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Famous Primates in Film: A Brief History

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Later this month, the mighty Kong returns to the big screen! To celebrate, we’re looking back at all the major primate appearances in film.

For as long as films were being made, humans have starred alongside primates. Unlike other animals, their human-like qualities can lend a sense of comedy or horror. Throughout the history of film, primates have been used to fulfill certain roles. In the early days, they were often a form of antagonist, carrying out dastardly deeds or causing mayhem. More common is the primate cast in a role of mischief, causing all sorts of comedic hijincks. While most primate roles were portrayed by live animals, it was not uncommon for men to dress up in ape suits for roles where the primates needed to carry out specific actions. Later, the advent of CGI has led to men mimicking primates in real time to create a motion-capture performance.
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Truck Turner | Blu-ray Review

Kino Lorber resurrects the obscure and fascinating 1974 Blaxploitation gem Truck Turner this month for the first time on Blu-ray. One of Isaac Hayes’ most notable acting performances, it’s a head above the general trend of similar genre titles of the period, even though the film features a familiar narrative already well re-tread by the time of its release. Hayes fashions his own soundtrack for this retro classic, an oddity begging to be rediscovered.

Truck Turner (Hayes) is a football star turned bounty hunter, in the midst of hunting down a vicious, sadistic pimp named Gator (Paul Harris) with the help of his sidekick, Jerry (Alan Weeks). But Gator proves a hard target to pin down, leading up to a dramatic showdown where Truck is forced to kill the pimp in self-defense. His death causes a ripple in the criminal community of Los Angeles and forces the aggressively violent Madame
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Project X Zone 2: announcement trailer

Characters from Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Soul Calibur and more collide in Project X Zone 2 for 3Ds. Here's the first trailer...

First appearing in Japan back in 2012, Project X Zone was a tactical RPG with a twist: its characters were culled from some of the country's biggest videogame series, including Street Fighter, Resident Evil, Mega Man X and Dead Rising.

Three years later, and here comes the sequel, which once again brings together some famous videogame faces for the Nintendo 3Ds - these include Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine from Resident Evil, Dante and Virgil from Devil May Cry and Jim Kazama and Kazuya Mishima from Tekken.

One of the fun things about the original Project X Zone was that it also brought back some more obscure characters as player-assisting Solo Units - Arthur from Ghosts 'N Goblins made a welcome appearance, for example, along with Opa-Opa from Sega's
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Kristen Stewart continues her own path with new Kelly Reichardt film

  • Hitfix
Kristen Stewart continues her own path with new Kelly Reichardt film
Did you know that Kristen Stewart made history a week ago? The 24-year-old actress became the first American woman to win a prestigious Cesar Award, France's own version of the Academy Award. She also won it for an English-speaking role.  Think about that for a second.  This honor hasn't been bestowed upon Meryl Streep, Michelle Williams, Sigourney Weaver, Natalie Portman, Glenn Close, Susan Sarandon or any other globally acclaimed American actress over the past 30 years. No, it was Kristen Stewart who broke the French's reticence to reward anyone but their own.  Stewart, an actress who continues to (mostly) put studio work behind her following a string of acclaimed performance in indie films over the past year.  That career path continues with her next endeavor, the "Untitled Kelly Reichardt Project," In case the name is unfamiliar to you, Reichardt is an acclaimed director whose movies include festival favorites "Night Moves," "Meek's Cutoff" and "Wendy and Lucy.
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French Movies Make Their Way Abroad in Unconventional Ways

Paris — With a record 41 French pics playing at Toronto, Gallic movies will have the largest presence among foreign-language films at the fest. Meanwhile, Luc Besson’s blockbuster “Lucy” is sure to boost this year’s French films’ export figures, having grossed $218 million worldwide so far. But in reality, French-lingo movies are struggling to access theater screens, pushing local sales agents to seize different and non-traditional opportunities.

This certainly has been the case at recent movie markets, where sales agents are closing more and more deals with select digital platforms that are opening up to European arthouse fare. And while all-rights deals are proving harder to clinch, French movies are becoming hot material for foreign-language remakes in markets with strong local film industries. C’est la vie.

“Foreign-language remakes are getting more popular in markets like South Korea, India, Argentina and Brazil, which are dominated by local films and Hollywood movies,
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8 Celeb Couples You Forgot All About

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Ahh, the 1980s. Big hair, New Wave, lots of neon, and these 16 celebrity couples you probably forgot all about, as rounded up by MSN . A sampling: Oprah Winfrey and Roger Ebert went out twice in the 1980s, and it was Ebert who encouraged Winfrey to syndicate her talk show. Back in 1987, Matthew Broderick dated Helen Hunt after meeting as co-stars in Project X . They stayed friends, and even co-starred in another film in 2007. Christina Applegate dated Brad Pitt in 1988, even going to the MTV Movie Awards together ... but she left him there and went home with...
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First Trailer For Indie Horror Comedy ‘Ghost Team One’

Ok, so the found footage style being used within the horror genre isn’t exactly a rarity. In fact, just today a clip was released for upcoming found footage horror Afflicted. But how many found footage horror comedies are there knocking around?

Independent film Ghost Team One looks set to fill this void. Described as Project X meets Paranormal Activity, the film is about two friends (J.R. Villarreal and Carlos Santos) who, when they find out their house might be haunted, hire sexy ghost hunter Fernanda (Fernanda Romero) to investigate and set up cameras around the place. With aroused ghosts and a horny demon intent on doing more to our heroes than haunting them, the film’s blend of comedy with the standard Paranormal Activity storyline could make Ghost Team One a hit, providing it gets enough publicity.

Ghost Team One is directed by Ben Peyser and Scott Rutherford
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How to Differentiate Movies With the Same Title

It's a horror story that any movie fan can relate to, Twi-Hard or not: You're watching TV and you see the name of your favorite movie listed on your channel guide, only to flip over and discover that the "Twilight" they're showing doesn't have Edward and Jacob battling for the love of Bella — but instead Gene Hackman and Paul Newman fighting over Susan Sarandon.

You were just punked by Same Name Syndrome. (Hey, at least it also includes a topless Reese Witherspoon.)

It happens often. In fact, just this week, "The Butler" hits theaters ... except it's officially titled "Lee Daniels' The Butler," 'cause the rights to the title "The Butler" belong to a 1916 silent short film that no one's ever seen (yes, really). Read all about that silly saga here.

Anyway, here's our guide on How to Differentiate Movies With the Same Title (That Are Not Remakes).

'Savages' (2012) vs.
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Nintendo eShop Update 5.30.13

In addition to hosting a new "buy one get one half-off" deal for this eShop update, the Wii U Virtual Console is also getting introduced "Mega Man X" and "Ghosts'n Goblins" this week. Nintendo 3Ds owners also have some new Virtual Console titles to check out, including "The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages" and "The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons" at $4.99 each.

Virtual Console™ on Wii U™

Buy One, Save 50 Percent on the Other – Starting today, when you purchase either theGHOSTS'n Goblins™ or Mega Man™ X game from the Nintendo eShop on the Wii U console, you'll get the other at a 50 percent discount. This offer ends at 9 a.m. Pt on June 6.

Mega Man™ X – Hundreds of years after his death, Dr. Light's final creation is discovered. Now, the future lies on the brink of destruction, as X must use all of his newfound powers and abilities
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Last Vegas trailer: The Hangover meets its match?

Fancy another film about four guys in Sin City? This one offers Robert De Niro, Michael Douglas and Morgan Freeman – but a disappointing shortage of both tigers and Mike Tyson

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The Hangover might just be the most influential movie of the modern age. It's spawned two sequels, made box-office stars out of almost everyone in it and – crucially – got other films lining up to compare themselves to it. Google "The Hangover meets" if you don't believe me: Hot Tub Time Machine was "The Hangover meets Back to the Future", Project X was "The Hangover meets Cloverfield", Aftershock is "The Hangover meets The Impossible" and 21 and Over is "The Hangover meets Superbad". It's endless.

Which makes the upcoming Last Vegas The Hangover meets … what, exactly? It's definitely The Hangover meets something, because it's about a gang of men on the loose in Las Vegas,
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Top 10 Worst Films of 2012

2012 marked a phenomenal year at the cinemas. Argo, Skyfall, Lincoln, Zero Dark Thirty, Django Unchained, Wreck-it Ralph, Amour, Searching For Sugar Man. The list goes on and on. Every genre stepped up to the plate to whet theater audiences’ appetite. Check out our “2012 Best of” list Here.

As we wade through the 2013 awards season celebrating the best films, you can’t have the greats without the clunkers. After much thought, the Geeks came together and decided to have one last look at 2012 with our list of the 10 Worst Films. Our list kicks off with the “dishonorable mention” - Project X.

Found footage: it’s not just for cheap horror flicks anymore! This celebration of binge drinking and property damage is supposedly all shot by a member of the film’s junior “wolfpack”. When his parents leave him home alone for his 21st birthday (they’re off on an anniversary/second honeymoon trip.
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The Week in Spandex - The Dark Knight Rises, Man of Steel, Iron Man 3, The Avengers, The Wolverine, Fantastic Four and more

Our weekly round up of all the latest news stories from the world of screen superheroes, including The Dark Knight Rises, Man of Steel, Iron Man 3, The Avengers 2, S.H.I.E.L.D., The Wolverine, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Fantastic Four, Arrow and more....

...As 2013 approaches, Warner Bros. has made one final Academy Awards push for The Dark Knight Rises, releasing a 'For Your Consideration' iBook which collects together all of the film's campaign posters, as well as a behind-the-scenes trailer and selection of TV spots. The studio is lobbying hard in a number of the top categories, including Best Picture, Best Director (Christopher Nolan), Best Actor (Christian Bale), Best Actress (Anne Hathaway), Best Supporting Actor (Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Morgan Freeman), Best Supporting Actress (Marion Cotillard), Best Adapted Screenplay (Christopher Nolan, Jonathan Nolan) - and will be hoping to avoid a repeat of this
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Morning Meme: Brendan Ayanbadejo Thinks 3% of the NFL Is Gay, Nicholas Hoult Finds Being a Zombie Boring, and Does the Bible Need an Amendment For Gay Rights?

Matt Damon was a major Obama supporter in 2008, but has expressed his disappointment with the President over the last year. Still, he voted for him. “I assume there will be some Supreme Court appointments in this next term; that alone was reason to vote for him. I don’t think I said anything a lot of people weren’t thinking. It’s easier now more than ever in my life to feel the fix is in, the game is rigged and no matter how hard you work to change things, it just doesn’t matter.”

Not that the writing wasn't on the wall, but NBC has officially passed on Mockingbird Lane.

Is anyone else surprised that the most pirated movie of 2012 was teen party movie Project X?

I really encourage you to go read a straight actor's (reluctant) confession that he's still uncomfortable playing a gay man, a realization he
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Home & Away is the most Googled TV show in Australia in 2012, Gangnam Style is the top trending search

Home & Away: most Googled TV show

Seven’s long-running drama Home & Away was the most searched TV show in Australia on Google this year, while Nine’s song contest The Voice was the top-trending TV show.

Korean pop sensation Gangnam Style was the top-trending search item, while Hurricane Sandy was the most searched news item.

Lara Bingle beat fellow model Miranda Kerr to be Australia’s top searched celebrity.

The full list of the most Googled items in Australia this year:

TV Shows (Most Searched)

1. Home and Away

2. Big Brother

3. The Voice

4. Masterchef

5. Game of Thrones

6. X Factor

7. My Kitchen Rules

8. Neighbours

9. The Biggest Loser

10. Modern Family

TV Shows (Trending)

1. The Voice

2. Big Brother

3. The Shire

4. The Block

5. Revenge

6. Puberty Blues

7. Game of Thrones

8. Underbelly

9. Badness

10. Alcatraz

Trending Searches

1. Gangnam Style

2. The Voice

3. One Direction

4. Whitney Houston

5. Olympics

6. Oz Lotto

7. Diablo 3

8. Hurricane Sandy

9. Kony

10. Morgan Freeman

Australian News Moments (Most
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10 Terrible Dinosaur Films That Should Be Extinct!

With The Dinosaur Project about to hit cinemas in the UK, we find that the genre of found-footage films is finally joining forces with dinosaurs. I love found footage films and boy do I love dinosaurs. In celebration of this magnificent event Thn asked for a list of the greatest Dinosaur films ever made. There are two, Jurassic Park and The Land Before Time; maybe we could include King Kong even though a mammal is the focus. Still, three films do not constitute a very interesting list. So instead I decided to write a worst of list. I soon found myself at the other end of the spectrum. How on evolution’s green Earth do I only choose 10?

Jurassic Park III

Jurassic Park III does tower over some of its dinosaur-themed buddies on this list, but it deserves a place here regardless. I’ve included it to show that even
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The HeyUGuys UK DVD/Blu-Ray Release Round-Up – 2nd July

After the release of one of the highest-grossing British films in recent years last week with The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, we’ve got an entirely different selection lining the shelves this week with John Carter, one of the year’s biggest blockbusters, now available for your home entertainment.

And beside it, a critically acclaimed new Us series, Falling Skies, produced by none other than Steven Spielberg, which aired in the States last summer.

Not only that, but we have an excellent Blu-ray Steelbook re-release of Batman Begins / The Dark Knight, so needless to say, it’s a good week to be a Batman fan and/or steelbook collector.

My picks of the week:

Andrew Stanton’s John Carter & Kenneth Lonergan’s Margaret.

Falling Skies – Season 1.

And for good measure, the Blu-ray re-releases of Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins / The Dark Knight & Kevin Smith’s Mallrats & Ben Stiller’s Zoolander.
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[Now Streaming] Your ‘Lucky One,’ ‘Chimpanzee’ & ‘Marley’ Alternatives

Each week within this column we strive to pair the latest in theatrical releases to worthwhile titles currently available on Netflix Instant Watch. This week we offer alternatives to The Lucky One, Chimpanzee & Marley.

Zac Efron fronts this Nicholas Sparks’ drama about a Marine who, upon returning from his tour of duty in Iraq, goes in search of the unknown woman he believes was his lucky charm. Taylor Schilling co-stars; Scott Hicks directs.

Craving more veteran-centered dramas:

A Marine Story (2010) Dreya Weber stars as a Marine forced to make sense of civilian life after being abruptly discharged. Initially lost, she finds new purpose mentoring a troubled teen girl with aims to enlist. Paris P. Pickard co-stars; Ned Farr directs.

The Messenger (2009) In this acclaimed indie drama Woody Harrelson and Ben Foster play a pair of vets assigned the emotionally devastating duty of informing military family’s of a soldier’s death.
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Film Junk Podcast Episode #360: Project X and We Need to Talk About Kevin

0:00 - Intro 3:30 - Headlines: Oscar Ratings Up Slightly from Last Year, Jason Segel Won’t Return for The Muppets Sequel, Lucy Liu to Play Watson in Elementary, Ed Helms Rumoured for Vacation Reboot 19:50 - Review: Project X 51:00 - Review: We Need to Talk About Kevin 1:19:15 - Trailer Trash: The Avengers, Piranha 3Dd, Frankenweenie, That's My Boy 1:32:22 - Other Stuff We Watched: The Color of Money, The Cable Guy, Beauty Day, Celebrity Apprentice, Wake In Fright, The Captains, Thrillkill, Sky Riders, Def-Con 4, Battle for Brooklyn, Fever Year, Juno, Blue Chips, Terri 2:10:30 - Junk Mail: Inconsistent Fonts, Life Events That Change Your Reaction to Movies, Good Scores to Bad Movies, Blu-ray Digibooks, Lost 2:29:55 - This Week's DVD Releases 2:34:00 - Outro

Film Junk Podcast Episode #360: Project X and We Need to Talk About Kevin by Filmjunk
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Weekend Box-Office: 'The Lorax' Busts Out with $70 Million

The big story this week is The Lorax as it simply shattered expectations and became quite the box-office monster. So let's have a look. Laremy predicted the #1 movie correctly 1 Weeks In A Row Dr. Seuss' The Lorax Laremy may have picked it to finish #1, but his prediction was almost doubled as The Lorax now holds the highest opening for a Dr. Seuss adaptation, the fourth largest opening for Universal of all-time, it is only $190,000 shy of becoming the second highest march opening and it's the largest opening for an animated non-sequel ever. That's a lot to brag about, I just wish I liked it so I could be a little more excited.

As far as predictions go, Laremy's $37.8 million was clearly low, but looking over the reader predictions and no one was expecting this one to do this kind of a number. The closest prediction on the board belonged to
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Weekend Meme: "Goon" Gets Gay, Naked Pictures of Kathy Griffin Are "A Foreign Land" To Anderson Cooper, and Nph Dances With Sailors

We told you Friday that Zachary Quinto was returning for the second season of American Horror Story, joining Jessica Lange. At the Paley Fest round table it was announced that hottie Evan Peters, along with Sarah Paulson and Lily Rabe would also return. All Ryan Murphy will say is they're playing characters who are the opposite of what they played before, which is a shame, because I found Tate all sorts of sexy, in an ax murderer sort of way.

Scientists are anxious to launch Justin Bieber into space. No, really.

Afer's Chad Griffin has been named the new head of the Human Rights Campaign. "Momentum is on our side, but that kid that I used to be, there are thousands if not millions of them out there, in Arkansas and [elsewhere]."

I've run the trailers for Seann William Scott's Goon before, and the last one I asked if the
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