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Jerry Hall..................Merciless
John Smith5 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I paid €1.99 for this in the local WalMart on the basis of how bad can it be. It's really really bad. However as the back of the video cassette said Jerry Hall is merciless. And she certainly is in a dream / nightmare sequence Jagger has while in prison where he imagines the life Hall is having in his absence where she is having an affair with an older richer man.

However when the aforementioned man tires of her and hires an assassin to bump off Hall she turns on her feminine charms , disarms the hit- man and blows him away, all the while dressed only in an ankle length fur coat, some very sexy lingerie and red high heels. Hall then makes her way to her lovers mansion where she puts two bullets into his chest causing him to fall into his swimming pool where Hall keeps her foot on his head underwater until he dies.

The episode ends with Hall winking coyly to the camera.

The moral here is do not mess with Jerry Hall.
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Rae Dawn Chong is hot & the story was amusing...
cynthetta9 January 2007
It's been so long ago, I only remember a few things about this movie. Casino, banana plantation, Rae Dawn Chong wearing a HUGE brimmed hat & seducing a prison/jail guard with her luscious breasts, only to have him pass out after suckling her drug-laced nipples.

I thought about this movie not too long ago, wondering if anyone else had seen it & had similar impressions. A little disappointed when I decided to search on this site & there's nary a comment. Pity! I was sick one afternoon, "Running Out of Luck" was on, and, perhaps, the title suggested how I was feeling.

Surprised by Mick Jagger's role in the film, I was actually quite impressed that he could act! Heck, I'd watch it again if only to check my memory banks about that fabulous overhead shot of Rae Dawn sashaying down the prison corridor!
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Running out of brains, where director temple, needs a shot to his temple
videorama-759-85939118 March 2014
I know enough about this movie to know it's bad, really, really bad. I had seen a couple of times back at the end of 97. The title dictates the whole worth of the movie, as if in silent parody. What do I remember about it- the start being the being the best bit, with a loud choreographed film clip to one of Jagger's lesser known songs, that was impressive. What followed wasn't. I remember Jagger on his big beautiful sailboat, going off at wife, Hall, spouting out in his repellent Mick voice "You make me sick". Well this movie made me sick. My standout visual moment I remember, had Mick stranded in the desert, coming across a empty Mcdonald's wrapper. Honestly, judging by it's cover of a cool looking Mick, chewing on the bands of his sunnies, this open image occupying the whole cover, you'd expect a much better movie. Here again, with misjudging the cover, you've been very deceived. The plot is ludicrous. As it comes to wraps, we hear Mick's current big song of that period, play, "Give me just another night". Not with this flick you don't. It's the sort of flick, if pirating it, you be very quick to replace it. If not replacing it, you've got serious psychological problems. Not one of Mick's best. Neither is his performance. Rae Dawn, and of course, the late great Hopper, wasted in another fizzer, outperform him in a film. who's director needs a stoning. Forgettable fodder.
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