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Lou Diamond Phillips Pleads Guilty to Dwi, Must Stay Sober for 2 Years

  • TMZ
Lou Diamond Phillips took a plea deal stemming from his Dwi arrest ... so now he's gotta stay off the sauce for a couple years. The "La Bamba" actor pled guilty to driving under the influence back in November in Portland, Texas, and was sentenced to 2 years probation ... according to his lawyer. The conditions of the probation reportedly state the 56-year-old actor must stay sober, take a Dwi education class, not enter bars or taverns, report
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10 Things You Didn’t Know about “La Bamba”

La Bamba is the story of Ritchie Valens and how he came to be a star. His life was never entirely perfect but he did manage to live the good life once he got famous. He had a very severe fear of flying however since he’d had a dream once that he was killed in a mid-air collision. While it wasn’t that kind of accident that led to his end it was an accident that was dubbed The Night the Music Died. He, Buddy Holly, and The Big Bopper boarded a jet that had been chartered by Holly in order

10 Things You Didn’t Know about “La Bamba
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Will Smith Eats His First Australian Meat Pie: ‘It’s Hot As S**t!’

  • ET Canada
Will Smith is taking his palette on an international adventure. Related: Will Smith Proves He Can Sing ‘La Bamba’ In Spanish The latest episode of Smith’s YouTube vlog series took him to down under, where the “Bright” actor had his first taste of an Australian meat pie. Smith, 49, did the Aussies proud, correctly eating a meat
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Meet Lou Diamond Phillips' Model Daughter Gracie Phillips

Meet Gracie Phillips, a model and daughter of Lou Diamond Phillips, known for roles in movies such as Young Guns and La Bamba. The 20-year-old has been modeling for two years and is signed to the prestigious Wilhelmina models agency. Gracie is one of several rising models with famous parents, the most popular being Bella Hadid and Gigi Hadid—daughters of former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star and former model Yolanda Hadid, and Kaia Gerber and Preston Gerber, children of supermodel Cindy Crawford. "As I was looking on social media, I saw positives but I also saw the negatives—people bashing the kids of people who were in the industry, saying...
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Will Smith Proves to Fans He Can Actually Sing 'La Bamba' — in Spanish!

Will Smith Proves to Fans He Can Actually Sing 'La Bamba' — in Spanish!
Will Smith proved his fans wrong on Monday when he shared a video of himself singing “La Bamba” in Spanish.

The Suicide Squad star, 49, shared a video of himself on Instagram inside of a car singing the classic 1958 song by Ritchie Valens.

“Some of y’all were roasting me in the comments for not knowing the words to La Bamba the other day…” Smith wrote in the caption.

The actor showed off his bilingual skills in the video, starting off by saying the same thing as his caption but in Spanish, “Mucha gente en los comentarios se burlaban de mi
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This Is Us Recap: 'We're Gonna Be Ok'

This Is Us Recap: 'We're Gonna Be Ok'
Need to catch up? Check out the previous This Is Us recap here.

Raise your crumpled-tear-stained-Kleenex-holding hand if you feared watching Jack’s funeral on Tuesday’s This Is Us might be even harder to bear than witnessing his death!

We’ve known this day was coming, right from the start of last season. We’ve even seen snippets of it, black clothes and weeping and The Big Three (plus Mom) at their very lowest point, etc. But where Sunday’s episode offered a form of twisted relief — at least now we finally know how he died! — Tuesday’s hour
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Everything You Need to Know About the 2018 Grammy Awards

Get ready because music’s biggest night is upon us — the Grammy Awards!

The Recording Academy’s annual telecast will air live from New York City’s Madison Square Garden after a 15-year run in Los Angeles on Sunday, Jan. 28, at 7:30 p.m. Est on CBS.

Past Grammys have brought us incredible performances, iconic speeches and can’t-miss red carpet style, and this year’s event is bound to be another unforgettable night.

Here’s everything you need to know ahead of the big show.

Who’s hosting?

James Corden returns for a second consecutive year to host the awards.
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‘Titanic,’ ‘The Goonies,’ ‘Superman’ Added to National Film Registry

  • The Wrap
‘Titanic,’ ‘The Goonies,’ ‘Superman’ Added to National Film Registry
Titanic,” “Superman” and “The Goonies” are among 25 titles selected into the National Film Registry of the Library of Congress, it was announced Wednesday. These films were selected for their cultural, historic and/or aesthetic importance and range from “La Bamba” to “Die Hard,” spanning the period 1905 to 2000. The 2017 selections bring the number of films in the registry to 725. Other selections this year include Stanley Kramer’s 1967 “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner,” Yvonne Rainer’s 1972 film “Lives of Performers,” Christopher Nolan’s “Memento,” “Spartacus” and “Ace in the Hole.”
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Afm: Dylan Leiner Expands Sony Pictures’ Horizons, Talent Pool Across Borders

Since joining Sony Pictures Classics 22 years ago, Dylan Leiner has contributed to breaking the barriers for subtitled movies in the U.S. and paving the way for the next wave of filmmakers across a couple of continents.

On top of his sourcing and acquisition duties, Leiner, who serves as exec VP of acquisition and production at Spc, is now increasingly involved in programs aimed at fostering and sustaining film culture among diverse communities in the U.S. and most recently in Israel, where he has enlisted the prestigious Jerusalem-based Sam Spiegel Film & Television School to launch a program with the Marcie Bloom Fellowship in Film in the U.S.

Born in London, raised in Los Angeles and educated at Wesleyan University in Connecticut, Leiner, who now lives in New York, is passionate about foreign cultures, contemporary art, design, and architecture, which enriches his critical appreciation of movies. “I grew up
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Longmire: Renewed For Sixth and Final Season on Netflix

  • TVfanatic
Longmire will get a proper sendoff.

Netflix announced today a sixth and final season for the series based on the Walt Longmire series of books by Craig Johnson.

The final season will consist of 10 episodes and air sometime in 2017.

First airing on A&E, the series was off the air quite a while as long-time fans sent angry messages about pulling the show.

Longmire was getting decent ratings when it last aired on a traditional cable network, and fans voices went unheard.

Or so they thought.

That's where Netflix came in and saved that day. It was the success of Longmire on Netflix and being saved from destruction that has helped so many fans make the appeal to Netflix when their now-favorite shows are on the chopping block.

What they have to remember, however, is that Longmire came with the goods: cast, writing, viewers were all well above standard.

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LatinoBuzz: How Do We Turn a Latino Film Into a Latino Blockbuster?

The internet has been buzzing about Filly Brown. The film starring Gina Rodriguez, Lou Diamond Phillips, Edward James Olmos, and Jenni Rivera hit theaters this past Friday and made close to $1.5 million over the weekend. It’s an impressive opening for an independent Latino film.

Historically, Latino films have struggled at the box office but once in a while there’s a breakout hit. Last year’s most successful Latino film Casa de mi Padre, a Spanish-language comedy starring Will Ferrell, Diego Luna, and Gael Garcia Bernal, made $5.9 million. Only two other films were able to surpass the million dollar mark, For Greater Glory starring Andy Garcia, Eva Longoria, and Ruben Blades ($5.6 million) and Girl in Progress starring Eva Mendes ($2.6 million). The remaining top grossing Latino films of 2012 each made less than $200,000. (Take into consideration that mainstream Hollywood blockbusters make hundreds of millions of dollars.)

What does it take for a Latino film to hit it big?

It’s hard to predict what makes any film successful but there are a few factors that can help. Last year’s hits all had big name stars. So far this year’s Latino blockbusters (I’m using this term loosely) have also had the benefit of celebrity lead actors, an Oscar nomination, and being adapted from a popular Chicano novel. No, starring Gael Garcia Bernal, grossed $2 million and earned Chile its first ever Best Foreign Language Film nomination. Bless Me Ultima brought Rudolfo Anaya’s beloved book of the same title to the screen and reached $1.5 million.

Is that all it takes, a famous actor?

No, not really. There are lots of examples of films with celebrities attached that bombed at the box office. But, it definitely helps. So does using targeted traditional marketing, getting some good reviews, employing grassroots techniques such as advance screenings to build word of mouth, and engaging audiences with social media. It’s not rocket science; it’s the same for all indie films not just Latino ones. But, despite the fact that Latinos go to movies way more than other ethnic groups marketers have mostly failed at attracting Latino audiences to Latino films, en masse.

What’s been tried in the past?

There was a time in the eighties known as the “Hispanic Hollywood” when major studios distributed films like the smash hit La Bamba ($45 million), Born in East L.A. ($17 million), and Stand and Deliver ($14 million). For the first time they created bilingual marketing campaigns and even circulated film prints that were subtitled or dubbed in Spanish.

In the early nineties, studios moved away from grassroots campaigns and poured their money into English and Spanish-language television advertising. They also hoped for a few good reviews from newspaper critics to help raise a film’s visibility. Towards the late nineties, as it became apparent that Latino films were not likely to be box office hits distributors began to experiment with “hybrid films” that included multiethnic casts and targeted a general audience.

At the turn of the millennium, Latino and Latin American movies experienced a golden era in the States. Films like Frida, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Y Tu Mama Tambien, El Crimen de Padre Amaro, and City of God earned multiple Oscar nominations and millions at the box office. They achieved these numbers by not emphasizing the Latino elements of the films and targeting a more ethnically diverse audience including arthouse moviegoers. Despite the success of these films, a Latino box office slump quickly followed.

What do we do now?

What’s been tried in the past hasn’t worked, except for a few outliers. I personally think that the theatrical distribution of Latino films is a mistake. It is not a moneymaking venture. Yes, Latinos go to the movies a lot but these filmgoers are mostly young English-speaking Latinos who, up until now, have not shown interest in Latino films (in English or Spanish.) But, I do think there is way to make it work, to get Latinos to watch Latino films.

Let’s use what we know about this audience. Latinos watch movies more than other ethnic groups and they are the fastest growing group of internet users. The moviegoers are young, speak English as a first language, and use social media. They also watch a lot of television, in English and Spanish. Recently, the Spanish-language network Univision has been beating out NBC in primetime ratings for the key demographic of adults aged 18-49 (mostly because Latinos love novelas.)

Independent Latino films can’t spend a bunch of money on T.V. ads, print advertising, or make multiple copies to circulate in theaters. So, what’s the magic formula? Maybe a small theatrical run (N.Y. and L.A.) for a weekend preceded by a big bilingual social media push and then followed by a V.O.D. release and online streaming. On demand screenings via Tugg might help build buzz too.

Obviously, it’s all a gamble. Who knows if it will work but I truly believe that the failure to attract Latinos to watch these films is a marketing issue. Talk to Latinos in their language (maybe Spanglish) via media channels that they use (i.e. Facebook and Twitter) and give them the option to watch the film on a small screen as soon as they hear about it. It’s worth a try!

P.S. If anyone wants to give me money to employ this distribution strategy, I gladly welcome it.

Written by Juan Caceres and Vanessa Erazo, LatinoBuzz is a weekly feature on SydneysBuzz that highlights Latino indie talent and upcoming trends in Latino film with the specific objective of presenting a broad range of Latino voices. Follow @LatinoBuzz on Twitter and Facebook.
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Trailer and Images of Malcolm McDowell in Sanitarium

I remember seeing Malcolm McDowell speak at Lindenwood College a couple of years ago. Someone in the audience asked him about some Dtv thriller he had starred in. He just gave a blank look and said “I don’t remember anything about that movie!”

Well, I doubt he’ll forget about Sanitarium because it looks so darn scary!

Sanitarium is an anthology that consists of three segments based on particular patients of a mental institution, and.will be having its World Premiere on March 1st at the Miami International Film Festival. It also stars Robert Englund, John Glover, Lou Diamond Phillips, Lacey Chabert, Chris Mulkey, and David Mazouz (young star of “Touch” on Fox). The always frightening Malcolm McDowell stars as Dr. Stenson, head psychiatrist presiding over a sanitarium where hardly anyone ever gets well. In tales of three of the sanitarium’s most disturbed patients, we soon see why.
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Red Band Trailer for Horror Anthology Sanitarium!

V/H/S, The ABC’S Of Death, The Theatre Bizarre, all three signs that the horror-anthology genre is definitely alive and booming. It’s a good way to showcase short form filmmaking and when they’re done well, anthologies are a lot fo fun to watch.

Next on the anthology slate, is the Bryan Ramirez, Kerry Valderrama and Bryan Oritz headed Sanitarium, which features a pretty impressive cast including Malcolm McDowell (A Clockwork Orange, Rz’S Halloween remake, Silent Night), Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger, need I say more?), Lou Diamond Phillips (The First Power, La Bamba) and Lacey Chabert (Mean Girls, The Ghost Of Goodnight Lane).


Sanitarium is a feature motion picture that consists of three tales based on particular patients of a mental institution. Each tale begins with Dr. Stenson, the primary physician at the Sanitarium, commenting on the recent arrival of a new patient. As Dr.
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SFotD: ‘Lucy in the Sky with Diamond’ is an Absurdly Funny Comedy That Turns Ldp Into Nph

Why Watch? The trend of celebrities playing themselves is wearing a bit thin, but holy hell if Lou Diamond Phillips doesn’t nail it better than just about anyone here. In Lucy in the Sky with Diamond, John (John Patrick Jordan) laments losing his super hot girlfriend (Marlana Carter), and to make it worse, she’s dating Ldp now. Fortunately, the star of La Bamba has some advice for how John can move on. Things get bizarre, and that’s before they start talking about the Spirit World. This short from Joey Boukadakis is an Old Spice commercial distilled into narrative form. Pure comic perfection with syrup on top, Ldp is instantly up there with Nph and Chuck Norris (who, himself, is too cool for acronyms). In other words, Lou Diamond Phillips is legen–wait for it… What will it cost? Around 10 minutes. Skip Work. Watch More Short Films.
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LatinoBuzz: Interview with Gina Rodriguez, Star of Filly Brown

Gina Rodriguez has a giving spirit and smiling soul that instantly makes everyone sit up and notice. After her breakout role in 'Filly Brown' which recently opened the HBO New York International Latino Film Festival (directed by Youssef Delara and Michael D. Olmos and co-starring Edward James Olmos, Lou Diamond Phillips and a slew of underground rappers from Cali), Gina has seen a meteoric dream like rise in her star potential.

LatinoBuzz: Do you recall the exact moment you realized, "Yeah, this is what I want to do!"

Gina Rodriguez: “The exact moment is hard to pinpoint because with each accomplishment, each role, my love for acting grows deeper. It reaffirms that this is what I was put on this earth to do, to be a voice for those that need one. With each dream accomplished, bigger ones are put in their place. I started performing very young as a salsa dancer and every time I was on that stage dancing all I knew was that I wanted to speak. I wanted the music to stop and I wanted to speak. Then in high school I tried out for harlequins and landed the role of Diana Morales in ‘A Chorus Line’, whether or not I was the only Puerto Rican in the school is neither here nor there regardless I Booked It. Opening night came and I was on that stage belting my heart out (I can't sing by the by) and I felt this sense of calm. Looked out onto the many faces, contorted, smiling, half asleep, it didn't matter because I knew that was my heaven. That was where I belonged”.

LatinoBuzz: A book you will never forget is…

Gina Rodriguez: “The Bible”.

LatinoBuzz: Five people you would like to have fine wine with and just listen to them talk?

Gina Rodriguez: "Jesus and the Virgin Mary because come on, who doesn't want to meet her really, let me holler at Gandhi, Frida Kahlo and Albizu Campo the Puerto Rican activist that gets my grandma all worked up! Oh, can I just have a 6th? My French great grandfather, I would like to have a chat with him too".

LatinoBuzz: Tell us a crazy on set or audition story.

Gina Rodriguez: "I've learned a lot about what kind of actor I want or do not want to be while being on set. I sit back and observe how other actors treat the totem pole of set politics. And truthfully growing up in the hood, mad broke and the youngest of three I was my siblings slave, I had to learn to share, help, accept leftovers and hand me downs with a smile oookaaayyyy…so this one time, there was this one time ya hear, I was on set with name escapes me of course and I watched this person just be straight nasty to the people on set. Being the lead that just makes for an uncomfortable environment. I finally had the opportunity to go and talk to said actor and they straight put their hand up (like Talk To The Hand steez) and said “No, I'm working on a scene!” No you weren't, 'you nasty, you’s a nasty. Well from that moment on I knew one, I didn't want to work with them no more and the image of them I had in my head was quickly destroyed and all in all it put me in check. So ‘Filly Brown’ being my first lead I kept reminding myself, you can set the tone on set, you can make it amazing or atrocious. Why not make it amazing for everyone, right? Seems pretty simple to me. Being a good person seems pretty basic to me. Sad story but true".

LatinoBuzz: What would you like to see more (or less) from in Latino film?

Gina Rodriguez: “Wow, okay, I mean this is a never ending conversation that can be taken in many different ways. I love Latino films, there are some amazing Latino films ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’, ‘Grindhouse’ (what it do Robert Rodriguez), hey I say ‘Fast Five’ was a Latino film there were so many in it, ‘Y Tu Mama Tambien’, ‘A Better Life’ (Wepa Demian Bichir), ‘Stand and Deliver’, ‘American Me’ (get it Ejo, the legend!) etc. But to me its not what I want to see more or less of its a conversation of why are there not more Latino films?? Why are there not more mainstream commercial films being produced, directed and starred by Latinos that get seen by absolutely everyone because they are well made, well shot, well written etc?? The problem lies in that Hollywood clumps us in one category, we are Latino, not Puerto Rican or Mexican etc but we as Latinos do not do that we see ourselves as Puerto Rican or Mexican. So when a Mexican flick comes out the other Latinos say “oh well that’s a Mexican film.” Not “hey lets go support that Latino film because if we do and it does well in the box office then maybe the Guatemalan film will come out next or the Dominican film.” If Hollywood is going to put us under one umbrella then we need to unite and support that umbrella whether it be Mexican, Cuban, Venezuelan and so on. We are 50 million plus and make up the highest amount of movie goers. If we work together under the umbrella they have placed us under we will see our box office sales sky rocket and then Hollywood can't deny the money. More money more movies with our beautiful brown faces all over them billboards. I want to See more Unity!”

LatinoBuzz: Who’s hotter, Lou Diamond Philips as ‘Richie Valens’ in La Bamba or Lou Diamond Philips as ‘Chavez Y Chavez’ from Young Guns? Or Can Erik Estrada as ‘Ponch’ from CHiPs have ‘em both beat? - (Random we know).

Gina Rodriguez: “Have you seen Lou?! The man gets more and more handsome with age. No denying Hot in ‘La Bamba’, Banging in Young Guns’ but wait till you see him in ‘Filly Brown’. And his gorgeous wife Yvonne, oh she knows. Sorry Erik but you ain’t got nothing on Lou!”

LatinoBuzz: Filly Brown is feisty! have you ever wanted to set fire to a guys possessions ala Angela Basset in 'Waiting to Exhale'? And what did he do?

Gina Rodriguez: "Hahahaha now I know the good stuff is the juice but the truth is Filly Brown is feisty, Gina Rodriguez is a flower. I'm pretty gentle and when it comes to another person I just could never get that angry, especially if I loved that person".

LatinoBuzz: What have you learnt the most about the industry since the debut of Filly Brown at Sundance?

Gina Rodriguez: "This industry is all about work and just because Sundance exposed me to the world it is my job to stay deserving in that world. The work never ends, the hustle just get harder and you get stronger!" LatinoBuzz: Dialogue from a film that made you fall in love? Gina Rodriguez: "Just recently Beasts of the Southern Wild. The poetry in that script made me fall in love with film all over again!" LatinoBuzz: Who's the person that kept you going on this path? Gina Rodriguez: "My big sister Ivelisse. She has been my sister, best friend and role model. By her following her dreams she has given me permission to follow mine. Calling me her super star since I was a child she instilled in me that belief in myself". LatinoBuzz: If there was a montage to your life, full of jump cuts; what's the song? And it has to be cheesy. It can't be poignant. Gina Rodriguez: "'It's raining men'! 'These boots were walking'!"

LatinoBuzz: “5 years from now I will…”

Gina Rodriguez: “…be in a position to use my voice in order to make a difference in the way minorities are viewed in the media. To take what Tyler Perry did for the black community to a whole other level for the Latino community. Distributing good non stereotypical stories from immigrants, first, second, third generation and beyond. Putting our stories on the mainstream screen so that little brown babies everywhere know they can do it to, know that they see their faces as doctors and lawyers. I will fight the good fight so its not so easy to count Latino stars on two hands”.

You can catch up with Gina at her website: and find out the latest on ‘Filly Brown’ at and
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Icons Exclusive Interview: Director Darren Lynn Bousman

*Editor’s note: This interview originally appeared on Icons Of Fright’s sister site Massive Hysteria back in September of 2010. With this week’s DVD/Blu-Ray releases of both Mother’S Day and 11-11-11, we thought we’d present it again to the Icons audience completely unedited and uncut. Check it!

Considering director Darren Lynn Bousman’s impressive body of work, which spans over 3 Saw sequels, the crazy rock musical Repo! The Genetic Opera, an episode of NBC’s short lived Fear Itself TV series and the upcoming remake of Mother’S Day, it’s a surprise that we never got him in the hot seat for an extensive Icons Of Fright interview. So, with the launch of Massive Hysteria, we decided that he would make for the ideal interviewee to kick things off in style!

Bousman invited Mh over to his place for our career spanning lengthy chat,
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Southland: "Wednesday" 4.01 Review

Southland: "Wednesday" 4.01 Review

Giving reality shows a run for the money, SouthLAnd returned tonight with a season 4 premiere, "Wednesday" that is as raw and gritty as you will get on a show about cops. If you watched through the first three seasons, you've become accustomed to the realism with which the show is produced and the characters portrayed. They hold nothing back and the stories are better for it.

SouthLAnd's return brings a reboot of sorts. Ben (Ben McKenzie) dropped the gauntlet on Cooper (Michael Cudlitz) and demanded he get help. Hard to hear from a boot, but it was taken in the right spirit and John Cooper returned a new man. Lydia (Regina King) was dealing with a partner who treated her like gum on the bottom of her shoe, which was only exacerbated when Lydia (unknowingly) started dating said partner's much younger son. Seems the entire family has taken a sabbatical,
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Dancing With the Stars Recap: Six I's in Teams

Dancing With the Stars Recap: Six I's in Teams
Everyone knows that when it comes to TV entertainment, you’re supposed to save the best for last. But Monday night’s installment of Dancing With the Stars front-loaded the good stuff with delightful “team dances” set to the self-empowerment anthems “We Are Who We Are” and “Born This Way.”

Hines Ward, Kendra Wilkinson, and Kirstie Alley delivered a synchronized cha cha in which their derrieres shook with the speed and intensity of Home Depot paint mixers. (In a stunning turn of events, Hines’ booty managed to steal the spotlight from Maks’ legendary moneymaker.) Over at the competing routine, Ralph Macchio,
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Josh Hopkins talks the return of 'Cougar Town,' and his new movie 'Lebanon, Pa'

Josh Hopkins talks the return of 'Cougar Town,' and his new movie 'Lebanon, Pa'
Our long national wait for the next new Cougar Town is almost over. The show returns with two episodes this week — one tonight after Dancing With the Stars, and one in its regular Wednesday time slot. Tonight’s episode has Bobby (Brian Van Holt) and Laurie (Busy Philipps) partnering for a business venture to bring “Penny Can” to the masses. Viewers will be able to dial a working phone number for details on how to purchase their own “Bobby Cobb Official Competition Penny Can” — and for a chance to speak to a member of the cast or one of the creators.
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