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An old-fashioned farce in modern day LA
carloi8 March 2001
Hollywood can still make old-fashioned farces when it wants to. "The Last fling" is a predictable story of a bride-to be (lovely Connie Sellecca) who wants to get even with her fiance' for his insensitivity. Enter man-about-town John Ritter who had incredibly just broken off a budding romance with gorgeous Shannon Tweed. Thru many twists and turns this enjoyable, light comedy proceeds to it's predictable happy ending. Sellecca and Ritter, not noted for their acting abilities, both turn in good performances while Tweed is unfortunately on the screen for only a short time.

If you want a few quick laughs at the foolishness of both men and women without having to think very much, this movie is for you.
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John Ritter at his best
Balou-614 July 1999
I loved that movie. Seeing John Ritter again after Three's Company, and the lovely Connie Selecca ! She's so beautiful ! Although it was a typical american movie, ( the beautiful women falling in love with the right guy and dumping the wrong guy !), It was predictable. But it was nonetheless a very good movie. And seeing John Ritter doing his Jack Tripper moves one more time! ( When he tripped in the apartment with his bowl of popcorn when the telephone rang, and when he got down the palm-tree and hurting himself, it was hilarious !) I even taped the movie when it aired on television, just for the pleasure of seeing John Ritter one more time. And Connie Selecca too of course !
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Fling yourself down on a sofa, all you Ritter, Sellecca, and romcom fans, and enjoy this nice little piece of fluff
inkblot1115 July 2008
Gloria Franklin (lovely Connie Sellecca) lives in the city of Angels, where she is about to marry her longtime, snobbish boyfriend. Although she detests his overbearing attitude, at times, such as the moment when he tries to tell her how best to load a dishwasher, his business prowess means that he will be a good provider for the future. Yet, when she telephones her fiancé at his hotel room (he is on a work-related trip), a female answers. She concludes, rightly, that he is cheating on her. This makes her see red and she decides then and there to have her own "last fling" 8 days before the actual wedding. After all, didn't she meet a funny, charming man, Philip (John Ritter) at the zoo and doesn't she still have his phone number? Lawyer Philip, meanwhile, has been waiting for her call, for he was instantly smitten with her beauty and kindness. They arrange to travel to a beach in Mexico, where Gloria has access to a condo. But, after an idyllic day and night of romance, Philip wakes up to find that Gloria is gone, leaving him a video which explains her impending marriage in a week and her decision to break off all communication with the young attorney. Philip is in agony. However, he soon resolves to "find" Gloria and try to stop her from marrying a man she does not love. Can he succeed? This is a made for television movie that successfully entertains fans of romantic comedy or fans of those attractive stars, Ritter and Sellecca. Sellecca looks most beautiful and her sweet nature is very charming, although one would like to shake her for choosing to marry an unfaithful snob. Ritter, as can be expected, is likewise charming and fetching, with his abundant talent for humor on display in every one of his scenes. They are the reasons to see this film, as the production is definitely average, at best, with merely adequate, and decidedly dated, costumes, scenery, and camera work. The script, too, although romantic, is nothing to write home about, either, and only comes to life through the hard work of the two stars. If you, like many other fans of humorous love tales, are always looking out for the available films in the genre, here is one to try. So, grab it at the nearest outlet and fling yourself down on the sofa for a nice little reprieve from the cares of daily existence.
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I Know That Love Ballad Song Folks
arsingh118 February 2005
Hi America!!! I enjoyed watching one of my most favorite sitcom actors of all time, John Ritter from "Three's Company" (God bless you John wherever your soul may be in Heaven since you made me laugh so many times playing Jack Tripper). John was great in that romantic TV drama last night on CityTV channel called "The Last Fling" co-starring with that very beautiful actress, Connie Sellecca (John Tesh is a very lucky man). Oh how I wish she was mine. I remember watching her on "The Greatest American Hero" with William Katt and Robert Culp back in the 1980's when I was going to high school.

Anyways, I did some research and found out that beautiful love ballad song played during the lovemaking scene with John Ritter and Connie Sellecca's characters. It was a very mellow soothing stylish love song. I loved it. I mean, that's the kind of song musical groups today (2005 era) should be playing. The soundtrack was "Par Avion" (a.k.a " comes the night, here comes the dreaming of you...") sung by 70's/80's progressive rock band called Mike & The Mechanics. Did you know that the members of this band played with Phil Collins and Peter Gabriel? That's why when the song was being played, it automatically reminded me of Phil Collins' style of music. It evokes such incredible feelings and imagery of fantasy love, Southern California sunshine, moonlight romance and deep sentimental meaning. You know, like the way Phil Collins sounded like in moody background synthesizer scenes on Michael Mann's "Miami Vice" starring Don Johnson as Det. Sonny Crockett. Very cool music. And this song "Par Avion" just took me back to the 80's Miami Vice era with its cool slow synthesizer soft beat kind of stylish sound. Excellent music and a great choice for a soundtrack, even with any post-2005 romance movie, whether feature-length blockbuster or TV movie of the week.


A.R. Singh Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Friday, February 18, 2005
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funny film
mjoyceh22 December 2018
This film is predicable and very dated. It looks like a 1980's TV episode. But it is also at times very funny. This film has several great moments of laugh-out-loud slapstick humor. John Ritter is terrific, as is Paul Sand in a small supporting role.
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I would call it a comedy version of "The Graduate"
Winnetou-36 April 2002
This is an excellent light comedy that should cheer one up even during the worst blues. I usually watch it when I am sad, and, guess what, it takes the blues away. Guaranteed! You will find several parallels to "The Graduate," such as the general plot line (a guy fighting for his love, who is about to get married to somebody else) and some scenes (like the one when Phil-John Ritter is watching Gloria-Connie Sellecca through the glass ceiling and shouting her name) that could have been meant as "Graduate" travesties, however, in good spirit and. There is no Mrs. Robinson, though.

In general: full of fun, sense of humor, good acting and excellent moral message. Recommended!
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Good Mixture of Comedy and Romance
thehappychuckler21 January 2020
Divorce lawyer and ladies man Phillip Reed (John Ritter) becomes sick of skirt chasing and is ready to settle down and find the right woman. Meanwhile, Gloria Franklin (Connie Selleca) is in a relationship with her fiancee Jason Elliott (John Bennett Perry) who has been stepping out. She meets Phillip and right away he feels she is the right one, but she fights it as she is going to be getting married in one week.

Has enough laugh out loud moments and enough romance to make the cut. Both leads are good and this TV movie doesn't seem to drag at all. Worth a watch in the least if you enjoy romantic comedies. Also starring Scott Bakula and Shannon Tweed.
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total bust because of ritter
sandcrab2778 September 2019
Ritter has always been a grade a peckerwood who thinks he's a comedian ... i only watched this movie because of shannon tweed and connie sellecca are two beautiful women that perform well in whatever they do ... the rest is truly bad including that putz scott bakula
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GREAT romantic comedy. :-)
elcoat17 August 2019
Notice that there is no Goofs section for this film. What would be the point of it? :-)

John Ritter and bella Italian-American signorina Connie Sellecca were perfect for this film. John plays a divorce lawyer looking for The One and tells super-sexy predatory blonde SHANNON TWEED good-bye - that she's just not his type.

A cute scene in the movie is when his mom - worrying that he might be secretly gay - tries to set him up with an also tall and blonde & beautiful but very provincial and linguistically challenged Norwegian girl.

So a day or two later he's wandering around the zoo and encounters this BEAUTIFUL brunette and instantly falls in love with her. She's kind and promises she'll call him - not wanting to break his heart by telling him her wedding is in 8 days!

In the meantime, her boorish fiance - who has a good provider practical income but is picky around their apartment - decides to go to Las Vegas for a bachelor party last fling ... and when she telephones his hotel room, a girl answers.

SO she decides to have HER last fling and gives John a call, suddenly suggesting they go to her relatives' place in Acapulco and giving him a false name.

And then they fall in love, but she's gone the next morning, leaving a video telling him why she must leave and they mustn't see each other ever again.

Needless to say, Our Hero launches on his Quest to find her and save her from a loveless, practical marriage for their true love ... and it only gets funnier, crazier, and then happier with every scene. :-)

Actually, I had a similar experience with an (older) Italian-American girl 50 some years ago, albeit with a different outcome.

I was in Washington DC out-processing from West Point and walked into a government office building looking for a rest room. I passed an open door, and there was this BEAUTIFUL young Italian-looking (and indeed so) brunette leaning over a counter in an unbuttoned lab coat ... which did not conceal her beauty. (Think Monica Bellucci and Sophia Loren ... and Connie Sellecca ... or an equally beautiful blend of them all.)

To her startlement, I walked right in and we had a delightful conversation, and after her shift was over she took me to her apartment and showed me around, but nothing happened. (I was 18 and ... very shy. I think she was 21.) She finally said her roommate was coming, wanted me to leave before she arrived, and promised to meet me for lunch the next day.

And so I got a pass the next day to go downtown again, and we indeed met. She seemed extremely nervous and kept looking over her shoulder. Finally, she said that her family owed a Mafia family a lot of money, she was betrothed to the Mafia family's son, and if they found out then terrible things would happen to her and her family ... and we had to say good-bye. She was REALLY scared..

I said I understood, wished her all the best, and we parted in sweet sorrow.

I hope she is well and had many equally beautiful daughters.

About 35 years later, a Mafia son got another sweet and beautiful girl - although not for marriage - I felt/fell in love with, this time an Anglo girl.

However, The Last Fling has a much happier ending. :-)
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John Ritter and Connie Sellecca
wilsonandrewc17 April 2016
This film took place in Los Angeles, California just like their 3 TV shows, Three's Company, Three's a Crowd and The Greatest American Hero did. Gloria Faye Franklin (played by Connie Sellecca AKA Pam Davidson Hinkley from The Greatest American Hero) who is about to marry the wrong guy who betrays her on his trip to Vegas by sleeping with another woman decides to do the same by calling Phillip Reed (played by John Ritter AKA Jack Tripper from Three's Company and Three's a Crowd R.I.P.) whom she just met at the zoo and invites him on a weekend trip to Mexico and they fall in love and they end up in bed together and Gloria leaves Phillip a videotape saying that she is getting married in a week, so he tries to stop the wedding and find her and convince her that they belong together. The movie ends when Gloria leaves her snobby and unfaithful groom at the altar and she and Phillip go for a walk in the zoo and she marries him instead and they run away together
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Very enjoyable, even if it was predictable.
garyw-210 April 1999
It's nice to see a movie that isn't full of sex and violence for a change. This well-used plot of "girl is about to marry wrong guy - hero steps in, they fall in love, and she marries him instead" is all too familiar, but Connie Sellecca is attractive and plays her part well. It's nice to see John Ritter in something other than "Three's Company" reruns (which I don't watch!). Watch this one just for the fun of it.
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better than a TV movie usually deserves to be - love is sleepless, even if "rust never sleeps"
jDoge26 January 2010
i saw this film a few years ago almost by accident; don't usually watch Lifetime but, John Ritter in a movie is quite rare. it was so good that it reminded me of mystical love stories like Somewhere In Time (Reeve/Seymour) or Timestalkers (lauren hutton). there was no time travel, alas, but the love element reminded me of Sleepless in Seattle & French Connection (& of course the great "RomCom" talent Nora Ephron's inspiration, An Affair To Remember (Kerr/Grant)). Tried to get it on media but only found it @ a VHS specialty shop.

When i started this film up 2nite, remembering how exciting the chase at the end of Sleepless & Affair were &, yes, especially the Graduate, i was at first disappointed. After all, how can a divorce attorney be a romantic lead, even the eternal Mover, Jack Tripper? There was some romantic thing where Drew Barrymore "divorces" her parents including Love Story's Ryan O'Neal & a True Pro, Shelley Long, yet somehow that worked, so.... the LA Raiders (?!) seemed kind of dated, like the Nawleans 'Aints in a Clint Eastwood/Dirty Harry flick… oh yeah Drew Brees is just taking the S'aints to the SuperBowl, so maybe the film will be better than the beginning, or so i am hoping…. well, maybe Jack T Ripper & Miss Sellecca can't carry …. WAIT a minute! Was that that Old Black Magic, "chemistry" i know, so well, that i just saw again like the very 1st time?? Oh, right, so THAT's what Hollywood does so well, i remember….! Well, as i am remembering the zoo "chance" meeting (Miss Right w/ Mr. "Close Enough" ?) & the later hitchhiking w/ migrant workers in Mexico (i lived in Cuernavaca as a child), i KNOW this vehicle will again prove 2 B one of the Great RomanticComedies, so i am now checking the reviews here, & ... Mike & the Mechanics? Mr Singh, THANK YOU !! My own "miss wright" married a guy named Michael John, & i had forgotten them until one day twenty years ago when my new roomie had the tube on (i hardly ever had a TV) & something called Airwolf w/ J-M Vincent came on, the theme being "Can U Hear Me?" by Mike & the Mechs - (meta) logically connected with a CIA boss called "Archangel". i bought the 45 rpm; that was the first single 4 me in over 14 years. Now it's iTunes & Zune. In fact, i always think of that lost love; that's why i am rehashing "RomComs" like this even now. Anyway, do NOT miss this if U get a chance - it's amazing how much smallScreen pros like JRit transcend the material like Ms Amy above said, making a much better love story than the one famously titled that, one much loved by my (Boomer) generation. Thank u all 4 your reviews; they make this film even more a pleasure! U might also try "Forever Young" (mGibson/cFisher) if u really like this stuff….

ain't just Dustin & Ryan be talking' bout my -- generation still truckin Si Valley "RomCom Dummy" {:-P
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