Mannequin (1987) Poster


G.W. Bailey: Felix



  • Jonathan Switcher : [coming out of the elevator]  Easy, Felix! I don't think she's armed!

    Felix : You can fool Rambo, but it won't work with me, Switcher! My brain is quicker than...

    [before he can finish his sentence, the elevator doors close on him] 

  • Felix : Just what is your assignment here tonight, boy?

    Jonathan Switcher : I'm helping Hollywood with the window.

    Felix : Oh, the little Mary has an assistant now? Where do you people come from?

    Jonathan Switcher : Ohio.

    Felix : [surprised]  Ohio? You mean they got 'em in Ohio?

  • Felix : You suspect pilferage, sir? I'd be happy to strip-search him.

    Mr. Richards : You people that work at night scare me.

  • Felix : [seeing Jonathan and Emmy leaving]  It's him! It's her! Ooh, that little 'peevert'. He's stealing her before we can.

    Mr. Richards : Okay, let's not do anything rash. We'll follow them quietly and look for just the right moment to grab them.

    Felix : Don't worry, Mr. Richards. I'm an expert at surveillance. Hang on!

    [They begin chasing Jonathan and Emmy] 

  • [Felix just caught Jonathan making love to Emmy as she assumes mannequin form] 

    Felix : [to Jonathan]  Switcher, you are one... sick... puppy!

  • Felix : [handing Mr. Richards a container of shoe polish]  Here, Mr. Richards. You better put some camouflage on, sir.

    Mr. Richards : I am not going to put shoe polish on my face, thank you. And can we please get into the store, Felix?

  • Felix : [after Emmy, as a mannequin, has flipped off him and Mr. Richards]  Enough of this surveillance crap! Captain Felix Maxwell takes this from no *mannequin*!

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