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Sex & Nudity

  • An attempted rape scene (among one of the male protagonists and the female protagonist) which involves bare breasts. Later, the woman apologizes for using a weapon to fend off the attacker.

Violence & Gore

  • There is a fight scene between a group of soldiers and their commanding officers in a common room. There's kicking, punching and objects thrown around, yet the fight is comedic and no serious injuries can be seen.
  • Two men are in a factory house testing out a rocket engine. The test goes horribly wrong and the engine explodes taking out the building with it. They both barely make it out alive, but the older man is hospitalized. Even though we don't see him after this, we later find out from the hospital that the older man dies from his injuries.
  • A foreign assassin attempts to kill a man preparing to go into space. The scene is an intense chase across a marketplace. The man and his friend escape the assassin, but the man is later chased by a large street sweeper driven by the assassin. After another chase sequence, the man jumps on the sweeper and fights the assassin and stabs him in the leg. The assassin shoots him at point blank range but misses and is then stabbed by the man in the shoulder, his blood splashes across the back window of the street sweeper. The street sweeper then goes overboard on the highway and crashes below, killing the assassin. Blood can be seen trailing underneath the sweeper.
  • There is an intense war scene with explosions in the background, but the violence can't be seen clearly.


  • There are several uses of minor profanities, but mostly on a 'PG' level. These include uses of the words 'hell', 'damn' and 'son of a bitch' (the latter used on some occasions).

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • There are is a bar scene where some of the protagonists can be seen smoking and drinking. In the same scene, there is a brief shot of background characters smoking from what appears to be a gord, though it's unclear if it's filled with drugs.
  • Again, in the same scene, the protagonists are sitting on a table and appear to be gambling.
  • Subsequently, after leaving the bar, they all seem heavily drunk and shout out at a woman in a train cart as they drive along the street (however, she plays along and giggles).

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The attempted assassination scene can be quite intense in its climax.
  • There is a general foreboding mood of imminent conflict in the movie, as it was released at the height of the Cold War, and can still be relevant to today. Characters in the film are constantly mentioning their fear of war.

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