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Fun mix of action and comedy
mattymatt4ever21 May 2003
I really enjoyed this movie! It's filled with laughs and excitement, and never once was I not entertained. Next to "48 Hours" I think this is one of the best buddy cop movies I have yet seen. Richard Dreyfuss and Emilio Estevez make a wonderful team, with dead-on chemistry. Dreyfuss steals the show with his hilarious performance, proving he's just as talented at doing broad comedy as he is intense drama. That especially shows in the scene where he's about to walk out of Madeline Stowe's house, but doesn't want to be recognized, so he asks her to lend him a hat. The way he handled that scene was so magnificent, and there are many other farcical moments that he handled just as efficiently, and with the wrong timing and delivery those scenes could've collapsed. Estevez plays the straight man, also doing a magnificent job, and you really feel his envy when he's spying on Stowe, who's being hit on by Dreyfuss. I loved the scenes where the rival cops pulled pranks on each other. Speaking of which, Forrest Whitaker pops up in a fine early performance. And Madeline Stowe is great and sexy, as always.

Sure, the plot is quite predictable, but as I said I was always entertained, thanks to sharp writing and great performances. John Badham is a fine action director, so he kept those action scenes filled with suspense and tension. "Stakeout" is not a film that will keep your brain occupied--as a matter of fact there are some scenes that require you to check your brain at the door--but I assure you that you'll have a damn good time.

My score: 8 (out of 10)
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Very enjoyable.......
gazzo-222 September 2001
Somewheres in between 'Beverly Hills Cop' and 'Lethal Weapon' you find this. Good cop/buddy action flick, plenty of humour, the violence is for real, the chemistry between the two leads and Stowe Just right. I enjoy the scene where she shifts her position JUST so slightly, its quite erotic, while the pranks the two cops play on each other are quite funny too.

Its fun watching how put out Estevez gets with the older guy whose clearly not acting his age.

There's nothing terribly deep here, and some of its really dated-Lethal Weapon-ish graphics, the cars, the angry black squad leader, the music(Miami Sound Machine, anyone?), etc, traditional boatchase/fight/battle to the death inside hellacious warehouse/factory finale, etc all par for the course.

But no biggies. The second one wasn't nearly as good's this one.

*** outta ****
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Dreyfuss' best effort since his 70's movies
baumer5 July 1999
There is something about Richard Dreyfuss that makes me think of George Clooney. I believe Clooney is one of a very few slate of actors that can make any scene work no matter how good or bad it is written. Dreyfuss is like that too. I remember a particular scene in Jaws when he brings wine over to Brody's house and Brody cracks it open and decides to drink from it. Dreyfuss tries to warn him by saying, " You might want to let that breathe.... nothing, nothing. " He takes a small scene and makes it that much more interesting by his excellent interpretations of who they are. Chris Leece is his best acting since the seventies. He is so much fun to watch and it is his relationship with Bill ( Estevez ) and the other two stakeout cops ( one of them being a very funny Forest Whitaker ) that make this film a treat to watch. Its strengths are its dialogue and acting, and although Badham directs a fast and frenzied film ( much like Beverly Hills Cop ) some of the movie just doesn't fit, especially the end where it resorts to Bruce Willis tactics and ends with explosions and death. But that aside the film excels, and it is a very funny film written by the same guy that had a hand in The Fugitive.

Here we have a film about two cops ( Dreyfuss and Estevez ) that are assigned to watch the home of the girlfriend of an escaped convict that may be on his way back to see her. Dreyfuss ends up getting a little too close to his subject and before long he ends up falling in love with her. This puts Bill in an awkward situation because not only is it against the rules and ethics, but he has to now cover for Chris during briefings with his superiors and he also has to keep the other two cops on the stakeout from finding out about Chris' involvement with their subject. The subject's name is Maria and she is played with richness by Madeline Stowe ( The General's Daughter ).

Some of the hilarity in this film lies with the two sets of cops trying to out do one another in their pranks. It seems that they have worked on stakeouts together before and it is shenanigans like leaving dog poop in the fridge and putting marker on the rims of the binoculars that add some nice comedy to the routine. Dreyfuss also has one hilarious line that had me laughing for quite some time. When they first get their description of who it is that they are watching, it describes Maria as 5'5 and 342 pounds. " 342 pounds! OHHH, she could be the house! "

The film works great as a comedy and only so so as a violent action film. I think the film would have benefitted if it stuck strictly to comedy and instead of reverting to a chase and explosions at the end, they could have written it better so that it is resolved with words and comic genius, just like the rest of the film. But overall this film is worth seeing for its hilarity.

**** One final note. Chris and Bill have movie line contests. It is a great way to pass the time and when Bill asks Chris the one line " Well this was not a boating accident. " Chris doesn't know. That is a nice touch seeing as it was Dreyfuss' Matt Hooper from Jaws that said that. That's a nice piece of inside Hollywood and it plays really well.
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It has the right mix of comedy and action
walsh-226 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Some people knock this film but I think it is a very good film.

The basic plot line is Richard Dreyfuss (Chris Lecce) and Emilio Estevez (Bill Reimers) are detectives who are assigned to stakeout a woman (Madeline Stowe). Her ex-boyfriend is a violent con who has escaped from prison (Aidan Quinn) and the F.B.I think there may be a chance that he will try to get in contact with her. Chris Lecce soon finds himself falling in love with Maria and gets in many funny situations as he comes a part of the stakeout himself such as him leaving her house the next morning after they have made love and disguising himself with a pink hat and shawl and trying to evade the police without being recognised and ending up being on the surveillance and on tape.

I think the number one thing that works for the film is the relationship between Richard Dreyfuss and Emilio Estevez's characters. They have great chemistry and just bounce humour off one another. Another humorous aspect to their relationship is a type of role reversal. Chris is older than Bill but yet he is not that bothered about promotion and he doesn't commit to any of his girlfriends. While Bill is a happily married man who has a child and who wants to go up the promotion ranks.

Another thing that makes me laugh is the competition Bill and Chris have with Dan Lauria (Phil Coldshank) and Forest Whitaker (Jack Pismo) where they play practical jokes on one another. I especially liked the one Bill played on Phil's dog where he put a wild cat in the car and the cat ended up chasing Phil's dog down the road. Brilliant! The film even had time to add romance to the story between Maria and Chris which added another dimension to the film and it was interesting seeing their relationship develop and what would happen in the end when Maria found out Chris was a cop.

This film has the right mix of genres in it and it doesn't slow down the plot line but it gives you different emotions to feel, humour, romance and your heart rate jumping which it did, in the scene where you think Aidan's character has come and he kills Chris and Maria. I jumped out of my seat at that. I liked that John Badham added that as at that point you have taken in the humour and romance and then this scene comes along that surprises and shocks you.

One of my best Richard Dreyfuss and Emilio Estevez films.
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It Works for Some Reason
chron29 November 2003
This is a forumulaic buddy movie, but it works. Madeleine Stowe is just wonderful. Richard Dreyfuss and Emilio Estevez also work very well. With good supporting acting all around, this movie works, when normally I would be rolling my eyes.

Good acting and some very good one-liner writing make what could have been a bad movie (like "Another Stakeout") and enjoyable experience. I recommend it for some good-hearted fun.
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underrated 1980s comedy / action movie
bluez2418 July 2005
I think this is one of the under-appreciated movies from the 1980s. It blends realistic action and comedy well, without taking itself too seriously. I agree with reviewers that Dreyfuss in this movie proves he was very good at comedy movies if they were written well, like this was. And Aidan Quinn is very good also (in fact, from "Desperately Seeking Susan" in 1985, to "Stakeout," to 1994's "Legends of the Fall" he has consistently given reliably good performances). For a late 1980s movie, it has aged fairly well. It's almost hard to believe that this movie came out only two years after Estevez was in "The Breakfast Club." I wish there were more movies like this that blended action and comedy as well as "Stakeout" did.
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A forgotten 80s gem
rolandddd15 May 2013
For a film which reached number 1 at the US box office and earned enough movie for the studio to green-light a sequel, Stakeout has strangely enough become a forgotten 80s gem.

The story is simple, officers Lecce (Richard Dreyfuss) and and Reimers (Emilio Estevez) are assigned to a stakeout of the house of waitress Maguire (Madeleine Stowe), hoping that her fugitive ex-boyfriend (Aidan Quinn) will return to her house. Things soon take a bizarre twist, as Lecce, posing as a telephone repairman, and Maguire start to fall in love.

Although the film offers no originality and is riddled with clichés, it is very entertaining. Although it runs for nearly two hours, it thankfully doesn't feel that long and the story keeps you interested all the way. Richard Dreyfus and Emilio Estevez are quality comedians, somewhat surprisingly in my opinion. Their jokes and banter make the comedy part of this film work well.

The thriller elements are good too, Aidan Quinn does a good job making his character look like a real bad-ass, and the film's action sequences are really solid pre-cgi-stuff. I was especially impressed by the car chase, which looks really good.

Overall, this is pure solid 80s entertainment and I think this film deserves to be remembered and watched. I think it is equally good as many other 80s action classics like "48 hours" for example. Recommended!
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Great Action/Comedy that's quite hilarious and very entertaining with a cool story Richard Dreyfuss and Emilio Estevez are brilliant together!
callanvass6 April 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This is a great Action/Comedy that's quite hilarious and very entertaining with a cool story, Richard Dreyfuss and Emilio Estevez are brilliant together!. All the characters are great, and it also had some good dramatic moments as well, plus Richard Dreyfuss,Emilio Estevez and Madeleine Stowe are all simply amazing in this!. Aidan Quinn is very good as the bad guy, and I thought Estevez and Dreyfuss had wonderful chemistry together ,plus it's very well made and written as well. It's also pretty underrated in my opinion, and one of the funniest scenes in the movie for me is when the cops are chasing Dreyfuss as they think he's the suspect, and he's wearing a pink hat and weird clothing, plus this should be higher then 6.4!. The whole cast really seemed to be enjoying themselves, and Dreyfuss and Stowe had pretty good chemistry together as well, plus the finale is quite exciting. The ending is very funny, and it had some great music in it as well, plus the opening was somewhat disturbing. This is a great Action/Comedy that's quite hilarious and very entertaining, with a cool story, Richard Dreyfuss and Emilio Estevez were brilliant together, I highly recommend this one!. The Direction is great!. John Badham does a great! job here with really good camera work, good angles and keeping the film funny and at a very fast pace. The Acting is wonderful!. Richard Dreyfuss is amazing here, he is extremely hilarious very likable had wonderful chemistry with Estevez, had some cool lines, seemed to be enjoying himself, and had perfect comic timing!, I love this guy!. Emilio Estevez is amazing as always and is also amazing here, he is extremely likable, funny worked so well together with Dreyfuss had lots of charisma, and had some really funny scenes, he was amazing! (Estevez rules!!!!!!!). Madeleine Stowe is incredibly gorgeous and is amazing as always, she had a decent accent, was funny had pretty good chemistry with Dreyfuss, and had a fun character I loved her as usual! (Stowe Rules!!!!!!!). Aidan Quinn is very good as the bad guy, he was intense and really convinced me I liked him. Dan Lauria and Forest Whitaker are good as the two dim witted cops I liked them. Rest of the cast are fine. Overall I highly recommend this one!. ***1/2 out of 5
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Funny each time
Pookyiscute7 February 2006
If you haven't seen this movie yet, you really should. It's a film that has basically every element a film should have. Comedy, romance and action. It's neither a guy or chick flick, but rather suitable for everyone. The parts that have action, are not cheesy at all, and are actually pretty good. The scenes that are funny, are really well-written and are very humorous. And, finally the love scenes are modest, but still adult enough.

Richard Dryefus and Emilio Esteves, are partners for the Seattle P.D. When the F.B.I puts them on a special assignment, staking out the home of the ex-girlfriend to an escaped convict, they become involved more in her, then they do in the actual case. Adin Quinn stars as the escaped convict, and does an excellent job making you hate him. Richard Dreyfus is hilarious and I suspect, that's why they made a sequel to this film.

I recommend this film to anyone over thirteen, and highly recommend it to adults. It's funny and well presented on screen.
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Amusing moments
rmax3048237 October 2003
This is kind of funny and, for the most part, enjoyable. On the surface it looks like another comic cop thriller but, really, the core of the plot couldn't be older. That is -- it goes way past "The Gay Divorcée," past the Greek or Roman from whom Shakespeare stole "A Comedy of Errors," back past the masques, winding up somewhere I would guess around Homo cromagnonsesis in Les Ezyies de Tayac. The mistaken-identity plot is framed by a bit of violence. First, Dreyfus gets into a fist fight with a perp he and Estevez are chasing (Estevez is nothing much more than a straight man in this movie) and the two combatants fall into a huge container of fish and barely escape being filleted by the Chinese workers. The second involves a shoot out between Aidan Quinn's villain and a lot of cop cars and owes a lot to the chase in "Bullitt", although done mostly for laughs. At the end there is another strictly conventional shootout and fist fight, aboard a boat, on top of rolling logs (this is Seattle), and in a timber mill which gives us a good idea of how gigantic saws are used to turn logs into planks -- and men into planks as well, given half a chance.

Quinn is excellent, but so is almost everyone else. Madeleine Stowe is drop-dead gorgeous, with or without Hispanic makeup, and she can act too. Dreyfus is very funny. He is caught in all sorts of embarrassing situations and gets a chance to display that expression of abject humiliation that he does so well. He gets a chance to do a lot of physical comedy too, running around wearing a pink sun hat, wrapped in a shawl, while pursued by the police. And when he inadvertently reveals he is spying on Stowe, during a phone call in which he warns her that her food is burning, she demands to know how he knew. He tears his eyes from the telescope and tells her, "I -- er -- I could hear is sizzling in the background." Then he turns his face to the side, wrinkled with disgust, and hisses to himself -- "Heard it SIZZLING in the background?" There are all sorts of run-ins in which she still thinks he is the phone repairman he's been pretending to be, and they're all engagingly cute.

It's not a masterpiece of comedy, and the realistic violence is out of place. But it's smoothly, professionally done. There is an icky them song, but the composer gives Stowe's scenes a bouncy fingido-sabor-Latino sound. I've seen this a couple of times and keep waiting to be bored by it but have never quite been able to get over the hump.
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Get out the popcorn and sodas - You are going to enjoy this movie
gwitherspoon27 July 2005
I absolutely love this movie and watch it at least once a month. It is the perfect blend of comedy and drama and all of the lead characters were well suited for their roles.

The only bit that made me uncomfortable was the fact that Chris not only illegally entered Maria's apartment but stuck around to watch her naked in the shower. That wasn't even remotely funny, it was frightening. This young woman thinks she is alone in her home and never knows that there is a policeman/pervert watching her shower. I couldn't help but imagine what could have happened if she glanced at the doorway and saw a strange man watching her. It makes us uncomfortable because nobody likes to be spied on and we have the illusion of safety and privacy in our homes. I think Chris had an unfair advantage over Maria and that is one of the reasons she was so hurt and angry when she found out who he really was. This guy had listened in on private phone conversations, watched her get undressed, saw her naked in the shower, had been in her bedroom - actually under her bed -- watching her in what she thought were private moments. I don't know if I could have forgiven a man for something like that, even it was his job. That wouldn't make it any less despicable to me. Chris and Bill were barking like hounds when Maria was taking off her top and were disappointed that she didn't turn around so they could see her breasts. Wonder how Bill's wife would have felt about that behavior? Barring their degenerate and disrespectful behavior, the movie was indeed hilarious and it held my attention from beginning to end.

Also, Maria exercised poor judgment --- she just took Chris' word that he was the telephone repairman. She didn't ask for identification and just threw open the door and let him in her apartment. Can we say Boston Strangler? Chris simply climbed through an open window in order to search Maria's bedroom. She wasn't very security conscious at all. A real rapist or killer would have no problem gaining entry. She was a single woman and should have had better sense.

It bothered me that Maria's scenes had to be backed by some kind of pseudo-Latin music. That seemed a bit offensive to me. None of Chris and Bill's scenes called for some kind of ethnic background music. When Maria was in her kitchen cooking, she was bopping around while she stirred her food and boogeying her way over to answer the telephone. It seemed to suggest "that of course, those free-spirited, hot blooded Latinas always danced while preparing a meal and had to have some kind of music playing in the background to do the simplest of chores." Just like many commercials that feature "African Americans" have to have someone rapping, or break dancing or singing a gospel song. Can we ever get past these stereotypes?

Aidan Quinn playing a bad guy --- he was convincingly evil and perfect for the part. A lot of directors wouldn't have been savvy enough to cast him.

All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable movie that still feels fresh after 20 years.
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Buddy cop delight
douglasbrewer-7452628 November 2018
Stakeout's story concerns two cops who are assigned to observe a convict's ex-girlfriend but things get complicated soon enough. Featuring some sequences including a chase through a fish market and some great Vancouver scenery this is a good, albeilt not great late 80s film. Many even back then thought of this as something of a poor man's lethal weapon. But this is a good overall film and the chemistry between Dreyfuss and Estevez is quite good.
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An easy blend of suspense, humor, wit, and action
hnt_dnl31 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I've always loved STAKEOUT, from the first time I saw it in the late 80s up until now. It never loses it's appeal with me. On the surface, it's a pretty standard 80s buddy cop action tale. But what translates to the screen is much more than that. Laughter is a hard thing to make a moviegoer do and this film succeeds in virtually every moment that is meant to be funny in making me laugh. I give STAKEOUT great credit for that. It's also a darn good action flick, when it has action and that is mostly in the beginning and at the end. In between, there's a lot of humor, of the slapstick, witty, and adult kind.

Set in Seattle, STAKEOUT stars Richard Dreyfuss as Det. Chris Lecce and Emilio Estevez as Det. Bill Reimers. Chris and Bill are tasked to stakeout the home of Maria Vasquez (played by Madeleine Stowe in one of the most naturally alluring and sexy performances that you'll ever see on screen). Stowe's Maria is a true bonus for this film b/c she is much more than window dressing; she is a full blooded (and bodied!) woman. The detectives have to stakeout her home b/c her former boyfriend is an escaped convict who may pay her a visit, so the Feds want the cops there to notify them just in case.

The convict is Richard 'Stick' Montgomery (played by Aidan Quinn in truly scary performance). Stick and his buddy who helped him escape are on their to Seattle to pay Maria a visit to get something that 'belongs' to Stick.

Now, back to the cops: Dreyfus and Estevez have terrific chemistry and really make the most of their roles, but this is Dreyfus' show all the way!

Dreyfus gives a great, physical comic performance here, a real gem of a role trapped in a standard cop buddy flick. I mean, I can't state it enough: Dreyfus is really memorable! Really, it's the top-flight performances that elevates STAKEOUT above most cop buddy flicks. Everyone really makes the most of what they are given to work with, and then Dreyfus takes it all a step further.

The film is an easy mix of humor, action, and even suspense. The climactic ending is one of the more suspenseful things you'll see in any movie. It is all so well done that at times you forget that you are watching just a buddy cop film. There are also really good supporting performances from Dan Lauria and Forrest Whitaker as the other cop pair that alternate stakeout duties with Chris and Bill.

Well directed by John Badham, STAKEOUT is definitely a film worth seeing!
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Top 80's action
gcd7019 January 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Richard Dreyfuss and Emilio Estevez are Chris and Bill, two undercover detectives assigned to watch a young woman's house in case her ex-boyfriend (an escaped convict) turns up. Things begin to get complicated when Chris (Dreyfuss) gets involved with their subject in a way that is not usually regarded as professional, and when the lover boy on the run arrives, trouble is not far behind him.

Jim Kouf's script is your basic cops 'n' robbers thriller with no real surprises or fresh elements, but what really makes the show work is the innovative comedy and the chemistry created by the clever teaming of old hand Dreyfuss with brat-packer Estevez. The pair seem to be a natural duo, and appear to thoroughly enjoy their working relationship, while making the most of some sharp dialogue and humorous situations. Watch out for the great buff joke when Estevez quizzes Dreyfuss on a line from "Jaws".

There's also some exciting action sequences, taught editing (Tom Rolf, Michael Ripps) and good photography (John Seale) to help things along. Fun performances all round too, including Aidan Quinn, Madeleine Stowe, Dan Lauria and Forest Whitaker.

John Badham's cop-buddy movie is one of this action-comedy director's most enjoyable outings, rating up with "War Games" as a very entertaining film. "Stakeout" is top eighties action.

Tuesday, August 30, 1994 - Video
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Stakeout - one of the most underrated films around
ashleyw11 May 2005
Dreyfuss and Estavez just "click" in this movie. They both bounce off each other so well, its a very funny and entertaining movie! A pair of bumbling detectives set out on a seemingly boring assignment watching an ex girlfriend of an escaped convict. Not looking forward to the assignment they set up surveillance and to the surprise of Dreyfuss, he begins to fall for her. Almost getting caught placing a bug in the house and the back and forth chit chat between the two detectives via their two ways is particularly funny. Also their relieving shift of detectives have a warped sense of humor and this itself is a constant battle to for the detectives to try and work out what has been booby-trapped for them by the previous shift. Aiden Quinn is just brilliant as Richard "stick" Montgomery... a truly great performance. Do you think I liked this movie?! I think I did... and Another Stakeout is good but not quite up to the first one but very close. I cannot recommend this movie enough!! Get it, you will enjoy it!
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Holy cow!
dragonrider1984 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Okay, I just saw Stakeout with my brother. It's funny, creepy, weird, wanna keep watching to see what happens next. It's not god awful terrible, but it's not fantastic, but I would recommend it to anyone who likes movies like this. It's the kind of movie you watch when you're stuck at home with the flu or something, or just for the hell of watching a really odd movie on a whim. Dreyfuss did a bang-up job as Chris Lecee (or Leechy, as the bad-guy Montgomery called him), and you just had to feel sorry for Estevez because of all the crap he had to put up with. It has a sweet ending though. Bad guy gets his just desserts, the cop gets the girl, and everybody goes home happy in the end.

As the bad guy escaped-convict Montgomery, Aidan Quinn did a pretty sweet job. He got across the intensity of his character very well, making you loathe Montgomery for all of the awful things he does. See it, if Stakeout is the kind of movie that floats your boat.
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Profane, But Good Comedy-Action Mix
ccthemovieman-114 August 2006
This was a success at the box office because it had a great mixture of action and humor. Usually if you can do well in those categories on the same film, you have a hit. Richard Dreyfuss and Emilo Estevez play off each other well as "stakeout" partners and Madeline Stowe looks good as something good to stake out! It's basically a lot of fun to watch.

The only complaint is the language, a big reason this was rated "R." The two male leads use an excessive amount of the Lord's name in vain, which took a lot of enjoyment out of this film for me. Without it, I could easily rate this a "9/"

It was nicely filmed and, I presume, looks good on DVD. I haven't seen it on that format.
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Stakeout = Øjne I Natten (Danish Title)
lerkim28 August 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Stakeout is a classic; it has a lot of funny moments, enough action to at least get you a little going, and a perfect but simple love story.

Story 9/10 The story is actually simple for an 80es movie, but it does just what is always needed to get a lot of peers to look it up, you will love the small subtle wits, the overall love that is shared between the two, the story goes a little like this. A evil old friend of Maria (Madeleine Stowe)has just escaped prison, his goal is of course to reach her, 4 cops are set on a rather long stakeout, we happen to see all 4 cops but the story revolves more around Bill (Emilio Estevez)and Chris (Richard Dreyfuss) in the start it seems like it is going to be a rather boring stakeout, the girl doesn't even seem to be very pretty in the description of the police records, as many 80es movies, actually as a lot of movies the girl is of course a rather hot babe, and this movie is no exception, Chris who has just been dumped falls head over heels for this girl, hotter then hot, and from there on Chris have to protect his identity so that Maria don't know who he really is, yet this is tougher then he of course realizes, the rest you will need to find out for yourself.

Actors: 9/10 We got a mix of a lot of good actors, the most noticeable is of course Emilio Estevez, Richard Dreyfuss, Madeleine Stowe and Aidan Quinn, this movie doesn't have a big cast, and the rest of the actors are really not the ones catching your eyes, since they don't really have much to the story, but some lines from the other actors are fun enough to get you going. If you are a fan of either of these 4 fine actors I suggest picking this movie up while it is still in some lending stores, I just bought it from an online store and felt that old rush, first time I saw it I was ten years old, I know what many are going to say, this is not a movie for a ten year old and it isn't I can go with it, but as ten I loved it anyway, it still rocks just as it did back then.

Soundtrack 9/10 I loved the soundtrack, there aren't many numbers in this movie, but the ones that are perfect for the movie, especially the end theme Is It Love, I thought that theme was fitting like moth to a flame. I wouldn't buy the soundtrack just for the numbers there are on this soundtrack but defiantly would go to a store looking for some of the songs. Mr, Mister would be the first I would sort out in a store just for the heck of it, I couldn't find his albums though but that is of course simple cause his carrier was in the 80es and some in the 90es not the 20es, but if you find some I would buy it, believe me some are worth…

Special Effects N/A I know this is an action movie but it doesn't really have any special effects, at least not something you would notice, but the ones there are does add a little to the movie, but in my appointing this movie doesn't really not it at all anyways, the comedy and love is enough to hold this movie even for such small flaws, but other then that nothing…

Overall 9/10 Everything is perfect, I could take the count down to 8/10 for the special effects but that doesn't really would be fair at all, I didn't even care for the special effects in the first way, so it shouldn't do any good raising a perfectly good movie down to a lower stage. All the way through this movie the mood has a good way of proving something not many movies can do, even if this movie is a lot like any other movie this one does it better, just my thoughts on this gem of a favorite movie.

------------------------- If you saw this movie I would not suggest seeing Another Stakeout it has its good moments but it is a boring sequel and it screws over a nearly perfect first movie, it is just filling and doesn't need to be there at all, the first had every potentials and don't need any sequel at all…
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Formulatic, But It Works
bigverybadtom16 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
A man is sprung out of a federal prison, and the FBI needs the help of local police to stake out people whom this fugitive might contact. One person is Maria, the (former?) girlfriend of this man, and our heroes are detailed to spy on her at night from a house across the street, while two other policemen stake her out during the day. Chris is assigned to impersonate a telephone company worker so he can place wiretaps into Maria's telephones, which requires him to enter her home-and while there, does some unauthorized searching of her personal effects. But Chris, who is divorced, keeps running into her, and the relationship starts to become personal...

The movie consists of the developing (and credible) romance, the fighting between the two sets of policemen, the fugitive getting closer to Maria...but when the fugitive finds Maria, the excitement really begins.

It's little more than fluff, but it works, with credible characters and interaction. No deep meaning, but good light entertainment.
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Paperback movie.
Gritty Kitty25 November 1999
Okay, okay - I know this isn't a 'great' movie - but it is entertaining. It's kind of like a paperback novel in film version. You know it's fluff, yet you still like to watch it.

I do love the chemistry between Dreyfuss and Stowe though. And what Dreyfuss has to go through is pretty funny. I think the problem with the movie is that it can't decide whether it's a love story or a tough cop movie (with all the swearing and gross jokes). I think the love story is rewarding, but I think the swearing (in the police station) is gratuitous.

I like romantic comedies, and romance in general, so I bought this tape for my collection.
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At times, absolutely tops
RNMorton23 May 2001
Estevez and Dreyfuss are assigned to apparently dead-end stakeout of ex-girlfriend (Stowe) of escaped con. Complications arise when Dreyfuss "violates procedure" and gets chummy with Stowe. The play between the two male leads is, at times, as good as it gets in this sort of movie, and Stowe is absolutely, positively, drop-dead enchanting in the role of stakeout subject. Quinn is also effective as psychopathic con, but unfortunately they seem to have trouble making these movies without some kind of over-dramatic hokey climax, for which this one gets docked a point (from a 10 to a 9). Followed by another one of those miserable sequels.
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sexist, typical male fantasy
GrayRain16 April 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Spoilers! Don't continue reading if you don't want spoilers.

We're supposed to believe that the old, skanky, and very unattractive Richard Dreyfus gets the beautiful, young woman? This, after lying to her, spying on her, breaking and entering into her apartment, peeping at her taking a shower, and grabbing her violently by the sweater and shaking her to "show her how much he 'loves' her." Uh, yeah, this is what women want, yup. (That was sarcastic, in case it's not clear.)

Also, cat lovers beware, there is cat abuse in this movie. And it's seen as a hilarious joke. It's not funny at all to those of us who care about cats.

The whole movie is so unbelievable that it's laughable.
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Very Entertaining Film
whpratt111 October 2006
Missed viewing this film over the years and once I got interested, I was completely entertained. Richard Dreyfuss, (Chriss Leece), "Poseidon",'06 played a detective along with his partner, Emilio Estivez, (Bill Reimers) "Sand" 2000, who were on a stakeout of a house where beautiful Madeleine Stowe (Maria McGuire),"The General's Daughter",'99, lived. Chriss looked at Maria doing almost everything in the house and became deeply in love with her while his partner thought he was nuts. There was lots of comedy and then some very exciting scenes with great car chases and fighting hand to hand in a log cutting factory. Aidan Quinn (Stick Montogomery), "Nine Lives",05 played Maria's ex-con boyfriend and gave a great supporting role. All the actors put their heart and soul into their characters.
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Pretty Typical, But Very Good
Bandit197422 August 2006
If I recall, this was one of the first movies that enjoyed more success when it was released on video than it did during its original theatrical release. It came out in 1987 so VCR's were still a relatively new fixture in most people's homes.

That being said, the movie offers nothing terribly original. At its core Stakeout is a buddy cop movie. And guess what? The two cops in question (Dreyfuss and Estevez) are polar opposites. Original, right? Where Stakeout succeeds and other formulaic movies fail is that it is fun to watch. Isn't that really what we all hope for when we watch a movie? We want to be entertained. Stakeout doesn't break any new ground, but Dreyfuss and Estevez work very well together. There are some great one liners and although the buddy cop thing has been done to death, the plot is fairly original.

The only true downfall of Stakeout is the score which DEFINITELY dates the movie. There are some good songs from the time, but the background music is horrendous. Not enough to ruin the movie, though.

Have you ever been wandering through the video store having a difficult time finding something that catches your eye? Maybe the movies that you came for were out or maybe you're just not impressed with any of the new releases. You come across a movie that you sort of remember, but you can't remember too much. Maybe it has an actor you recognize. You take a chance on the movie and it turns out to be the surprisingly best rental you've made in quite a while. That's Stakeout.
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odds are - you will like this movie
LATENITE23 June 2001
I'm not going to go overboard and say this film deserves academy awards or should set the standard for cop/action movies, but this was a great little movie. Overall, it's a nice blend of action and comedy (some scenes had me laughing hysterically, and I'm not very easily amused). There's basically something for everyone who watches this film, though- comedy, action, drama, romance, suspense, etc. A well-rounded film that is definitely worth renting and a pleasant change from the standard Jerry Bruckheimer-type high-gloss crime/action movies that have been so common in recent times. Richard Dreyfuss gives a great performance but, then again, so does the whole cast. I wish they still made cop movies with the same charm as this. Recommended.
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