Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol (1987) Poster

Lance Kinsey: Proctor



  • Proctor : Gee, sir, I thought you could only get contempt of court for opening your mouth!

  • [Mahoney talking to Captain Harris, who just ripped his pants trying to get over a fence] 

    Mahoney : Did anyone tell you what a great tailor you have, Sir?

    Proctor : I mentioned that, just last week.

  • Capt. Thaddeus Harris : Citizens On Patrol. What a joke. You know what C.O.P. really stands for Proctor?

    Proctor : No sir what?

    Capt. Thaddeus Harris : Collection Of Pissants.

    [Proctor laughs] 

    Capt. Thaddeus Harris : That's not funny Proctor.

    Proctor : No sir.

  • Capt. Thaddeus Harris : Proctor, this is an alley.

    Proctor : I know sir but these are the directions Mahoney gave me.

    Capt. Thaddeus Harris : Mahoney?

    Proctor : Yes he says this restaurant has the best salad bar in town.

    Capt. Thaddeus Harris : Well it damn sure better have!

    [they go inside] 

    Capt. Thaddeus Harris : Proctor, I don't see a salad bar.

    Proctor : [sees the name of the restaurant, "The Blue Oyster"]  Look sir. Maybe they serve seafood.


    Capt. Thaddeus Harris : Not funny you idiot!

  • Zed : [teaching a class to the cadets]  Cadets, I'd like now to discuss with you something that will be vital for you to know when you're, like, out there on the job as a police officer, and that's the correct way on how to eat a doughnut. A doughnut...

    Proctor : [enters the classroom]  Attention!

    [the cadets stand up at attention] 

    Proctor : Captain Harris?

    [Capt. Harris enters wearing a medical device with his hands suspended in the air not long after Zed switched Harris' Right Guard deodorant spray with a can of Mace, which the latter burned Harris' armpits] 

    Captain Harris : [to the cadets]  From this moment on, anyone who misplaces their canister of Mace will reprimanded and fined. Is that clear?

    Cadets : [in unison]  YES, SIR!

    [Harris and Proctor leaves] 

    Zed : Bye.

  • [after the Citizens On Patrol team accidentally foil a police sting operation, they're met with an angry Capt. Harris and sidekick Lt. Proctor, the former also delighted that his plan to make the program fail succeeded] 

    Captain Harris : [furious; to Mahoney, the trainers, and the downtrodden civilian recruits]  Three months' work out the window, down the drain. Your Citizens on Patrol just screwed up the single biggest police undercover sting operation


    Captain Harris : in the HISTORY OF THIS CITY!

    Proctor : Tell 'em the good news, sir.

    Captain Harris : Thank you, Proctor.

    Proctor : You're welcome, sir.

    Captain Harris : As of now, the C.O.P. program is suspended, pending a full investigation.

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