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Am I delirious or is this an alright flick?
jehn28 December 2001
I recently remembered seeing this film when I was much younger and liking it. When I checked it out on IMDb, I was quite disturbed. Why in the world would I like this weird, arm wrestling movie with Sylvester Stallone? So I rented it again to see why I had liked it as a kid or to see if I had been delirious when I first saw it. The strange thing is, even though it is not at all my type of movie, I still really enjoyed it. I've heard that the kid is a bad actor and all, but I really don't think he is. Maybe I'm still delirious, but I thought the movie was pretty darn heart warming.
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Easily the best arm wrestling movie EVER MADE!
doyles-121 November 2005
I challenge anyone to find a better arm wrestling movie.

Since becoming a professional arm wrestler and losing my ex-wife, this film has inspired me.

It's not easy being a single dad whilst trying to cope with the rising gas prices to keep my rig on the road.

I'm sure a lot of Americans find themselves in this position, and they too should benefit from this realistic docu-drama of the typical American man.

To anyone, who find themselves in a similar rut, or experience any type of bad luck, I thoroughly recommend renting this movie, and joining the local arm-wrestling club.

Like I said this is easily the best made arm-wrestling movie, and I look forward to perhaps a left-handed sequel.
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This film does what any good 80s movie should
supereva10 October 2000
This film is all about the thrill of seeing Stallone reveal his more 'sensitive' side. Not to mention the great scenes where he works out the rippling biceps of his 'wrestling arm' using an ingenious hand-weight pulley system in the cab of his truck. Sure it's cheesy, but this film does what any good 80s movie should. The part where he turns his cap backwards before a wrestling match is a highlight, symbolising some kind of metamorphosis from sensitive dad to macho man. What a great flick!
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A real crowd-pleaser
BeyondRosebud17 December 2005
It's hard to dislike Over The Top. Sure, it can get corny, old-fashioned, far-fetched (the gate-crashing scene, fun and unbelievable.) The movie sorta plays like a cross between Highway to Heaven and THe A-Team. But somehow, you find yourself watching despite whatever 'good judgment' you think you might have regarding the cinema. You get swept up in the film's good vibes. You care about what happens to Hawke and his son. Most of the credit for this has to go to Sylvester Stallone. He plays the part of a truck driver coping with the new experience of getting to know his twelve-year-old son for the first time quite well. You care because you sense how much HE cares. it is conveyed by a sure delivery from Stallone. His character never seems too slight or well, too Over the top. There is a bond that slowly forms between him and his son. And the movie has a great "training" montage complete with great song that will remind you of what was so good about the Rocky films. David Mendenhall agreeably plays the part of Mike with the combination of distrust, arrogance and vulnerability you would expect from someone his age who went thru what he did.. No, he's not Haley Joel Osmont. We won't leave the movie shaking our heads at his incredible,precocious talent. That doesn't mean he didn't acquit himself nicely in the film. Robert Loggia's role could have been fleshed out a little more. He seems to much like a comic-strip villain. The film could have delved more into his reasons for hating Hawke. that part could have been beefed up a bit.

I enjoyed the Arm-wrestling backdrop. It was a refreshing change for movies of that era that boasted big stars like Stallone. Usually, movies that were sport-specific other than the trad football, baseball, or boxing stories tended to use people who were less known (Gotcha, Gleaning the Cube)

A good film. warm, funny, exciting. The better face of the Eighties cinema.
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Classic Stallone
Chugs112419 June 2003
I read one comment that said this movie is boring and lifeless which is a false statement. This movie is classic Sylvester Stallone and if you enjoyed the Rocky series you will enjoy this also. There are not many movies out there about arm wrestling but this movie does a great job and who better to star in the role but Stallone. Their might be some things in this movie that are stupid but it is the kind of stupid you laugh at. Also the names in this movie are great also, and it is just like a Stallone movie to have great names, but Lincoln Hawk is a great name. Underdog movies like this are great to watch and no one does them better than Stallone. The names and the one liners definetly make this movie worth watching. "When I turn the hat around its like a switch."
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Forget the wannabe movie critics...
tarheel77731 January 2003
Some LOVE this movie. I do. I LOVE the soundtrack. You'll see a million posts from "critics" on here who will look down their nose at this flick. Do you like a movie? WATCH IT! Forget what these morons say about bad cinematography, etc. Movie-makers create films for one reason -- viewers' pleasure (which brings money). Great 80's movie. Period.
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I have watched this movie at least 25 times
Nas15019 January 2005
Well... I will start by saying that I realize that every movie is not for everyone. That being said, I will say this movie is very much to my liking, I watched this movie in the theater when it was new with my family...we all liked it then & My brothers & I still do to this day. Some of this could be due to the fact that our father was a truck driver & my older brother is a truck driver now as well. Add to that the fact that this is a Stallone movie + having to do with the sport of arm wrestling & you have a winner in my book. Yes I will admit that you know ahead of time what is going to happen in the end, but to me that doesn't take away from the enjoyment of this film (atleast for myself) It also has very touching moments thru out the movie. When Mike's Mother/Stallones x wife in the movie is found to have passed away, wile Lincoln Hawk(Stallone) & his son Mike were on the way to see her still gives me moist eyes every time as well as other situations during the film. Plus the very cool classic Stallone lines that stick in my head to this day.... "The world meets nobody halfway Mike"...& "You've gotta do what's best for you"....& the "I'm thru talking" response to Mr. Cutler's body guard just to name a few. Yes the movie has the same concept as the Rocky films & the Rambo films with the underdog winning in the end, but come on now who want's to go to the movies & see the hero of the film come up just short in the end. The movie has a good soundtrack as well with Kenny Loggins doing a few of them...Over all it is a simple movie but a great movie, I am looking for it on DVD
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The movie that made turning your hat backwards cool!
Vpirates6220 March 2001
I grew up on this movie. This is the first movie I ever recall watching. My grandpa has his own Tractor-Trailer and I always went with him on road trips, so I instantly fell in love with this movie when I saw the truck. Even though it's an old, beaten up, disgusting truck, I would have to say it looks pretty sweet. Lincoln Hawk, played by Sylvester Stallone, is a independent trucker just trying to put his life back together. He realized he made mistakes, and tries to reconcile with his son that he abandoned years earlier. When the boy's grandfather offers Hawk the offer of a life time, and Hawk refuses....it's very clear to him, that he has no other choice but to win, and the determination really shows. Sly acts a bit uninterested in this movie...you can see it in his eyes. Every now and then you can catch his wandering off and not paying attention. If you watch closely, some of the extras often keep there eyes on the camera, and Sly will look at them. Pretty good movie, could have been better, but it's a for sure movie to watch.
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One Of Sylvester Stallone's Best Movies, In My Opinion
robertvannsmith29 March 2000
This movie really touched base with me. I grew up not knowing my father, so I really felt for "Michael Cutler", played by David Mendenhall. This was the first thing I remembered seeing David in and I became a big fan of his thru this movie. I identified with his character so much.

If only there would have been a sequel to this movie. (+:
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Perhaps the finest 93 minutes of cinema ever produced
dossadam21 February 2005
This movie embodies all that I find amazing in a movie. Passion: about a son, a truck, and, of course, arm-wrestling. Sly Stallone deserves an exponentially increased amount of respect for writing this masterpiece. I don't understand how someone can watch this movie and fail to be entertained by the compelling plot and characters.

As a movie from the 80s, Over the Top pretty much represents everything good about the decade. Other than perhaps Rocky IV, this is definitely Stallone's best work. The man is unquestionably a genius. The only part of the movie that is a little far-fetched is when Stallone plows through his father-in-law's gates in a moment of pure man-passion. The unrealistic quality of this scene is obviously the lack of explosion when Stallone's truck hits the gates. This is also an anomaly of the 80s; I think Stallone was going for something unique in a decade of decadence, but I can only hope to comprehend the motives behind any of his films.

I would highly recommend Over the Top for anyone who enjoys classy film.
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Sylvester Stallone pulls it off
chrnaess10 December 1999
This movie was one the many good movies that came out in that period, i want to mention Twins(88) and The Secret to my success(87)in that concern. Over the top gives the same quality entertainment.

Sylvester Stallone stars and gives a great performance as the man who just wants to get closer to his son. David Mendenhall stars as well, he plays the son and gives a fine performance, the kid was beautiful to watch. The film also have outstanding music which warmed my heart.

All in All this was an entertaining film which made my day.
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Sly acts a bit 'un-interested' in some parts of this film.
dtrent-223 November 2000
Good choice of work for Sly - a trucker. Something 'masculine', on the move. He wrangles with his father-in-law for custody of his son, who thought his dad (Sly) disowned him. To the contrary, grandfather didn't want the boy associating with Sly because he was'nt 'of money' like grandfather was. When Sly's former wife dies of cancer, (Susan Blakely again), Sly sees it as a 'sign' to take his responsibility seriously & raise his son the only way he knows how - take him on the road with him, teach him not to be a spoiled brat all his life, live a little! At first, his son rejects him totally. But later on when he finds out the truth about his dad, he decides he WANTS to be with him.

Yes, the veritable 'macho-sport of arm-wrestling' is thrown in as a way to win big money quick & show-off Sly's ever-bulging muscles. But hey! What's a Sly-film without muscles?? See this one for family entertainment. Sly might be a bit 'wooden' with some of his lines, but the action scenes are typically Sly!
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Pure Sly
nitratestock3514 April 2003
Over the Top is pure Sylvester Stallone: the blue collar man with the heart of gold fighting his way through a world that dismisses him as a loser but he wins at the end with the help of someone who really understands and loves him. Same as the Rocky series, same as the Rambo series.

But I can't help it, I really like Sly. He certainly is no Shakespeare actor but there is that deep honesty he represents in all his flicks and it works. When he first walks into that military school building to fetch his son after cleaning his truck and trying to make himself look his "Sunday best" - I can't help it: it is just great.

Yes it is strange to see a well educated kid (by a military school) being transformed into a "regular guy" by his own father. But in this film that is only a metaphor. The real meaning is: it's the heart that counts, not the social position. Now that's a message which can't be dismissed as junk that easily.

I love the portraits and short interviews of the arm wrestling contestants. Brilliant.

Probably the best scene is when the (always wonderful) Robert Loggia finally accepts the fact that his grandson loves his dad. The "villain" hasn't been beaten. No even better: he has been convinced and transformed.

Over the Top works on two levels: as popcorn entertainment: "Blue collar hero beats the odds" and as good old fashioned, almost Frank Capra- like cinema: "good will always win in the end".

Bottom line: as with many a Sly flick (any film Sylvester Stallone agrees to participate in or where he actually did the writing, directing etc.)we have to work our way through a popcorn flick to find a deeper meaning. And I say it is there in Over the Top hitting it dead center.

So I'm a Sylvester Stallone fan. Now call me names, I can take it.
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Very inspiring!
ngemedjiev28 November 2004
I find every movie of Silvester Stallone very inspiring no matter what the critics may say. Maybe because he is the brightest example of a man who reached so much in his life. I am not a truck driver. I am a judge. But I can tell right after the first few minutes of the film how much Mr Stallone got into his character. He is even driving with the gestures of a real truck driver.

I think it takes too much to be an actor of his value, to go deep into his character and to drive a huge truck. And again there comes the idea of physical strength and stamina.

Which I find very inspiring. Not drugs, bad language and manours. Training the body and the mind. Silvester Stallone is one of my inspirations to deal with sports. And I have done it for over a decade now.
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And On The 8th Day God Created "Over The Top"
blister2013 August 2002
Where were you in 1987? For those of you can't remember the late 80's was a critical time. So many issues with the world still flourished. The cold war still continued,Reganomics,communism,the divorce rate rising, child custody and arm wrestling. This movie takes the two most important subjects, child custody and arm wrestling, and made one of the most excellent movies of all time. There movie is absolutely flawless is both style and substance. If you truly want to look into God's eyes please rent Over The Top. It just might change your life.
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Wonderful Film About A Father And Son Relationship, That's Quite Emotional And Very Moving With An Awesome Story And Amazing Performance From Stallone!
callanvass26 September 2005
Warning: Spoilers
This is a wonderful film about a father and son relationship, that's quite emotional and very moving, with an awesome story and an amazing performance from Stallone!. All the characters are fantastic, and the ending was just awesome!, plus Stallone is simply amazing in this!. This has to be one of the most underrated movies ever, and i can't believe it only has a 4. 1 rating, as it should be way higher!, plus i thought Stallone's acting was fantastic!. Stallone and David Mendenhall had wonderful chemistry together, and it has quite a few tear jerker moments!, plus the scene where Stallone drive his truck right into the Manson was awesome!, and i thought the arm wrestling sequences were very exciting!, plus it's quite funny at times as well!. The opening is rather tense, and made me feel a bit uncomfortable (but in a a good way), and the scene where Stallone is teaching his son Michael to drive his big truck, was just awesome!, plus it's really awesome on how they bonded so quickly!. This is a wonderful film about a father and son relationship that's quite emotional and very moving with an amazing performance from Stallone!, and i say Go see it now!. The Direction is fantastic!. Menahem Golan does a fantastic job here with awesome camera work, great angles, and keeping the film full of surprises and at an extremely fast pace!. The Acting is amazing!. Sylvester Stallone is AMAZING as always, and is amazing here, he is incredibly likable, witty had wonderful chemistry with David Mendenhall, is intense at times, did excellent in his emotional scenes, and showed a ton determination to keep his son i loved that!, and this is one of his best performances!, and as always, had tons of charisma! (Stallone Rules!!!!!!!). David Mendenhall is fantastic as the Son!, he was a little annoying at 1st but i totally understood why, as he was really likable, and very energetic throughout!, he also had a special bond and wonderful chemistry with Stallone!, where he is now?, he was awesome!. Robert Loggia does what he has to do extremely well as the prick of a Grandfather, i hated him, he is a wonderful actor!. Susan Blakely is decent with what she had to do, i rather liked her. Rick Zumwalt is not an actor he just grunts his way and looks tough throughout!. Rest of the cast do fine. Overall Go see it now!, it's one of the most underrated films out there!. ***** out of 5
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Entertaining if not thought provoking.
Millhouse-219 May 2000
I thought that this movie was pretty good for the time that it was released. The arm wrestling scenes were pretty cool and exciting and I thought the plot of Lincoln Hawk trying to make up for lost time with his son was pretty good as well. This movie will not change the world but it is pretty entertaining. I own it on video and will occassionally put it in on a Sat afternoon. Some other comments have been negative saying the film was boring but I would definitely disagree with that. 3/4 stars.
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an amazing tale of a truck driver trying to build his relationship with his son while trying to become the ultimate arm wrestler
akingz195 June 2005
when i saw that over the top got a 4 out of ten on this site i was shocked. over the top is a great American tale about arm wrestling. how many cool movies do you know have a plot of this sort. not to mention the great soundtrack by yours truly Kenny Loggins. it is also beautiful to watch the relationship between Hawk and his son blossom. my brother said that this movie changed his life forever as he quoted " i want to be a muscle man". this is up there with Stallone's cobra another American classic. my only problem is that little Michael is the beginning of the movie is a total loser not only for being a jerk to his cool father but he was just not cool, but by the end he turned out to be OK. and one last thing the characters in this movie are amazing like smasher and the guy who drinks Castor oil and eats cigars.

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Heart-Warming Sly Flick!
burgerific15 February 2003
Seriously, I know this film is not going to be listed on the AFI Top 100 anytime soon, but it is downright entertaining (see "fun"), and heartwarming. Not to mention the soundtrack! If you don't like this film, you should have your pulse checked, then go back to your cappucino-drinking, art-house, too-cool-for-room, ivory tower and watch Dark City 500 more times with your pretentious friends.
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people who don't like this movie are brainless or heartless
snksaint10 October 2005
that is all what i have to say, if you don't like this movie, please retire, you don't have nothing to do in the movie world. Movies are simply not for you. This movie is one of the best Stallone's. Its touching, sentimental with a lot of action and a central subject pretty unusual and interesting. Forget arm wrestling because thats not the point of the movie, neither are the trucks. Thats only the address to the salad. The important thing is the father-son relationship and the way Sly rebuilds it. Who cares if to make money and support his son he has towin an arm wrestling championship or a micro-machine race? for gods sake! Please try to see the mean point of the plot, don't be that superficial.

Anyway, arm wrestling screenplay and all related to it was simply so good, so there is no reason to not enjoy this movie, and i don't neet to mention the amazingly good soundtrack.

Rates for this movie should be reset and started from 0 again, after some people re-see this movie and reflect I'm sure it would get a much higher score.
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graphicspittz18711 August 2018
This movies always been really incredible to me. Reminds me so much of me and my dad. My dad was always the strong guy and as a kid I would arm wrestle him and all of us couldn't move his arm it was so fun and funny. This movie reminds me of all that. The 80s were the best
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One of the best movies ever made
thereffman24 February 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I watch this movie when I go to bed every night. Well, not every night, I missed one day the other week. Sure, people may think "Why is Hawk the good guy in this movie?" But I say to this person "Who are you, and why are you talking to me?" But then I tell them "this is a movie, you have to ignore the fact that Hawk abandoned his dying wife and son, for what reason you say? Well, her dad wasn't a good guy." Then you may ask "But Robert Loggia raised the kid as his own, took care of the mother and provided them a good life, Hawk just shows up and takes the kid, why would you support a deadbeat dad?" I say "Doesn't matter, he arm wrestles, you can't beat that, I win" Then we go back and forth and you bring up that he picks the kid up at the military school and 10 minutes down the road they stop at a diner that Hawk frequents and everyone knows him. Well, if he's a regular at a diner that's just a couple miles down the road from where the kid is, why couldn't he attempt to be a dad and a part of his life? To this I answer "arm wrestling". You concede this point, because of arm wrestling, and move onto the tournament at the end of the movie. Ignoring the fact that a 12-year old on his own drove to the airport, boarded a plane, flew to the tournament in Vegas and no one had the means to stop him, because all it would take is a 2 minute phone call. So at this double-elimination tournament, which is shouted continuously by the announcer so we all know Hawk will lose at least once, why is everyone who Hawk defeats automatically out of the tournament? The grizzly guy who beats him, we never see him lose again, and who could beat him anyway? He beat Hawk. One loss and he's out. The Canadien guy that loses to the Bull, seems he only lost once and he's out. The black gentleman who looks like he was cheated, lost once and he's out. Bull, only loses once, and he's out. Also, what if the arm wrestler isn't a trucker? What the heck would they do with a tractor trailer? Doesn't matter, because Hawk is a trucker, eat it guys with real jobs. In all, I would rate this movie a 12 out of 10, it shows me what's important in this life. It's not being a good husband to a dying wife who never did anything to deserve it, it's not being a good dad to a son who desperately needs it, it's about arm wrestling. The real tragedy here is that there was never a sequel.
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Bring on the haters because I have always, and still love this movie
Robert_duder26 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Another reviewer said this about "Over The Top", its impossible not to like it. Unfortunately that's not true because even Sylvester Stallone has expressed his disappointment in this film, however I agree with that reviewer!! For me, personally, there is nothing but fun and good memories watching Over The Top. When I was in my early teens discovering Stallone for the first time (he's an icon to me now) this was one of the movies I discovered and fell in love with. It's cheesy and melodramatic and silly and so chock full of 80's Goodness that it seeps with everything I love about a great 80's film. Its also fun and sweet with a good story, great characters and good action (albeit sometimes misplaced action scenes.) I suppose I am simply biased in reviewing this because it is one of those movies from my childhood that I just can't say anything bad about. Stallone being who he is, its inevitable that they would have to put some sort of action scenes in place. Something about him driving his enormous transport through the front gate of his rich father-in-law's mansion and tossing a guy through a plate glass window doesn't exactly fit in with the feel of the film and yet it works because he's Stallone. Inevitable comparisons to Rocky are warranted as this is a terrific underdog story which Stallone is perfect for.

Sylvester Stallone is a love him or hate him kind of actor. I love him! His charisma is undeniable and his quiet determined but fallible Lincoln Hawk is a great character. He is far from perfect but trying to make amends and has this solid determination that is endearing. David Mendenhall is just nearly the perfect 80's kid. He is spoiled and bratty but you root for him to come around and connect with his father. His acting ability isn't perfect but for this type of movie he fits it so well. The chemistry between him and Stallone is surprisingly spot on. I would consider Robert Loggia a terrific character actor. He has been in some phenomenal and classic films. He is perfect in this movie as the overbearing and demanding rich Grandfather. He is the perfect adversary for Hawk and the only problem is there isn't enough of him. He's actually underused in many ways. Rick Zumwalt is the brutish, muscle bound arm wrestling champion. He is okay but he really is just the muscle that Stallone has to beat without any real character behind him. He's like a wrestler and he's there to look menacing and larger than life and he does that well.

Menahem Golan churned out movies like few other directors. He is like the king of B-Action flicks. You would probably not even recognize any of them. Still he clearly knows the cookie cutter recipe for making an 80's flick. He knew his demographic and he knew who he was working with (rumour has it that he just kept offering Stallone more and more money until he said yes) and he doesn't pretend that Over The Top is anything more than it is. Its not pretentious and doesn't try to shove the story down your throat. It is a simple, fun, sweet movie that is ultimately very uplifted. And the soundtrack...is there literally another 80's movie that just reeks of 80's music like this one? Its all original music for the film and it is literally quintessential 80's. Meet Me Halfway by Kenny Loggins has gotta be one of the greatest 80's theme songs in the world and it nearly chokes me up every time I hear it. It is absolutely true that this film is overly sentimental to me so I am probably reviewing it better than what it might actually be to most. But I simply can't deny the sweet and fun quality of the film. I recommend it to everyone, especially Stallone fans because it has so much heart. Plenty of action and the arm wrestling just makes it even more fun. You can't go in expecting an Oscar worthy classic but just sit back and enjoy because it is simply fun. 9/10
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Nostalgic Gold!
buff6313 June 2013
Are you kidding me? Sylvester Stallone in an arm-wrestling movie? Does it get any better than that? If your balls have not turned into steel after seeing this movie, you're either a woman or... that is the only explanation. Acting? Plot? Cinematography? Who cares? Enjoy 90 minutes of pure testosterone and corniness. "Over the top" is without a doubt the most fitting movie title ever. If you enjoy either movies from the 80s, anything that's over the top or just Sylvester Stallone's weird acting and awkward yet somehow touching speeches, than you're gonna have a great time watching this movie. However, if you're not a fan of said things, than you should probably stay away from this masterpiece.
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Can you top this!
sol-kay22 January 2011
***SPOILERS*** Another one of the many Sylvestor Stallone meek common and simple man winning against astronomical odds like films that he made in the 1970's and 1980's has Sly playing soft spoken and inoffensive looking, until you try to mess with him, trucker Lincoln Hawk. Hawk has been summoned by his dying, from a serious heart operation, ex-wife Christina, Susan Blakley, who wants him to reunite with the couples 12 year old son Michael,David Mendenhall, whom he hasn't seen since birth! Of course Michael who's attending military school wants nothing to do with his dad feeling that he deserted him and his mom because his control freak Grandpa Jason "Cut-throat" Cutler, Robert Loggia, has been feeding him all kinds of crap about his dad for as long as he could remember.

It doesn't take long for Hawk to win little Michael over in his revealing to him, when he's challenged by some muscle bound dude at a local truck stop, his secret life as a big time arm wrestling champ. That together with teaching Michael to drive his 18 wheeler, without a license, down the highway had the boy finally look up to his absentee, for some 12 years, poppa as the man he'd like to be when he grows up! This all turns sour when finally getting to the hospital to see mom Michael finds out that she passed away without him being able to say a final good-by to her! Holding his pop responsible for being too late, by driving to the hospital with his dump truck not flying there with Grandpa, to see his mom alive he suddenly doesn't want to have anything to do with him.

The movie takes another turn for the worst for Hawk when in desperation to see Michael he power drives his rig straight into Grandpa Jason's mansion totally demolishing the place. Gramps declines to press charges against Hawk only if he gets out of both his and Michael's lives which Hawk, in avoiding the slammer, grudging agrees to. Now really on the outs with Michael the only thing left for Hawk to do is win the world champion arm wrestling contest at Las Vegas. That's where the down and out Hawk can finally prove to himself Michael and the world, as well as Grandpa Jason, that he's not the loser in life that everyone says he is. There's also the fact that Michael later finds hundreds of letters, including Christmas birthday and get well cards, from his pop that he sent him over the years that Grandapa hide from him! That proves to Michael that Poppa Hawk was indeed the sweet and caring person that he always told him he was! It also proved that Grandpa Jason wasn't that bright by leaving the letters out in the open, and not burning them, for his grandson Michael to find.

****SPOILERS**** The big final has lots of grunting and grinding among the sweating arm wrestling contestants at the Las Vegas Convention Hall with Hawk, sprained arm and all, taking on all comers as he works his way up to the #1 match with world arm wrestling champ, for five years straight, the 6 foot 4 inch 350 pound Bob "Bull" Hurley played by actual arm wrestling champion Rick Zumwalt. It's then that Michael, who ran away from home, shows up at the tournament together with Grandpa Jason, who's trying to get him back home, which turns out to be the turning point in this earth shattering and arm breaking arm wrestling match! That's by his son Michael giving Hawk the push that he needed to get it "Over the Top" and finally, after all the grunts groans and broken fingers & bones, winning the damn contest!
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