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Mel Brooks is a genius!
Kristine10 November 2003
Spaceballs is one of my favorite comedies of all time, it's actually one of those few movies that I know every single line too. I know that seems a bit sad, but this film has so many memorable lines that it came so natural. I've watched this movie since I was a little girl and the strange thing is that every time I watch it, it just seems to get funnier and funnier. I don't understand how a person could not laugh with this film, it just has perfect humor that I'm sure could make the emotionally stunted person laugh. How could you not laugh at Rick Morannis as Lord Helmet? He was beyond a perfect choice for Helmet, he was the complete opposite of what Darth Vadar was, and he didn't have a problem making fun of himself. In fact, the whole cast looked like they had the ultimate blast making this film, everyone clicked so well. The story is one of Mel's finest parades, of course, this one is of Star Wars or pretty much any space film.

Lord Helmet and President Skroob wish to steal all of Planet Druidia's fresh air and transfer it onto their own, but they must get the combination to the air shield that is protecting it. King Roland's daughter, Princess Vespa, runs away from her wedding, since King Roland is the king of Druidia, Lord Helmet kidnaps her to get the combination. King Roland asks space rebel, Lone Starr and his faithful side kick Mog(half-man half-dog) Barf, to save the princess. But things quickly turn bad when Helmet does get the combination and now Lone Starr must use the "schwartz" and defeat Lord Helmet and Skroob before they suck all the air from Druidia.

Spaceballs is seriously just a great comedy, I guarantee you that you will have a good laugh by watching this film. Every scene is just so funny, my favorite is always the one with Lord Helmet playing with his dolls and Corinel Sanders walks in on him, you'll just have to see what I mean, but it's the funniest scene in my opinion. But there isn't one scene that isn't funny. If you are a fan of Mel Brooks, I don't see any reason why you shouldn't love this film, it's my second favorite just behind Young Frankenstein, but that was a tough choice. I highly recommend Spaceballs for anyone, please see this film, you won't regret it.

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Yuks in "Space"...
Mister-69 February 2000
Leave it to Mel Brooks; no one else could make a space movie with references to "The Wizard of Oz", "The Godfather", Mr. Coffee and flying Winnebagos.

"Spaceballs" is just about the best post-"History of the World Part I" film Mel has made and that's saying something, considering how many great jokes Mel and Company is able to pull off while within PG territory.

Easy enough to guess that this is Mel's take on "Star Wars", complete with his own versions of C-3P0 (Dot Matrix), Princess Leia (Princess Vespa), Chewbacca (Barf the Mawg) and a combination of Han Solo and Luke Skywalker (LoneStarr).

Oh, and let's not forget Dark Helmet! The very embodiment of evil (Mel Brooks-style) who not only wears a black cloak and headpiece but also a stylishly-wide black tie. And when he's usually not above the belt.

The gags come fast and furious and, as is usually the case, all the regular faces show up (Graham, DeLuise, Van Patten) and Mel gives it all he's got. Lots of space sagas get equal ribbing (the "Star Wars" trilogy, "Alien", "Planet of the Apes") and there isn't a cliche that Mel fails to notice.

You can't blame Mel Brooks for thinking this genre needed a good skewering. He started it in "History of the World" with his "Jews in Space" coming attraction and continues it here. My only complaint: Mel, why did you have to wait so long??

Eight stars, plus a half star more for Pizza the Hutt; I loved it, especially when the pepperoni started running. Also for President Skroob's (Brooks') comment after being mis-transported ("Why didn't somebody tell me my a** was so big??").

Okay, nine stars. Mel Brooks strikes back!
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Of course it is my dear... I guarantee it!
thrasyllus17 November 2005
A joyous, hilarious fairy-tale (which just happens to be set in a galaxy resembling one far, far away, a long time ago)! Many cheap, childish, utterly irresistible gags. Special effects of sufficient quality that they don't distract. Excellent ensemble acting with Rick Moranis a real highlight. And a space Winnebago...

One of Mr. Brooks's finest efforts! When the cod-seriousness of Episodes I, II and III gets too much for you, just imagine Mace Windu with his Schwartz tangled and pop this movie on.

Now, it's getting a bit stuffy in here so I'm off to inhale some delightful Perri-air.
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So Lone Star, I see your Schartz is as big as mine........
Doug Galecawitz28 April 1999
Spaceballs is one of the funniest movies ever. In the tradition of Airplane it spoofs nearly all modern SciFi including: Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, Return Of The Jedi, Alien, Star Trek, and Planet Of The Apes. Mel Brook's has had some funny movies but this takes the cake. Rick Moranis is inarguably his second best role after Strange Brew. John Candy has one of his better performances. Bill Pullman (a long way from Independence Day) is the central character Lone Star, a combination Luke Skywalker and Han Solo. Sight gags and classic memorable lines are present here from beginning to end. Just looking at Dark Helmet is enough to induce laughter. Spaceballs is a truly great film. Let's see how well you handle it!
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Hilarious if you are in the right mood for it.
Boba_Fett113829 October 2004
This movie can be absolutely hilarious, if you are in the right mood for it. If you didn't liked this movie, then you probably weren't in the right mood, because there is no way you can dislike and find this movie unfunny.

Most fun thing about the movie is Rick Moranis as Dark Helmet who is the complete opposite in every way of the ultimate bad guy from the entire universe; Darth Vader, especially in size. Like almost every other Mel Brook's movie this movie has some extreme hits and some extreme misses, by seriously it all is just a matter of taste. What might seem funny for some is unfunny to others and vice versa.

The acting is over the top and quite bad actually especially Bill Pullman and Daphne Zuniga. Thank goodness that the sidekicks are the better and funnier characters in this movie, characters with poetic names such as Barf, Colonel Sandurz, Major Asshole, Yogurt and Pizza the Hutt.

The movie suffers from some horrible eighties songs, the curse of almost every eighties movies these days, other than that, there isn't much negative to say about his movie even though it is far from Brook's best.

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"Lord Dark Helmet! So we meet again for the first time for the last time!"
DarthBill28 April 2004
Brisk parody of "Star Wars" and other great science fiction films pits Bill Pullman and his man-dog/dog-man partner John Candy against Rick Moranis and Mel Brooks as they try to rescue Princess Daphne Zuniga from the clutches of the evil Space-Balls.

The cast are clearly enjoying themselves and there's a gag almost every minute, mostly notably the Star Wars gags. Some of the best are -

1) Pizza the Hutt

2) The 'Alien' Diner scene with John Hurt ("Oh no... not again!")

3) Yogurt the Yoda clone (also Mel Brooks; "Please, I'm just plain Yogurt.")

4) Dot's "Virgin Alarm" ("Designed to go off before you do.")

5) A pot shot at "Lawrence of Arabia"

6) The 'combing the desert' sequence

7) Rick Moranis 'playing with his toys'

8) The Statue of Liberty Transformer

9) The Planet of the Apes sequence

10) The light saber schwartz duel

11) The guard instructing Bill Pullman on how to properly do the Vulcan nerve pinch.

12) Accidentally capturing the stunt doubles.

13) The quote unquote "sexual tension" between Bill and Daphne.

And many more. Keep an eye out for this one.

"Where're you from?" - Daphne Zuniga

"I don't know. Somewhere in the Ford Galaxy." - Bill Pullman
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Very funny "Star Wars" spoof
jhaggardjr15 June 2000
"Spaceballs" is one of my favorite Mel Brooks comedies. Brooks has made some of the funniest movies of our time ("The Producers", "Brazing Saddles", "High Anxiety", etc.) and I think "Spaceballs" is up there in the same league. This film spoofs the "Star Wars" movies in general, but there's also references to "Star Trek", "Alien", and "Planet of the Apes" just to name a few. The actors are all very funny, with Brooks in two roles: President Skroob and Yogurt (his version of Yoda); the late John Candy as Barf the mawg (half man, half dog); Rick Moranis as the Darth Vader clone Dark Helmet; Bill Pullman as Lone Starr, the Luke Skywalker takeoff; Daphne Zuniga as Princess Vespa, similar to Princess Leia; and Dot Matrix, the robot with the voice of Joan Rivers who's obviously in the C-3P0 role. There's plenty of silly gags throughout "Spaceballs", and I laughed most of the time. Very funny, entertaining sci-fi comedy from one of the great comedic filmmakers of all time.

***1/2 (out of four)
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A Groovy Film
Elgroovio19 May 2004
This film is stupid, pointless and has got to be one of the best comedies in existence alongside "Monsters, inc.". If you're feeling low, this film will cheer you up unbelievably. "May the Schwartz be with you". It has an endless line of rib-cracking gags ("Let's jam the catapult" says a character at a certain stage in the film. they then toss a jar of jam at the catapult. Another great gag is when the bad guys are chasing after the good guys, instead of going at light speed they go at "ludicrous" speed. Every space film you could think of is spoofed in this film, from "Planet Of The Apes" to "Star Wars". There's even a spoof of "It Happened one Night" (the bride running away from the wedding). Whether the weather is cold or hot see this film, and remember, if the combination on your suitcase is 1,2,3,4 you had better change it. Enjoy!
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Best SI-FI Comedy I have ever seen
paulgalea8 February 2005
Best SI-FI Comedy I have ever seen.

With Mell Brooks at the helm of this gem how could it go wrong .

i would like to see part 2 of space-balls taking the crap out of Starwars 1 2 and 3 that would be cool. I got the VHS a long time ago , and now have the DVD i have watched it at least 100 times . and still can watch it over and over again. Some Things i liked. "may the Schwartz be with you" "what the hell it worked on star-trek" "Pizza the hut" "I told you we should have put more then five bucks in" and the part where they have instant cassettes where the movie is out before its finished.

I req this movie for all ages . 10/10
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Mel Brooks at His Shameless, Unrestrained Best
Sean Lamberger8 August 2011
A classic remnant from the tail end of Mel Brooks's manic, pun-drenched peak. It may not be as smart as The Producers or as complete as Blazing Saddles, but it's every bit as funny as anything he's ever made and that's saying something. Its light-handed approach to storytelling, where the jokes come first and the plot developments are a distant second, is actually very similar to 1981's History of the World, Part I - which should be no surprise, as they're back-to-back in his sequential catalog. Rick Moranis, Bill Pullman and John Candy really come to life in their roles as not-so-subtle parodies of Darth Vader, Han Solo and Chewbacca, respectively, with Moranis in particular somehow getting deep laughs out of lines so cheesy a Taco Bell nacho would flinch. As dumb comedies go it's a heavyweight champion, so infinitely quotable that my buddies and I had to enforce a strict "one Spaceballs reference per day" policy back in school to keep things from getting out of hand. Absurdly stupid fun.
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Time for a nice, fun space-out!
Lee Eisenberg8 May 2006
It seemed obvious for a long time that someone would do a "Star Wars" spoof, and it seems that only Mel Brooks could do it. "Spaceballs" starts off by showing us a spaceship...for a very long time. Then, we learn that the planet Spaceballs has used up all its air. So, Pres. Skroob (Mel Brooks) has sent the ultra-evil, ultra-dork Dark Helmet (Rick Moranis) to kidnap Princess Vespa (Daphne Zuniga) from the planet Druidia to extort their air.

Fear not! There are two people who can save her: space-traveling everyman Lone Starr (Bill Pullman) and his half-dog, half-human friend Barf (John Candy, and the character is his own best friend!). And they do it by jamming Dark Helmet's radar...with real jam.

From there, the whole thing is typical Mel Brooks stuff, with a gag every minute and parts where they admit that they're in a movie. I think that my favorite part is when they watch "Spaceballs: The Movie" ("But we're barely halfway through making it!"). But the scene where John Hurt spoofs one of his most famous scenes is also something. A laugh riot from beginning to end. Also starring Dom DeLuise, Dick Van Patten, George Wyner, and the voice of Joan Rivers.

May the Schwartz be with us all!
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russem3126 December 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Spaceballs (1987) is one of Mel Brook's funniest films! It didn't hurt that I grew up on this film either. It was properly cast, with especially hilarious performances by Rick Moranis as Dark Helmet and the late John Candy (RIP) as Barf! The script is strong, with an actual story with jokes that are mostly spot-on - the spoof of Star Wars isn't predictable and very welcome. And the music is great too btw - kudos to composer John Morris. I sincerely hope that Mel Brooks will get Spaceballs 2: Revenge of the Schwartz off the ground (especially since the last Star Wars came out, thus completing the prequel trilogy - the first Spaceballs was made after the original trilogy was completed). A laugh out riot at 8 out of 10.
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Absolutely Remarkable
jgeorge431 August 2012
A mere 25 years after its release, I have finally watched Spaceballs for the first time. Since I have two children who are crazy about Star Wars, how could I go wrong? The movie is rated PG, and scored a 7 on the IMDb reviews. Bring it on!

The results, to put it mildly, were horrifying. This is one of the most appalling pieces of crap ever released. I love goofy humor. I love Airplane, Blazing Saddles, History of the World, Monty Python anything to name just a few. This movie, however, is so unfunny it just boggles the mind. To borrow from some other reviewers, it is literally as if a group of high school freshmen got a video camera and made a Star Wars spoof as a project for school, improvising the dialogue as they went.

There are plenty of comedies out there that aren't funny enough to entertain adults, but are capable of amusing kids (Johnny English would be one such example). The problem with Spaceballs, however, is immediately apparent -- only a 10 year-old could find this garbage even slightly amusing, but the movie is so full of profane and vulgar humor that a 10 year-old has no business watching it.

What is absolutely remarkable, however, are these IMDb user reviews lauding the movie. Please don't be fooled. This is an extremely dull, lifeless, unfunny, vulgar piece of garbage that should not be viewed by anyone of any age.
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zuccozoid25 November 2008
I was expecting something along the lines of AIRPLANE! - a truly hilarious, if sophomoric gag-fest. SPACEBALLS, on the other hand, is strictly for sixth graders. The jokes are all elbow-in-the-rib puns (Pizza the Hut - get it?) and childish sight gags, with none of the ground-breaking shock value of Blazing Saddles nor the wit that made Young Frankenstein such a classic. How long can you go on and on with the same innocuous Star Wars jokes? Just like George Lucas, nobody wanted to say "no" to Mel Brooks - Mel says it's funny, it's funny. Ironically, Lucas ended up making a parody of his own saga with Phantom Menace. Jar Jar Binks would've actually worked in Spaceballs - such a despicably stupid character would fit right in with Barf...
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I still like it
Mattias Petersson17 October 2007
I must have seen this movie about twenty times back in the early 1990's when it ran on cable every other month. I really remember how funny i thought it was, especially considering that many of the other things i watched were crappy science-fiction films that were also on cable then. Many people seem to think that this is a spoof of Star Wars, but really it's more a spoof of the whole science-fiction genre. Not least that low-budget crap i used to watch on TV on Sunday's, movies that i can't remember the title of and that you're not likely to see on collector's DVD any time soon.

So, how does this hold up now that i've watched it again after all this time? Well, better than i thought, that's for sure. I was afraid that this movie would be one of those i loved before but couldn't understand at all any more. But while i didn't exactly love it this time around, i still understand why i loved it back then. And there are still a few really good laughs here. Not least when it comes to Rick Moranis Darth Vader-spoof "Dark Helmet". A few of the scenes with him (and his whole appearance) still make me laugh.

Aside from the science-fiction theme this is mostly regular Mel Brooks-fare. I've always had two major problems with him. First of all the fact that he always mixes really funny stuff with horribly dated and boring scenes. Second of all i'm no fan of Brooks acting. Many times his characters are among the least funny in the movie, and sometimes when he gives himself a lot of room, that can be a problem.

In general though this movie is generally quite funny. It's far from one of Brooks greatest (Blazing Saddles is my favorite and it's light years better, if you'll excuse the pun), but it still holds it's own and is superior to many of his later movies. It feels a bit dated and the pace is far from today's quick-paced comedies. But in general i still like it. 6/10.
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The worst spoof ever made
forehead127 May 2003
(And one of the worst movies ever produced)

There is no doubt in my mind that this is an awful, awful film. Anything that has me fighting to keep my eyes open for 90 minutes is going to be bad, let alone a 'laugh a minute' comedy that doesn't ever manage to raise a smile.

It took me 16 years to get around to watching this, and all I can imagine is that decent humour was thin on the ground back in the late 80s. Now I know this to be false, so why on Earth do I know so many people who consider this film to be amusing? It defies logic.

What makes it all the worse is that this fails with a SPOOF - probably the easiest form of humour to produce to a decent standard. 'Spaceballs' would fail to get a pass mark if it was written by 16 year-old students for an A-Level assignment, let alone made as a major Hollywood production. When I was at school a group of us produced a short radio programme spoofing Star Wars. It was about as funny as being stabbed repeatedly through the heart, yet for its 15 minute duration managed to be more amusing than the material the entire length of Spaceballs showcased.

Mel Brooks' films are notorious for being either hits or misses. This one is definitely a miss.

1/10 (Yes, it's that bad)
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Full steam ahead
terry_cheers19 February 2006
Warning: Spoilers
never before have i seen a movie that could have been lifted straight from the pages of mad magazine. actually, no, mad magazine is (sometimes) funny. i take that back.

probably the worst is the stupid names given to the characters (eg. "yoghurt" for yoda) - is this supposed to be funny? even at 90 minutes, this is far too long. most of the "jokes" were not funny at all, it just reminded me of some year 8 drama class. i think i might have laughed twice... at the dancing alien thing, and the leia headphones. that's two jokes in 90 minutes.

it seems strange to me that anybody could like this movie, i half expected it to be in the bottom 100.

in conclusion: don't see this movie (unless, of course, you are male, immature and under 16 years of age). if you are over 40, don't bother. it sucks big time. if you are desperate for a decent star wars parody, try the MAD magazine star wars special - it is actually reasonably funny. 0/10
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Mel Brooks' humor begins its downfall
MyDarkStar14 April 2004
Having grown up with Star Wars as a child & being introduced to Mel Brooks films as a young teen, this movie seemed like a dream match when it was announced in my late teens. I mean, Mel Brooks was going to make a spoof of Star Wars !

It had been a while since the last Mel Brooks movie, and even though History of the world Part I was not even close to what I had come to regard as up to par for a Mel Brooks film, I was excited over all of the possibilities that Star Wars would provide for Mel Brooks' parody. But I soon realized in the theater that this is simply not a funny movie. The humor in this is so shallow & unimaginative that I still have trouble believing that this came from the same person who brought us Young Frankenstein and Blazing Saddles. Those films featured witty and clever type of slapstick comedy. It was the type of comedy that knows no time period. At times those films would incorporate risque humor that actually worked. Here, Mel Brooks' comedy seems so umimaginative. It's grammer school kid humor. He actually spoofed the Jabba the Hut character with a character named Pizza the Hut...and for as stupid as that sounds, it's even more idiotic & unfunny on the screen. It's just not funny. What was once Brooks' risque mind is now pre-puberty humor : "My schwartz is bigger than yours." I remember sitting in the theater just waiting - HOPING - for a scene that would even hint at the genius of Blazing Saddles & Young Frankenstein. There isn't one in this film.

Even the cast is hopelessly unhappy. Jim Candy, Rick Moranis, and Bill Pullman seem poised for humor - but everything that comes out of their mouths is just predictable & childish. Every character in this film seems like it was conceived within a 5 minute idea session where all the writers and Brooks got together & said things like "What's a good spoof for Darth Vader ? How about um....Lord Dark Helmet ! HAHAHA ! Yha we'll use that ! So, what's a good idea for Chewbacca ? How about a half dog/half man character ? YHA ! Let's use that ! What should we name him ? How about something stupid like Barf ? Yha ! Let's do that !"

There is such a wealth of material to spoof in Star wars that I still can't believe someone (especially Mel Brooks) could make such a shallow spoof such as this. What I had hoped would be a return to form for Brooks turned out to be confirmation that his comedic ability had indeed seen its best days. AFter this, Brooks only made more and more hopelessly tired spoofs such as Robin Hood : Men In Tights, and Dracula : Dead and Loving It. Mel Brooks' humor is indeed gone. Nowadays when I see him make guest appearances on Curb Your Enthusiasm he seems like that old uncle who tries to make all the kids laugh at family get togethers. The uncle was probably a funny kid back in high school - but now the years have caught up with him & his humor is just tired, dated, and boring.
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Brook's best work...
brando64711 December 2005
Something I once loved almost as much as watching my favorite sci-fi movies growing up was watching them getting made fun of. Mel Brook's sci-fi/fairy tale is the perfect movie for that. Brooks' brings his usual flavor of comedy to space, spoofing such movies as "Star Wars", "Star Trek", and "Alien". Comedies like Brooks' really appealed to me when I was younger and stuck with me as I grew up. I have always loved his work and this is probably his best, or at least most memorable.

The cast is really what made this movie work. Most notable are Rick Moranis as Dark Helmet (the film's villain) and John Candy as Barf (the half-man/half-dog sidekick). The film also stars Bill Pullman, Daphne Zuniga, Joan Rivers, and, of course, Mel Brooks. It is the story of Lone Starr and his parter, Barf, being hired by the king of the planet Druidia to rescue Princess Vespa from Dark Helmet and his army of Spaceballs. While it sounds a little odd, let me assure you: it is. It has a fairy tale plot and pokes fun at all of the most clichéd science fiction elements.

Though I have to admit, while I loved the movie when I was younger, I found it more difficult to sit down and watch it now. There are a lot of visual gags that are funny the first or second time you watch it, but they soon wear out. I find this trouble with a lot of Brooks' films. Excellent for the first few times, but I begin to lose interest after that. Of course, don't let that stop you if you haven't yet seen them. Especially "Spaceballs". It is one of those movies you need to see at least once.

May the Schwartz be with you...
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They've gone to plaid!
The titular Spaceballs have destroyed the atmosphere of their own planet, so they're running out of air. They have set their sights on Druidia, which has plenty of it. There's a barrier protecting it, that they'll need the code to, from the King. They're going to take his daughter hostage and force him to reveal it. Fortunately, he asks Lone Starr(Bill Pullman, whose proper acting talent lends the dramatic scenes of this a little gravitas, so you get engaged... and he's a combination of Han and Luke... mainly the former) to rescue her(promising to pay them the money they need to settle their debt with Pizza The Hutt), and though he and the Druish princess(...yeah, you got it) start out resenting each other as opposites, they may just find themselves falling for each other. He brings along Barf(John Candy, who's like Chewie), the mog(one half man, the other one dog... he's his own best friend), and she, Dot, the female version of C3PO(yeah, it... doesn't change much about him), so a golden robot, a maid, voiced by Joan Rivers. Almost every major concept from Star Wars, and scenes straight from the first one, are spoofed(along with ST and various movies). Nearly every joke and gag is funny, and at its best, which is at least a third of this, it is impossibly hilarious. There is silliness, slapstick, wordplay, and breaking the fourth wall material(in fact, this has the best of such that I've seen committed to film). As the Darth Vader, we have Rick Moranis as the tiny, order-barking insecure dictator who overcompensates by having a huge helmet. The characters aren't bad, and there are sort of arcs to a couple of them. This having a proper, if simple and clichéd, plot, helps its rewatchability. Even if you stripped all the humor, stuff would be going on. The story is actually basically a fairie tale that is set in the SW universe. There is a bit of disturbing content and sexually suggestive stuff, as well as a moderate amount of strong language in this. The DVD comes with a theatrical trailer. I recommend this to every fan of parody. 7/10
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"I'm a Mog! Half-man, half-dog...I'm my own best friend"
Bozo25 February 2008
One of the best movies ever... and I don't say that unless its true, but in Spaceballs' case, it definitely is. Spaceballs is the funniest parody movie I have ever seen, and blows the hell out of Scary Movie. Spaceballs has good acting, story, characters, and special FX. Not one flaw can be found about this movie. The movie parodies mainly Star Wars but also throws in some Star Trek, Alien, Planet of the Apes, and stuff like that. Bill Pullman and John Candy make a hilarious and memorable duo. Pullman gives the highlight of his career as Lone Starr. Candy gives an award winning performance as the "Mog"; Barf. Mel Brooks plays a hilarious President Skroob. Rick Moranis was extra funny as the nerdy, short version of Darth Vader; Dark Helmet. Daphne Zuniga was well cast as the bratty, annoying, self-absorbed Princess Vespa. Even Joan Rivers does a good voice-over of the side-kick C-3PO knock off, Dot Matrix. Everything about this movie was great. Me and my friends always quote this movie and everything. Every school has a band of "Star Wars Nerds", but in our case, its "Spaceballs Nerds". I recommend this movie to anyone and everyone with a sense of humor. 10/10.
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Great parody.
martymaster31 May 2002
This must be one of the best parodies I have seen.Especially for those who have seen the whole Star Wars series.Mel Brooks is a legend and makes some extremely funny stuff.The best role in the movie was definitely Rick Moranis as Lord Dark Helmet.He was just hilarious. Great comedy,go watch it even if you haven't seen Star Wars.
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Jackson-129 August 1999
The best Mel Brooks film I've ever seen. All the main and minor characters contribute to the endless amount of laughs in spaceballs. Even John Hurt's cameo sent me to the floor! I would reccomend this to every fan of Mel Brooks and to most people who enjoy well rounded comedy and parody.
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I've Got A Bad Feeling About This...
Bill Slocum20 January 2007
It's sad to see a legend from the 1970s reduced to this.

I write of course about the Spinners, that classic R&B act which appears on the soundtrack of "Spaceballs" performing the title track: "What you got is what they need/And all they know is dirty deeds/They're the Spaceballs/Watch out!"

Watch out, indeed. Just because it's by Mel Brooks doesn't make it funny. In fact, Brooks' comedies showed serious sign of strain and rust by the end of the 1970s. Except for "To Be Or Not To Be," which he starred in but didn't direct, Brooks was never involved in a good comedy after 1977's "High Anxiety."

Nineteen seventy-seven was also the year "Star Wars" came out, the movie parodied here along with its two sequels. Watching "Spaceballs," one gets the feeling Mel was inspired less by his love for sci-fi fantasy than the big bucks the Star Wars franchise raked in. Brooks himself stars as Yoghurt, a little-Jewish-man parody of Yoda, and as President Skroob, leader of the evil Spaceballs and the butt of many groin gags. Skroob wants to steal the oxygen supply of the planet Druidia with the help of his dangerous-looking but height-challenged henchman Dark Helmet (Rick Moranis). Can the mercenary Lone Starr (Bill Pullman) stop them?

I love 1980s films, even gnarly ones like "Scarface" and "Streets Of Fire." But any film with a major part for Joan Rivers and an extended Max Headroom bit just gags me with a spoon. There's also a villain called "Pizza The Hutt" and references to the Doublemint gum twins and Ford Galaxies. You wonder whether Mel was cribbing ideas from Cracked magazine.

"Who are you?" demands Daphne Zuniga, playing the role of a Princess Leia character, to a half-man, half-dog character played by John Candy who has just popped into the front of her spaceship.

"Barf," says Candy, that being the character's name.

"Not in here you don't. This is a Mercedes!"

Brooks presents better material, just not very much. The film throughout is shot in a remarkably flat and ugly manner, and acted so broadly you almost wince in pain for the next-morning regrets of all involved. Pullman and Zuniga have zero romantic or comic chemistry. Worse still is the slow pacing, taking forever to set up single-line gags. Whereas he was creating great comedy the decade before, here he takes cues from his own imitators, like the makers of "Airplane!" complete with their kitchen-sink surrealism. When the Spaceball cruiser faces imminent destruction, we discover a crew of kettle drummers and bearded ladies. Yoghurt is surrounded by dwarfs who sing a one-word version of the Colonel Bogie march. It's so kooky, it must be funny!

About the only redeeming feature in this entire movie is Moranis's over-the-top performance as Dark Helmet. Brooks does give him some good lines, and he delivers them with a goofy mixture of menace and panache, even when he is stuck making innumerable jokes about his "Schwartz."

Oddly, "Spaceballs" does have many admirers, perhaps because the film was around when they were young and starving for anything "Star Wars" related, back when the original trilogy was hard to locate on video. Brooks pulled in his biggest financial success while keeping appetites whetted for George Lucas's next run to the well a decade hence.

Don't confuse "Spaceballs" with a real Mel Brooks comedy. "Blazing Saddles" is for the ages. This was for the bucks.
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Indescribably bad...
Howlin Wolf28 October 2001
I am studying for a degree in English, and even I cannot find an adjective suitable enough to describe how bad this movie is. Not only did I not laugh at all, I began to get angry that 'those in the know' thought we could EVER possibly chuckle at this. It's awful. The humour displayed here requires no intelligence to come up with and is even delivered with a bored air. I am now convinced that there is a "Spaceballs" cult out there somewhere that has brainwashed all its members into thinking this is classic comedy. This is because my friend likes this, and I had hitherto thought we shared the same sense of humour.

If the joke that a character is named "Pizza the Hut" has the potential to make you roar with laughter, help yourself to this movie, you deserve it. I think the real shame here is that a "Star Wars" spoof could provide so much material, and yet none of it is used. For me, "Spaceballs" is a cinematic landmark, a benchmark in the category of what seems totally like an oxymoron: the 'comedy' that isn't even REMOTELY funny.
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