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Jimmie F. Skaggs: Drug Dealer #1


  • Drug Dealer #3 : [Riggs is in a Christmas tree lot, and pretends to sample some coke for a buy]  Good, huh? Tasty? Smooth?

    Martin Riggs : Yeah, that's good...

    Drug Dealer #1 : [walking up with a beer]  Here ya go, pal...

    Martin Riggs : Thanks. Okay, so let's do it. How much?

    Drug Dealer #3 : How much for how much?

    Martin Riggs : For all of it.

    Drug Dealer #3 : You want it all. He wants it all.

    Drug Dealer #1 : He wants it all, beautiful. Congratulations!

    Drug Dealer #3 : All right!

    Martin Riggs : Maybe a nice six footer to put it under, huh?

    Drug Dealer #2 : You want a tree? I'll tell you what. I'll give you the best tree I got on the lot, for nothin'. But the shit's gonna cost ya... a hundred.

    Martin Riggs : What, that much?

    Drug Dealer #3 : Hey, you said you liked it, that's a fair price.

    Martin Riggs : Yeah... yeah! Hell, you only live once... get this together here...

    [takes out his wallet, starts counting out a hundred dollars] 

    Martin Riggs : Twenty, forty, sixty, seventy...

    Drug Dealer #1 : Hey, what the fuck...

    Drug Dealer #2 : Hey, man... Hey!

    Martin Riggs : C'mon, shut up man, I'm losin' count... Ninety-three, ninety-four, ninety...

    Drug Dealer #2 : Forget it, you dumbshit. One hundred THOUSAND. One hundred THOUSAND, DOLLARS!

    Martin Riggs : A hundred thousand?


    Martin Riggs : I'm sorry, I can't afford that, not on my salary. But I'll tell ya what, I got a better idea, here. Let me say I take the whole stash of your hands for free, and you assholes can go to jail.

    [takes out his badge and puts it on the table in front of them] 

    Martin Riggs : What do you say about that? Now I could read you guys your rights, but ah, you guys already know what your rights are, don't you?

    Drug Dealer #2 : [drug dealers stare, then start to laugh]  This badge ain't real. YOU ain't real.

    Drug Dealer #1 : No, but you sure are a crazy son of a bitch!

    Martin Riggs : [They all laugh]  You think I'm crazy? You call me crazy, you think I'm crazy? You wanna see crazy?

    [Riggs starts slapping him self on the head, Stooges style, then pokes their eyes and slaps them, and pulls out his gun] 

    Martin Riggs : . Now that's a real badge, I'm a real cop, and this is a real fucking gun!

    Drug Dealer #2 : [menacing]  Okay, pal...

    Martin Riggs : Hey, noses in the dirt, asshole...

    [And the guns start blazin'] 

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