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great 80's action no brainer
jpclarke200530 August 2006
Even though some people state that this film is awful, but they are forgetting that most 80's action films where and this was one of many that was churned out then forgotten.

I vividly remember first watching this on video rental and thought it was brilliant and even though it's very dated I still love the film as an 80's classic like I would watch some old black and white film.

I don't feel I should have to wait until the film is 40 or 50 years old to claim it is an classic nor should I go with other persons comments that it is crap just because they are watching the film without growing up in the 80's when the film was made and is set in.

with regards jpclarke
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Tight Lipped Burt
bkoganbing4 August 2007
In Malone, Burt Reynolds is a CIA paid assassin who's tired of the life and wants out of the company. Of course the company doesn't see it his way and his former protégé Lauren Hutton is sent to terminate his contract with the agency.

But Reynolds in looking for obscurity finds a place where a mysterious millionaire Cliff Robertson is buying all the land in some obscure valley in Idaho to make it his headquarters for some ill defined right wing conspiracy. Robertson's bought the sheriff, Kenneth McMillan and several local louts to enforce his will on the community. Reynolds's car broke down here by sheer chance and he's taken in by garage owner Scott Wilson and his daughter Cynthia Gibb. When Robertson's thugs start leaning on them, Reynolds springs into action.

Burt Reynolds's style is a whole lot like James Garner, quizzical, cynical and charming. I'm not used to seeing him play it as tight lipped as he does in Malone, but he does carry it off. The film borrows a lot from the plot of Shane and I could certainly see a 1987 version of Alan Ladd in the part.

It's a good action film even though a lot of the plot issues are unresolved. More than fans of Burt Reynolds will enjoy this.
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The Burt Reynolds I like best
TC-429 October 2000
This was a breath of fresh air compared to the silly movies that he made from about 1980 to 1990. There were no silly comments just lots of action. VanDamme or Segal could not have done better. The local filming was beautiful and the acting by the supporting cast was first-rate and not overdone. Burt might be too old for this type of movie now but this is the stuff that he should have done when he was in his prime. I am glad I saw it as I gained new respect for his acting.
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A fun bad movies
huwdj17 April 2006
There are some films that miss whatever target they are aiming for yet somehow are just great fun to watch. Malone, a fairly obvious updating of Shane, reaches deeply in to the duffers bag of clichés to pull out; the burnt out assassin, the beautiful former colleague, cute teenage girl and her brave but crippled father and, of course, a nutter who along with his evil henchmen are bent on taking over the government. Starting with the most inept of the baddie's henchmen Malone is gradually drawn in to the fight until he achieves his final pyrrhic victory and moves on. Burt Reynolds is actually not a bad actor when he's not trying to be 'a good old boy' all the time. Cliff Roberstson goes jarringly over the top. Laurren Hutton is beautiful, brave and loyal. Cynthia Gib is cute as apple pie in a see-through nightie and the much miss-used Scott Wilson does exactly what he needs to do. So why is this not a good movie? Dunno. There is nothing obviously wrong with the film. It doesn't look cheap, everyone hits their marks and speaks the lines. The end is a bit over the top and perhaps people were reluctant to let Burt Reynolds be serious. Never mind, I've added it to my list of films to be watch every time they turn up in the schedule and I guess I'll just continue to enjoy it for what it is, a good bad movie.
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one of the last great Burt Reynolds action flix
cichas0831 January 2006
Warning: Spoilers
this is one of, if not the last, of the great Reynolds action flix, and shockingly it is not available on DVD, while such horrid Burt movies such as stroker ace and cop and a half are. although Burt seems to think he is Mr. Majesty is this fine flick, it is just an awesome movie set in the Oregon wilderness where ex-fed Burt has to kick some big bully bad guys such as cliff Robertson's terms of pure pimpitude, Burt gets a 10 here, never has his toupee, bad stache, tight jeans, and shades been on such display, and he can still play the ladies, but the bad guys are his real targets in Malone. time to burn the ID and head off into the woods i guess. someone please bring out that all time classic Malone on DVD, and remind folks of how great action flicks could be pre segal, the rock, and van dam.....when Burt, chuck Bronson, and Clint reigned supreme, with Sly Stallone still trying to escape from clubber lang and thunderfoot
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Burt Reynolds shoots to kill!
ary3 November 1998
Burt Reynolds and Cliff Robertson star this light and simple spying adventure.Reynolds is Richard Malone,an ex-CIA agent who,tired of his profession as a killer,resolves to leave his past behind and travels through the country,in search of a new beginning.But he ends up in a small city when his car breaks down and,unexpectedly,gets involved with a magnate with megalomania's problems,played with cynicism by Cliff Robertson,who intends to extend his empire's tentacles over the whole country and reach the power,more exactly,the presidency,with the help of his comrades.It's set a well-directed trama,pleasing and without commitments.The movie counts with action scenes and introduces a romance between Reynolds and a killer played by Gator's Lauren Hutton.The character was made with precision for Reynolds qualities,and the film will certainly please his fans!
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"Malone" is a must see for Burt Reynolds fans ...........
merklekranz13 January 2011
Burt Reynolds at times can be a really annoying actor, often portraying an enormous ego, that gets in the way of true acting. I am happy to report that is not the case with"Malone", as a very low key Burt Reynolds is complimented nicely by an always low key Scott Wilson. There are some great character actors in this one also, including Kenneth McMillan, and Tracey Walter. Cliff Robertson is the strong arming overzealous, disillusioned, "patriot", putting the squeeze on a small Oregon town. Reynolds walks away from his C.I.A. operative position, and winds up the unsolicited defender of decent folks. "Malone" is a very good action film, and one of Burt's best. - MERK
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80's Classic
haythalk3 April 2009
Having watched this movie more times than I care to remember, thought it was time to write down my thoughts. Malone was released in May 1987, just a few short months after Reynolds had released his 'comeback' movie Heat. Heat bombed and so did Malone..and everyother Burt movie after that. The simple truth was that his time had passed and people were now looking to new action heroes. However, do not let that fool you into thinking you should miss Malone..on the contrary, it is vital viewing for any Reynolds or action fan! Plot is simple. Malone is a disillusioned CIA operative, he wants out and he tells his partner that in the opening scene.Malone heads off in his classic car.However,the car breaks down near a small town.Malone befriends the garage owner and his young daughter.However,his stay in the town is far from dull.He finds out that most of the shops/hotels are closed down due to properties being bought by the mysterious Delaney. Delaney is a right wing zealot and this town is part of his sector. Malone confronts one of Delaneys thugs and beat the c**p out of him.He then shoots another of the thugs.Delaney meets Malone with an eye to recruiting him but Malone is having none of it.Despite, in the words of Delaney of being a "Samurai without a master, powerful but without direction".A local farmer is also killed infront of the garage,embroiling Malone further into the towns problems.To add to this,Malone's ex-lover and CIA partner comes to town to kill him but instead falls for him again. This is a good job as she takes care of him after an assassination attempt by the zealots.However,she is then targeted and killed.This means only one thing..Malone is now out for revenge. Cue the classic 80's style ending.Lots of bad guys chasing after hero in deserted building and getting killed off one and one to leave hero with main villain. The explosion at the end is pretty cool. So here what is so damn cool about MALONE. When asked by the family he meets at the local garage what his name is, the reply is: "Malone"...the young girl asks: "Got a first name", reply:"Yeah" HOW COOL IS THAT! It gets better... When the young girl is driving Malone into town, he says he is travelling around. She says that must be interesting..his reply is: "Isn't every place just like the other." HOW WISE IS THAT! A classic.. Young girl takes coffee up to Malone in the morning.He is lying on his bed.After putting the coffee down, she asks him:"Are you getting up or going to bed" His reply:"I haven't decided yet" Only someone as COOL as Malone hasn't decided whether he wants to sleep or not!! The list goes on and on. A review of Reynolds other movie 'Heat' suggested you shout the movie title every time some action happened. I suggest the same here..There is a scene when right-wing assassins come to kill Malone, they naturally fail but in trying to warn him, the young girl screams..all together now..M A L O N E!
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Burt Reynolds
gavin694230 December 2013
Ex-CIA hit-man running from his past (Richard Malone, played by Burt Reynolds) finds just how difficult it is to retire when he runs across a small town controlled by mercenaries and a family that is resisting their control.

Reynolds is a smooth pimp, even kissing a young girl in front of her father. I mean, really, who has the balls to do that? Only Reynolds. And why not, when you can go around and beat people up -- or kill them -- without the police being able to stop you?

An odd mystery: at one point, Malone's birth date is given as February 14, 1941. I wonder if this date was chosen for any particular reason. This is not Reynolds' birthday, and in fact would make Malone a few years younger than Reynolds...
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"Malone kicks some major ass!!"
hilfigerplaya075 August 2002
Burt Reynolds did an awesome job as Malone, I thought he did real well as a CIA-agent; I thought he did well fighting as he did shooting, in that one scene on the bridge where he busted that dude up that was awesome; and unfortunatley for the guy's brother there was something under that newspaper! And Malone did a well job getting even with the villian & his followers when they killed that women. Malone is definantley not the type of guy to mess with!
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One of the finest 80s action movie
vinu_ks1336 May 2017
I have seen a number of burt reynold movies starting from deliverance, physical evidence, strip tease, mad dog time, hard time etc.. His physique gives him the scope do to action movies at ease.

The action sequences are intense and short, but the movie is made well by the director harley cokliss, if u run thru the movie u will not find much action.

Considering that it was released in 1987, the run up to the climax was nice.

I would like to watch more movies of him
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Great Action Movie
Richard Dominguez6 November 2016
A Great Blast From The 80's Action Movies ... Malone Promises Action, Good Acting And Lots Of Fun ... It Delivers ... Like The Classic 1953 Alan Ladd Movie "Shane" Or The 1985 Clint Eastwood Movie "Pale Rider", Burt Reynold As Malone Rides Into A Down Trodden Town Where Good People Are Being Harassed By The Powers That Be, The Movie Is Similar To The Two Mentioned Including The Love Smitten Young Lady ... Yet The Movie Stands Alone As A Movie Worth Watching ... Cliff Robertson Is Excellent As The Self Appointed Savior Of His Country ... I Haven't Watched A Lot Of Burt Reynold's Work But This Was A Pleasure To Watch ... My IMDb Rating 8 Out Of 10
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A great movie to ridicule
mrmaguda8 April 2002
This movie is perfect for making fun of. Last Friday, I rented this movie so my friends and I could ridicule it. We had a blast. We were also the only people ever to rent it from our local video store. I feel so proud.
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Decide for yourself
GorgonHeep29 August 2001
The box-cover of " Malone " tells you all you really need to know about this movie if you're deciding to watch it or not ( at least the one I saw ). Burt Reynolds is firing a sawed-off shotgun, in a gung-ho stance and a battle-cry across his face, while bleeding profusely from a bullet hole in his leg and in his side. Decide for yourself. ( Combining Burt Reynolds, with a wild action role, and title called " Malone ", I ended up watching it for laughs ).
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He's EX-cop, EX-CIA, EX-plosive!
TunnelKeeperOfDoom18 October 2003
Warning: Spoilers
As far as I am concerned Burt Reynolds is John Malone. Or is it Richard Malone? For all I care it could Karl Malone, because it would not make a lick of difference. The movie "Malone" is a laughable little piece of clap-trap born out of the unfortunate Mr. Reynolds' lowest career point; the late 80's. His movies were of low quality as was his toupee`. Today, in my opnion, he is still riding on the crest of a five year "Boogie Nights" wave. I found his Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds commercials absolutely delightful.

"Malone" is a movie not to be entered into lightly. Like all towering achievements in the arena of bad movies, do not watch it alone. It is best experienced in groups of four where three members of the viewing audience have already seen it and the fourth only knows of it as a joke shared between the other three.

As in countless other films of low quality, "Malone" is full of ideas that sound good in theory. A government assassin overcome with an attack of conscience burns his past identity and escapes to a nowhere town in Oregon. You realize a movie is bad when it cannot help but under-develop its own story's importance, it's reason for being.

"Malone" is fun to watch for all the wrong reasons; character motivations do not hold up under scrutiny, a sense of urgency is never established, and ***SPOILER AHEAD*** the last ten minutes or so is Burt Reynolds one-by-one murdering miscellaneous henchmen and then detonating explosives. ***END OF SPOILER***
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Routine but Entertaining B Movie
Michael_Elliott24 December 2017
Malone (1987)

** 1/2 (out of 4)

Malone (Burt Reynolds) is an ex-CIA agent who was used as a hitman. He has walked away from that life but when his car breaks down in a small town out West he finds himself in a new battle. It turns out that a man named Delaney (Cliff Robertson) is trying to force people out of this small town so that he can operate some sort of twisted game. Malone decides to come to the rescue of the people he's been staying with.

MALONE is a pretty routine action film but at the same time it's certainly a lot better than the "A" pictures that Reynolds was doing earlier in the decade. It's funny to think that Reynolds career was booming thanks to films like THE CANNONBALL RUN, its sequel and STROKER ACE even though they were all quite terrible. The public soon caught up to that fact and before long the actor was making "B" movies.

I must say, going through some of these films there's no question that the "B" movies I've watched were a lot more entertaining and that holds true for MALONE. As I said, this is a pretty standard action movie but there's certainly enough entertainment to be found here that one can have some fun with it. The film's main drawing point is Reynolds who turns in a decent performance and he's at least believable enough in the role. The film offers up nice suport from Robertson as the bad guy. Cynthia Gibb and Scott Wilson were good as the folks who take in Reynolds' character.

There are some decent and rather bloody action scenes and it appears that the filmmakers really wanted a lot of blood when it came to the shooting victims. There are a lot of people being blasted here and there's no doubt that the film earns its R-rating. The story is rather weak to say the least and the film begins to lose momentum as it reaches its climax but if you're a fan of Reynolds then this is still worth watching.
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Better than I thought it would be
dctassa11 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Typical 80's action movie. Bad guys shouldn't have killed Malone's love interest. He was leaving town. Had to come back and kill all of the bad guys. Death by hay bale was a new one for me.

The Madrid character was a kind of parody of creepy bad guys and got his just deserts in the end. Also includes a crooked small time sheriff.

Not a bad way to spend 90 minutes. Nice scenery and several nice explosions (I don't blame Malone for turning back to look at the last one).

The Alfred E Neuman signature on the CIA card shown at the start of the credits was pure genius.

Burt's hair piece should have received an Oscar...
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Adequate entertainment.
Scott LeBrun15 May 2014
"Malone" manages to at least be watchable without being distinctive in any way. It's pretty much a routine action drama of the time as well as an okay vehicle for veteran star Burt Reynolds. The action is largely perfunctory, and yes, the plot isn't always terribly believable, but a strong supporting cast keeps the attention from wandering too much. There is some effectively brutal violence as bodies get ripped apart by bullets, and some explosions as part of the deal. Harley Cokeliss directs competently if not stylishly. The location shooting in Canada is decent, and that wilderness setting is lovely. (Stock shots of Langley and L.A. are also used). A great score by David Newman is an asset.

The story (scripted by Christopher Frank, based on a novel by William P. Wingate) is awfully familiar stuff: Malone (Reynolds) is a former CIA assassin with no more desire to do his job, so he takes it on the lam. Car trouble forces him to stop at a remote service station run by nice guy Paul Barlow (Scott Wilson), who just so happens to have a cute daughter, Jo (Cynthia Gibb). Malone has arrived in this community just in time to get caught up in the schemes of Delaney (Cliff Robertson), a rich man buying up property like crazy; Delaney turns out to be a right wing zealot hoping to establish a base of operations in the area.

Despite receiving a very serious bullet wound at one point, Malone is a tough s.o.b. who takes on all comers. Fortunately for him, most of Delaney's henchmen are completely useless idiots. That definitely removes a lot of suspense. Reynolds delivers a commendably low key performance in the lead, the ever likable Wilson is excellent as always, Robertson is amusing in a very unsubtle turn, and Gibb (whose character Jo becomes quite attached to Malone) is endearing. Lauren Hutton co-stars as the CIA agent sent to take care of the Malone problem, Kenneth McMillan is the local sheriff, and Tracey Walter and Dennis Burkley play a troublesome pair of redneck brothers working for Delaney.

If nothing else, this obvious "Shane" homage should be a mild diversion for Reynolds fans.

Six out of 10.
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Appreciative movie by Burt Reynolds
Here's another movie that should be a great hit. "Malone" is a movie that should be recognized with. He plays the title character who leaves no trace of his whereabouts when he relocates. He goes into town where it's nearly gone. It's being bought up by a man who not only buying out the town, but is involved in a dark political conspiracy. Malone(Reynolds) was driving west when his Mustang breaks down. He stays in the service station that doubles as a small house with a guest room. In the morning, the daughter(Cynthia Gibb) snoops in his belongings, to find a gun. Then both Malone and the attendant's daughter go into town. Only to be confronted by the thugs. Malone would neutralize the big one(Dennis Burkley, 1945-2013). That act caused the brother to get even. However, he ended up dead by Malone's gun. Infuriated, the sheriff brings in Malone which draws the main leader out to meet him for the first time. While the car was being worked on, Malone has hidden a shotgun behind the gas tank which comes in handy the next day. Two more hit men come to look for Malone. He takes care of them as well. Only the second one wounds him before meeting his end in a explosion. News of his injury call out his former partner(Lauren Hutton, they did "Gator" years earlier) to put him in a safe house for the time to later catch up with each other. The group that was taken over the town made a huge mistake when they killed her. That act makes Malone go on the hunt. I'll say that it is a great movie. Highly recommend for all the Burt Reynolds fans out there. 3 out of 5 stars.
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Home Malone
Tony Bush24 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Once upon a time, in the 1970s, Burt Reynolds vied with Clint Eastwood for Hollywood male movie star domination at the box office. He was one hell of a popular guy, no denying, but when it came to outlasting and outstripping Mr Eastwood in terms of popularity, creativity and sheer movie mythology, ultimately he was on a hiding to nowhere.

Eastwood saw himself more as a film-maker than a star. Reynolds saw himself that way too. Problem was, the films Burt made were mostly uninspiring and forgettable box-office bubblegum time-wasters. Where Eastwood could boast powerfully iconic characters like The Man With No Name and Dirty Harry and Josie Wales Reynolds had Bandit, Gator McKlusky and Stick Stickley. When Eastwood started directing audiences got PLAY MISTY FOR ME, HIGH PLAINS DRIFTER, THE OUTLAW JOSIE WALES, and eventually the Oscar-baiting UNFORGIVEN. Reynolds gave audiences a taste of his directorial skills with GATOR, THE END, SHARKEY'S MACHINE and STICK.

By the eighties, neither actor seemed to still be at the top of their game, but Eastwood continued to remain a timeless epitome of cool machismo. Whereas Reynolds, with his 70s porno-star moustache and intricately coiffed toupé looked sadly hokey and anachronistic.

Which brings me to MALONE. This is one of those films that you feel you shouldn't like but do in-spite of your better judgement. Burt is an ex-special forces operative and CIA troubleshooter proficient at wet work. He loses his edge, aborts an assassination and walks away because he's had enough of the killing and stuff, etc, etc. He ends up stranded in a one horse town in a beautiful valley somewhere in California when his car breaks down. As is the way of such things, the parts he needs to get his car working again have to be ordered so he shelters with the local garage owner and his nubile daughter.

Meanwhile, mega rich and frozen-faced landowner Delaney (Cliff Robertson) is buying up all the local properties and strong-arming the populace out of his way. He's an ultra right-wing nut-job building an army to fight for truth, justice and the American way. Which translates as "kill anyone who doesn't agree with us or is in any way, shape or form different than us." Soon, Malone crosses the path of some of his hired goons and you can pretty much guess the rest. Yes, they've met the wrong guy this time. When Malone's ex partner and lover (Lauren Hutton) ends up with a plastic bag over her head at the hands of Delaney's thugs his aversion to all the killing and stuff, etc, etc, is forgotten and Burt and his trusty toupé embark on a one man wigged-out mission to blow them all away.

What can I tell you. It's dumb, predictable, contrived, thick-eared and really quite low rent. And it's great fun. Burt takes it all quite seriously, but ironically looks utterly absurd. The moustache, the wig, the denims, the paunch. But he punches, runs, jumps and shoots with remarkable enthusiasm and prowess. Whilst looking utterly absurd. Cliff Robertson has the quizzically stunned expression of a man who once won a best actor Oscar and is now wondering just what the hell happened to his career and just how did he wind up a second stringer in films like MALONE.

Yet I don't resent this movie one iota. Certainly not enough to call it a guilty pleasure because I don't feel guilty in the least. I like this film because I enjoy it. And if it came down to a choice of kicking back with some DVDs at home and watching either MALONE or MILLION DOLLAR BABY (even though Eastwood is number one in my book) it's going to be a clear case of home MALONE.
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"I bought your badge. Not your opinion."
lost-in-limbo19 March 2013
Burt Reynold's might go low-key and solemn for his performance in "Malone", but when it came to delivering the action… it's a full-on assault. Slow-motion and shotgun = win-win. And that sequence is beautifully staged… for action fans. "Malone" is a moodily straight- face, if ridiculously plotted late 80s action fodder. Something very different to what Reynolds was participating in within this 80s period. Fans of "Sharky's Machine" might just dig it, because of the violence and a non-mugging Reynolds.

Still what stood out to me just how closely it followed Clint Eastwood's formula in the 1985 western "Pale Rider", especially the connection the between the young impressionable girl (the delightful Cynthia Gibb) and the ex-CIA hit-man drifter who unwillingly gets caught up a small town drama. That was a western, but here it takes a modern-day approach but the western vibe of a mysterious stranger coming into town lingers heavily. Someone escaping their past, trying to get by to only find themselves bringing unwanted attention. The script is rather slapdash and some story arches are questionable (main character's ability to heal), contrived and incredibly silly. Like that of Hutton's assassin, in what feels like nothing more than to push the plot along and add motivation.

Malone was a CIA hit-man who suddenly calls it quits despite the disapproval of his bosses. This leads him to hitting the road to escape his past, but he finds himself stranded in a small town when his car breaks down. For the time being he stays with the mechanic and his daughter until its repaired, but its not a peaceful stay as he comes to blows with a pitiless land developer with very ambitious political interest in seeing America weed out its traitors.

For most part "Malone" is predictable, stoic and casually paced with quick bursts of brutal, heated violence. However this all changes when it becomes personal for Reynold's hit-man, as the crackerjack climatic showdown feels like something out of a comic book James Bond outing. Nonetheless some scenes do pack a punch and the striking sequence of Reynold's coming out of the shadows to confront Cliff Robertson's callously patriotic bad-guy is a marvellous touch. You gotta love his paranoid ramblings and the extreme lengths he goes to. Robertson nails down the puppeteer character with great intent, despite a certain hammy glee to his grandeur viper illustration. There's some good support from the likes of Scott Wilson, Lauren Hutton, Kenneth McMillan, Alex Diakun, Phillip Anglim, Dennis Burkley and character actor Tracy Walter who has a very memorable encounter with the title character.

Director Harley Cokeliss' plain direction is sturdy without showing much style, despite his use of slow-motion and capturing shots of an attractive valley backdrop.

Going back to serious roots, Reynold's "Malone" is sober, tough and mindless action.

"Are you so important?"
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socks older than you....
FlashCallahan5 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Richard Malone is an ex-CIA agent, who wants to forget his past and maybe start things all over again.

Travelling through the United States, Malone has to stop for a few days in a small but beautiful town, after his car breaks down.

He soon becomes a friend of a family, and discovers that an eccentric millionaire of the region, Charles Delaney, keeps all the habitants of the town under his power, by fear and coalition.

What Delaney really wants is to become the next president and, soon, dominate the world.

But Malone decides not to make things so easy for Delaney: using his CIA profit, he will challenge him and all his hired assassins...

When Burt did Shane...

A typical action movie from Burt an MGM which were rife during the late eighties, but this is noticeable for three things, Burts wonderful wig, Burts increasingly tight trouser and shirt combo, and one of the most strangest bro-mances I have ever seen.

To let someone with a moustache of that calibre stay in your house after only meeting them once is strange, but the relationship the two male leads have is beyond the volleyball scene in Top Gun.

For the rest of the movie though, it's pretty standard, if very watchable stuff. Malone becomes protector and spends the majority of the film hiring a stunt double whenever he has to run from a distance.

Nothing really happens, there is a crash, and a siege which concludes with Malone sitting in the shadows and coming into view a couple of times.

The cast are fine, and it's okay stuff to watch, if forgettable.
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An enjoyable and silly Burt gem!
Comeuppance Reviews11 February 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Richard Malone (Reynolds) is a former CIA assassin and Special Ops soldier whose car breaks down in the sleepy burg of Comstock, Oregon. He's trying to escape his past, but he runs afoul of the sinister Charles Delaney (Robertson), a small-town megalomaniac who is trying to take over the world. While in Comstock, he makes friends with the kindly mechanic and garage owner Paul (Wilson) , and develops an interesting relationship with his young daughter Jo (Gibb of Death Warrant fame). The town he's in is so small, he even develops fame among the locals as "The Guy With The Car Trouble". Even though Jamie (Hutton) is trying to stop his violent ways, he cuts through the corruption and red tape of the local Sheriffs and takes on Delaney and his many goons.

Malone is 90 minutes of stupid entertainment at its finest. It's chock full with funny lines and absurd situations, way too many to recount here. Burt Reynolds' monosyllabic performance is just amazing - his contempt for the very fact that he has to be there is so open and unmasked. Luckily for the audience, that's absolutely hilarious. But it's not just Reynolds who has checked out: Robertson as the smarmy land developer who sends thugs to kill off his rivals is a total paycheck role. Both men phoned in their roles to extremely funny effect. I assume this was unintentional. Perhaps Reynolds assumed his mustache, funny faces, expanding gut and bizarre toupee would carry the day. As it turns out, he was right! It totally does.

A lot of the running time of Malone is comprised of various people asking Richard Malone what his name is. There's always a pause, and then Reynolds exasperatingly exhales "Malone". This takes up a good 20-30 percent of the film's running time. Fortunately, this scenario gets funnier every time it happens.

It has been noted the film's many similarities to the classic Western Shane (1953), but it also appears the later Radical Jack (2000) was heavily influenced by Malone (as has everyone else that's ever seen it). A mysterious man comes to a small town, a man that happens to be trained in the deadly arts, and tries to stop yet another small-town crime boss (I guess every little town has one) and must fight the "evil yokels" along the way.

On the technical side, if you live in America and have Netflix streaming, watch Malone that way. It's in widescreen and the print they found is stunning. Even though we had seen it on VHS previously, watching it on streaming was like watching it for the first time. It really brought out the full potential and many nuances of the film.

You'll be singing "I think we're Malone now" as you laugh your way through this very enjoyable gem.

For more insanity, please visit:
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Not the mailman but...
Frank Markland14 July 2006
Burt Reynolds star as Malone, an ex CIA agent who comes to small town and helps a family against greedy businessmen led by Cliff Robertson, at first Malone doesn't want to get involved as he is trying to keep a low profile however after an attack in town, he feels obligated to fight back. Malone would be a fun action flick, if it weren't so incredibly boring. The movie is fairly un-credible with Reynolds getting hit by a shotgun and getting better in days, normally plot holes like that don't bother me but when the movie is so low on action and lame in script, you question the movie's decision to be character driven. As it stands this not nearly as fun as one would expect from it's cover.

*1/2 out of 4-(Poor)
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