Street Trash (1987) Poster


Clarenze Jarmon: Burt



  • Store Manager : [Arrives with the old lady]  Excuse me, sir...

    Burt : Well, hey! What'd you say brother! Hey look, can you tell me when this here product expires?

    Store Manager : I'd like to know what you're doing with all that chicken in your pants.

    Burt : Say what?

    Store Manager : You heard me.

    Burt : Well yeah I heard you, but I don't understand. Because it's clear to me that what I'm doing is shopping.

    Store Manager : This lady said that you were taking food out of the display cases and stuffing it down your pants and that certainly seems to be the case to me. Are you planning on paying for this food?

    Burt : No I ain't planning to paying for it, because I alreay purchased it!

    [Shows the clerk a coupon that was dropped outside] 

    Store Manager : This is all dog food on this list and that's chicken comming out of your pants!

    Burt : Say what? Let me see that...

    [Reads the coupon] 

    Burt : I don't see no dog food!

    Store Manager : That's what the abbreviation stands for.

    Burt : Well, shit! That ain't my problem brother! Can't help it if your cashiers see dog food for chicken!

    Store Manager : Look, why don't you come with me and we'll get to the bottom of this situation.

    Burt : Come with you? Whatcha mean?

    [Pointing to old woman] 

    Burt : Now this old honky skin, white, snitch-ass mother fucker tells you something and you say "Come with me!" Now you're taking her word over mine! Now that's descrimination. Now why don't you just pull down your pants so we can all see the lilly white paint on your Hatian black ass?

    Store Manager : Look, you can come with me now, or I'll get the security.

    Burt : Hey, now you're talking bro! I'm gonna report you to your superiors!

  • Burt : Well, what you starin' at, bitch?

    Old Woman Shopper : You're robbing the store, young man! And I'm telling the Manager.

    Burt : Yeah, you do that. Old wrinkled, honky motherfucker. Telling on me... Well, what she think this is, Junior High?

  • Burt : Ain't good for the image, Fred. You looked too god damn comfortable! people ain't gonna pity you no more!

    Fred : I don't know how I managed to look comfortable. Fuckin'Wizzy planted his foot halfway up my ass.

    Burt : Oh, well, he was just plantin' corn. Get it? Corn... his foot! In yo' ass! Ha ha! Hey, where's your sense of humor, boy?

    Fred : I lost it when Wizzy kicked me in the ass!

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