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A masterpiece - the best action sci-fi classic film of all time my number 1 personal favorite
ivo-cobra81 January 2018
Predator (1987) is a masterpiece - the greatest bad-ass best Sci-Fi action film of all time. I love this Sci-Fi action flick to death! Predator is Epic Sci-fi Action movie of the 80's, my number 1 personal favorite best action sci-fi classic film of all time. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Carl Weathers and the rest of his team are all the time in the jungle hunted by an alien Predator, that's what makes this film and story more interesting than. This is very fast paced action flick, you never get bored or you fall a sleep. My favorite best Action Sci-Fi Flick movie was always Predator and It always will be. Is my number 1 Schwarzenegger best Action Sci-Fi Epic movie. The best action movie ever made! Major Alan "Dutch" Schaefer is my comic book hero this is my hero. The hunted becomes the hunter on the end of the film when he camouflage with mud to defend him self against the Predator-ultimate hunter and hunts him down by setting booby-traps for him the best!

"If it bleeds, we can kill it."

In the remote jungle of a Central American country, an elite group of commandos led by Major Dutch Schaeffer, embarks on a CIA mission to clear out a guerrilla stronghold and rescue the remaining hostages. However, the hunters become the hunted when a highly intelligent, otherworldly being slowly and methodically starts killing off members of Dutch's team. Possessing a chameleon like camouflaging ability and a deadly alien arsenal, the creature tracks down the soldiers one by one.

This is the finest action movie of all time. And, yet, believe it or not, it's not the action in the film itself that makes this be the case. This is especially odd in a movie with an $98 million budget (in 1987!), with multiple huge explosions, with thousands of bullets fired, and scores of stuntmen used.

This movie stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Carl Weathers, Bill Duke, Jesse Ventura, Richard Chaves, Elipidia Carillo, Shane Black, Sonny Landham and Kevin Peter Hall they are all believable in their roles and even add to the humor that this movie has. This is obviously the best of the Predator movies and still one of the most highly liked thrillers today. And let's all show respect for Kevin Peter Hall, who died a year after he had made Predator 2.

Predator is the 1980's most adrenaline-pumping, action-packed, violent mainstream film of the decade, a film replete with nearly non-stop action, loud, messy violence, huge muscles, big guns, and an extraterrestrial killing machine with infrared sight and a laser cannon on his shoulder thrown in for good measure.

The film's budget was around $15 million. 20th Century Fox released it in the United States on June 12, 1987, where it grossed $59,735,548. Initial critical reaction was mixed; criticism focused on the thin plot.

Predator is a 1987 American science-fiction action directed by John McTiernan.

10/10 My all time favorite action film I love it to death it is my personal favorite action film of all time. Predator is a masterpiece, one of the best Sci-Fi action films of al time. I own the DVD and I also own the Blu-ray disc. I used to had ultimate hunter edition on Blu-ray but the subtitles were awful and the picture was lousy and wax like plastic. I sold it to someone that need it and I bought the original early release version on Blu-ray instead.
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An excellent Schwarzenegger classic that still attracts viewers and keeps people thrilled
TheUnknown837-125 July 2005
Predator is definitely one of the best alien thrillers ever made. It is one of my personal favorite movies. When I first saw just a brief part of Predator when I was about five, I was freaked out and scared to even watch the movie for many ages, but eventually, once getting older, came to like it. The Predator, played by Kevin Peter Hall, is a very realistic and believable creature for the 1980s, when this movie was created. I like how humanlike its form is, and how un-humanlike it is at the same time. The creature's four mandibles were a great idea for its distinct facial characteristics and the creature's roar is awesome, one of the best ever produced. This movie stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Carl Weathers, Bill Duke, Jesse Ventura, Richard Chaves, Elipidi Carillo, Shane Black, and Sonny Landham and they are all believable in their roles and even add to the humor that this movie has. This is obviously the best of the Predator movies and still one of the most highly liked thrillers today. And let's all show respect for Kevin Peter Hall, who died a year after he had made Predator 2.
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Sci-fi classic
megagurka3 December 2004
One of the classic sci-fi movies and one of the most entertaining action movies ever made. Certainly one of the best Arnold movies, along with Terminator 1 and 2. Mix a simple but effective story, one cool alien, well directed action scenes, Arnold kicking ass and you get an top notch action movie. Sure, there are some exaggerated macho performances, but John knows how to do it with style.

So if you're a young (but not too young) movie viewer who haven't yet seen Predator, be sure to do so to get a sample of action 80's style with Arnold at his peak.

Rating: 8/10
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The quintessential action movie. One of my favorite films of all time.
lotus_chief9 December 2003
Warning: Spoilers
Predator is the classic action film. What makes it so unique is that the story starts off as a simple but exhilarating rescue mission; but then it suddenly switches gears and becomes a fight for survival for everyone involved. The genius of that! The cast is wonderful; Arnold as Dutch was very convincing and commanding, yet humbled and low-key in his performance. The only way you would know that he's the star is that his face is on the cover, he's the leader of the group, and he survives at the end. He was 'one of the crew' instead of a one-man wrecking machine like in so many of his other films; that was very nice to see. Carl Weathers turns in a good performance as Dillon, as does Bill Duke as Mac, Jesse Ventura as Blain and Sonny Landham as Billy. The whole cast worked very well together.

The one thing that still astonishes me to this day, 16 years later, is indeed the Predator. The special effects in this film was very much ahead of its time, the camouflage was pure genius. I still can't believe my eyes when I see the camouflage effects; it blows me away that even now in 2003 it could sit alongside the FX seen in TODAY'S films with no shame. I'm waiting for Fox to put out a special edition DVD with behind the scenes footage explaining how the Predator was done; from the effects with its sight and the beautiful camouflage, to the suit. I caught a little snippet of a behind the scenes feature on AMC or Bravo, and ever since I've been anticipating its inclusion on a new DVD (WHAT'S TAKING SO LONG?!??!)

Predator is evidence of how action films should be done. A great story and relentless action, all progressing the story along. A timeless classic, one of the best films of all time.

**** out of **** stars

P.S. The 'forest massacre' scene is one of the funniest scenes in movie history!!
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Very, very tense and murderously suspenseful
adam_ahmad24 November 2000
First of all, if you haven't seen this action, suspense and violence extravaganza, you most certainly are not a true action movie afficionado. The immediate grabbing feature of this movie is its score, very imaginatively composed and created by Alan Silvestri whose other credits include the Back to the Future series and other gems like Who Framed Roger Rabbit. The tempo and build up which the score lends to the film engage its viewers with feelings of fear and nerve wracking suspense for what lurks within the thick of the forest. Take note of Sonny Landham's comment;"there's something out there,and it ain't no man.

The action is fast, furious and merciless. The commandos are killed off one by one, leaving Arnie, Carl Weathers and the surviving members extremely terrified and on the verge of breaking down. Note the heated arguments that some of the commandos get into with each other. There is very animated and fiery action in the beginning (assault on the terrorist camp) but as we are introduced to the true terror of the jungle (or should I say, outer space), the action takes a turn for the more insane eg.Arnie running away armed only with a knife and trembling in fear, almost drowning in a waterfall and thereafter, continually pursued by the Predator). All this followed by a half hour long jungle battle mano a mano with spears, rocks and fists and hall deafening yells by both warriors. Very, very fierce and macho stuff I assure you all.

I shall not go into the other intricacies of the film and will leave it to the curiosity of potential/virgin viewers to find out for themselves. "Predator" is essentially one of the few action movies that truly lives up to its name and delivers the thrills and spills in no small amount and at breakneck speed. True connoisseurs of hard action.....YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!!!! 9.5/10
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Pushing too many pencils! Best film ever!
la_walker30 August 2006
If I had to recommend one film to a stranger, it would have to be Predator. It has some of the best acting, directing, effects and sound-track ever produced.

>This is Arnold's best acting roll in his career. But, we must not forget every other actor who produced spine-tingling performances! >The effects are simple, yet will last the test of time >The weaponry is huge! And will remain huge in my heart!

If you like 'war type' action you should love this. From the title screen the action begins, and does not end until the credits.

The sheer brute force of the story leaves one feeling truly satisfied, and even spiritually fulfilled by the end.

Without Predator my life would be incomplete. Stick around and watch this one people. If not, get to the chopper and announce your sins!

Thank you
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Arnie is at his best in this sci-fi classic!
The_Void1 February 2006
This film will always have special place for me, as aside from being one of the best horror/sci-fi films of the eighties; it's also a huge childhood favourite of mine. Despite the fact that I've seen it dozens of times as a kid, I have only seen it once during adulthood; and that single viewing was more than enough to remind me what it is that I love about this film! Predator works as a macho action film, gory horror and intriguing sci-fi, and despite it's short running time of just 100 minutes, it somehow manages to find room for all three. The fact that it stars action icon Arnold Schwarzenegger ensures that the film will always be favourably remembered. He's not a good actor, but Arnie always manages to bring that extra something to his movies. The plot is deliciously simple and follows a group of commandos that go off into the jungle on a secret mission. However, things go awry when it turns out that they aren't the only ones with weapons there. Finding the skinned bodies of the last group of men that entered the jungle is about to become the least of their worries...

The jungle makes for a great setting for an action sci-fi flick such as this. These sorts of films tend to be set in space, so seeing the action down here on earth is different; and the fact that it's set in the jungle, with it's dense foliage, ensures that Die Hard-director John McTiernan is able to bump up the suspense, as just like in the Vietnam war; the soldiers are dealing with an unknown enemy. The atmosphere really is excellent, and the special effects help to create a futuristic tone, while the suspense builds and makes sure that the audience are on the edge of their seats at all times. Predator was released hot on the heels of the success of James Cameron's amazing 'Aliens' - but don't be thinking this film is merely a rip off following a trend, Predator has more than enough up it's sleeve to ensure that isn't the case. The action is great, and director McTiernan clearly knows what he's doing. It's fast and furious, and the amount of weapons on display ensures that the film is sure to delight fans of macho action films. The fact that the lead actor is a monster of a man doesn't exactly hurt the film either!

Now, Arnold Schwarzenegger may well be a terrible actor; but it doesn't matter because it's his screen presence, not his acting ability, that makes his performances what they are. At times he's cringe-worthy, but it's hard to deny his prowess when it comes to the action sequences, and that is all a film of this nature needs. Arnie isn't the only big man in the film either, as an assortment of muscle men, including ex-wrestler Jesse Ventura, and Carl Weathers; Rocky's Apollo Creed, among other B-movie actors, join him. The man himself also finds himself a very worthy ally, in the form of the movie's central alien. The Predator may not be as beautiful as the creature from 'Alien', but it's just as inventive. Here we have an extra terrestrial that isn't merely trying to breed, or to 'phone home' - but one that is actually there to hunt humans for sport! Aside from being ingenious, the idea also borders on frightening. The gore here is gratuitous, but never goes over the top and on the whole, Predator is a film that never really got the credit it deserves. It's mindless fun - but its damn good mindless fun!
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Really cool action with unforgettable characters
shortround839116 March 2009
Warning: Spoilers
In 1987, Arnold Schwarzenegger was solidifying his position as an action superstar with the releases of the epic Conan, the influential Terminator and the somewhat mediocre Commando that was still fun to watch anyway. However, that position wouldn't be fully cemented until the arrival of Terminator 2 in 1991 which forever raised the bar for the action genre.

But plain and simple, "Predator" is a staple for Schwarzenegger's profile. It introduced the ultra cool "Predator" to the world and changed the popular culture's perspectives on alien movies. But the movie itself isn't just known for the central character, like the crappy Friday the 13th movies that are only known for the murderous Jason Voorhees and his stupid hockey mask. But "Predator" is known for the movie as a whole, with a great simplistic plot, awesome characters and great action that will make people want to see this again and again.

The movie is a about a former soldier/mercenary named Dutch (Arnie) who has been involved in a lot of conflict and has since decided to settle down and be the leader of a rescue team. He goes to a South American country to participate in a mission that would supposedly rescue a Cabinet Minister and a few other hostages, but later on he finds out that he's been set up and it was actually a mission to destroy a rebel base that would've invaded sooner or later. And Dutch gets ticked off and he and his team try to escape the jungle, but they're then being pursued by an alien who "hunts" rather than kills. As the situation escalates, Dutch starts to lose his sanity and that's totally evident in the final showdown with the creature.

Like James Cameron's "Aliens" that came out the year before, "Predator" is shaped by it's excellent characters, Dutch is the great, silent leader who is somewhat broken inside from all the combat that he went through in the past and his quote "If it bleeds, we can kill it" is among the greatest. Blain is the totally cool tobacco-chewing, mini-gun-totting guy who spewed out 2 of the movie's best lines: "I ain't got time to bleed", and "This stuff'll make you a goddamn sexual tyrannosaurus, just like me". Mac is pretty much Blain's best bud and frequently shaves with his razor and without the shaving cream to show his manliness. Hawkins is the super-nerd of the group who reads comic books and occasionally makes some sick jokes about his girlfriend. Billy is the silent, no-nonsense spiritual dude. Dillon is the dirty CIA agent who was best pals with Dutch a few years back and then sets up Dutch and his team, which leads to their demise and his, as well. And finally, Poncho is the sympathetic, yet sarcastic soldier who connects with Anna, their hostage, during the course of the film. And these guys are great characters; and they each have their own personalities, which makes you want to see more out of each guy.

And of course, I can't forget about the "Predator". The high-tech alien that hunts other creatures for sport was a very creative and original idea. It also held a very intimidating presence and the special effects were very well done, especially the camouflage. And I'm still wondering how that managed to do that in 1987.

And last, but not the least, the action really stands out thanks to the direction of John McTiernan, who directed this right before he made "Die Hard". The scene when the team attacks the rebel camp is, without a doubt one of the best in cinema, since it shows each team member providing something in the attack, and it's not just one guy who acts like a one-man army and destroys everything in his path all by himself. Also, Dutch's confrontation with the predator at the end, which displays more prehistoric styles of combat with the setting of the boulder and spike traps. And this movie makes up the modern warfare action and the caveman action so well.

Any action/sci-fi junkie should watch this, and they will be HOOKED. And you will want to see this again and again.
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It Hunts For Pleasure, It Kills For Sport...................
MacKrazy2 December 2006
"Predator" is a genuine Classic. Action, Horror, Sci-Fi it's all there. Lets see for starters we have Arnold Schwarzenegger, on top form riding to the peak of his action status, leading a team of tough Commandos. Made up of a great cast including Carl Weathers, Jesse Ventura and Bill Duke. They're on a mission to rescue Hostages from Gorilla forces but are double crossed by the C.I.A, stop there and you already have a great action movie.

But oh no, this film also has an Intergalactic Alien Big Game hunter equipped with plasma cannons, Stealth Invisibility and Thermal Vision. It would be so easy to imagine this film going nowhere if it where to have fallen into the wrong hands. You could really imagine a plot of an Alien hunting Commandos in the jungle coming off a bit lame but no, Fox thankfully had faith and McTierman had a vision. Fox's faith may have been down to there two previous unexpected big hits "Aliens" and "Commando" which you could possibly say this film is a hybrid of.

Film also benefits from being made in that 80s early 90s era where your action film could take its self seriously yet still not too seriously. One minute we see a fairly realistic use of of weapons and tactics the next Arnie throws a truck down a hill equipped with C4 and Jesse Ventura pulls out his M-134 Mini Gun and shreds some Gorillas.

The Predator it's self is a classic design, thanks to the genius Stan Winston, and in my opinion never looked better than in this movie. It looked slightly fake in Pred 2(Not a bad film too) and don't get me started on the travesty that is AvP. It could have been a different story if they had stuck to the big rubber turtle they had shot scenes with thank god Arnold himself suggested Winston.

I won't spoil the plot for anyone who's not yet seen it I just urge you to see this movie.
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Welcome to the jungle, baby…
Michael DeZubiria3 November 2004
Consider that so many of the roles that Arnold Schwarzenegger takes on are so similar, including Predator, and yet this film is so much better than most of the others. I enjoy watching his movies just because he's such a watch-able guy, even in his bad movies (which are many), but I think the thing that really makes Predator stand out is its simplicity. The movie starts, the guys get dropped in the jungle, lots of blood and carnage flies across the screen, and the movie simply ends. No romance, no complex back story, no soldier struggling with problems in his past or even trauma caused by the horrible things he experiences during the movie. This is one of the things that made First Blood so good. It may turn out to be a movie about a lot of muscle-bound meatheads in the woods, but it doesn't insult the audience or try to apply complexity to a story that can't support it.

Interestingly, the movie features two eventual governors. Jesse Ventura even wrote a book which was released while he was the governor of Minnesota and he used his favorite line in this movie as the title. And the book's actually pretty interesting; there are some funny stories in it about things that went on while they were filming this movie. Arnold, on the other hand, is actually (and thankfully) given a relatively small amount of stupid one-liners, which are an idiotic byproduct of hard action movies that I've never really understood the necessity for. They don't reveal anything about the characters who say them, they don't add to the story or further the plot, and with rare exceptions, they're not funny. But I guess comic relief has to come from somewhere, and since complexity is not a requisite for movies like this, I can't really expect a lot of thought being put into the comedic content either.

I watched Predator having never seen it from beginning to end and having just re-watched the original Alien. I am currently in the process of re-watching both series', for obvious reasons. One thing that I notice about both of them is the way they take their time in introducing the enemies which, in both films, are aliens. Predator doesn't waste much time dwelling on the origin of the alien, we pretty much assume it came from a space ship that flashed across the screen at the opening of the movie. Alien, on the other hand, went into remarkable detail about where its alien came from. What Predator does do, very effectively, I think, is that it has the guys fighting some very human enemies, which allows the movie to later take its sweet time in having them realize that the new enemy is not human at all. This is also, incidentally, weakly rehashed in the sequel, using the secrecy of this mission and team as an excuse to have more guys who don't know what's going on.

The death scenes are actually pretty tasteful, given the genre. They are just gory enough to illustrate the violence of the enemy without being gratuitous. Just enough is shown to show how vicious the alien is, and there are some strange things done to and with the bodies that make you wonder about the alien's intentions or needs. The first deaths suggest vengeance if not some sort of ritual, but later ones suggest that the alien may be feeding off of his (or her) victims. Oddly enough, it is not until the awful Predator 2 that we learn that it kills for sport.

Yes, the movie occasionally gets embarrassingly macho, but the skill with which it is put together far overshadows any tough-guy goofiness. Consider, for example, the ease with which the movie switches from showing the guys hunting the alien to their realization that they are the ones being hunted. In some cases, this transition takes place during a single shot and with virtually no movement in the shot at all except a change in someone's expression. It is truly a fight between a group of predators, which we understand because they are human like us, and a single predator whose powers and weaknesses are unknown. It's not Oscar material, needless to say, but it's a great action movie in part because it already knows that.
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Everything a sci-fi/action fan could ever want.
fibreoptic23 August 2004
With the release of Alien Vs Predator i decided to watch the original Predator movie today. I've seen Predator many many times since i first watched it back in 1989 and i love it each and every time. I think Predator 2 has a slight edge over this but Predator has a slight edge over Aliens BUT i think they are all extremely excellent films.

Just in case you don't know, it's about a big alien whose race lives to hunt worthy prey and Arnold Schwarzenegger's team of commandos are that such prey. The commandos are sent into a South American jungle to find some missing airmen who are being held by guerrilla's. They do what they got to do which attracts the attention of the predator who is hunting in the area. So the predator goes and hunts the commandos with the aid of his kick ass weapons and cloaking device. The commandos also have a female prisoner.

I think the whole sub-plot about the so called missing airmen isn't too important to the viewer but makes it possible for the commandos to be there. The entire concept of Predator is really clever and it certainly made me sit on the edge of my seat while watching it the first time. It is kind of spooky in a terrifying way as we don't see the predator properly for ages but see through his eyes which adds to the tension.

The effects are great, the acting is OK and the story is cool too. I really like the music and especially the spooky twisted jungle sounds that we hear when we see through the eyes of the predator. This is a sci-fi action movie that isn't just full of cheap explosions. It really does have great atmosphere. Everyone who likes sci-fi and/or action movies should like this. If you don't then your taste in movies suck! This in my humble opinion is probably the second best sci-fi movie of all time.

Alien Vs Predator has little of what made this so excellent so if you haven't seen Predator and thought AVP sucked don't think that this will. Predator is absolutely fantastic viewing. 10/10
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Predator Delivers
DonutLover20 February 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This is my all time favorite sci-fi movie. I love the characters, especially Billie, and not just cuz he's fantastic eye candy. I love when he says the thing acts.."like a hunter". Bingo!! hit the nail on the head you did, right there! This movie is fast, interesting, suspenseful, and then in the end, when most movies rip you off and show just a tiny bit of the beast, or nothing at all, you get a ten minute eye-full of this creature!! And is he awesome!!!!!!! Dreadlocks and all. I loved it. And, the scenery of the Amazon rain forest was fun to see. It was great fun to discover, along with Arnold, that being cold hid him from the creature. It was just a great movie, through and through.
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Nothing Short of the Greatest Action Movie Ever!
predator_silver7716 December 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Plot: A special strike force team is sent in the jungles lead by Dutch (Arnold Schwarzenegger), for what he believe to be a rescue mission. But come to find out they were sent to stop a small army from crossing tons of weapons into the country. After they destroy the camp they soon relies they were tricked and expendable. Thinking this is the end they proceed to the check point where the Helicopter will take them home. But they are then hunted down one by one by an invisible enemy. Then find out this thing isn't human and is a hunter of unstoppable and futuristic tactics never seen on are planet. A Hunter from another world!

My Spiel: This movie is absolutely one of my favorites. From a time I watched this movie for 3 straight months, for every day. Some days I watched it more then once. I had this on a terrible VHS tape. But for some reason having to rewind it and in the rewinding time span I wanted to watch it again and again. This movie is full of everything from blood/guts/bullets/knifes/aliens/war/soldiers/death. All those mix to make the true "Guy Movie". Granted this movie has it's flaws but come on, this is one of those ultimate badass movies where none of that crap matters. There have been tons of movies to try to duplicate this movie and all fail. I can't urge people enough to just watch this for what it is. The ultimate what the hell else could go wrong for a special elite team lead by Dutch (Arnold Schwarzenegger). That has already been tricked into doing a job, also in 115+ degree heat, and then to top it off a out of this world galactic hunter wants there bones for collectors pieces. From the attack on the base camp that they completely demolish, to the destruction of a square block of jungle with the mini gun scene. But this movie true message is the fact that Dutch is left to fight the Predator without the use of military weapons, but has to make his own out of the supplies and natural surroundings around him, which completely throw the Predator for a complete loop, or does it!

After screening this movie to many times to count I have come up with a conclusion about the end. I believe that Poncho (Richard Chaves) the soldier with the automatic grenade launcher, Survived at the end. Well I believe he was in the lap of Anna (Elpidia Carrillo) in the helicopter at the end. Because you can see the hair of someone laying down but no face. And the only one with that short of hair at the time was Poncho, and heck I think Anna came back for him, granted he did get hit by a huge log, but who the hell else could it be. Also on another note in "Predator 2" they talk about only two special mission force members survived and I don't know what this means to you, but Anna is no special forces member! This is truly something that has bothered me for some time. But this movie had given me days of satisfaction and a must watch for anyone who likes Sci-fi/Horror/Action. Predator (1987) Review: 10/10
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A Great Action Film
The_StickMen15 August 2004
Back in a time when the term "popcorn movies" actually meant something, Predator stands out especially today, mostly due to its high quality writting and top notch action. This movie never gets boring, as we watch the characters interact with each other, it brings to mind the feeling I got when watching the Marines from Aliens; a great feeling of comradary and gruff friendship. The special effects, while dated, in my humble opinion look better then the snazzy "futuristic" effects we are seeing today. The Govenator is perfect for the lead role in this film, he commands a certain respect both from the characters and audience alike.

The title character of the film is still cool and frightening by todays standards. The filmakers knew how to use the Predator makeup, they shadow it in as much darkness as possible, cover it in mudd and grime, which hides what could have been very obvious makeup "guy in a suit" effects. The guy who plays Predator did everything he could to add some life to the creature, to make people think he could stand up against Arnold in the end. Its really alot of fun to watch the Predator hunt these hapless soldiers, when just a while ago they were kicking ass everywhere they went.

As we watch the downfall of summer "popcorn" movies, its good to know we can still go back and watch something great like this film.
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Ball busting Vietnam allegory McTiernan style delivers wholesale.
Spikeopath4 March 2008
I will start this by giving my ratings, yes plural because to me as a sci-fi/action film fan the film has few peers, it is 100% pure suspense testo explosive fun that along side John McTiernan's other action template Die Hard, stands the test of time to the point that it will be thrilling viewers long after we have left this earth. So with that I give it a personal rating of 10/10, it's faultless for my needs in a genre I indulge and lose myself in on a frequent roster. For any other movie fan aware of the genre's traits and peccadilloes without being a fan of sorts, then I rate the film easily at 7 or 8 out of 10, what's not to like here?

The film is without a shadow of a doubt another allegory of Vietnam, a crack unit of soldiers are stuck in a central American jungle being killed off by an invisible enemy, the soldiers are there after being lied to by the powers that be, tactics are paramount but the enemy that stalks them holds all the aces. This crack special rescue team are a testosterone fuelled band of beef, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Carl Weathers, Sonny Landham, Bill Duke & Jesse Ventura, these five alone have a combined muscle weight heavy enough to have sunk the Titanic, and McTiernan uses the beefcakes to the max in a series of joyous ball busting sequences.

The dialogue is sharp and funny with Schwarzenegger quipping his way thru the first reel, and the score from Alan Silvestri pumps the blood at just the right time, whilst the effects crew have done sterling work to bring this "hardest man in the world versus bad ass alien predator" to life, none more so than when viewing POV heat seeking infa-red shots as our deadly alien killer. The end throws up some interesting thoughts, that have for better or worse? Been fleshed out with further films involving the predator of the title, but one should judge this film as a single entry because it sits at the top of the tree as one of the best of it's kind; so truly this is a benchmark for the genre that will take some beating as far as I'm concerned.

Enjoy 10/10
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Perfect in every way.
stallone-928 February 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This is an action sci-fi masterpiece on all levels.I have seen this film more than I can count.In my top 10 movies of all time.I first saw this when I was 5 years old and was immediately sucked into the story and characters.This film combines perfect action,drama,sci-fi and great humor.Arnold plays his greatest role here along with the terminator.He shows some serious acting skills which i always knew he had.His character Dutch is hardcore in every single way but has a heart also.All the others are great too with Billy being my favorite.This guy is the definition of awesome.And the Predator himself is the greatest alien in movie history.The director J.McTiernan builds a perfect characterization of him by showing only bits of the creature and teases the audience.By the time the team are taken one by one we are already on the edge too see what is this thing that rips spines,blows bodies and skins people alive just for the fun of it.The moment when the Predator finally comes out of the water is insane.He's bad to the bone.Later when he removes his mask you see a face so ugly that only his alien mother can love.It shows that Stan Winston is the best at what he does.And this is the 1st and only time when Arnold is beat almost to death.I mean how cool is to see him finally meeting somebody stronger than him,huh?Go see this movie if you haven't cause it's the best of the best in the genre.
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Solid, well-executed action film that continues to impress
byght12 August 2004
Warning: Spoilers
*Possible spoilers*

"Predator" is arguably the best of the '80s/early '90s action bonanzas. Well-conceived, psychologically taut, visually vibrant and deeply entertaining, it has aged remarkably well.

The direction, screenplay, special effects, and general production values of "Predator" are just as muscular and confident as its cast. Even when the movie slips into excess (which it frequently does, with gratuitous flexing, absurdly over-the-top firefights, and unabashed macho banter), it does so with such a boisterous swagger that you can't help but hop on for the ride. This is film-making at its most self-assured and unapologetic. Director John McTiernan has said he set out to make a classic popcorn movie, and he succeeded in spades.

The story is surprisingly thematically strong, and believe it or not, it owes that to the depth of Schwartzenegger's character--a monster-movie hero who's actually on par with the monster. Every action hero has to have his requisite humanizing moments--it's par for the course. Smiles at a kid, saves a puppy, blah blah blah. But Dutch's are more effective than any other instances I can think of because they are so believable and unforced. "I don't do this kind of work," Dutch says indignantly after he learns his team ("We are a rescue team, not assassins.") has been duped into attacking a rebel camp on the pretense of rescuing hostages. It's really a great moment--a simple, unexaggerated statement of ethics--as tough as Dutch and his team look, they derive real pride from the fact that they are in the business (primarily) of saving lives rather than ending them. It's not shoved in our faces, we don't have to watch Dutch cradling a tattered child's doll in the wreckage or anything--it's just there. This crucial humanizing moment makes Dutch's struggle with the Predator all the more striking--he has to give in to that part of himself that he rejects early on in the movie: the aggressor, the killer, the hunter, the savage. He has to allow this part of himself to take over in order to survive.

The ensemble cast deserves kudos, too (especially Bill Duke in the performance of a lifetime as the smoldering Mac)--the film is much deeper and richer thanks to their spirited characterizations. We ACTUALLY CARE when these guys (who would be called "side characters" in most other action movies) are picked off by the malicious demon that hunts and haunts them. Again, the characterization is effective and feels genuine, which lends greater meaning to the central action of the movie. As screen writing formulas go, this is definitely not rocket science, and most action and horror films attempt it in some form or fashion, but surprisingly few do so successfully.

And, of course, the other star of "Predator"--the creature itself, is masterfully conceived and designed, both with and without the mask. It still stands (along with, yes, the Alien) as one of the coolest and most imaginative monsters ever put on film.

This is a very important movie to people (especially guys) of my generation--I remember re-watching it repeatedly when I was ten or eleven (probably too young!), totally fascinated and drawn in to the primal story of kill-or-be-killed. I can honestly say that this appeal has not dwindled one iota. If, like me, you grew up on "Predator," I highly recommend picking up the new DVD so you can see for yourself how well it has stood the test of time. If you haven't seen it and have any respect for action films or thrillers whatsoever, check it out.
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A Timeless Sci-Fi Action Movie
Claudio Carvalho23 December 2017
After the crash of a helicopter of a minister in a Central America island, Dutch (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and his team of special force are assigned to rescue him from the guerrillas. Soon they learn that they were sent to the island for another reason and there is an alien warrior hunting them down.

"Predator" is a timeless sci-fi action film with Arnold Schwarzenegger and a team of "badasses". The stor is engaging and suspenseful even when the viewer sees many times. Thirty years after the release, "Predator" has become a classic in the genre. My vote is nine.

Title (Brazil): "Predador" ("Predator")
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A B-movie creature feature given the A treatment by a great action director
bob the moo8 February 2002
A team of commandos are sent into a central American jungle to extradite US airmen that are being held by terrorists. During the rescue attempt the airmen and the terrorists are killed and the commandos being to return to their pickup location. However as they travel back across the jungle they are picked off one by one by an unseen assassin. With his teams' numbers dwindling, Dutch decides to take a stand.

This ranks as one of Schwarzenegger's best films, mainly because he doesn't ham up the one-liners etc and just plays it straight. The story is pretty straight forward. Once the issue of the airmen rescue is forgotten it is a straight hunt or be hunted affair. The film manages to create a great sense of tension by not revealing the predator until near the end, this means we, like the commandos, are not quite sure what's doing the hunting. If the tension was so good then this could have been a slasher style film with each character being bumped off in a series of gory ways. However McTiernan makes sure that it never feels that basic.

The action is good throughout. But the film benefits from a strong male cast - not great actors but they all fit the parts well. Schwarzenegger isn't wearing his star power on his sleeve like he does in other films and is good here. The rest of the cast are filled out by what could be kindly described as B list stars (except maybe Bill Duke), but Carl Weathers and ex-wrestler Jesse Ventura do well.

Overall this is a B movie creature feature, but it's carried out with such style and aplomb that it's hugely enjoyable throughout.
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Lean, Mean Action With Arnold
MadReviewer30 April 2001
Watching `Predator', which is one of Arnold Schwarzenegger's best action movies, it becomes obvious why Arnold's recent return to action (`End of Days', `The Sixth Day) have all tanked at the box office. For some reason, Arnold's chosen to play men with a dark past in his recent films, men with a complex background . . . men with laughably bad backstories. His great characters - such as Dutch Schaeffer in `Predator' - have no background. It's not necessary. The second Arnold steps onscreen, you know it's time for blood and bullets, plain and simple. Not every moviegoers' cup of tea, to be sure, but it works. Unlike `End of Days' or `The Sixth Day', classic Schwarzenegger action films like `Predator' never insult the audience by attempting to explain the often threadbare plot. Predator is kind of a Zen-philosophy action film - the violence and cheesy one-liners just happen.

`Predator' is a fairly simple story; it's essentially a sci-fi version of `The Most Dangerous Game.' A group of American soldiers, led by Dutch (Schwarzenegger) and his rival Dillon (Carl Weathers), lead a full-blown assault on a group of South American revolutionaries. Carnage ensues. After wiping out said revolutionaries, an alien creature armed to the teeth with high-powered weaponry - the Predator - assaults the American soldiers. More carnage ensues.

Hey, it's not exactly Shakespeare, but thoughtful, well-written action movies aren't exactly common. `Predator' works as an action movie - and as a darn good one - because it's kept simple (thus minimizing the plot holes and the head-scratching moments), it maintains a high level of excitement, action, and tension, and it's cool. Schwarzenegger is larger than life as Dutch, pure swaggering testosterone at its best. Jesse `The Body' rules as Blaine, Carl Weathers is icily cool as Dillon. . . and so on and so on. Enough sarcastic, macho one-liners and brutal firepower fill the movie to make it a male adolescent snapshot of tough-guy heaven. The Predator looks wicked as well - Stan Winston outdid himself, as the Predator does look and move like a vicious being from another world, and not just some stunt guy in a rubber suit. The direction by John McTiernan adds the final piece to the puzzle; the cinematography of the jungle is appropriately hot, steamy, and claustrophobic, and the quick pacing of the film moves rapid fire between all-out action and the tension of hunting one's prey . . . or being hunted. Everything adds up to a simple, streamlined, first-rate action movie.

Again, not the most intelligent film ever made, but `Predator' is still quite good - it's probably Schwarzenegger's best pure action movie. (Not his best movie overall, though; that honor belongs to the excellent `Kindergarten Cop'.) `Predator' is a lean, mean, intense action flick from start to finish.

Grade: B
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Up there with the greatest of 80s action movies !
veiwer2 April 2008
Schwarznegger movies in the 80's saw Arnie taking on allcomers - whether camp commandos, evil barbarians or the mafia no one stood a chance against his one liners and big guns. Since no bad guys on earth could stop him, in 1987 a logical choice was made- let Arnie do battle with an alien. The result is predator- one of the best action movies of the 80s.

From the very beginning the machismo and hard boiled dialouge comes thick and fast and things escalate, getting more intense and action packed as the movie progresses. There's serious air of tension and mystery too as the script wisely keeps the predators appearance secret until the films thrilling climax.

The well assembled cast (consisting of real life tough guys) play their bad ass roles brilliantly and Arnold schwarznegger handles his part with his unique charisma- he has a screen presence strong enough to hold the movie when every other character has been killed by the predator. And speaking of which, the titular predator looks awesome to this day- very few computer animated creatures can hold a candle to the human hunting extra terrestrial bad ass.

Preadator is awesome- its a tough talking, exciting action packed thrill ride from start to finish.
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Science Fiction Perfection
samuel-8420 July 2010
I was 12 when I first saw Predator and it has been a firm sci-fi favorite ingrained in my psyche ever since. Predator, now 23 years old, hasn't aged and still feels current - if you can excuse the 80's testosterone. It just goes to show that expensive CGI is no match for a good story with a colourful and competent cast.

The story follows Dutch (Schwarzenegger) the leader of a specialized group of bad-ass soldiers who run rescue missions in areas Chuck Norris would be scared to go. He is duped into a supposed rescue mission in South America by an old college, Dillon (Carl Weathers) who now works for the CIA.

Once in the Jungle, Dillon's true reason for using Dutch becomes apparent when the team comes across the mutilated remains of a previous special ops team sent in by Dillon. The team is not there to rescue anyone, but stop an arms deal. Someone begins picking off the team one by one and and to quote Billy (Sonny Landham) who provides the spiritual insight "There is something out there, and it ain't no man". The action begins...

Alien hunters on safari, CIA operatives, professional black ops soldiers, South American rebels and a whole lot of hot steamy jungle in the mix and you have one of the greatest sci-fi films ever made.

The 80's style testosterone fueled acting gives great insight into the period and muscle-bound cast perform well and this must be Arnie's finest performance. Thankfully there isn't much of the of cheesy 80's dialog, like that painfully delivered by Bill Paxton in Aliens and Predator 2.

Like Ridley Scott's Alien, the franchise has only gone downhill since and fans have eagerly been waiting for Robert Rodriguez and Nimród Antal to restore the franchise to it's former glory with the release of Predators.

A timeless classic and sci-fi masterpiece. 10/10
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Back to the basics
dede dada15 December 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Being fully dependent to technology is a weakness. That's what Dutch and the predator learned. At the beginning, the human team made mistakes that cost many lives. Leaving all the human-made weapons and becoming one with the Nature wasn't a choice, it was an evidence.It was a better idea to focus on efficient use of raw materials than wasting time with predictable guns. Once Dutch understood the trick, the predator began to reproduce these mistakes. Dutch became invisible and the predator tried to blast everywhere as if he was blind by his confidence on his technology. To sum up my ideas : Nature vs Technology, Unconsciousness vs Rationality, Confidence vs Fear. To conclude, i would say that Dutch finally reached his distant ancestors' primal instincts for hunting and survival that made the human race competitive on the natural selection. As my title said, Dutch has gone back to the basics.
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Great, underrated action film
MovieAddict20161 April 2005
Some will tell you "Predator" is another dumb '80s action flick. It's not. It's very different from anything else Arnold Schwarzenegger has starred in. First of all it begins as a standard Military war film, setting up the plot for about 45 minutes! It then morphs into a suspense-thriller/sci-fi film: Like some sort of Agatha Christie novel meeting "Rambo" via "Aliens." It's quite intelligent and thrilling, not revealing the Predator creature fully until the very end. Part of the reason this film works, and the sequel does not (as successfully anyway), is the level of suspense and mystery surrounding the Predator.

Arnold Schwarzenegger delivers one of his best performances as Dutch. Granted, he isn't required to do much more than shed his upper-body clothing and look ripped, but he _does_ do more than that - I felt sympathy for Dutch, he seemed like a realistic character, and I forgot that I was watching Arnold Schwarzenegger. He has a few good one-liners ("Stick around!" being the cream of the crop along with "Knock knock!") but especially later in the film, his confidence stumbles and he turns into the flip-side of the typical Arnold Schwarzenegger action hero.

The sequel worked as a comic-book-style creature feature but the original "Predator" is a much better film than most people give it credit for, being the rare smart action film that is solidly constructed and worth watching far more than just once.
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