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Don Barrett IS Acting Royalty!
horror777726 August 2001
Don Barrett is certainly one of the funniest actors in history. Just about every word that comes out of this man's mouth is a perverse joke. As for the plot, it was a typical slasher that had pretty good acting, great music, and a sadistic killer in Buddy. The opening credits scene was absolutely beautiful. It'll probably reassure all the vegans out there that they're doing the right thing, though it didn't bother me one bit. ***1/2out of****This film has to be one of my personal favorites and is worth a couple of looks. It certainly deserved the DVD treatment that it got.
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Pretty good...
horrormb14 February 1999
This film was good. That's really what I can say about it. Some of the parts (look for one part with a man being ground up, for instance) were a little over the top gory... but who doesn't like a little gross out, now and then? The acting wasn't anything to be raved upon but was good enough to be overlooked. Overall, this movie was really great to me (though, many others would disagree) so I'm giving it a 9 out of 10. WARNING : The beginning is NOT for the squeamish!
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Porno for the Deliverance Hillbillys
BloodTheTelepathicDog22 March 2005
I can only imagine what those freaky hillbillys from Deliverance would think of Buddy, the 300+ pound mentally handicapped killer who grunts like a pig rather than speaking normally. He'd surely be an upgrade from poor Ned Beatty! The plot centers around old man Lester Bacon who gets his property, slaughterhouse and all, seized so a larger slaughtering factory can move in. Lester isn't going to take this lying down, so he lures the foreclosing son's of guns to his slaughterhouse so son Buddy can slaughter them.

Joe Barton, as the deranged swine-friendly killer, is the chief reason to watch this film. The soundtrack redefines abysmal, and the rest of the cast is standard.

"Squeal like a piggie!!!"
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Coventry9 September 2004
This little piece of junk is so much fun, you can't imagine !! Very violent, grim and demented…but covered with black humor and cheerfully twisted characters. 'Slaughterhouse' is set in a quite little American town (of course) called Lakeside. A large chain of abattoirs makes it impossible for modest slaughterhouses to survive. The old butcher Lester Bacon is declared bankrupt and along with his seriously retarded son Buddy, he plans vengeance to all parties involved. 'Slaughterhouse' is very amusing, just because it's so light-headed! This Buddy-character is really great! A big, brainless fatso who can't talk but grunts all the time due to spending his entire youth between pigs. He carries a giant axe throughout the whole movie and butchers people without thinking! Lovely!! Clearly inspired by the notorious Texas Chainsaw Massacre, this Rick Roessler one-man-showed is one of the better slashers produced in the 80's. Best sequence is probably when Buddy joyrides with the car of the deputy and chases his mistress like the lunatic he is! Love this crap!!
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Don Barrett Proves He Is Acting Royalty In This Fantastic Movie
Skeeter7008 December 1998
Run to your local video store, card in hand, now! 'Slaughterhouse' has to be the greatest B-movie, horror slasher piece of cheese to come out of the 80s. A decent plot (less predictable then most), fantastic ending, and surprising special effects put this one over the top. Yet, Don Barrett (III) delivers what should have been an Oscar performance. With just two words: "Why?....Why?..." he tops William Shatner's entire career of work. Don Barrett must be an acting genius to deliver such a hilarious performance! Well done Don! Skeeter gives this one a perfect 10 - Now get out there and rent it!
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Bacon Bits
drnrg3123 August 2008
This was one of the better horror films of the late 80's, While almost every other horror flick was played mainly for laughs, this one broke away form the norm and actually injected a little gore and dementia to it's characters.

There are really a lot of cool aspects about the movie. Take for instance the female leads name; Lizzy Borden. Why anyone would name their child after an infamous murderer is beyond me. Especially since she is the daughter of the town's sheriff.

Another cool thing are the masks the two dumb boyfriends wear. I couldn't recognize the old man mask, but I'm sure it's been used in some other horror flick, but I definitely recognized the cobra mask from terror train.

The murders are also a bit gory for their time and not at all funny. In fact the movie its self ,which is categorized as Horror comedy; is really just good old early 80's horror. A little on the demented side when you compare it to classic like Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but never over the top comedy like Return Of The Living Dead and such. There are funny parts, but totally unintentional.

The best part is the ending, I won't give it away, but it's a well known cliché in horror films.

Final Words: Good old 80's Horror, just done the right way.
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Horror for the mentally challenged.
hohumdedum230 July 2004
Warning: Spoilers

I should have known this one was going to be bad just by looking at the cover. It wants to be cool yet wants to be scary and fails miserably at both. It involves a group of local bureaucrats who are trying to foreclose on a pig slaughterhouse which used to be the bread and butter of the town. The owner doesn't appreciate it much so he gets his son who cannot talk other than making pig noises to off each of the fat cats one by one. This is a very lame attempt at a slasher film, and anyone looking for a scare or a good time should avoid "Slaugherhouse" like the plague, for it is horror for the mentally challenged. 0 out of 10.
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Weak horror pic about a murderous fatso
fertilecelluloid6 January 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Even when I first saw it years ago, I wasn't too impressed. Now that I've seen it again, I'm less impressed but more forgiving of its ineptness. Once again, it's another horror pic inspired by "Texas Chainsaw Massacre", but it doesn't understand why "Texas" was so effective. It substitutes Leatherface with Buddy (Joe B. Barton) a filthy fatso who runs a slaughterhouse and kills local interlopers. Despite a solid opening sequence, it is all over the place, and the scenes of violence have no quality control whatsoever. It's bloody, yes, but none of it is convincing, shocking or unnerving. If the film was half as good as what the poster art promised, I wouldn't be burying it with my literary shovel. I love horror, and I always want to love the next horror film I see, but a love of something doesn't imply you love all its children.
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Fun with meatcleaver!
HumanoidOfFlesh4 August 2008
In this blood-drenched gore-soaked slasher a group of businessmen try to buy an abandoned slaughterhouse owned by Lester Bacon(Don Barrett) and his son Buddy(Joe Barton)who enjoys playing with filthy pigs and butchering people with meatcleaver.After a radio station promo prompts curious college students out to visit the abandoned facility,Lester and Buddy proceed to dispatch victims,who end up on meat hooks.Rick Roessler's "Slaughterhouse" is grisly slasher punctuated with some moments of black humour.Buddy looks like a hidden brother of deadly twins from "Just Before Dawn",the gore flows freely and Buddy seems a little more goofy and we get a hilarious moment where he is pretending to be a cop and drives around in the cop car.Its sequel "sLaughterhouse II" from 1988 actually doesn't exist.
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Average slasher fare
Tikkin7 May 2006
Whilst not being the best slasher film around, Slaughterhouse is worth a watch as it has its fair share of splatter and a good atmosphere. There are some good deaths and cheesy moments, such as when the cop bleeds to death from having his hand chopped off. There's also a great scene where a man gets pulped in some sort of meat grinder. The slaughterhouse itself is a great setting for a slasher film, you can almost smell the atmosphere of death surrounding it. People say the ending was rather abrupt, although I think it was cool because it doesn't provide you with the typical Hollywood "happy ending" everyone expects.

Overall, this is an average slasher. It has its good moments but it also has its boring moments. It's worth adding to your collection if you're a fan of the genre.
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R-Rated horror with little gore and no nudity
Adam Foidart26 November 2014
The only thing that differentiates "Slaughter House" from other "slasher" or "dead teenager" films is that in this one, the killer makes oinking and other pig noises whenever he appears. Other than that there's nothing that really stands out from other typical 80's horror films except for the horrendous soundtrack of the film. At times it sounds like someone was banging pots and pans with a wooden spoon and calling it a day. You think I'm joking, but I'm not. Even for hardcore horror fans, there isn't much gore and absolutely no nudity (and if you're going to make a crappy R-Rated movie, at least give me something to garner my interest). The story is so paint-by-numbers that you'll be able to predict every scene, making this an incredibly dull horror film. (On VHS, August 18, 2012)
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Horror Movie about surrounding an old slaughterhouse
zeeroover27 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Horror movie which gives rise to a new horror icon: Buddy. Nice movie for horror fans. Otherwise: skip it. Has good scenery and some good acting by the baddies: pa and his son. The reasons for the kids to be there are obvious. I really like the scenes with Buddy. The actor has obviously put some great effort in it and I like the fact that the movie does not end with some stupid kids escaping.

I liked some of the extras as well but the quality of the film showing Buddy meeting some fans is poor. Sad note: the obvious footage of Buddy on a short promotion tour shows Buddy walking in theaters with just a few visitors for movies. I really hope this was not where they were showing Slaughterhouse...

Too bad no sequel was made.
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"Jesus Christ boy, you can't just slaughter people cuz they messed with your hogs."
Backlash0078 January 2004
Warning: Spoilers

The Slaughterhouse box proclaims that it's "Good-Ole-Boy a country-western tune sung in the key of plasma." That's a tad misleading because the scariest thing in the movie is probably the real slaughterhouse footage at the beginning of the movie. That's not to say that Buddy, a 360 pound pig-man, is not scary in his own way. Slaughterhouse tells the hard-luck story of the Bacon & Son's Hog Slaughtering company that's being forced to foreclose so a larger corporation can move in. Instead of having a bake sale to make money, Bacon and Son, Buddy, go on a killing spree. It's fun yet instantly forgettable stuff. The soundtrack is a must-have though. Just kidding. If you're in the mood for something dumb, Slaughterhouse is a USDA prime horror/comedy.
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Not Bad!
gwnightscream14 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This 1987 horror comedy stars Joe Barton, Don Barrett, Sherry Leigh and William Houck. This tells of a hog farmer, Lester (Barrett) who discovers that his mentally challenged son, Buddy (Barton) is hacking up trespassers in the area. He decides to use Buddy's skills to rid the ones trying to shut his business down. Leigh plays Liz, a girl who becomes hunted along with her friends and Houck plays her father who is the Sheriff. This isn't bad, it obviously pays homage and pokes fun of "Motel Hell," "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and "Friday the 13th" featuring amusing and gruesome moments. If you're into slasher flicks, check this out at least once.
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80s Horror Lite
sorendanni16 November 2015
I found this on VHS at a local flea market. Had a lot of fun with this old thing, and the pizza I ate while watching was delicious. I say it better right away: that movie is never scary, let alone terrifying. But it is fun if you like the 1980s, especially of teenagers with Gothic rock and / or hair metal outfits. My advice: fun for the enthusiast, e.g. people that like The Lost Boys, the late 80s A Nightmare On Elmstreet (from part IV onwards) franchise, Elvira, Night of the Creeps and many other stuff of this like. Skip this one if you are looking for some serious frightening stuff, but don't miss it if you like this sort of movies.
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The Pigs are alright
bobhartshorn19 August 2015
The main story concerning two all-mod-cons (for 1987 anyway) small town businessmen and a gruff sheriff trying to underhandedly usurp an old school sausage factory owner, Lester Bacon (Don Barrett), and his psychotically wayward son, Buddy (Joe Barton), is pure EC horror comic pulp resulting inevitably as it does in gruesome murder.

Wrapped around this is a fun quartet of teens in a Jeep who while away their time making rubber mask music videos in the slaughterhouse when they're not drowning their French fries in ketchup or cutting a rug to cheesy synth bands at the local Bacon disco dance.

Both these strands are married up quite successfully with likable and reprehensible characters alike meeting grisly fates in the piggy execution chamber via Buddy's big cleaver.

But Buddy's kind of a problem as he's played more for laughs than menace and comes over way too sweet and cuddly for a Leatherface wannabe. Clearly this was the intention of writer/director Rick Roessler from the opening sequence, but it seriously devalues any threats of suspense and tension that might be brewing and leaves an unsatisfying taste in the mouth. Buddy's Pop is cartoonish in tone too but Don Barrett makes a fair old go of it in the eye rolling/teeth gnashing department, so some kudos is due there.

The last third however, does make up for these shortcomings somewhat with an atmospheric climax in the meat plant chamber of horrors where most of the cast are quite harshly dispatched in brutal fashion before the freeze frame cliff-hanger brings us to an unexpected full stop.

Keeping the murderous pig farmers in the shadows would have added a much needed air of mystery and surprise and may have pushed it toward the realm of 'minor classic' and, possibly, a higher rating. But it's still a pretty decent, fun slasher that's well worth a look.
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Buddy brings home the bacon
WirelessE18 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Whilst I don't consider Slaughterhouse vintage slasher fare, it is a bright and breezy one that leans heavily on its comedic tone. The killers pig squeals are funny rather than frightening. The mixing of comedy and horror can be tricky to pull off, but it just about stayed black enough to work here. The opening shots of pigs being slaughtered were darkly humorous and I particularly liked the excessive ketchup on chips scene.

I liked all of the characters and even wanted to see more of their teenage tomfoolery. In critique it does all feel rather lightweight with not much content. Settings such as the dance aren't exploited as they could have been. In particular more could have been made of the deaths, especially those towards the end. Whilst some of them were surprisingly nasty, they were all fleeting and could have been extended to add to the black humour. There weren't really any scares to be had, despite some enjoyably atmospheric eerie music.

I would also have liked to have seen an added chase scene and a bit more thrust towards the climax. I did enjoy the freeze frame ending but it could have done with a bit more energy immediately before getting there, as it was slightly anticlimactic. Overall Slaughterhouse offers a slight, but fun time for 1980's slasher aficionados.
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Swine and cheese.
BA_Harrison20 June 2015
Lester Bacon (Don Barrett) and his grunting, meat-cleaver wielding son Buddy (Joe Barton) aren't very happy about the foreclosure of their abattoir and decide to use their slaughterhouse equipment and butchering skills to deal with the swine responsible. The meat-hooks become even more crowded with bodies after a group of teens visit the old meat-packing factory during a thunderstorm for a dare.

With its all-pervading aura of death and decay and its hulking mentally challenged killer (mentored by his demented father), Slaughterhouse is clearly aiming for a Texas Chain Saw Massacre vibe, but at the same time it also caters for the audience of the day, delivering inane teenage characters, predictable jump scares, some reasonable splatter, a few pig-related puns (Lester is described as 'pig-headed' and calls his son 'hog-wild'), and a couple of typically cheesy '80s scenes in which the youngsters act all wild and wacky, their zany antics accompanied by a tacky pop/rock soundtrack.

The result is a fun slice of stalk 'n' slash, a spirited blend of mean-spirited nastiness and tongue-in-cheek silliness that ticks all of the genre boxes with the notable exception of gratuitous female nudity. The suspenseful rain-drenched finalé is particularly well handled by one-time-only director Rick Roessler.
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Predictable, routine, but diverting.
Scott LeBrun2 March 2014
"The Texas Chain Saw Massacre" wields an enormous influence over this rural horror comedy; on the whole, "Slaughterhouse" manages to be a reasonably interesting and effectively atmospheric production. The characters are often inane, and the performances aren't so hot for the most part, but that's very much par for the course. *Some* of the characters are pretty damn memorable, especially the homicidal antagonists. There's a fair amount of gore, although the body count may not be high enough to suit some tastes. Writer / director Rick Roessler gives us a taste of what's to come with his pre-credit sequence, then goes through a little bit of set-up, eventually delivering respectable bloody mayhem for 80s horror lovers.

Don Barrett plays Lester Bacon, a demented old farmer about to lose his slaughterhouse to foreclosure. He lives with a massive, mentally impaired son named Buddy (Joe B. Barton), who grunts instead of talks, and who is very handy with assorted killing implements. Buddy also gets along much better with pigs than with people. Lester finds that Buddy has a taste for murder, but implores him to save it for those who deserve it, namely those that are trying to take his business away from him. Soon enough, he starts to enjoy the experience.

Barrett is a delight, and Barton is quite fun to watch, especially in one scene where Buddy goes on a joyride after slaughtering a deputy. The movie gets better as it goes along, culminating in what is actually a solid finale, as four friends that had been filming their own "horror" footage head right into danger by utilizing the slaughterhouse at night. The sequence in which sheriffs' daughter Liz(zie) Borden (Sherry Leigh) is pure TCSM type material.

The fun factor of this rollicking "Do It Yourself" feature is high. The filmmakers seem to be enjoying themselves, so the fans should too.

Seven out of 10.
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a few killings and a lot of blah blah
trashgang12 March 2012
This was directed by Rick Roessler, his one and only attempt to make a flick. Made in 1987 it surely looks like it was made earlier. It even looked like a drive-in flick.

The acting was okay, no big names here. Joe B. Barton (Buddy) was also seen in Blood Diner made in the same year. Don Barret (Lester) was seen in two more flicks. maybe the one who made it was Sherry Leigh who did stunts for a lot of B-flicks.

The story is very simple, an abandoned slaughterhouse is the ideal place to party for some youngsters but naturally it turns out awry. Not only that, the place is for sale but the owners don't want to sell it and are out for some revenge. The killings aren't gory but they do have some red stuff. But it's low on killings, only in the beginning and the end, in between it's blah blah. Easy to see it was low budget. Just have a look at the end, it stops with a freeze, up to you to guess what is going to happen. Some say it's a slasher, for me it isn't. It was clearly made out of that era and nothing is added to name it a slasher, no points of view or whatsoever.

Pure fun to watch if you can dig low budgets, otherwise leave it on the shelves.

Gore 1,5/5 Nudity 0/5 Effects 2/5 Story 2/5 Comedy 0/5
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Maciste_Brother22 August 2003
SLAUGHTERHOUSE is a terrible film. In fact, it's one of the worst films I've seen recently and this is after watching SILO KILLER and SCARECROWS. SLAUGHTERHOUSE is as bad as SCARECROWS. Everything about it is truly pathetic. Being a big TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE fan, I had hopes that this film would be a fun rip-off. It's not. It tries to be funny and scary and it's not even close to being funny (in a good way or bad way) and it's definitely not scary. The only thing scary about this woeful "film" is the acting. I've never seen such bad acting put on film! The acting in an Ed Wood movie is usually better than the acting in this dreck. There's a scene inside the slaughterhouse, when the fat killer is above one of the businessmen and taunts the businessman with a weapon. That scene is the most pathetic example of acting I've ever seen in a film. I regretted watching this horrible film. It's bad and to be avoided at all cost.
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Scarecrow-886 May 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Well I'll be a suck-egg mule, director Rick Roessler's SLAUGHTERHOUSE is an oinker. Teenagers, police, and other unfortunate folks are being stalked by a father and son who live on the land of a decrepit, abandoned abattoir, pressed into bankruptcy due to an evolved mechanized processing system which prospers more within the county.

The star of the film is Buddy(Joe B Barton), a massive, unclean, mentally challenged son, in overalls, of demented slaughterhouse father Lester Bacon(Don Barrett) who kills people that threaten his pops or pigs. He's very primitive in nature, and the film establishes his kinship with the porcine population..he even grunts like a pig instead of talk! The problem with Buddy is that he comes off so cartoonish, the character doesn't have the menace required. Lester is told by his lawyer and an arch rival "hog slaughter" businessman that he's being foreclosed if he doesn't except a substantial fee offered for his land, not longer used to process hog meat. So Lester takes his vendetta one step further by having his boy dispose of them in gruesome ways( is lifted off his feet, his face crushed, another is forced into a meat grinder). A group of teenagers are shooting an amateur horror movie, using the abandoned slaughterhouse as a setting which is how they come in contact with Buddy, sealing their fates. The final girl is Lizzie Borden(Sherry Leigh), not joking, and her father is the county sheriff(William Houck).

Generic characters(..the cast do their best but have little to work with)and plot, relatively little profanity and features no nudity. The gore is at a minimum with director Rick Roessler having to find economic ways to make kill-scenes more cringe-worthy(..even without the graphic nature to back them up) due to lack of budget. Let's face it, not every low budget filmmaker had the fortune of acquiring Tom Savini's talents so they had to do the best they could with the finances available. Rick Roessler uses blood and certain camera angles to emphasize blunt force trauma to victim's faces/heads without the effectiveness of grisly carnage. Buddy's weapon-of-choice is a "bone crusher" cleaver with a long handle and he swings it wildly at horrified victims who get caught on the premises of his paw's slaughterhouse factory. Some characters have trouble getting their key in the ignition to start up their cars, with one female victim actually vacating her vehicle! Besides his cleaver, Buddy uses other hog slaughtering equipment to kill his victims. One positive is that the rural setting firmly plants SLAUGHTERHOUSE in the "hillbilly horror" category and is a nice change-of-pace from the usual squalor of city life(..or small town suburbia), but Rick Roessler isn't quite able to succeed in tapping into the terror such a location can often elicit. I felt the light-hearted and goofy tone, along with the kooky music had something to do with that.
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lordzedd-39 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Not just your typical slasher flicks of the 1980s. No, this has something to say, and that is an anti-meat message. Saying people who kill animals for a living must be insane to begin with and that's just B.S. like the movie LARVA, SLAUGHTERHOUSE must have been written by a vegetarian or something. Second, why kill anyone who walks onto the property, that'll make it hard to sell pork, plus where was the sign warning people that "TRESPASSERS WILL BE PROCESSED INTO SAUSAGE." These are the questions that leave you scratching your head, wondering if you have a tumor or something for even wanting to watch it. Lastly, the climax or as I like to put it, THE OTHER SHOE ENDING. The last survivor escapes in the Deputy's car, kills Lester and just when you think it's safe, Buddy comes leaping out of the back seat and kills her. They don't show him killing her it freeze frames before that. But she's trapped behind the wheel of a car with that ax machete thing coming towards her so there is clearly no escape. THE NOOSE!
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