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Steve Martin's Most Enduring
Dr.Teeth25 November 2002
Roxanne is probably going to go down as the pinnacle of Steve Martin's career as both an actor and a writer. Granted, he's made better movies (L.A. Story, The Man With Two Brains), but this is the one movie that seems to have grabbed the public's attention and keeps bringing them back. And that's because it's deceptively simple, the story of the underdog falling for the girl who has it all. It's peripherally based on Cyrano de Bergerac, but most people haven't read it (or even seen a movie adaptation), so much of the intricacies will be lost. But everyone can identify with the main character, C.D. Bales, and the story of his doomed love.

The movie is a romantic comedy, but that's too simplistic. It's full of incredible situational and verbal humor. Whether he's playing a slapstick routine trying to leave Roxanne's apartment or trying to think up the (more than) twenty insults that would be better than `Big Nose,' Martin's pen rarely falters. He can do drama, as evidenced by the scene on the roof with the overweight kid. And he writes compelling poetry: when C.D. speaks from his heart under Roxanne's window it threatens to turn hokey at any moment, but never does. The power of the movie is in the screenplay, and Martin's written a doozy.

Of course, it also doesn't hurt that C.D. is such a sympathetic character. Actually, sympathetic is probably the wrong word. He's such a strong and dynamic character that every man would want to be him and every woman would want to have him…if it weren't for that stupid nose of his. Think about it: he's athletic, charming, well-read, witty, and handsome. And that's what makes it even worse for the viewer: knowing all these wonderful things are stuck inside this man and people can't see past his nose, pun not intended. Martin totally inhabits C.D. Bales: he knows him so well that it's second nature. He looks like he's having a blast with it, too, which helps the audience quite a bit.

It's not all Steve Martin, though (although it seems like it at times). The supporting cast does well with their roles and goes far beyond what I would have thought possible. Example: Daryl Hannah, an actress with a hit-and-miss record that's mostly miss, is surprisingly convincing as an astronomy student who knows about sub-nuclear particles and comet trajectories. Or Michael J. Pollard, who takes a role that's pretty much a series of one-liners and makes me remember him above all the other firefighters by the pure glee that he takes with every line.

It's certainly not perfect, nor is it Martin's best offering, but that's beside the point. The point is that it's the kind of movie people really enjoy but can't put their finger on just why. Well, the movie is smart, and that's why people find it refreshing. It's not simply a cookie-cutter romance with the typical leading man and the regular lines: it's got a heart and humanity that most romantic comedies disregard as unnecessary. 8/10
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Extremely effective updating of a timeless story
Steve G-25 August 1999
I do not routinely enjoy Steve Martin, but was extremely impressed with the sensitivity and deftness with which he played Cyrano de Bergerac in modern guise. There is nothing archaic or stilted about the script, yet it is surprisingly faithful to the character of the original play (which in turn is closely based on Cyrano's true history). Numerous scenes - including most of the best ones - are lifted almost intact from the Edmond Rostand play, but a viewer who is unfamiliar with that source probably will have no idea which scenes they are. The poetry, imaginative spark and romantic instincts of the original play are handled lovingly and with finesse. Daryl Hannah is just right as a thoroughly modern Roxanne, willingly surprised to find that there is still romance in the world. You do not have to be familiar with the source to enjoy this witty, satisfying, and very funny movie - but if you are, you will enjoy it all the more.

Note added 2015: When I first wrote the above in 1999, Steve Martin had not yet done most of his (in my view) best work; but I still go back to this as my very favorite of his performances.
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...or did you lose a bet with God?
annmason128 January 2001
Mozart would have loved Roxanne. This perfect film rests on some of his greatest choreographed and performed by Steve Martin. There is nothing "Roxanne" lacks, from aliens dropping out of trees to "make love to older women", to a water ballet courtesy the local fire department.

The characters are beautiful: the brilliant misfit; the gorgeous "astrologer or astronomer, or something"; the bronzeable but- alas, dumb- hunk...all gather on the mountainside for our pleasure. Toss in a big rubber nose, a couple of the greatest lines from literature, stir with that Mozart stuff, and poof...a great valentine evening.
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Steve Martin is king
ajdagreat23 January 2002
If you don't like Steve Martin, watch this movie and you will. This movie so perfectly showcases his talents, both physical and verbal. The supporting cast is good too. The first scene with Daryl Hannah is great, as was the 20 better insults scene, but the highlight of the movie, at least for me, was Chris's first date with Roxanne. The whole thing where he's at her house is so hilarious. This movie is very funny, yet it never sacrifices the characters for humor. An underrated classic, sure to brighten your day.
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Funny, romantic, beautiful... who would have thought?
cody-1713 May 1999
Steve Martin's genius as a comic actor has never been in doubt. But once in a while even a genius does something astounding. For Martin it is "Roxanne". Possibly THE funniest movie that I have ever seen, not to mention passionately romantic, it also does something that so few movies are able to do today... it stays intelligent despite the humor. In today's Hollywood so many comedies fall into the trap of deplorable slapstick and gratuitous cussing, "Roxanne" succeeds in entertaining us through colorful characters, enchanting surprises, and witty intelligent dialogue. Where have movies like this gone to? Where were they to begin with? A rare jewel in the sands of Hollywood, see this movie like your life depends on it (tip to the wise: take a date). Pay special attention to the character of Andy, he is a special treat throughout the film. Also look for a VERY young Damon Wayans. The treats abound.
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Martin shines in average rom com
Stampsfightclub16 May 2008
Steve Martin (The man with two brains) stars as fire chief Charlie Bales, a man with a big nose. This unusual feature makes him believe he will be able to be with a girl he has just met, the beautiful Roxanne.

Martin gives a good performance as the insecure but happy fire chief. His best moment is the famous bar scene where he is challenged to think of 20 insults regarding his big nose, which is the most interesting point of the film.

The over sized nose is the big talking point of the town and the use of it was quite interesting as it brought out a touching subject regarding appearance and what other people though of it. As the film is a comedy it is the focus on pretty much all of the jokes and uses it well, with Martin's comedy experience proving vital to make the nose jokes work. His reactions are excellent, the bar scene and the opening sequence with the two men. The fact Martin did all of his own stunts was a fact I couldn't believe because there are some very difficult manoeuvres that he has to do but all are executed brilliantly.

The plot is consistent, with many good jokes and a sweet storyline regarding the fire chief and the woman he has fallen for. Sadly it follows up the conventional romantic story line. Don't get me wrong I love romantic films but a bit of variety every now and again wouldn't hurt.

Rossovich and Hannah are good enough in their roles but are completely outshone by Martin. They had pretty conventional roles and always seemed to give the film predictability rather than spontaneity. Though that is also down to some cheesy and poor dialogue.

Martin's performance however is enough to carry the film from start to finish and had the film been longer or varied from the usual romantic conventions, then this would be the perfect romantic comedy.
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Steve Martin's representation of Cyrano de Bergerac
Smells_Like_Cheese12 October 2006
I have to admit that this was a nice and sweet version of Martin's interpretation of Cyrano de Bergerac. It was nice to see a little comedy into the story. I know of the story, but have seen none of the movies. So, this is pretty much as close as I will get to the story even though my mom has the old version of Cyrano de Bergerac, it doesn't look that entertaining.

Steve plays Charlie, a kind and funny fireman with one little... well... actually huge thing on his face, a very long and big nose. But he ends up meeting Roxanne, a very beautiful woman who is a rocket scientist and just wants be romanced, she meets another man, Chris, very handsome, but doesn't exactly have a way with words. Charlie has a huge crush on Roxanne, but she's attracted to Chris, Chris also has a thing for Roxanne, so through the hardest times, Chralie helps Chris try to woe Roxanne with his words going through Chris's mouth.

It's a very sweet and romantic movie with some good little laughs here and there. I think this is an under rated Steve Martin movie that I think everyone could give a chance too. Because, let's face it, we all have that little imperfection that can always be seen as unique and beautiful in the eyes of other's.

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For once you don't get to see the pretty couple with the perfect relationship.
philip_vanderveken8 August 2005
I never thought that Steve Martin would ever play a leading role in a romantic comedy, because his humor doesn't exactly fit in with the humor normally used in the genre. But when I had the chance to see this movie, I didn't hesitate. I like several of Steve Martin's movies and most of the time I have some good laughs with his comedies. Hoping that this movie wouldn't be an exception to that rule, I hoped for the best of it and I must say that it didn't disappoint me.

"Roxanne" is a modern remake of Cyrano De Bergerac and it shows. C.D. (Charlie) Bales is a fire chief in a small mountain town who has been 'blessed' with a gigantic nose that keeps drawing all attention towards it. When he meets Roxanne for the first time he immediately falls for her. She's an astronomer who is not only smart, but also beautiful, just what Charlie is looking for in a woman. But he is convinced that she will not like him because of his looks and when he hires Chris, a new fire-fighter who is good-looking, but who is very shallow and doesn't know how to react when it comes to women, the for Charlie worst thing imaginable happens. Chris has seen Roxanne in a bar and is interested in her, but because he's so bad with words, he asks his boss to help him win her for him. Charlie helps him with his problem, easily finding the right words because of what he feels for Roxanne himself and Roxanne falls in love with Chris. But only a couple of weeks later Chis runs off with one of her friends, a waitress who is 'pretty cute too' and she finds out the truth about C.D. and Chris...

I never expected it, but I really liked this movie. This isn't the typical romantic comedy that you probably have seen so many times before. The main reason for that is that it is a rather typical Steve Martin movie and therefor has an entirely different kind of humor. And I liked it. Especially the scene in the bar where he has to name 20 good insults about his nose is excellent. But that certainly isn't the only good scene in this movie. The entire movie is better than average. And despite the fact that I didn't think that Steve Martin would be able to play an important role in a romantic comedy, I must admit that he did a very good job with this role. C.D. is perhaps not the best looking guy, but he has portrayed him as a very likable person. Daryl Hannah too did a nice job playing Roxanne and Rick Rossovich was interesting as the incredibly shallow Chris.

Overall this is an interesting and funny movie that is a lot better than the average romantic comedy, thanks to the original approach of the story. For once we don't get to see a couple of perfect people, but a guy who normally isn't able to get a pretty girlfriend because of his looks. I really appreciated that in this movie and I give it a 7/10 for that.
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Heart x Appearance
claudio_carvalho28 September 2015
In Nelson, the chief of the firemen C. D. Bales (Steve Martin) is a man with complex since he has a huge nose. When his friend Dixie (Shelley Duvall) rents her house to the gorgeous student of astronomy Roxanne (Daryl Hannah), he falls in love with her but keeps his feelings as a secret. C.D. hires the handsome fireman Chris (Rick Rossovich) and Roxanne asks C.D. to help her to date him. However Chris is an average American with very limited culture and he asks C.D. to help him to get in her pants. C.D. writes letters disclosing his feelings for her and Roxanne is seduced by the man that writes such letters. What will happen when she meets Chris?

"Roxanne" is a totally different version of "Cyrano De Bergerac" by Edmond Rostands. There are many versions of this romantic play in the cinema history, but none of them with a modernization of the story. The beauty of Daryl Hannah is impressive and her chemistry with the large nosed Steve Martin is fantastic. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Roxanne"
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Great comedy
mountain92419 December 2014
Steve Martin does Cyrano as a hopeless romantic, intellectual and expert fighter in this breezy and (somewhat) mature romantic comedy. Steve Martin is the long nosed fire chief in a scenic mountain town who falls for the lovely Darryl Hannah, only to have her fall for a good looking but lowbrow fireman.

Darryl Hannah is the love interest, and Rick Rossovich is the big dummy that she's initially infatuated with. There's a good supporting cast with Fred Willard and Shelley Duval.

Nothing in Roxanne will have you doubled over with laughter, but it's smart and amusing throughout, and it never finds the need to aim low with its comedy. It's easy to watch, and there's some nice Canadian scenery. The movie was shot in British Columbia, and the town they create looks like someplace everybody would want to live.

You get good results when you have the right people working good source material. Steve Martin is perfect in this movie even though his comedy is not quite as broad here as a lot of people are used to. It's a refreshing movie to watch today. Roxanne probably is a "minor" film, but it's much better than a lot of the reviews its received.
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One of Steve Martin's truest performances
DavidSim24018318 December 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Considering the slump Steve Martin's career has been in, you sometimes have to revisit his earlier efforts to remind yourself of what a fine comedian he can be. As well as fine actor.

I don't always like Steve Martin in everything. His manic energy can be perfectly employed when given the proper material to work from. But sometimes his antics do feel ever so over the top you wish you had a muzzle for the man. His best performances tend to be the ones he personally identifies with. He was wonderful in Planes, Trains & Automobiles and LA Story. And he's just as wonderful in Roxanne.

In a script written by Martin, and adapted from Edmond Rostand's Cyrano de Bergerac, Martin plays C.D. Bales, the fire chief of picture postcard smalltown USA.

C.D. is an affable chap. He's got a refreshing wit, sharp insights and a poetic use of the English language. He's quite a popular figure in town, but there's one thing about himself he really dislikes. He has an enormous nose.

Its so big he often looks like Pinocchio after telling a few white lies. C.D. has learnt to live with his nose (not that he has much choice!). He can even make jokes about it. But he's never learnt to like it.

When pretty astronomer Roxanne Kowalski (Daryl Hannah) moves into town, she captures his heart right from the start. And while Roxanne can see past the nose on his face, she can't see into C.D's soul, even if its plain as the...well you know the rest!

Roxanne is a film of simple pleasures. And there are many. But thanks to Steve Martin's wonderfully embodied performance, the film really shines. I've never actually seen Cyrano de Bergerac, but Martin quite excels in the role he's rewritten for himself.

As much as Martin's skills as a comic performer are praised, he does tend to get overlooked when it comes to his writing ability. He composed a quite lyrical ode to the city of Los Angeles in LA Story. One of the richest and accessible films he's ever had the pleasure of starring in. And I can say very much the same thing of Roxanne.

Martin has tailored the screenplay to his own specifications. He's written it to showcase his talents and play to his skills as best as possible. He is the undoubted heart and soul of the entire picture. And whether he be funny, moving or downright poetic, he is superb on all counts.

To list the film's highlights is an impossible task. There are just so many. I suppose any scene with Martin would qualify. But one scene that stands head and shoulders above the rest is the scene with C.D. in a bar.

Allow me to set the scene for you. C.D. is having a night out with Roxanne and his sister Dixie (sweetly played by Shelley Duvall). A rude man comes over and comments on C.D's "big nose." Instead of feeling offended, C.D. comes up with 25 nose-related puns. One each funnier than the last. All capped by the final superb joke, "You're name wouldn't be Dick would it?!"

What a scene! It's one of the best sustained four minutes of comedy you'll ever see. And I'll bet it was all improvised too. Steve Martin likes to set challenges for himself. And he rises to this one admirably. His gift of improvisation is the hallmark of a true comedian. And this film (but especially this scene) has Martin at the top of his peak.

But its not just Steve Martin that provides the fun. Daryl Hannah is quite perfect in the role of Roxanne. She's always been an actress looking out for since her breakout role in Splash! And as Roxanne, she is positively luminous.

Although her scenes with Martin don't sizzle, they do enjoy an earnest, comfortable sort of chemistry. The scene where it looks like she's about to return C'D's feelings is poignant, because she keeps building up his hopes over this man she's grown attracted to, until it turns out she was talking about one of C'D's coworkers at the fire station. You feel just as crushed as C.D.

I hate to keep carping on and on about Steve Martin, but he is just so wonderful in this film I can't help it. He gets to play to the hilt without ever going over the top. He not only gets to show off his talent for physical comedy, but the smart screenplay allows him to adopt a more intelligent stride too.

The scene where he tries on different noses for size is fun but surprisingly disturbing too. Although C.D. looks normal with a button nose, he also looks unremarkable. Without his most defining characteristic, he's just another face in the crowd. He wouldn't be C.D. anymore.

And Roxanne wouldn't eventually fall in love with C.D. I suppose we saw that coming from the offset. But who cares. C.D. Bales is one of Steve Martin's truest and most well defined characters. He deserves his happy ending. Roxanne is an absolute pleasure. A film so light in its step it practically flies.
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Manages to be both charming and hilarious
TheLittleSongbird4 October 2010
It is not quite Steve Martin's best film, The Jerk, Man with Two Brains and especially Planes, Trains and Automobiles are slightly better, but for me Roxanne does feature one of Martin's best performances. He is wonderful in this film, and this film perfectly showcases his talents. My only criticism of this otherwise excellent movie is that it is slightly too long, but it is charming and hilarious and manages to stick remarkably faithfully to the Cyrano De Bergerac tale while transporting it to the present day. Roxanne is beautifully filmed, confidently directed, smartly written and features very good supporting performances from Daryl Hannah, Michael J.Pollard and especially Rick Rossovich. Then there are also some very memorable sequences particularly the brilliantly funny nose-jokes sequence. All in all, one of Steve Martin's best and recommended. 9/10 Bethany Cox
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A funny romantic-comedy
ab-223 November 2001
Roxanne is a funny romantic-comedy. The movie is about C.D. Bales (Steve Martin) who is the head fire chief in his town. There is one certain characteristic of him that sometimes people can't help notice. It his big nose. He then meets this new lady named Roxanne (Daryl Hannah). She unfortunately likes someone else who isn't quite as smart as C.D. but has the looks. So C.D. helps him write letters and tells him to say to Roxanne. This movie was funny. All the jokes are hilarious. There are no stupid jokes. And it is just great. I recommend this movie to all.

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God's only nose
Lejink20 December 2015
One of my favourite Steve Martin comedies, before he followed the example of Woody Allen and stopped with the comedy and hankered after more serious parts in dull films by Ron Howard and David Mamet. This is definitely how I like him best, in genuinely funny situations that make you laugh. He wrote his own screenplay too, cleverly if loosely taking the old classic story of the big-nosed romantic Cyrano De Bergerac and transplanting it to a modern American small town romantic comedy.

As Charlie, the local fire-chief, Martin's character, besides being a loquacious wordsmith, is also, it would appear, a Cirque-class acrobat and martial arts expert which he amply demonstrates as the movie progresses. The arrival in town of intellectual hottie Darryl Hannah finds the two striking up a blossoming if offbeat friendship before the entrance of lunk-hunk Chris, nicely played by Rick Rossovich, to his fire-crew finds Charlie pressed into action as Chris's prompter in trying to win over Hannah's heart in his stead.

Needless to say, the paths of true love don't run smoothly but do eventually find their rightful destinations for all the main parties but not before many highly comedic scenes get in the way. The extended scenes where Martin takes out two insulting tennis players at the start, his top 20 nose-jokes and especially the by-proxy seduction of Hannah at her Juliet window are all hilarious, but there's plenty of devilry in the detail too especially the short scenes with the "Golden Girls" of the town.

Just maybe, Martin could have downplayed the slapstick comedy element of his Keystone Fire Brigade, which can't touch the Golden Silents of Keaton and Lloyd for amusement, but their coming together to finally demonstrate competence in actually putting out a fire, to the strains of "The Blue Danube", at least concluded another minor plot story arc too. Oh, and I hated the sleep-inducing saxophone-dominated soundtrack too, but hey, this was the 80's, I guess.

Martin is terrific in the "Cyrano" part and Darryl Hannah is surprisingly good in being asked to do more than just shake her curls. Mild distraction as they were as a group, it was still nice to see Michael J Pollard as one of the fire crew too.

Like I said, I'm a big fan of Martin's early comedies and this is one of his best. If I'm lying, may my nose grow in length!
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"Earn more sessions by sleeving!"
SmileysWorld29 December 2014
Two guys like the same girl.One has a way with words,the other does not.The girl likes the latter guy,and the latter guy wishes to approach her but doesn't want to blow it with a bad choice of words.The two men work together,so he enlists his golden tongued boss to be his coach.It's a great premise for a comedy film,one tailor made for the comedic genius of Steve Martin..It is by far Martin's silliest film and one of his best..I mean,wall to wall silliness! You may look for a dramatic moment here and there,but there's none to be found.Martin is surrounded by a great supporting cast,who all worked equally as hard as he did to make it a gem of a comedy film.
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Martin is Superb!
namashi_18 February 2012
A modern retelling of the 1897 verse play Cyrano de Bergerac, 'Roxanne' is a heart-warming & light-hearted Romantic-Comedy, that brings a smile to your face. The Legendary Steve Martin, in the lead role, delivers a Superb Performance!

'Roxanne' Synopsis: Based on the play "Cyrano de Bergerac", large nosed C.D. Bales falls for the beautiful Roxanne while she falls for his personality but another man's looks.

'Roxanne' is a heart-warming film. It has some genuinely wonderful moments. The Screenplay Written by Martin himself, is very lively & light-hearted. Fred Schepisi's Direction is good. Cinematography by Ian Baker captures the stunning locales wonderfully. Editing is decent. Art Design is fair.

Performance-Wise: Martin plays the large nosed Hero, with superb ease. It's truly a pleasure to watch the legend perform with such flourish. Daryl Hannah as Roxanne, is likable. Shelley Duvall is fantastic, as always. Rick Rossovich is adequate. Others lend support.

On the whole, 'Roxanne' is a winner.
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a romantic comedy with genuine charm
mjneu5931 December 2010
The idea Steve Martin updating the story of Cyrano de Bergerac may seem a little like stretching a round hole to accept a square peg, but the result was actually one of the brighter romantic comedies of recent summers, thanks in large part to the ideal balance of talents between Martin's typically absurd sense of humor and some level-headed direction by veteran Fred Schepisi. Martin himself stars as C.D., a plucky and resourceful small town fire chief whose charm is surpassed only by the length of his nose. He loves the fair Roxanne (a young astronomer) from afar, while she only has eyes for the tall, dark and hopeless hunk from Martin's inept fire department. C.D. is soon persuaded to write his rival's love letters, into which he pours all his own frustrated romantic longings, and the subsequent complications give Martin a chance to display the keen timing and playful sense of humor too often lacking in his other films. Even more surprising is producer Martin's generosity as a writer: some of his best lines are given to the supporting players. It isn't art, but the film has enough sunny humor and bittersweet irony to make it more than just another routine romantic distraction.
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The Ladder Is Up !
ShootingShark23 August 2010
Warning: Spoilers
CD Bales is the Fire Chief in a sleepy little town, who is lovestruck when the beautiful and intelligent Roxanne rents a house for the summer. Unfortunately, CD has a problem; his nose is kinda large, and most folks have a hard time seeing past - or indeed over - it.

This is a charming, romantic, playful modern-day variation of Edmond Rostand's 1897 play Cyrano De Bergerac - the old story about the witty but ugly guy whose poetry romances a woman's heart into the arms of another man. CD shares his initials with his literary antecedent but there are other amusing nods to the original, such as a scrap with tennis rackets and ski poles replacing a swordfight. The whole tone of the film is sweet, light-hearted and gently optimistic, punctuated by Martin's funny schtick (I love his reaction to the newspaper, which is pretty much the same as mine usually is) and all the performances are lovely. When CD, hidden by the bushes, is finally able to say how he feels about Roxanne, it's a great little moment, a touching paeon to amour fou. Even the town itself (it was shot in Nelson, British Columbia) is picture perfect, a little Norman Rockwell slice of picket fence heaven, oddball stores and gentle summer evenings. Of course, being a love story it's pretty corny in places, and it has some flaws, not least of which is the schmaltzy saxophone score, but it keeps coming up with funny and original scenes, like the barroom challenge where CD insults himself as creatively as possible (I particularly like, "Your nose was on time, but you were fifteen minutes late !") or all the goofball antics of the firemen. Australian Schepisi is an interesting filmmaker, who has made some good alternative movies (The Chant Of Jimmie Blacksmith, Six Degrees Of Separation), and he and screenwriter Martin collaborate well here to capture the mood of the piece and the pathos of the story. As love stories go, this is one of the better ones and would make for an entertaining double bill with the 1990 Jean-Paul Rappeneau / Gérard Depardieu straight version of the story.
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Martin's best
jdoan-420 November 2005
I have not seen every Steve Martin movie. I have seen many, and I would have to say this is his best performance. He is simply delightful as C.D. He is smart, insecure, lovable, kind, and sympathetic. He delivers this role nearly perfectly. The writing is great. It is very smart and sophisticated. "I thought you said, Earn more sessions by sleething." Martin expertly combines silly slapstick with heartfelt poetry. He did have good source material, but he put enough in it to make it modern, and make it his own. He doesn't manipulate us. The script is filled with sincere emotion. The supporting actors are very good. This is a great ensemble piece. Michael Pollard is great as Andy. I like the scene where we see him wearing boxing gloves standing over the unconscious black guy (Daymon Wayans?). Slapstick can be subtle, and Martin pulls it off marvelously.
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Steve Martin at his best
stuprince3 November 2003
A Cyrano remake, this charming film shows the ability of Martin to be something more than the Jerk. Great dialog, good acting (Hannah was weak, but I am being picky here), and beautiful scenary. The "sword fighting" scene in the beginning of the movie and the 20 nse insults are classic and will used in the film. An absolute don't miss romantic comedy.
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Lovable, sweet and intelligently witty.
Elswet11 October 2003
Warning: Spoilers
I love almost everything Steve Martin has done. There are a few exceptions, like Novocaine, The Man with Two Brains being among them. But most everything else he has done has captured some part of my heart. "Roxanne" is a shining example of that.

"Roxanne," a modernized romantic comedy centered around a modern-day Cyrano de Bergerac starring Steve Martin, Darryl Hannah, and Shellye Duvall, breathes new life into this old beloved tale.

The performances are purely professional, the scenes and setting all lend to the believability of the production and the final product is amazingly intelligent, witty and sweet.

Martin's character has an edge that he normally just does not attempt to attain. The dialog is a bit trite at times, but standing in Charlie Bales's shoes may make anyone a little tense. This is by far one of Martin's best performances, and in my opinion, his best work thus far.

It rates an 8.8/10 from...

the Fiend :.
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"She wants a guy who looks like me and talks like you."
llltdesq30 September 2003
Warning: Spoilers
The line I quoted as the subject line fair rips my heart out every time I hear it in this film, because it is, sadly, all too true in real life. Leaving aside the somewhat improbable romantic outcome (rarely outside of film does life work things out as it concludes here), there is much to recommend this film-the "duels" between Martin and several rather moronic clods, particularly the verbal one in the bar. As a side remark (semi-spoiler-but only a small one):

Martin's character has to come up with 20 more creative insulting remarks, but he actually does 25 instead. Not that I'm complaining, mind you, as it's one of the funniest scenes in this film, possibly of Martin's film career.

Says a great deal about tolerance, vanity, our own inability to see what's right in front of us while searching for happiness and the value of dreams (even small ones). Not a masterpiece, but a nice little movie in its own weight-class. I like it, for all its implausibility at the end. Recommended.
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Funny, romantic and involving – Martin's best all round comedy
bob the moo2 April 2002
C.D. Bales is a Fire Department chief in a small town, his staff are barely competent at best – however they rarely have more than a cat in a tree to deal with. C.D. is cheerful but lonely at heart. His huge nose has kept him away from women despite his charm, humour and warmth. When Roxanne moves into town he falls for her instantly and they strike up a good rapport. However she has fallen for new fire department recruit Chris – a buff young man. To win her over Chris uses C.D.'s words to seduce her, however C.D. grows more frustrated that Roxanne loves his words but not him.

Essentially the story is Cyrano de Bergerac (C.D. – gettit?) with some major twists to update it to the modern setting of small town America. The story is good without being rocket science – those who don't see a happy ending coming are, simply put, fools! But it doesn't matter because it is done with such charm that it's easy to be carried along with it. What holds it together even more is Martin's comedy.

He is funny from beginning to end and is surrounded by a funny support cast – the fire crew and the flash mayor are the bets. He manages to wring comedy from his nose (not a pleasant image!), his surroundings and all sorts of surreal things – it's not as wild as things like the Jerk or the man with two brains but he is wacky without being OTT or unbelievable.

Martin is of course excellent in the lead but I must admit to not liking Daryll Hannah. She was actually OK but I didn't buy her in the role. The support cast are all good and play their roles well, but really it's Martin's show and he is allowed both out and out comedy as well as more tender moments.

Overall, it may not be as funny as The Jerk or Man With 2 Brains but with a solid story and semi-realistic setting it makes this Martin's best developed comedy to date.
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Charming little comedy that teaches us to look for the inner-beauty in people.
jonathandoe_se7en15 September 2001
Roxanne proved to the world the true comic genius of Steve Martin, as both writer and Star, and even if his work has gone a little mawkish of late (although Bowfinger was great) this proves his true talents. Roxanne is an update of the French classic Cyrano de Bergerac, now focusing on big shnozed fire chief C.D. Bales as he uses dimwitted new boy Chris to woo local astronomer Roxanne (Hannah). Little does he know that Roxanne believes that Chris is the true author of C.D'S romantic letters and falls madly in-love with him. The plot is pretty much identical to Cyrano, with the exception of a friendlier ending, but the film is still a charming little comedy with some great standout moments (C.d. taking on the golfers, the famous "Is that the best you can do" scene, the "Can I fluff you're pillows' line and any scene featuring Michael J. Pollard). It also has a very nice message telling us to look deep into the inner beauty of people. Roxanne may be no classic, but it has enough charm and beauty to warrant many a return viewing. So if you're looking for romantic comedy at it's best, Roxanne can't fail.

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