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Excellent teen love story
da235718 January 2005
It's refreshing to have a movie about teens in love that doesn't rely upon sex to gain the viewer's interest. I love this movie, have probably seen it a a few dozen times, especially in the original, unedited version (that wasn't shortened to fit into a two-hour TV time-slot). It's a classic story, but told from a timeless perspective---the movie first ran in 1987, yet there's extremely little in it that would make it seem "dated."

Mary Stuart Masterson is, as always, superb in her performance. While this is one of her early films, it shows her enormous ability and potential. She plays a playful, feisty, street-smart character that also has a sensitive, shy, and deeply loving side. Mary Stuart's kissing scene is one of the most wonderfully romantic and intense kissing scenes on film that I've seen, yet it has an innocent quality that makes it all the more special.

Eric Stoltz and Lea Thompson give excellent performances as well, with good acting and both are able to highlight dialogue with subtle nuances. However, I feel that Mary Stuart's character is the most interesting and emotionally sensitive, enough that she'll bring tears to your eyes. This is an excellent film. It came out at a time when there were a lot of teen movies (Pretty in Pink, The Breakfast Club, etc.), but this is a story that never grows old and is a pleasure to watch again.
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Stop calling me Clifford
MichaelMovieLoft6 June 2003
Some Kind Of Wonderful tanked at the box office when it came out, but the truth is this sleeper hit was actually good. And I will even go far saying that this reverse Pretty In Pink is better than Pretty In Pink itself. Why? Good, honest performaces. Hughes decides to leave his Brat Packers behind and went with great choices in Eric Stoltz (who could've gave John Cusack a run for his money in the Teen Angst movie department), Lea Thompson and Mary Stewart Masterson, who steals the show as Watts. Sure the story is run of the mill, but it is the acting that pulls it through. Another good thing is that Thompson's character of Amanda Jones doesn't come off as being a snooty brat (for use of a better word). She is from the same part of town like Keith and tries to fit in with the 'cool' clique. Another good supporting performance is Duncan, the headbanger who is a regular in detention. I love how they forge a friendship through their art. And who can forget how Duncan and the lifers help Keith make his date with Amanda a success? One other thing I like is the soundtrack. It doesn't sound commerical like in other Hughes films. The music really suits every scenes it shows up in (especially the end credits that feature Lick The Tins take on 'Can't Help Falling In Love'). Molly Ringwald reportedly turned down a role in this film, but it's good that she did because I couldn't picture her in this classic. Great film.
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One of the best of John Hughes films.
jane-4224 May 2001
I know it's not as well known, but this film came together so well that it can't be denied. A great mix of comedy and teen melodrama, this film perfectly combined all the best elements of a John Hughes film. By switching the sexes- Eric Stoltz as Molly Ringwald, and Mary Stuart Masterson as Jon Cryer- of "Pretty in Pink", the film delves deeper than "The Breakfast Club"- almost accidentally. The chemistry between Stolz and Masterson is powerful and real, something missing in almost all John Hughes films, and it pays off. This one has stayed with me since it came out, and I've watched it since and it holds up really well. Great supporting actors like John Ashton and Elias Koteaus provide fun comedy breaks, and little Candace Cameron as the little sister is terrific too- she went on to great TV fame. But the strength of the film is the fine acting. Stoltz has the harder more thankless role, and gives it a depth and charm that are a relief to see, and Masterson all but steals the movie. Together they are John Hughes best couple, even though he didn't direct this film.
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One of my all-time favorites
RivetGRRL23 March 2002
SPOILER: I seen this film when it first came out and I was 15 years old... it always stuck with me. I guess because the story was a lot like my own life and I could really relate to Mary Stuart Masterson's character SO much. I was best friends with a boy in my class, we were both into music, theater and art and did'nt fit in with the "popular-preppy" kids in school and really did'nt fit in with the "pot-head-troublemakers" either. We just did'nt fit in anywhere.. but we always had one another and hung out all the time. I was totally in love with him (still am to this very day, he will always be a part of my life and in my heart)... well, he just did'nt have a clue that I cared about him in that way and all I ever heard was how much he "loved" one of the cheerleaders. She never gave him the time of day and he still had this "thing" for her... Our story was'nt as happy though, he never found out how I felt for him.. I got married to someone else later on and so did he and we have since lost touch and I have been looking for him. Guess the first time I seen this movie, I liked it just because it was SUCH a good movie but a few years later seeing it, it really hit me in the face and to this day I always watch it whenever I get the chance and remember my friend...
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Role models, social conscience, and a fab soundtrack
wileykylie1 November 2000
As a twelve year old girl, I had a hard time finding role models. I lived on the outskirts of what was basically a country club neighborhood, but was not that kind of gal. So I found it wonderfully refreshing to find a role model in the pre-"Girl-Power" girl power of Watts. I fell in love along side her (and to this day, harbor a special place in my heart for Eric Stoltz), begged my parents to let me learn the drums, and knew every line by heart. She was tough, witty, and (according to my older brother) incredibly sexy. Eric Stoltz is dreamy in a working class kind of way and puts in a performance of true depth and character. This movie has heart without being sickly sweet. It delves into family relationships, friendships, and romance. Most notably, it tackles something that the current teen fair seems to lack, social consciousness. It's not afraid to break stereotypes or point out social injustice. Not to mention, it has one of the best soundtracks of the '80s. I give it an A++!!!
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Set the VCR
lctorana28 October 2001
This is one of those films which creeps up on you.

On the surface, it is a romantic cliche, but it is extremely well done. The main characters, especially Watts (a very young Mary Stuart Masterson), turn in superb performances, and lift this way above the ordinary.

Good comic-relief from the support cast - watch especially for the scenes with Keith's sister Laura, and the one between Watts and her admirer - which is a real hoot!

For sheer romantic escapism, this film is close enough to perfect. And can be seen over and over.

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HarryTell9 April 2007
I am a movie collector, but still this is my first time posting a recommendation. For some strange reasons i watched this movie for my first time today, but i don't regret it. This movie came out one year after i was born (1987), but to be honest the quality of this movie was over the limit.

The best romantic\comedy i've seen. Why? While I was watching this movie I kept hoping it never would end. It is dragging you into the story, great acting and beautiful girls with a big B. Favorite scene is where Keith kissed Watts because he was going out with Amanda and needed practice. It was so beautiful, so innocent and in a same time very hot.

A movie I can watch more than one time, even if I know the story. Because it has really good scenes and a great plot. The director couldn't done it better! I really hope you watch this movie, it's worth your time and does give you a good feeling after watching it.
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surprisingly satisfying
lnikias519 May 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I don't normally enjoy 80's movies, but Some Kind Of Wonderful is a startling exception. Written by John Hughs, the story-line is far from original, greatly resembling Pretty in Pink, but it still has an endearing charm that makes it a classic. The story line follows as such: the lead male, a sensitive loner named Keith(Eric Stolz) is considered an outsider because he would rather focus on his art work than to be a jock, a nerd, or a trouble maker. He doesn't fit into any preexisting group. His only friend is a tomboyish drummer named Watts(Mary Stuart Masterson) who is in love with him, but he doesn't know. Keith wants to date the popular Amanda Jones(Lea Thompson), but she is dating a possessive, controlling, overtly rich Hardy Jenns(Craig Sheffer). Amanda breaks up with him, and to make it final she agrees to go out on a date with Keith. To Keith this is dream come true. He uses his newly formed connections with the "out" crowd to orchestrate an amazing date. Even going so far as spend all his college savings on a pair of diamond earrings for Amanda. Watts, ever faithful to Keith, volunteers to be their chauffeur for the evening. Hardy has invited both Keith and Amanda to a party he is throwing that night, but the real reason is so that he and his friends can jump Keith and beat him up. Keith hears about this and makes sure that his new-found friends keep the fight even. Just Keith and Hardy, but Hardy chickens out and is exposed as the spineless sleaze-ball we all knew he was. Amanda gives Keith back the diamond earrings and opts instead to be alone and learn who she is when she isn't defining herself by the boy she is dating. Watts has left the party and is walking away when Keith begins to run after her, he kisses her and gives her the earrings. Love wins out in the end and Keith utters the paramount quote, "You look good wearing my future."

This movie has my respect because it accurately portrays the social themes of the 80's without making them look cheesy; themes such as trying to figure out who you were, who your real friends were, the joy and pain of falling in love, and rebelling against your parents. Durring the 80's people felt liberated by the release of tensions with the ending of the Cold War.

Stolz gave a great performance as a misunderstood, out of place teen trying to find his way. And Thompson was very believable as the poor girl from the working class neighborhood who tried to fit into the popular crowd; surprisingly enough, she didn't come off as pretentious, quite the opposite in fact, appearing deep and amiable. In America during the 80's social status was much more defined; people began to focus more on the individual and the individual's accomplishments.

But Mary Stuart Masterson stole the show with her amazing portrayal of Watts. Not only was she witty, but she carried you along her emotional journey. Even when Keith had chosen Amanda, Watts still stood by him as long as she could. Her tough facade clearly hid an emotionally vulnerable woman who's lifelike predicament spoke to so many.

Though this movie was not an initial box office smash, it is a perfect example of the 80's genre. Once you have seen this film it will inevitably become one of your all time favorites.
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some kind of movie
tripper77221 August 2002
This movie makes my top 10 list. This movie tells the basic story "things aren't always as they seem." This movie shows just how hard it is to open up yourself an let someone know how much you care and also stresses how sometimes one can be blind and not see love in front of their eyes. This is simply a great movie.
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an intelligent teen comedy/romance
goya-418 November 2000
Mary stuart Masterson plays a girl who has a crush on Eric Stoltz who has been friends with her for a long time but she never has told her feelings. When Stoltz starts hanging around with the rich crowd and falls for the snobby beauty queen Lea Thomson Masterson fears she may lose him. A well scripted comedy romance drama slice of life that John Hughes does right every now and then. on a scale of one to ten..8
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Touching reminder of what you have
Oriyn4 November 2001
This film is a great just excellent. The worker, the princess, and the tomboy scenario makes quite a cast lineup. By the end, you are presented with a reminder that what one thinks they want, may not be close to as good as what you could have if you just look a TINY bit closer and that appearances are never exactly what they seem to be. This has got to be a _MUST SEE_ movie for everyone.
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Best of its kind
drummie6 November 1998
This is the best of the eighties 'US High School/Teen Angst' movies. There were loads, but none to match this one. There's a character in here for each of you to associate with, be it the nerdy Keith, with the bossy younger sister and the unattainable crush, or Duncan, the kind-hearted skinhead. If you only ever watch two of these movies again, make them 'The Breakfast Club' and this one.
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Has charm and is fun but the speed and depth of the material is more than the film can really bear – still like it a lot but am not blind to the problems (SPOILERS)
bob the moo13 August 2009
Warning: Spoilers
It was an unfortunate coincidence but I had actually lined up this film to watch for quite a few days whenever I heard that John Hughes had died at age 59. Anyway I had already planned to watch this film because recent trips to the films of the 80's had reminded me of this film and how much I used to love it. I was curious to watch it again and indeed when I did nostalgia did play a part in my enjoyment as I realised that I used to have the soundtrack on tape, watched several scenes again and again on VHS and genuinely loved the tomboy Watts. This all helped but I am not able to be blind to the fact that, as a film, it is quite good but has one or two pretty big problems that sadly do take away from the total film.

The most obvious is in the material. In terms of the basics, all the Hughes standards are in place here and we know where we are going with this from the start. That is not an issue, what is an issue is the intensity and the "depth" that the film tries to operate on. The relationship between Watts and Keith goes too quickly from appearing to be nothing but friends to being tense, with his own realisation happening too quickly (even if it does make for a nice ending). Likewise things move too quickly with Amanda and Keith – the promise of a first date being the same as "dating" and the emotional events that follow being far too intense, the love professed too deep and the lessons learnt too important and big to be sustained by the rather basic development that underpins them. At one point my girlfriend said "have I missed lots of this or something" because the shift in the character dynamics did not seem to come from anywhere other than a rush to get there by the film itself. This same problem manifests itself in the final third as well, as it does feel like Keith has gone "all in" in a way that makes no sense, whereas the same could have been done with lower stakes and feel more convincing for it.

Of course I did still go along with it despite this and there is a lot that still works within the context of this being a genre movie. It is hard not to feel for Watts, while other characters add much needed comedy to take the edge off the rather overly done angst. The basic relationship did feel right as well, although perhaps that is more down to one's experience and feelings – certainly the awkward friendship thing works for me since I do have a lot more female than male friends and always have. It also helps that I love the cast, or at least loved Mary Stuart Masterson as Watts. OK so her material rushes her but she does really well at letting her awkwardness show and also still being attractive in those clothes. Unfortunately Stoltz does not manage it so easily. He overplays his "weirdness" to the point where he is hard to stay with as a viewer – practically creepy at some points. He isn't helped by the places his material forces him to go in his feelings but he does lack the charm and easy charisma that Masterson manages. Thompson has similar problems with her material giving her character massive jumps but she is pretty good as Amanda Jones. Sheffer easily nails the "rich bully/creep" character while Koteas is great fun as Duncan. Ashton maybe has to feed the angst more than he gets to just be a character but he is solid while Bure and Corman are very funny as Keith's sisters.

Some Kind of Wonderful is not as great as many say and it is not the brilliant film that I remember it has (who'd have thunk it?) however it does still have plenty of charm and much to enjoy. Such a shame that it is damaged quite badly by how fast and deep the material has it moving – making it less engaging and convincing as it goes along, although some nice performances and good comedy help it hold together despite this.
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My all time favorite, and for good reason
duelisthouston11 July 2001
This movie was so involving, that when I merely caught bits and pieces of roughly the last half of the movie on cable, it immediately got me looking at the program guide for the next time it would come on so I could tape it. I have watched it well over a dozen times. Even if you hate romances, it's hard not to get wrapped up in this one.
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One of the best movies of all time.
ScottishDude7 May 2003
Some Kind of Wonderful is by far the best movie I have ever seen in my whole life! John Hughes has written yet another excellent story about a classical tale of teen romance. The first time I saw this movie was on t.v. at 2:00 in the morning. And I stayed up for every last minute of it. First of all, the cast is great. Howard Deutch pulled together some really remarkable actors and actresses for the roles of this movie.

Lets start with Lea Thompson playing the popular girl, Amanda Jones. She did a fine job playing the poor girl who hangs out with all the rich kids. This role must of been really hard for her because she didn't look like a poor girl at all. I mean its Lea Thompson for christ sake! And in my opinion we have to give her alot of credit for having the guts to do this role. She came through with it and that is all that matters!

Next is Craig Sheffer acting as the antagonist, Hardy Jenns. This guy did a pretty good job of acting as the rich, handsome, popular school boy who went out with Amanda Jones. In fact he did such a good job at acting his part that I wanted to punch the t.v. when I saw his face pop up on the screen. Hardy was a real a**hole!

The shy kid Keith Nelson acted by Eric Stolz, definintley reminds me of myself. That is one of the reasons why this movie really inflicted a lot of trauma on me from the beginning. We are both shy, independent, nice guys. I also look alot like him too! Except I have green eyes! Kinda scary if you dont mind me saying. Anyway, Eric does a marvelous performance as the protagonist of this film. Good job man!

Last but not least we have the beautifull,breathtaking,astonishing, Mary Stuart Masterson! This movie was the first time I saw her. And she took my breathe away!!!!! Playing the short blonde haired tomboy Watts, she has got some real talent. After I saw her in this movie,I knew I must see the rest of her movies she has been in. And I must say, she looks the best in this movie without a dout. Its just the fact that you can see that face of her's and see her smile. She definitley has the best smile I have ever seen in my entire life! And that is saying a lot for someone I don't even really know that well. Maybe sometime later in life I can meet her in person. I think we would do well together. No offense Damon. LOL!

But in all the movies I have seen, Some Kind of Wonderful touches me from the heart and reminds me about life and all the hard times that come with it. This is a landmark movie that will never leave my shelf.

Rating:10/10 stars
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For anyone who has ever fallen in love with their best friend.
triple84 February 2004
Warning: Spoilers
What's great about this offbeat little teen gem from the 80's is the whole "falling in love" with your friend thing. The friendship between Keith and Drummer Girl is refreshing and fun and the whole character development of these two plus Amanda, the ultimate "it girl"-who may not be quite as content as one thinks-is great. I loved this book back in "the day" and the movie is great too. Anyone who's been young, crazy and had a close friendship that became a bit more will relate. In addition this movie takes on the whole "identity, conformity" thing as well-and it does it with style.

Mary Stuart Masterson plays the tough girl with a heart of gold: Drummer Girl and I am not exaggerating when I say she creates one of the sassiest, most lovable and completely unforgettable females I've ever seen on the big screen. Academy award worthy, I'm not kidding.

In fact, all these characters shine brightly and kudos to the performers and creators for a great teen comedy-one of the best, and one that I still watch years later, as I now have added the movie to my collection . Some kind of wonderful is truly so under rated.

This flick is sort of a teenage "when harry met sally"(bohemien style) meets "revenge of the nerds"-bohemien syle meets a bit of "pretty in pink"and "The Breakfast club". At the same time it's got it's own unique quality and style to it as well. I would give this an 8.5 or 9. I liked this sassy little flick tremendously and would wholeheartedly recommend it.
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gbill-7487720 May 2016
Such an endearing movie. Yes, it's predictable, and uses the time-honored romantic comedy formula of the friend who was there under one's nose all along being the 'true love' in the end (that's hardly a spoiler folks), but it's very well done, and I've always loved it.

Mary Stuart Masterson and Eric Stoltz turn in sweet performances as non-conformist high school kids (her a tomboy, him an artist, both mechanics) trying to find not only love but also their paths in life. Lea Thompson is the popular girl Stoltz falls for and pursues, and turns in a strong performance as well – if you get a chance, watch her facial expressions in the scene where she slaps her rich boyfriend, played well by Craig Sheffer. But Masterson is the one to watch here: tough, funny, and incredibly pretty.

John Hughes had a quite a run in the mid-late 80's, and in producing/writing this film, I consider it among his best work. What a fantastic last line, "You look good wearing my future", and final song, a very nice cover of "Can't Help Falling in Love" by English band Lick the Tins, capping off a great soundtrack. This one makes me smile.
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Another Gem from the Wonderful 80´s
claudio_carvalho23 September 2018
The teenager Keith (Eric Stoltz) is a high-school student and mechanic that lives with his working class family. His father´s ambition is that Keith goes to college but it not his priority since he loves Arts. His best friend is the tomboy Watts (Mary Stuart Masterson) and the girl of his dreams is the popular Amanda (Lea Thompson). When she breaks up with his wealthy boyfriend Hardy Jenns (Craig Sheffer), Keith invites Amanda to date and she accepts to get even of Hardy. But the rich boy plans a scheme to humiliate the couple with his friends. Meanwhile Watts discovers her true feelings for Keith.

"Some Kind of Wonderful" is another gem from the wonderful 80´s. This feature presents a successful young generation of actors and actresses and it is highly nostalgic and entertaining to watch it again thirty and something years after its release. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Alguém Muito Especial" ("Someone Very Special")
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We're just going to crank this party up to a respectable level
Billy_Hicks24 November 2005
The best John Hughes film ever. I know that's damning with faint praise - let's face it the man's not going to win an Oscar any time soon - but he is the master of his chosen field. That field may be a sub genre of a sub genre (1980s wrong-side-of-the tracks high school teen-flick with stonking but slightly left-field sound track). But that doesn't mean they're not great movies of their kind.

Eric Stoltz is kinda cool as Keith but Mary Stuart Masterson steals the show as tomboy Watts. Keith must be nuts not to see she's the girl for him. But as "a slave to the male sex drive" it's the more obvious charms of Lea Thompson's Amanda Jones that float his boat.

Watts patiently goes along with Keith's crazy, touching, scheme to woo Amanda, all the while keeping up the witty one-liners as a defence against her infatuation with him. The script really crackles during these exchanges.

Watch out for Elias Koteas as Duncan, a shaven-headed punk with a heart of gold.

The soundtrack is stunning and well worth getting on CD even if you've got the video/DVD
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Wonderful Love
hellraiser721 January 2015
The funny think about love is that it's never entirely a matter of our choice but that it chooses us.

This is an under the radar gem that wasn't entirely overlooked but it's been kinda forgotten. This was the last teen film John Hughes wrote and believe it or not this is my second favorite in that sub category from John Hughes, and it's one of my favorite romance stories. The story isn't really anything new but it's really more in it's execution in which I personally feel they got everything right.

The dialog as with most of Hughes films is great, there are a lot of memorable lines but most importantly it doesn't feel melodramatic like in most bad TV teen dramas that make me gag, but really feels like the kind of things a regular teen might say. Soundtrack is great, I love the song "Always I want to be with you."

Supporting character Amanda Jones played well by Lea Thompson this is probably my favorite role from her. I like that she doesn't play some stereotypical popular rich girl, in fact the interesting thing about her is that she's really in the same working class boat as Keith, Watts, and Duncan she just dresses up and makes herself seem like a upper class person just to get in with the in crowd.

What I like is that you really feel for her character deep down she's really a lost person, we see her become disillusioned with the lifestyle from how her rich ex boyfriend Hardy mistreats her whom is a character I just want to punch. As well as how some others in that upper class treat others. These things I feel just show how just because your in the upper class doesn't mean everything is going to be wonderful or that your going to get everything.

One moment that really sticks out for me was when she sees the portrait of herself that Keith painted and she then has a slight look of guilt because this portrait represents how he perceives her as a really beautiful wonderful person but she knows that she's not that person the Keith sees.

Another supporting character Duccan played by Elias Koteas; his character along with his group of friends are awesome. I love the fact that he's a metal head I myself am into Heavy Metal music, a rebel, tough, rough around the edges but has a good heart all the same. Both Keith and him have a good back and forth. One scene for me that was a highlight was seeing Duncan and his friends save Keith in the party which is something real friends do.

But of course the film is really driven by both the characters Keith (Eric Stolz) and Watts (Mary Stuart Matherson). Keith is great because his character is in a way kinda like myself in real life. He's a person that speaks softly, I'm not the talkative type myself; and when we talk it's because we have something significant to say. He's a artist, he loves to paint just as I love to write.

Watts is just awesome and I'll admit kinda hot. She's feisty and fiery which are total turn ons for me. She a person that just likes to do her own thing and doesn't care about what other people think, from what she wears which is sort of a rocker/rebel outfit and how she acts is her way of saying, this is who I am whether you like it or not. She's also an artist as she plays the drums and likes to make her own music.

I like that both really are the same in different ways, both of them are rebels. With Keith he's a silent rebel, on the passive aggressive side, he doesn't look to fight he really tries to solve conflict though reason but he will resort to physical resistance if he has to. Even like the moment in the party despite the situation getting bad where Hardy and his scum friends gang up on Keith about to give a beat down he doesn't bend.

Watts is an aggressive rebel that puts it out there. I love that she's not afraid to admit to what she is. From how she dresses and the way she acts. I also love that she doesn't take crap from anyone or let Keith take crap.

The chemistry between them is great, the thing about this story is that you already know the answer, the question is when. It makes perfect sense as both have more history together and are kinda the same.

Watts you really feel pathos for because most of what she goes though is some of the stuff I've been though. See how she's aware that her feelings for Keith are more that just friendship alone which is perfectly natural because sometimes as times goes on if our feelings grow we begin to see our friend a lot differently. And how she's having trouble risking it all despite being a risk taker, they do say that the greatest risk is expressing your feelings. This just all the more makes us want her to do what she has to do and possibly win because it's the only way, not saying anything is even more painful.

I really like how Keith is slowly discovering it, in his mind he thinks that Amanda could be the one; but we see slowly he's changing his mind a little and is starting to look at Watts differently.

It has some great themes which are common in most of Hughes films like the importance of opening up to someone about how you feel, becoming more, our perception on people and how their not always what they seem, and believing in yourself.

Sometimes the one we truly love is closer then we think.

Rating: 4 stars
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the sweetest thing
CloseToMe45326 December 2007
the first time i watched this movie on HBO i knew nothing about it. when i saw drummer girl i was hooked because she had so much attitude and being a tomboy is something i can still totally relate to. but then i watched the practice kiss and that stayed with me for all these five years till i again watched it last month. all i had remembered along with drummer girl,practice kiss was the name of the film(thank God!). and then a year or two ago, samaire armstrong's character on the oc mentioned it and i noticed some of the similarities. this movie is by far one of the most special experiences of my life. a world of innocence and honesty. this is the sweetest thing ever! i recommend this to anyone who wants to remember the tender,supposedly stupid stirrings of teenage love. now that i watch other films of john Hughes, i absolutely love the breakfast club, but compared to this, pretty in pink is just not good enough. while the only thing good about pip was the guy who plays duckie, skow is raw,solid,real and charming.
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The 20th anniversary DVD
skowfan19 April 2007
Love this movie. Love it so much that I had to join IMDb simply to register my great disappointment in the 20th anniversary DVD.

Yes, it's a beautiful new print. The movie still stands (alone) and it's great to revisit it.

But the EXTRA's are SOOOOO disappointing. They interview the cast- briefly- Eric Stoltz and Mary Stuart Masterson are insightful and kind and interesting. So is the girl who plays the little sister. Mostly it's fun to see everyone older. Some have aged very well- Eric Stoltz and the girl who played his sister. Others have not.

Then they have the 'commentary' (and I use that word lightly) as you watch the movie. They foolishly only had the director and Leah Thompson commenting, and it's the most shallow silly commentary I've ever heard. "That shot is lovely, Howie" "Thanks dear. Look how pretty you are in this scene!" I'm not kidding. I could have tolerated this nonsense, if they hadn't gone further.

"Eric was tough in this scene. He had his own way of working that made me uncomfortable." "I know, he wanted to be called by his character name." "Mary Stuart had a tough day that day, look at her." "I know, she took it so seriously" THEY WERE THE BEST THINGS IN THE MOVIE, YOU DOPES!!! And I only wish they'd been allowed to comment on the movie, because their interviews were the only insightful and articulate and smart interviews on the whole DVD.

And we true SKOW fans know what happened on this movie- they fired the first director Martha Coolidge and half the cast- does this DVD talk about that? Of course not. They allude to the tension on the set, but must'Nat allow any true emotions on a DVD extra. It's obvious they cut out a LOT of interesting stuff, tried to make it a puff piece. They include an interview with John Hughes from about 30 years ago, not even about this movie. Paramount really let us down with this one.

On the whole, rent it, don't buy it. And if you want some interesting commentary, look elsewhere.
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Loved it
yodog_whatsup23 March 2006
I think that this was a great movie!!! I love the end when he gives watts the ea rings and he tells her you new you going to get them and she says I hoped but I did not know!!!! I loved it and watch it all the time about two or three times a month and I would watch it more but my family gets tired of hearing me repeat the movies lines!!!! I think that the movie was inspiring to young people and that you can be in love with your best friend and I know from expressions that you should always tell your friend that you like him/her!!!!! I am in love with my best friend and have been for a long time and I told him!!!! I believe that this movie helped me to do that and that is why I think that it was a wonderful movie and I think every one should watch it at least once in there life time!!
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A beautiful rendering of a timeless theme
headlessannie30 August 2002
This film is one of John Hughes' best. The idea isn't new -- boy knows girl, boy doesn't know how desperately in love girl is with him, boy lusts after other girl, boy gets other girl, boy realizes what he really wants was in front of him all along. But the story is undeniably captivating and heart-warming due to Hughes' incredible talent for writing believable dialogue for young people. One cannot help but be drawn in by Keith, the young and talented misfit hero, who amazes us with his cool demeanor and confidence in the face of adversity. Hughes creates a true soul mate for him in the character of Watts, whose strength of character and biting wit blend perfectly with her sensitivity and (not too well hidden) beauty. It is a film that reminds us of the earlier Pretty in Pink, but finally gives us the satisfaction we were deprived of when Andie chose Blaine over Duckie. This is a film that goes a long way toward making people into hopeful rather than hopeless romantics. A must-have for children of the 80s, and a must-see for young people in love.
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Best Film of its genre
skaniksj21 August 2000
Some Kind of Wonderful is, without doubt, the finest movie of its genre of the 80's. If the original script had been followed where Keith turns to Watts and says: 'You look wonderful wearing my future' it would have been the best movie in its genre, hands down, no matter the decade. Mary Stuart Matterson should have been nominated for an Academy Award for her performance. By the way Amanda was only supposed to slap Hardy once in the face at the party but added a second one - much to his surprise - for good measure.
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