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Underrated Romantic Comedy
utgard1420 December 2013
Frivolous, fun romantic comedy from the '80s. The basic plot is that a girl (Kim Cattrall) in Ancient Egypt is being forced into a marriage she doesn't want. So she prays to the gods and is magically transported/reincarnated/whatever to the future, where she becomes a mannequin that only comes to life for Andrew McCarthy.

I know this movie is almost universally derided but I can't help but love it. It's a sweet, funny, innocently goofy movie that always puts a smile on my face. McCarthy and Cattrall are adorably likable leads. They're helped by a great supporting cast, including Estelle Getty and Meshach Taylor. Not to mention a soundtrack of great '80s songs. In a lot of ways, this movie reminds me of old comedies from the 1930s or 40s. It doesn't care if every little detail of the fantasy plot makes sense. It's just trying to show the audience a good time and, in my case at least, it accomplishes that.
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She's the dummy!!
syllavus26 February 2004
This film is proof that not every movie needs to have academy award winning performances, a gripping plot and special effects to be enjoyable. Mannequin is certainly not a spectacular piece of cinematic achievement, but its simplicity and light-heartedness is what makes it great! I've loved this movie ever since I was a kid and I always, and still do, find it a fun and enjoyable watch, especially on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

Jonathan Switcher is a down-on-his-luck artist. He can't hold down a regular job because his creativity keeps on sabotaging his productivity. One day he saves a little old lady who gratefully offers him employment at the department store that she owns. Jonathan goes to work arranging the store's window displays, and happens across a mannequin that he built during one of his short lived careers. Low and behold, the mannequin he created comes to life when the two of them are alone and a fun and silly romantic comedy ensues.

The entire plot is quite silly and full of holes, but the movie is pure fun. Andrew McCarthy is cute and endearing as always and Kim Cattrall is fun and witty as the bubbly mannequin. This film is rife with great one-liners and hysterical situations and of course a great 80's style musical montage. Actual one of the most unfortunate things about this film is that the music is great and a soundtrack album was never released! For shame!

Of course Mannequin isn't thought-provoking, nor is it clever or cinematic ally impressive. It's just a cute silly little film that will make you laugh as long as you don't take it too seriously.
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Delightfully silly romantic comedy-fantasy
jhaggardjr17 June 2000
"Mannequin" is a silly movie to be sure. But I found it to be very funny at times. I was just a teenager when I first saw this movie back when it came out in 1987. My mom took me and a friend to see this, and we all laughed and had a good time. It's no classic, but so what. All that matters is that it's a fun movie, and that's exactly what this is. Andrew McCarthy stars as a man who's had bad luck with working jobs. His main interest is to be a sculptor. At one of his jobs he made mannequins, and for some odd reason he seems to fall in love with the last mannequin he made. Later he gets employed at a department store that has taken that mannequin in. And before you know it, the mannequin comes to life in the form of an Egyptian princess. But she only comes to life when the two are alone together. When someone else comes into the scene, she freezes up and turns into a mannequin again. This may sound like a stupid premise, but I don't care. "Mannequin" is a movie that's very entertaining. It's not a laugh riot, but I did laugh quite a bit throughout. Andrew McCarthy and Kim Cattrall (as the mannequin) look as if they're having a blast, and if I was the McCarthy character, I would have a blast too. The supporting cast includes Estelle Getty (from TV's "The Golden Girls") as Mrs. Timkin, the friendly owner of the store; James Spader (in an early film role) as the smarmy manager of the store; G.W. Bailey (from the "Police Academy" films) as the bumbling midnight security guard of the store (who spends most of his time talking to his dog); Meshach Taylor (from TV's "Designing Women") as McCarthy's assistant (who acts strange most of the time); and Carole Davis as McCarthy's former girlfriend (who works at a rival department store nearby). All join in on the lunacy of "Mannequin". This is a nice, little picture.

*** (out of four)
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Nothing can come between the love of a man and his Mannequin
susie-1116 November 1998
This is a fun loving romantic comedy that hits the spot every time I watch it.

I love this film. It may not be Oscar winning material but it is high entertainment full of jokes, unusual situations and one of the best "high speed chases" I have seen.

Andrew McCarthy is so adorable as the out of work artist who finds his inspiration from the mannequin he designs and makes.

Kim Catrall puts in a good performance of the time travelling Egyptian princess who is never quite content with her situation until she reaches "present day America" in the form of a department store mannequin.

I definitely recommend this movie. It will cheer you up or just fill in an evening's movie entertainment. Whatever you do with it enjoy it cause deep down it's a love story that everyone will be really satisfied with.
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Delightful screwball comedy from the '80s...
Doylenf25 May 2008
The low IMDb rating for MANNEQUIN is imbecilic. This is a thoroughly delightful mixture of madcap comedy and romance, played to the hilt by a sparkling cast of players who all have a gift for comedy.

ANDREW McCARTHY is at his best as a young man drifting from job to job who ends up employed by ESTELLE GETTY at her almost defunct department store. It isn't until he gets real inspiration for window displays from a mannequin who becomes a real person whenever others aren't around, that the picture soars into romantic fantasy. KIM CATTRALL is the gorgeous dummy who comes to life and wins the heart of the hero who is at first reluctant to believe his own eyes.

The sets and costumes are fantastic, the supporting cast is excellent and the script stays in high gear until the last twenty minutes when things get a little too hectic, even for a comedy/fantasy. But it's all in good fun, a cheerful flick easily enjoyable if you like fantasies of this kind and all of it is well photographed in pleasing color with splendid sets.

ANDREW McCARTHY, KIM CATTRALL, JAMES SPADER (especially funny as a smarmy business man), and G.W. BAILEY (as the night detective) all demonstrate a flair for comedy in roles they obviously enjoyed playing.

Well worth watching.
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One of the Funniest and Most Delightful Comedies of the 80's
claudio_carvalho29 September 2012
In Edfu, in the ancient Egypt, the young Ema "Emmy" Hesire (Kim Cattrall) is a woman ahead of time. When her mother tries to force her to marry a manure dealer, she wishes to go to the future and vanishes.

In the present days, in Pennsylvania, Jonathan Switcher (Andrew McCarthy) is an idealistic young artist that builds a mannequin. However, he is inefficient and can not keep his jobs and his ambitious girlfriend Roxie (Carole Davis) leaves him. But Jonathan sees his mannequin in the window of the Prince and Company Department Store.

On the next morning, he saves the life of Ms. Claire Timkin (Estelle Getty), who owns the Prince & Co., and she asks the corrupt manager Richards (James Spader) to give the position in the stock to Jonathan. The Prince & Co. is near bankruptcy and the Illustra Company intends to but it, using Richards to sabotage the Department Store.

Emmy comes back to life for Jonathan and they arrange wonderful windows. Jonathan is promoted to window dresser, working with the gay Hollywood Montrose (Meshach Taylor) that becomes his friend. Soon Jonathan becomes a successful designer, leveraging the Prince & Co and is promoted to VP. But Illustra's General Manager, Roxie and Richards want to force Jonathan to work for Illustra and kidnap Emmy.

"Mannequin" is one of my favorite films and I can not precisely tell how many times I have watched it. Andrew McCarthy was successful in the 80's and Kim Cattrall is one of the sexiest Hollywood actresses ever. The excellent James Spader is caricatural in the role of Richards and Meshach Taylor is hilarious in the role of a gay window dresser. The result is one of the funniest and most delightful comedies of the 80's. The soundtrack is also wonderful. Unfortunately the IMDb User rating does not mirror the truth about this wonderful and romantic fantasy. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Manequim" ("Mannequin")
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Good fun and not too serious
Shippmeister17 December 2002
I doubt that this is one of the best films ever made, but it is without a doubt one of the better films of the eighties. The acting from McCarthy and Cattrall is superb and the soundtrack is also credible. There are some bad points, but they only show if you analyse too cynically. Some call ti the seminal eighties movie, and rightfully so with many decade references and costume get ups, (think Hollywood Montross, and the scene where Emmy and Jonathon dance there way through the store) All in all a good movie, worthy of 4.5 out of 5 stars
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I Love This Movie. It Is So Enjoyable.
picturegallery123455 October 2004
It's about a guy who is down on his luck has an incredible woman come into his life and make his life better. The only problem is that she is a mannequin who only comes to life when no one else is around.

Kim Cattrall is amazing. She is beautiful, sexy, fun, loving, and full of life. She makes the fantasy character ideal and personally I think that she deserves an award for this film. Andrew McCarthy is also very charismatic and likable in this film.

This movie is light, silly, funny, romantic, and very entertaining. It's a feel good movie definitely worth watching.

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Oh, come on. It's a cute movie.
Smells_Like_Cheese11 November 2003
I was a little bit disappointed to see that this movie is a 4.8 on IMDb. After all it's not that bad. It's a funny story with a romantic plot. No, of course it isn't Oscar material, and it's not the ultimate comedy. But it's just a feel good movie that you'll enjoy if you're into cheesiness.

Honestly, if you're telling me that you couldn't laugh at Captain Felix and his dog, Rambo, you must not have a funny bone. Especially for that funny scene where he and Mr. Richards end up in that car chase with Jonathan and Emmy, I mean come on, you had to laugh at that. There are also more than a few funny scenes that I thought more people would get a kick out of. Apparently, I was wrong, but please do give this movie a chance. I grew up with it and still love it 'till this day. Not to mention every time I hear that song "Nothing's gonna stop us" I think of the mall. :D

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Come on IMDb Users, It's A FARCE!
DottoreHolliday8 December 2013
Evidently, the IMDb Users are not familiar with the farce as a theatrical form - a comic dramatic work that aims at entertaining the audience through situations that are highly exaggerated, extravagant, and thus improbable. Farces are often highly incomprehensible plot-wise (due to the large number of plot twists and random events that occur), but viewers are encouraged not to try to follow the plot in order to avoid becoming confused and overwhelmed. Farce is also characterized by physical humor, the use of deliberate absurdity or nonsense, broadly stylized performances (buffoonery and horseplay) and typically including crude characterization and ludicrously improbable situations.

Here a great cast of character actors and a supernatural plot, adds up to a farce. A form where great character actors Andrew McCarthy, Kim Cattrall, Estelle Getty, James Spader, G.W. Bailey and Mesach Taylor can ham it up and overact for the laughs. Even the minor players Carole Davis, Steve Vinovich and Christopher Maher continue the broadly played comedic characters with an excess of ham and absurdity.

It's just fun and a guilty pleasure.

It you didn't get either, you must have checked your sense of humor at the opening credits or you've become too sophisticated for I Love Lucy or the Three Stooges and that is sad.
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I can relate to this.....
cohru0114 October 2007
This movie goes hand-in-hand with 3 O'Clock High (both made in 1987). Both movies got 1 star and were hated by the critics but we all loved them back then and still love them right now. The dance scene (Dream about me) was fantastic. Kim Cattrall is so absolutely fantastically beautiful. I could live forever with a girl smiling at me who looks like her. The background music is on key and correct, and easy to listen to. An early James Spader (Mr. Richards) does a great job as a baddie. G.W. Bailey is his usual corny funny self and is very nicely accompanied by his dog, Rambo. They actually use the dog almost as good as the one in Men in Black.

This movie is a MUST SEE. As many writers in this column have said, this does have a "feel good" ending. I don't think Roxie is THAT good looking. She's nice looking. Actually, she looks like the gal in the sitcom called King of Queens. I wonder if there is any relation. Roxie's foreign boyfriend is actually quite funny.

As unrealistic as this movie might seem, I think both men and women have had a fantasy of this kind. This is a movie all viewers can relate to. It's great! Lastly, GREAT LEGS Kim!
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So cute and funny! I was smiling the entire time!
neitharcher28 September 2020
I love the casting in this movie. I think they all fit each character perfectly. The story was so cute and funny. I first saw clips of this movie in Starship's music video for their song "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now" and I'm so glad I got curious and watched the movie itself! Gonna watch it again actually!
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Still a feel good movie
chip_shop5 January 2019
Just watched this movie again, potentially for the first time in 31 years and still loved it. Introduced my daughter (16) to it. She also loved it. Feel good, happy ever after, romantic comedy with the best song ever "Nothing's going to stop us now!" Highly recommended.
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I got a kick out of it!
GOWBTW27 February 2006
This is definitely for the love sick or the romantically challenged. Jonathan Switzer(Andrew McCarthy) is a very talented artist who seems to have a tough time keeping a job. However, his luck is just made when the mannequin he builds in his earlier job, comes to live whenever he's alone. The mannequin named Emmy(Kim Cattrall) who's desire for Jonathan is insatiable. Jonathan's friend Hollywood(Meshach Taylor, "Designing Women") wonders about him while he should worry about his own problems. I liked the small video Jonathan and Emmy made together wearing different outfits while "Do you Dream about Me?" was being played. I liked the flash scene. Then there's the scene between Felix(G.W. Bailey) and Switzer got into the brawl when he thinks Switzer is doing a "dummy". When Switzer rescue Emmy from the shredder, the curse was broken. And everyone got to see her including the bad guys. Hollywood needed a serious realty check, however Felix needs it way more. Because Hollywood says "I'm seeing, but I'm still don't believing" GET OVER IT Hollywood, SHE'S FOR REAL! Anyways, this is a great movie, I enjoyed it very well. Rating 3 out of 5 stars.
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Cute 80's flick
Adriane28 April 1999
I liked this movie. Andrew McCarthy is a classic 80's actor, paired with another 80's co-star James Spader in a cute comedy about a mannequin who comes to life. The music is cool, and it is a cute love story. Meshach Taylor is hilarious as Hollywood, the other window dresser. Watch if you are in the mood for an 80's flick.
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Such a delightful movie 😍
thisdragonisforever27 August 2020
I was born in 1986 and it's very first time I just watched this movie and fell in Love with her. I don't know why Hollywood has been forgotten to make such Stories. It's totally a fun and relaxing to watch ... 😍
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The music makes it, for me.
dayton-w-price18 May 2020
I love this movie, I watched the hell out of my VHS copy. I feel a lot of people have missed the point with this 80s classic, romance comedy. I absolutely love Kim Cattrall, she's absolutely gorgeous in the film, I admit I had a crush on her when I first saw it. Andrew McCarthy is also excellent in the role, very funny and likable. But the highlight of the movie is the musical score for me, I can't get enough of it, huge props to Sylvester Levay. It gets better with multiple viewings, I've seen it a lot and it never gets old for me. Fantastic and forgotten 80's gem. 10/10.
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Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now
amandagellar-310775 January 2020
Mannequin never pretends to be anything more than what it is - lightweight fun. Nothing in here is to be taken seriously, especially when, in the first 15 minutes, the lead character is airbound by a department store sign like a seesaw for an entire scene and keeps getting zapped by the exposed wires used to light it up. It's silly through and through, but it's never less than 100% entertaining.

Andrew McCarthy stars as Jonathan - a hapless creative trapped in uncreative jobs that don't appreciate his attention to detail and artistic spark. When he gets a job at a failing department store, he meets someone who changes everything for him - a mannequin named Emmy (Kim Catrall) who comes alive when they're alone and helps him design the city's best department store window displays. These displays get him a lot of attention, but also puts him at risk of being manipulated by a rival department store.

McCarthy and Catrall commit to the silly story with an admirable amount of gusto and Meshach Taylor adds a good deal of comic relief as McCarthy's flamboyant co-worker and James Spader is appropriately slimy (and almost unrecognizable) as McCarthy's wicked boss.

If you just want to turn off your brain and have a little fun, Mannequin might quench your thirst for cheesy 80's fun.
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I love this movie
Agrhee26 May 2002
I watched this movie from a Korean Version of Mannequin. They showed a couple of new scenes from the movie that I have never seen in the 1987 version. There is a scene where right before Jonathan Switcher leaves Prince and Company by motorcycle in the rain they go back to Emmy and she is putting her hands on the window and saying I will see you again.
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Amazing Movie
iceman5043200418 September 2007
I'm saddened by the low rating of this movie. I grew up watching this movie, and indeed, looking at this movie now... it is a little cheesy, but its the 80's!! Still, Hollywood makes this movie, along with the security guard and Rambo. Kim Cattral... I've had a crush on that girl since I first watched this movie when I was 6. Any guy should just watch the movie for her cause she's beautiful.

The Soundtrack (or what lil there is) is amazing. "Do you dream about me"... great song for the movie. Basically what I'm trying to say, if you don't like this movie, you gotta have no humor or no taste cause its sweet. I rated it a 9 cause its not an Oscar winner, but its a movie that will stick with you throughout your life... I swear I'll be like 50 years old and still watch this movie. So, if you haven't seen it, go rent it, or buy it.
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Love this film. A classic 80's gem!
mikeymikeyuk7 June 2020
This is such a great 80's film. They don't make them like this anymore. A feel good classic with romance and a great hit song in it for good measure too!
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Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now
nik_kas22 July 2018
The Mannequin is one of those movies which you will either LOVE or HATE, that's that. I first watched it i think when i was 10 years old (back in 1991) and i have to admit that due to my very young age i didn't value it nearly as much as i did when i watched it again at the age of 16 (or the next 10 times i saw it again since then). Sure as many have pointed out it's not Oscar material (although lately the Oscars have fallen considerably in quality) but it's a very funny and romantic movie which will keep you company more than just 1 time. Of course both Andrew and Kim play extremely well (not just them, the entire cast is very funny and wild) and at the end of the movie you almost feel sad to let them go (i even had a crash on Kim back then, hell i still do whenever i see that movie). Bottom line yes it's not as "sophisticated" as clockwork orange and people will go as far as to call it cheesy but any movie people can see again and again is grade A in my book and The Mannequin is just that, unforgettable (too bad it's "sequel" was the exact opposite).
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Mannequin is odd but great, the best film I've ever seen.
Chrissy_Mac22 September 2004
I cant believe just how good the movie is. OK it'll never be nominated for an Oscar and the cast aren't the most well known, but the soundtrack couple with the carefree plot, and fun filled scenes, make it one of the greatest movies I've ever seen. Kim Catrall is unbelievably good looking and that is and added bonus to the movie, and even Andrew McCarthy has a rougish charm. I first watched the movie when I was 6 and have loved it since. I don't know whether or not its the tunes or the film, but whatever it is its taken my heart. The thought of dancing through a deserted store with that wonderful Alisha song (Do you dream about me?) playing in the background must appeal to any seasoned lover of movies just like this?
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A Great Film
hera_ari23 July 2012
I'm disappointed to see it has such low reviews on IMDb.

the film is obviously not Oscar or award winning material, it's just another romantic comedy with a silly twist.

it keeps you watching and it's a feel good film even with it's lighthearted jokes and simple plot line.

the acting is superb: andrew mccarthy delivers another great performance (and looks as good as always), james spader was just INCREDIBLE- he kept me laughing the whole film, kim cattrall is gorgeous and estelle getty is great.

it's a great film to just have on if you're doing nothing or to even watch on a movie night.

Under appreciated film.. very under-appreciated.
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The finest film ever made
perfecto8 August 2000
I have watched this film so many times (over a thousand) I can repeat it line for line in my sleep. Everything about it is amazing. From the great gags to the best soundtrack ever heard in a film (where can I buy that opening Belinda Carlisle track) . It honestly never gets boring. I can't explain why, but no other film I have ever watched, has as much watchability as this one.

All I want now is it to be released on DVD, so listen up Warner Home Video you biscuit brains, release it now. Please.
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