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Fred Dekkar's Other Cult Classic
vertigo_1416 March 2004
Prospective Monster Squad viewers may recognize the name Fred Dekkar, the director of another 80s cult classic, a zombie horror called Night of the Creeps. Monster Squad follows in that tradition as the horror-comedy about a gang of young kids who save their town from Dracula and his goons. In my opinion, Monster Squad is a much more enjoyable movie than Night of the Creeps.

The Monster Squad refers to a tree house club of five kids who are self-proclaimed horror fanatics. Little did they know that their enthusiasm in the genre would suddenly come in handy as their town in suddenly invaded by Dracula and a few other memorable horror villains in their classic form. Drac is terrorizing the town, trying to locate a powerful amulet which has the potential for serious disaster. When no one else believes the kids, or when no one else is powerful enough to stop them using traditional crime fighting methods (arresting the Wolfman didn't seem to work out), the Monster Squad (with the help of Scary German Guy and Frankenstein) takes things upon themselves to save the day.

This movie was great because, although the monsters may appear somewhat corny (not forgetting that it is technically a family horror film), it still has a heap of great qualities. The kids are actually all pretty cool (especially Rudy, even though his wears his pants so tight, you can see what side he tucks on). Great music, great cast (Andre Gower, Robby Kiger, Ryan Lambert, Stephen Macht, and Jon Gries), and great fun!

Fans of obscure 80s movies are sure to add to the cult following. You won't be disappointed. It is loads of fun. Bona Fortuna!
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Great monster movie for films buffs
Chiron198728 December 1998
The Monster Squad is a terrific re-telling of the House of Frankenstein, set in the late 80s. A group of young boys unearth an evil secret within the diary of vampire hunter, Dr. Abraham Van Helsing (Dutch, not German, but forgivable). Dracula has returned, and has re-animated Frankenstein's monster, and brought along a innocent, but tortured werewolf, the frightening, Creature of the Black Lagoon-esque Gill-Man, and a 2000-year old Mummy.

The SFX are spectacular, and the make-up and costuming are very well-made. This movie closely follows the the myths and folklore of popular monsters (only wooden stakes and garlic are effective on vampires; even dynamite cannot stop the silver-prone werewolf; etc.)

The acting is somewhat lacking, but this is a kid's Saturday night drive-in type movie. Only Duncan Regehr (syndicated TV's Zorro) as the truly and unrelentingly evil Dracula is worth mentioning. However, Tom Noonan as the kindly and gentle Frankenstein's monster is a great departure from the malevolence of his counterparts.

Highly recommended.
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Why the dismal ratings?
Axesbowledaslove6 July 2001
Give this movie a chance.

Imagine "The Goonies" without the budget but with all the heart. The Monster Squad is a pack of grade-schoolers with an ear to the rail on the evil doings of monsters. No, they haven't seen any monsters-- but that doesn't mean they don't exist.

You guessed right. Turns out there are monsters running around all over the place, and they are fixing to put the mortal screws to Portland, Oregon. Lucky for us there are a few heros, mostly fifth or sixth graders and a beagle pup, who will act instead of sitting around worrying about their marriages like some stupid adults we know.

The Monster Squad is one of these rare movies that treats kids, the problems they face, and their unique solutions to the same with grace, wit -- and solid respect. This superbly sweet and memorable movie deserves more than the 5.5 it got here at IMDB.

Great scene: Leonardo Cimino plays the film's Boo Radley, the strange recluse whom all the kids fear without knowing why. When Sean, the leader of the Monster Squad, is given a book that can illuminate why the monsters are reappearing, he has no choice but to seek the man's help. The book, it turns out, is in German. Not only does the scary man speak the language, and kindly help them get through the important passages in the book; it also happens that he knows what monsters are.

You might need to explain to your kids what the numbers tattooed on the scary mans forearm are.
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"Wolfmans got nards" a quote from Horace(also known as Fat Kid)
styles-45 May 2000
Great movie. This is the #1 all time best family/horror flick you can see. When I was in preschool I use to watch this movie all the time. Over, and Over. And I blame this one single movie for my great taste in cheesy, violant, Slasher/or not, horror movies. I'm now starting to wach more and more horror B- movies (anything by Troma team video I highly recommend). But back to the monster squad its all about these kids who are really into the whole idea of monsters and stuff. So, they start this Monster club(Hence the name "monster squad"). But the craziest thing happens, Dracula, Frankienstien, The Mummy, The Wolfman, and a swamp creature, all come back to life. With the help of the school tough guy, Rudy they challenge these classic monsters to the death.

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Childhood Memories
macgruder19 January 1999
This movie brings back childhood memories of watching TV all day long during the summer vacation. This movie was, and still is, one of my favorite movies of all times. Just watching it makes me happy. So what if the acting is not top-caliber. It has a great story and the characters are all fun to watch. It is a highly amusing film that you should watch if you've never seen it.
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Highly Entertaining Cult Movie
claudio_carvalho21 April 2015
One hundred years ago, Dracula and other monsters survive to the attack of Dr. Van Helsing and his men to his castle with a magical amulet. In the present days, Dracula travels to the United States and arrives in a small town. He summons the Werewolf, the Mummy, the Swamp Thing and Frankenstein's creature to help him to retrieve the amulet.

In the town, a man claims that he is the werewolf and goes to the police station to ask to be locked up in a cell. Meanwhile a mummy vanishes from the local museum and police detective Del (Stephen Macht) is assigned to investigate the case. When his son Sean (Andre Gower), who is a monster fan, learns the news, he joins his friends Patrick (Robby Kiger), Horace (Brent Chalem) and Rudy (Ryan Lambert) in his monster club to read a Van Helsing's journal that was given by his mother. However the book is written in German and they are not able to translate it. So they asks for help from their weird neighbor that they call Scary German Guy (Leonardo Cimino) and they discover that they need to recover the amulet and a virgin to get rid off Dracula and the monsters. Meanwhile Sean's little sister Phoebe (Ashley Bank), who is unsuccessfully trying to join the club, befriends Frankenstein's creature. The unlike group brings Patrick's sister (Lisa Fuller), who claims that is virgin, to read the passage that sends the monsters to the limbo. Will they be successful in their intent?

"The Monster Squad" is a highly entertaining cult movie with a funny story that entwines adventure, dark comedy and horror. This film is also a tribute to the Universal Monsters. There is a touching moment when the Scary German Guy tells to the kids that he has experience with monsters and we see a concentration camp number on his arm. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Deu a Louca nos Monstros" ("The Monsters Have Gone Crazy")

Note: On 24 July 2016, I saw this film again.

Note: On 09 Sep 2018, I saw this film again.
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Great kids film
Mori15 April 2002
This is a great and imaginative kids adventure film. Well acted, well written and the monsters look great. I'm sure that many parents would be conserned by the cursing in this film done by 12 year olds (most likely the reason this gem hasn't hit DVD yet) but I have never understood how some people think that cussing will destroy your kids brain and turn him into a drug addict. It's good wholesome fun for everyone.
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Really enjoyable...and definitely 80's!
ivony19 May 2003
Having grown up a child of the 80's crazes, I happen to love just about anything 80's...even if for no other reason than to now poke fun at it. Monster Squad is no different. I absolutely LOVED this movie when it came out and watched it over and over again. A few years back I decided to watch it again and, well, I still loved it. Ok, so it was a lot cheesier than I remembered, but it's still great fun.

Monster Squad has some great dialogue and really entertaining scenes. Plus, you've got all the classic monsters which truly make this film worth watching.

I highly recommend anyone who has a love for anything 80's, or just like fun, simple movies to check this out. It really is worth it!
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If you loved the Goonies, you need to see this too!
DanLives198027 July 2013
The 80's...

It was a time of idiot US presidents (cough LOL cough), a time of terrible fashion, a time when heavy metal records were burned by Christians for being satanic and a time when children could watch adult movies because what else was there for kids besides cartoons? The Goonies changed that in 1985 and there was never a film quite as good, that was until 1987 when horror cult legend Fred Dekker (Night of the Creeps) brought us a movie that was more adult, yet knew that wasn't going to stop every kid seeing it without too much effort.

Enter one of the most awesome films of my childhood; The Monster Squad! With all the classic prosthetic effects, comedy and blood and guts explosions synonymous with 1980's horror legends, Fred Dekker told a tale of an unlikely band of guardians standing against the forces of darkness; a bunch of kids barely into junior high (as far as I can tell, being English).

The son of a cop, Sean, and his tree-house gang are faced with Dracula, the Mummy, Wolfman, Manphibian and others when an ancient artifact is lost in their suburban town. Dracula needs it in order to complete his quest for dominance over humanity, but when Sean's baby sister accidentally brings home Frankenstein's Monster (played brilliantly by rent-a-psycho Tom Noonan of Manhunter, Robocop 2 etc) and he turns out to be friendly, this turns the tide in their favour.

Just when you think this is some silly kids fantasy played out for nobody but the kids however, the action amps up a few notches and we're not spared from some seriously enjoyable monster carnage the way it's supposed to happen.

With some hilarious one-liners (WOLFMAN'S GOT NARDS?), it escalates to the point where you really miss kids being able to use bad language in films. Let's not beat around the bush here. Film and television is ignorant to the fact that most insults and swearwords today are invented by kids before they enter the mainstream.

Monster Squad recognised that and with all of this good fun happening all around, and with kids kicking serious ass with crossbows, shotguns and even sticks of dynamite for crying' out loud, this movie is still today some of the best fun you can have with a kids movie.

It's so politically incorrect that it couldn't be more accurate! Monster Squad doesn't try to be anything more than fun, fun, fun and whereas it's exactly that, call me sentimental, but it's also very touching at times and I can't recommend it enough.

Please come back, Fred Dekker, the world really needs you!
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A great film...Not an Academy Award or anything though yet still a good film.
riddler_1138-330 November 1999
I saw this film a couple of years ago and it still remains to be one of my most favorite monster/comedy films of all time.

It has an easy to follow plot, people you can root for and some pretty good special effects. If your a real monster film buff, you'll enjoy some good trivia throughout.

A good score for all involved.

Out of 10..........9/10
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"That's discrimination, jerkoid."
gigan-9224 July 2012
One of the quintessential vintage monster movies. Inspired in part by the "The Little Rascals", "The Goonies" (this film and that Richard Donner movie obviously giving rise to Abram's "Super 8") and the all-time champion Universal classics. This movie is pure awesomeness, headed by Fred Dekker and with special effects by none other than Stan Winston (the man behind "Jurassic Park" and other legends, enough said). If you, like me, saw Stephen Sommer's "Van Helsing" and felt your favorite monsters had been turned into CGI monstrosities, then this is for you.

Every monster is somewhat updated, but for the most part they retain their classic features. The make-up and animatronics are done quite awesomely. Duncan Regehr is so great as Dracula ("Meeting adjourned"….BOOM!!) and Tom Noonan is just fantastic as Frankenstein's Monster. The 'Gill Man' and the Mummy look pretty bad-ass as well. Enhancing these beasts are great sets and a spectacular score by Bruce Broughton.

Andrew Gower, Ryan Lambert, Stephen Macht, Leonardo Cimino are all very good in their simple but very enjoyable characters. Brent Chalem will always be remembered as Horace, R.I.P.

The tone of the film is odd but that's what makes it so memorable. I can see why at the time of its release why audiences may have been put off by the movie. After all, plenty of swearing, strong content, but the leads are children. Who exactly was the target audience? The dialogue is snazzy, the comedy well-staged and yet these characters feel very real to us. That's really where the audience is; anyone who is willing to embrace the characters really. And no worry, all along there is some excellent carnage. After all, if nothing else, the film answers the age old question if a silver bullet really is the only way to kill a werewolf.

Loads of fun and a classic that's for damned sure. In honor of Fat Kid: "Wolfman's got nards!!"
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The Forces of Evil Better Run and Hide
utgard1422 February 2014
Dracula has plans of world domination and recruits his fellow monsters to help. But he didn't count on a group of misfit kids (and monster movie fans) standing in his way. One of my absolute favorite movies from my childhood. It combines two of my favorite things: the 1980s and Universal monster movies. Universal had nothing to do with the making of this movie but the monsters seen here are undeniably based on those classic films.

Wonderful direction from cult favorite Fred Dekker. The script, by Dekker and Shane Black, is smart and funny. For a so-called kids' movie, it's not watered down or cloying. It's actually often politically incorrect, which I have to admit feels like a breath of fresh air these days. Fans of '80s movies and nostalgia junkies like myself will get a huge kick out of this one. It even has an '80s-style music montage as the kids prepare for battle ("Rock Until You Drop").

The monsters are terrific and the makeup effects are some of the best in decades. Wolf Man, Mummy, Gill Man, Frankenstein's monster, and Dracula in man-bat form all look amazing. Jon Gries is great as the Larry Talbotesque human who fears the full moon's effects on him. Duncan Regehr's Dracula is menacingly evil and a spectacular villain. Tom Noonan makes for a sympathetic and endearing Frankenstein's monster. The Monster Squad itself is comprised of some impressive kid actors who surprisingly never went on to bigger things. The inclusion of concentration camp survivor "Scary German Guy" to the film was a nice touch. Something like that would seem cliché today but back then it was novel and refreshing. He's played brilliantly by Leonardo Cimino.

This is a fantastic movie made at possibly the last time you could have made something like this and have it work. If it were made today it would be an overblown mess with emphasis on CGI. It's an homage to the great films of the past while adding some fun contemporary touches that still hold up today. Most importantly, it is fun from start to finish. If you haven't seen it and you aren't uptight, check it out immediately. You won't be disappointed!
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One of the Greatest 'HALLOWEEN' Night Movies EVER!!!
RocketeerFlyer3 April 2015
I'll just say this...

It is without a doubt one of the best kids Halloween night movies EVER! Most of the CLASSIC MONSTERS are here...Dracula, The Creature, Wolfman and Frankenstein (well his creation anyway! everyone calls it this) along with the Brides and the supernatural effects it's just a whole lot of fun.

The Kids are FANTASTIC (thanks Gang...I know your all grown up now but you should be proud) It's really a PG rated Horror version of 'THE GOONIES' another film I LOVE.

The story for this kinda of film is clever and a good one with some lines your kids will be repeating for ages...The Wolfman's got ....

An endearing, enchanting Kids Horror film from the 1980's (WOW that was a good era for movies) ENJOY 10/10
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monster, monster
malamal28 January 2002
Like most of the reviewers here I saw this when I was a child, and I remember having an excellent time watching this over and over. In my opinion, though it may not of had the budget or the flare of The Goonies, Monster Squad was just as good if not better.
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A Great Time for Young and Old
bounty_hunter_inc29 October 2004
Monster Squad is one of my favorite childhood movies. I'm so glad that I finally found it on DVD. It is about a small town that is the battleground for a team of monsters: Dracula, Frankenstein, Gill Man (Creature from the Black Lagoon, NOT the Loch Ness Monster), Wolfman, and the Mummy. There are other vampires in the movie too. The monsters in the movie are very well done, but not too scary, since it is targeted for much the same audience as the Goonies. (There are a few scenes though that are rather graphic). The only thing standing in the way of the monsters are a group of monster-obsessed kids called the Monster Squad.

I still love this movie. I thought it was very good. I'm very surprised it's not more well known than it is.
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The Monster Squad
phubbs14 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Bunch of savvy kids that have their own secret club, a neat treehouse base and end up on a spooky adventure trying to stop supernatural could say this has a 'Goonie' influence. Hell the young boys even have a fat kid amongst their ranks and he wears loud brightly coloured shirts too.

The plot is hammy as hell but it is suppose to be a homage and twist on the classic B-movie horror genre and of course Universal horror monsters. Putting all the big name supernatural beings together and sticking them in the 80's (present day back then). All the classic monsters including Dracula, Frankenstein's monster, Gill-man, the Wolf Man and The Mummy teaming up to try and take over the world with a supernatural amulet, only the kids can stop them. The only way they can be stopped is to open a portal into limbo and kick them through...this whole idea visually looks identical to the portal sequences in the 'Evil Dead' franchise.

So the whole thing is really cheesy and silly as it is suppose to be a kids flick, but it is??. There is actually some quite edgy scenes in the film with visible blood and body parts! when Wolf Man gets blown into pieces for example, nothing much hidden. Some scenes are also a bit scary for the younger viewer in my opinion. Again Wolf Man attacking people and transforming in classic 'American Werewolf' style, stakes through various hearts with blood, Dracula trying to actually kill the kids and the makeup doesn't skimp with realism.

The monsters all look as they should in classic style but they certainly aren't tame by any means. Wolf Man has a much wilder vicious look which is pretty scary, Gill-man is the best if you ask me, he looks terrific, whilst Frankie is as expected as is The Mummy. Its only Dracula who doesn't really thrill, the casting seems a bit off to me, the guy in the role just doesn't look right, he's too young and 'modern' looking if you get me. There are also Dracula's vampiresses who look as you would expect but they have no purpose in the film, kinda under used idea really, clearly crammed in.

Naturally there are plot issues a plenty which don't really matter but they do stick out. Why exactly does Dracula have Frankie in the first place?. Where did Dracula get that big black slick custom hearse?? he's only been in the US about one day! and how did he get a hold of that big mansion? is it his??. The most obvious to me was why exactly Gill-man, The Wolf Man and The Mummy all joined Dracula in the first place, they all just appeared and teamed up. So before hand what exactly did Gill- man do? he just like...lived in the swamp? how did he and The Mummy know Dracula had arrived in the region? I'm guessing it was his supernatural powers. None of the monsters have any real backstory, it all just happens.

The silliest of all was in the finale when Van Helsing appears from the portal to drag Dracula through it. But if Helsing was in limbo how did he get out to do that? and wouldn't he wanna try and stay in the real world once getting out?! I'm pretty sure it wasn't easy.

Its certainly a strange beast this film, its hardly for kids with the blood, monsters and Dracula going around snapping cops necks, yet it is aimed at kids with the young 'Goonie-esque' line up. The young cast are good but the whole time you can't help but think they really wanted Corey Feldman, Haim and Astin in the main roles. Pretty much cast everyone from 'The Goonies' in this and while you're at it call it Goonies 2. End of the day the film was just an excuse to bring back all the classic B-movie monsters and have them looking top dollar with modern makeup (for the time of course). And it works plain and simple, the plot is daft with many holes but it doesn't really matter, its a flick for ghoulish monster lovers with a touch of Indy adventure for good measure.

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The Ultimate Movie Review! - - @tss5078
Tss507829 August 2013
Back in the late 80s, Sean (Andre Gower) and his friends were middle school kids with a fascination for monsters. Their love of old fashioned Horror ran so deep that they started a club in their tree house, calling themselves, The Monster Squad. Everything is just child's play until one day, real monsters start showing up in their small New England town, and it's up to the Monster Squad to stop them. When this film came out, not many people took notice of it, it wasn't until Lionsgate bought the rights and re-issued it. that Monster Squad became somewhat of a cult classic. This film is pure 80s, a time when kids were actually played by kids. Today, we're so afraid of traumatizing these kids, that we have 16-19 year old teens playing much younger kids. Back in the 80s, when the part called for a kid, they found a kid, and being that this was the first film for the vast majority of them, the amount of energy and excitement they brought to the film really kept it going, in what is otherwise a ridiculous story. The actors were the age of the characters they were playing and when they cursed or talked about adult themes, I found it hilarious, it was so much better because it was real. The story isn't anything to write home about, just a bunch of cheesy lines and bad special effects, and I'm sure you could figure out what's going to happen from the description on the box, but to me the best part of the film is the realism given by the cast in a movie that was anything but real. The dynamic between brother and sister, the kids who actually did something imaginative, instead of just playing video games all day. It isn't until you see a film like this that you realize just how much family films have changed. This would be a great film for kids to watch, but if it came out today, the kids would be played by college students and it would get an R rating for some of the language. In the 80s, this would have been the textbook definition of a family film, by today's standard's, it's rating has been upgraded to PG-13 and it's filed under Horror. The more things change, the more they stay the same, what was unacceptable in the 60s and family friendly in the 80s, is now not suitable for children under 13, a sign of the paranoia of the times we live in.
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great movie!!!!!
squrlly3608 January 2007
This movie is a great movie and will stand the test of time.They should put this movie out on DVD asap.the makeup was awesome for what they did with all of the characters,great storyline.In this movie they had some of the best werewolf makeup that i have ever seen worn by a live actor(and i have seen a lot of horror movies)in the movies.I have been watching this movie since i was a kid and it will never get old.The creature from the black lagoon is sweet!And for those true fans out there the guy from the wonder years was funny as hell when he came face two face with the monsters.This movie will take anyone back to when they were a kid and scared of monsters. everyone should be made to watch this movie at least once in there lives.and in closing I would just like to say that it is "BOGUS" that it is not out on DVD yet.Tank you.
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Highly underrated, and sadly forgotten
shamus-616 November 2006
I loved this movie. It was no Goonies...but the goonies had some serious names attached to guide it along. Who doesn't love the classic monsters? And this movie brings them all together!!! It was geared for kids.

My biggest compaint is that Dracula (as a bat) is able to be exposed to sunlight. Other than that, I'm impressed that the creators tried to follow the traditional guidelines. The older sister is also SMOKIN hot. Would love to know what she's up to...

However, there was enough swearing and impressive effects (for the times) that it could appeal to older teens and adults as well. I truly wish this movie had been bigger, so as to warrant a proper DVD edition.

Thanks to makers of this film, and all of its young and talented stars!!!
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This movie is GREAT!
jgusw5 November 2000
Monster Squad is a cool movie. This is a great movie to watch with your kids on Halloween or for a sleep over. This movie is about some neat kids and some cool monsters. It's not scary and it will keep your child's attention. Great movie.
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Exactly why is this movie bad?
lockemaison18 July 2007
I'm not gonna say this movie suck because it's stupid and has bad acting or whatever. Fact is, this movie could have been great. The actors were cute, the monsters looked incredible, and the effects were fine for the time. It's 80s camp, it's monsters, it's kids kicking crotches - all that is awesome.

The sole thing that brings this movie down is how choppy and incoherent it is. It seems like there is a story (which actually seems to be a cool story for an 80s kids/monster film as far as I could tell) but only the writers knew it well, and as a result it's edited in a way that if you knew the story and characters it would make sense, but to anybody in the audience it's hard to identify with the characters or feel with them or even follow the story well at all. I very much wanted to like the movie simply due to its 80s charm. I love that kind of stuff, really I do. But the story is so badly structured you can't enjoy the movie.

Characters join the Monster Squad for no reason. Bad guys do things with little or no setup. Characters seem to have knowledge of things happening that they shouldn't have. People have odd motivations and strange reactions to events. All this could have been corrected with good editing, both writing and film editing.

The characters were lovable but that was destroyed by the bad film structure. Ruining lovable characters and monsters like those kids is simply a travesty.

At the same time, the movie seems incredibly confused as to whether it's for young kids or old kids. Lots of swearing and other "big kid" things (over 13 please), but lots of characters in elementary and grade school.

I love 80s kids adventure movies. This is not a good one. At the end I felt cheated because not only was it a bad movie, but it was a bad movie that definitely could have been totally rad 80s awesome. Nostalgia nothing, even as a kid it's not memorable simply because you couldn't get close to the characters because of the bad way it was edited/written.

This is saved from one star because of the potentially cool characters and the 80s-ness of it.
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The Eighties Had Monsters, and They Were Fun
lanzman14 September 2002
This is one of those movies where all the details come together to make something a lot more fun than it should be. A great late-night popcorn seller. The monsters are done well, the dialogue is funny, the F/X are competent, and the mood of the film is consistently creepy-yet-upbeat.

I don't understand comparisons to "The Goonies" . . . about the only similarity is that both movies revolve around a group of "outsider" kids, which is hardly a concept new to Hollywood.

Another film that just screams for a DVD release.
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The Goonies 'R' Not Good Enough
CuriosityKilledShawn31 March 2011
The similarities between the Monster Squad and the Goonies are numerous, but while The Goonies is a more expansive and recognizable movie, I prefer this one. Produced by Peter Hyams and Rob Cohen, and with a script by Fred Dekker and Shane Black, the Monster Squad had a lot of creative talent behind it, so why did it fall into a limbo like the one featured in the movie? Set in small-town America, a bunch of young kids form a monster-movie fan club in their eccentric treehouse. But when REAL classic monsters show up (that would be the Wolfman, Gillman, the Mummy, Frankenstein's monster, AND Dracula) they begin to look deeper into their origin with the help of Van Helsing's diary.

I'd love to explain the film further, but the execs at TriStar Pictures ordered 15 minutes to be cut from the film, which results in a huge loss of coherence in the first act, thus creating many plot holes. Just where did the monsters come from? If Dracula's cargo was randomly jettisoned over small-town America, how come the amulet he's looking for just-so-happens to be there? Some scenes in this film are almost over before they begin. It's very frustrating. The credits begin to roll at the 77-minute mark too, so whoever thought that the film was overlong was clearly a fool.

For years, the Monster Squad was available only on a long out-of-print VHS release. Naturally, as was the logic at the time, this was a pan-and-scan version which butchered the film's brilliant anamorphic composition.

Fred Dekker killed his career beyond redemption with RoboCop 3, but The Monster Squad and Night of the Creeps will forever stand as two low-budget horror homages from a decade that endorsed risk-taking.
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A real Monster Film for Kids and Teens
lambiepie-214 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I remember when this came out. I was past the kids and tweens age and what I remember most about this is the harsh reaction it got from critics. I remember parent's groups screaming about "how bad and violent Monster Squad was for their kids". But ya know what... this was a good "monster" film for kids and teens. I'm surprised they haven't made a sequel. They really should have.

I've got to call on my fellow movie junkies from the late 60's and 70's when we were toddlers and children watching TV for this one. Remember when they showed us the old Universal Films late at night -- Dracula, The Wolfman, The Invisible Man, The Mummy, Frankenstein and the gang? Remember the 'all day' Thanksgiving Godzilla marathons? And remember these shows as a kid: "Creature Feature", "Chiller", "The CBS Friday Night Late Movie", "Dr. Shock", "Joe Bob Briggs", "Elvira" and many more across the USA? This film is for OUR kids - make no mistake. The other kids, well, they missed out.

Monster Squad was done in the best possible light - it didn't talk down to kids and put them in control when the adults wouldn't believe them that Monsters were taking over their town. Plus there were other monster references beyond the scary ones - the real ones that occurred in History. The children, kids and tweens cast in this film were adorable and cast right. You had your smart alec leader type kid obsessed with monsters, your typical "fat" kid, your really adorable little girl/sister type who wants to be a part of everything her older brothers and his friends did and adorable/shy little boy. Shane Black, who was a popular screenwriter of the 80's with Lethal Weapon and the like, knew what he was doing with this one, and Fred Dekker, the director, directed his young staff well. This wasn't silly - it was a believable kids world where kids were the heroes and the parents were thankful they were. The parent's weren't dumb either, that was refreshing.

The monsters were as you remember them: the uptight Dracula and his faithful Brides, the misunderstood Frankenstein, The weird Mummy, the conscientious Wolfman. The special effects at that time were exceptionally good (and probably too scary for children under 7 at the time - but I rank this movie for kids 8+ not children 7 or under.I mean, I saw 10 year olds at the remake of The Texas Chain Saw Masacre a few years ago, so now, 'Monster Squad' would be lukewarm to them.) If I had an 8 year old, we'd be watching this together just like I watched Universal's Dracula, Frankenstein, The Wolf Man, The Invisible Man with my parents and/or siblings. (Granted I did see other horror films alone, but you can't beat them all!) Heck, these films are in my DNA, I know it would be in my child's.

This is quite the underrated 'kids' monster movie.
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TYLERdurden749 November 1998
39. THE MOSTER SQUAD (horror-comedy, 1987) Dracula travels to 20th century America in hopes of retrieving a mystical amulet stolen from him 100 years earlier by long time nemesis Van Helsing. Within the amulet the forces of evil rage and whomsoever wields it can set them loose. Dracula seeks the help of other mythical creatures: the Wolfman, the Mummy, the 'creature from the Black Lagoon', and the indomitable Frankenstein monster. Just when their victory seems assured a group of young teens, dubbing themselves 'the Monster Squad', step in to thwart their nefarious plans.

Critique: For lovers of those old monster movies from the 30s and 50s this is a treat to watch. The real 'star' of the film is make-up and special effects wizard Stan Winston (creator of 'The Terminator', 'Predator', and 'Aliens' creatures, to name a few). With an amazing eye for detail he has been able to capture the monster's legendary traits, and individual demeanor to perfection. They're really wonderful creations (not too corny or too scary) that hark back to their previous incarnations with a touch of the modern.

Though the film borrows heavily from others such as 'The Goonies' and 'Gremlins', and its intended kid audience may be too young for some scenes, it's still a fun movie with the works.

QUOTE: "We just went through some major s*** and where's the big limbo thing."
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