Rothrock had agreed to do a interview for the site as i have been a big fan of hers for many years. The first movie i ever seen her in was Righting Wrongs (Above The Law), opposite Yuen Biao. She impressed me so much i had to go out and get her other movies, her movement, speed and power made her brilliant to watch within Kung Fu cinema and it was no wonder people like Sammo hung wanted her in his movies.

Martial arts achievements

Rothrock is five-time World Karate Champion in forms and weapons between 1981 and 1985. These categories are not combat-oriented, being displays of fluidity of movement rather than fighting, and are therefore
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