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TCM Teams With African-American Film Critics On ‘The Black Experience On Film’

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Turner Classic Movies and the African American Film Critics Association have partnered on The Black Experience on Film, a monthlong programming initiative showcasing portrayals of African-Americans throughout cinematic history.

Hosted by 13 different members of the Aafca from print, online and broadcast outlets, programming begins September 4 and continues every Tuesday and Thursday in primetime.

The Black Experience on Film provides a wide-ranging retrospective from the 1920s through the 1990s including:

Exploring Black Identity airing Sept. 4 – Aafca president Gil Robertson and cultural critic Ronda Racha Penrice explore films ranging from Oscar Micheaux’s look at racial violence in Within Our Gates (1920) to Julie Dash’s 1991 story following three generations of Gullah women in Daughters Of The Dust; Hollywood Confronts Racism airing Sept. 6 – Aafca co-founder and film critic Shawn Edwards and HipHollywood.com’s Jasmine Simpkins examine A Raisin in the Sun (1961), about a black Chicago family searching for a better life, and
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TV Rewind: The 9 Shows That Defined 1990, From ‘Twin Peaks’ to ‘Wings’

The year 1990 was the beginning of a new decade that just had survived the neon excesses of the ’80s. This fresh start was seen in the world at large with the reunification of Germany, the unification of Yemen, the release of Nelson Mandela and the resignation of Margaret Thatcher as the U.K.’s prime minister.

It was also the fledgling days of the internet, when the first web server was created, providing a foundation for the World Wide Web as we know it.

Read More: ‘Animaniacs’ Reboot Being Developed by Steven Spielberg, Amblin TV and Warner Bros. — Exclusive

Over on television, “Saturday Night Live” welcomed the new talents of Chris Farley, Tim Meadows, Chris Rock, Adam Sandler, Rob Schneider and Julia Sweeney.

The year also marked the end of an era for shows like “Alf,” “227,” “Newhart,” primetime soap “Falcon Crest,” Nickelodeon’s slime purveyor “You Can’t Do That on Television,
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Notebook Review: Barry Jenkins' "Moonlight"

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"It is an exciting debut, and a film that, without exaggeration or false modesty, finds interest and feeling in the world just as it is." That was A.O. Scott, reviewing Barry Jenkins' Medicine For Melancholy (2008) for the New York Times back in early 2009. Scott was hardly alone in his praise. A modest micro-budget film that made ripples on the festival circuit, Medicine For Melancholy was a day in the life of two black bohemians in San Francisco (Wyatt Cenac and Tracey Heggins), who, following a one-night stand, travel the city, share a tenuous courtship, and debate the challenges and contradictions of being black in a white cultural space. The most obvious comparison is the walk-and-talk films of Richard Linklater, but that comparison is also something of a trap. Wyatt Cenac's cry from the heart in Melancholy was that the cachet of "indie" culture privileges white perspectives above all others,
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“Cronies" by Michael Larnell is a Comedy About Love & Men Struggling to Express It

Michael Larnell and I spoke by phone today. We had met several years ago when we spoke at his graduate film class at Nyu, which was taught by our friend the producer Peter Newman.

Michael carefully chose to do his graduate studies at Nyu after researching schools and finding the films of Nyu grads were most interesting to him. Another professor there was Spike Lee.

Cronies” was his thesis film there.

Spike Lee liked the early stages of the project and his yearly grant went to Michael along with Spike becoming the Executive Producer and he brought ICM into the picture. ICM is repping the film for both U.S. and international distribution.

Regarding domestic distribution, Michael says that “there are couple of options. We have a couple of offers, but I’m thinking of alternative ways of distributing which in turn will help pave the way for the next group of filmmakers. Nyu is working on providing its filmmakers with film funding and distribution services.”

Sundance has its digital services and branding too.

On the international side, he is soon to hear from some festivals which will launch the film abroad. “It’s exciting because I’ve never been in Europe before.”

Shows love - comedy to show men struggling with showing their emotions.

Cronies” is a character piece about twenty-two-year-old Louis who doesn’t know whether his childhood friendship with “Loose Cannon Jack” will last as he sets a new path for his life. When a new buddy, Andrew, is introduced, emotions such as jealousy set in motion a struggle of the three to express emotions, something they are not used to doing.

This comedy about love and men struggling to express it stars first time local actors George Sample III, Zurich Buckner and Brian Kowalski. Zurich has been in shorts and along with George and Brian must now decide how to proceed with their acting careers. Perhaps the L.A. premiere will bring some clarity when the film is seen by agents and producers.

Michael filmed in his hometown St. Louis, Mo. It is a small city – not a town -- big enough for sports teams, etc. However, George, Zurich and Brian will probably have to decide to leave it if they want to pursue their acting careers. What is good about St. Louis when compared to New York is that in NYC kids grow up fast and in St. Louis they can grow up more slowly.

Michael did his undergraduate studies in St. Louis, majoring in business. Afterward he went to work for several years in corporate insurance. He added part-time jobs in other areas of interest. This was at the time that YouTube was becoming popular and he and a friend began shooting and editing shorts. It intrigued Michael to see how stories came together through editing and he decided to learn more by returning to school. Nyu offered the best program for him.

Since showing the film at Sundance and later at Tribeca with two very different audiences – quiet in Slc and very vocal in NYC, Wme has come on as his agent. Wme is helping him with his next script, now in process.

Los Angeles Premiere at Next Fest

Cronies” director Michael Larnell will have a conversation after the screening with Robert Townsend, one of the “Godfathers of the Independent Film World” an actor, writer, director and producer, first of “Hollywood Shuffle” followed by many other films. He chosen by the filmmaker when Sundance asked Michale who was influential and who would they want to see their film.

When Michael first started making films he moved to Chicago and then to New York. Robert is from Chicago where they have a big indie world which makes the films they want to make without caring about who will see them.

Michael took that ethos with him to New York. He never met Robert Townsend, so this conversation will be very interesting to him and to us in the audience.

Michael also likes Tarantino and the Hughes Brothers. Larry Clark is also an inspiration to him. All these filmmakers have influenced various parts of this film.

We welcome Michael to L.A. and are eager to see his film and meet him again.
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Sundance Next Fest Happens This Weekend in L.A.

At their annual retreat, the traditional internal kick-off for the big Sundance Film Festival this January, programmer Charlie Reff was able to take some time to talk with me about Next Fest.

My colleague Carlos Aguilar has already written about this big L.A. event here, so I will cover other areas and fill in on the music components of the film program.

Each film is its own event so that audiences will go to one film and not necessarily all films. Though the series package is selling well, the individual ticket sales are significant not only selling out but in bringing in new audiences. Getting L.A. people’s attention is not an easy task, but the pairing of movies and music in the unique way Next is creating, plus the spectacular venue, the Theatre at the Ace Hotel, one of L.A.’s most lavish and historic film venues, downtown at 9th and Broadway, will also bring out new audiences who care about preservation of our art deco landmarks.

This year more than half the films that showed in Sundance came out quickly theatrically this spring and summer followed by their VOD releases. If they did not get released theatrically then they were eligible to be chosen for Next if they were sufficiently “renegade” in the best spirit of indie filmmakers, like past films “Obvious Child”, “Compliance”, “Appropriate Behavior”, “Tangerine” and “Escape from Tomorrow”.

Out of the six films chosen for the unconventional and forward thinking of their narrative styles – including one doc -- there is a full range of experience to be had.

Four films showing in the evening are paired with live musical acts which somehow fit the film in mood or in ideas and are new and next in film and music.

In addition there will be three world premiere music videos and a full-body, mind-blowing virtual reality flight simulator, Birdly which was shown this past Sundance in the New Frontier exhibition. You can experience being a bird from a first-person perspective through a full-body virtual reality set up….it’s free, in the mezzanine of The Theatre of the Ace Hotel and available through an onsite waitlist system.

The world premiere music videos are Superhumanoid’s music video for “Anxious in Venice”, premiering Friday along with Noah Baumbach’s out of the mold “Mistress America” (Fox Searchlight) followed by a live performance by Sky Ferreira.Health’s album trailer for “Death Magic” as part of Saturday evening’s screening of “ Entertainment“ (Magnolia Releasing) starring Michael Cera will be followed by a solo performance by Sharon Van Etten. “Death Magic” is directed by acclaimed graphic designer, title designer, and editor Pablo Ferro, who has worked alongside some of the most respected filmmakers of all time including Stanley Kubrick, Hal Ashby and Tim Burton. An experimental short film by Eddie Alcazar with soundtrack by Flying Lotus, “Fuckkkyouuu”, will premiere Sunday at the “Turbo Kid” (Epic Pictures Releasing) screening with a back-to-back DJ battle between Neon Indian and Toro Y Moi.

Pairing music audiences with movie audiences aims to bring new awareness of new art canvasses to people who do not have a lot of crossover knowledge of film on one hand or of music on the other. Musicians often want to make movies and both they and filmmakers have had the carpets pulled out from under them and are struggling to find their way amidst digitization. It seems self-evident that fimmakers appreciate music since soundtracks and even the most incidental music in a film can make or break it. By pairing “Mistress America” with Sky Ferreira, Charlie is sure Sky’s fans will love “Mistress America” which will result in new discussions and will perhaps begin to define how to make sense of movies to music audiences. The cross-pollination of audiences enriches everyone.

The two daytime films, “Cronies” by Michael Larnell and “Finders Keepers” will be followed by conversations, paired respectively with Robert Townsend, one of the Godfathers of the Independent Film World, actor, writer, director and producer of first of “Hollywood Shuffle” followed by many other films; and Saturday’s “Finders Keepers” directors Bryan Carberry and Clay Tweel with Thomas Middletich (“Silicon Valley” ) along with the film’s subject John Wood himself! Speakers were chosen by the filmmakers who were told to ask who was influential them them and who would they want to see their film.

Among the filmmakers, cast and musicians expected to attend Sundance Next Fest are Rick Alverson, Noah Baumbach, Bryan Carberry, Munro Chambers, Greta Gerwig, Health, Tim Heidecker, Lola Kirke, Michael Larnell, François Simard, Superhumanoids, Gregg Turkington, Clay Tweel, Anouk Whissell and Yoann-Karl Whissell.

Attendance is expected to be around 10,000 judging by lat year’s numbers. Last year all three film with music event was sold out. The opening screening in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery was huge and the screenings over three days had about 1,000 at each event.

Next is not just a film festival; it is an Event.

Sundance Next Fest is supported by Principal Sponsors – Acura and Adobe; Major Sponsor – Kickstarter; Media Sponsor – Kcrw; and Supporting Sponsors – Beachside Films, Dolby, FilmL.A., Inc., ShopHouse, Shudder, Skullcandy®, Southwest Airlines, Stella Artois®, The Theatre at Ace Hotel and the Utah Film Commission. As part of their presence at the festival, Adobe and Kickstarter will host panels open to the public on Saturday and Sunday afternoons;

Below is the full program in detail. Even more details and tickets ($15-25) now on sale can be found at sundance.org/next.

Friday, August 7, 8:00 p.m.

"Anxious in Venice" (Band: Superhumanoids, Director: Taylor Cohen) — It's 4:37 a.m. and someone straps a camera to your chest. Nearby, your hungover bandmate sips gas station coffee and the director yells about missing the sunrise. You hate performance music videos but you're sure this one will be different. Then again, when you've been up all night and are shooting without a permit -- you can't be sure of anything. Welcome to Anxious In Venice. Music Video. World Premiere

"Mistress America" / U.S.A. (Director: Noah Baumbach, Screenwriters: Noah Baumbach, Greta Gerwig) — Tracy is a lonely college freshman in New York, having neither the exciting university experience nor the glamorous metropolitan lifestyle she envisioned. But when she is taken in by her soon-to-be stepsister, Brooke – a resident of Times Square and adventurous gal about town – she is rescued from her disappointment and seduced by Brooke's alluringly mad schemes. Cast: Greta Gerwig, Lola Kirke. Los Angeles Premiere

Sky FerreiraSky Ferreira has quickly established herself as one of today’s most exciting new faces in music, film and fashion. She first signed to Capitol Records at the early age of 15 where she eventually wrote & executive produced her critically acclaimed debut album, Night Time, My Time. As an actress, she has worked with many independent filmmakers including Eli Roth, Liza Johnson & Matthew Porterfield. Sky is currently recording her highly anticipated new album, Masochism.

Saturday, August 8, 3:30 p.m.

"Finders Keepers" / U.S.A. (Directors: Bryan Carberry, Clay Tweel) — Recovering addict and amputee John Wood finds himself in a stranger-than-fiction battle to reclaim his mummified leg from Southern entrepreneur Shannon Whisnant, who found it in a grill he bought at an auction and believes it, therefore, to be his rightful property. Los Angeles Premiere

Followed by a conversation between directors Bryan Carberry and Clay Tweel, subject John Wood and special guests Aubrey Plaza and Thomas Middleditch.

Saturday, August 8, 8:00 p.m.

"Death Magic" (Band: Health, Director: Pablo Ferro) — The sun slowly sets; its beauty soundtracked by a serene yet melancholy sound. As the last rays of light slip behind the clouds, a violent transformation takes place. The music, ever-changing and explosive, creates the imagery… supergraphic and never seen before! The quick cuts in sync with the music, introduce the emotional range and complexity of Health’S new album Death Magic. Album Trailer. World Premiere

"Entertainment" / U.S.A. (Director: Rick Alverson, Screenwriters: Rick Alverson, Gregg Turkington, Tim Heidecker) — In an attempt to revive his dwindling career and reunite with his estranged daughter, a broken, aging comedian plays a string of dead-end shows in the California desert. Cast: Gregg Turkington, John C. Reilly, Tye Sheridan, Michael Cera, Amy Seimetz, Lotte Verbeek. Los Angeles Premiere

Sharon Van Etten — Singer/songwriter Sharon Van Etten writes from free-flowing emotional honesty and vulnerability, creating a bond with the listener that few contemporary musicians can match. Following her 2012 break-through Tramp, last year’s follow up Are We There and her new Ep I Don’t Want to Let You Down, Van Etten finds herself in full stride, writing, producing and performing.

Sunday, August 9, 3:30 p.m.

"Cronies" / U.S.A. (Director and screenwriter: Michael J. Larnell) — Twenty-two-year-old Louis doesn’t know whether his childhood friendship with Jack will last beyond today. Cast: George Sample III, Zurich Buckner, Brian Kowalski. Los Angeles Premiere

Followed by a conversation between director Michael J. Larnell and special guest Robert Townsend.

Sunday, August 9, 8:00 p.m.

"Fuckkkyouuu" (Director: Eddie Alcazar, Music: Flying Lotus) — With the ability to travel in time, a lonely girl finds love and comfort by connecting with her past self. Eventually faced with rejection she struggles with her identity and gender, and as time folds onto itself only one of them can remain. Cast: Jesse Sullivan, Charles Baker. Experimental Short / Music Video. World Premiere

"Turbo Kid" / Canada, New Zealand (Directors and screenwriters: Anouk Whissell, François Simard, Yoann-Karl Whissell) — Set in a post apocalyptic year of 1997, this nostalgic tribute to ’80s action-adventure films follows an orphaned teenager who goes on an adventure to save his female-robot companion from the hands of the evil warlord who controls the only water supply. Cast: Munro Chambers, Laurence Leboeuf, Michael Ironside, Aaron Jeffery, Edwin Wright. Los Angeles Premiere

Neon Indian (DJ set) B2B Toro Y Moi (DJ set) — Neon Indian, the brainchild of Alan Palomo, is defined by a unique electro-mangled sound which has attracted fans and opening slots before acts like Massive Attack, The Flaming Lips, Phoenix and Chromeo. Toro Y Moi, the guise of Chaz Bundick, channels a wide swath of stylistic influences into his electronics-incorporating music and cites Big Star, Talking Heads and Todd Rundgren as some of his inspirations.
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First 80s indie film fest shows movies that paved the way for the indie boom

The decade’s underground film offering rarely gets its dues but at a new festival Jarmusch and Lynch sit next to under appreciated gems like Heat and Sunlight

It started with a conversation about Hollywood Shuffle.

Nellie Killian, programmer at Brooklyn Academy of Music’s BAMcinématek, and Jake Perlin, director of Artists Public Domain’s Cinema Conservancy, were discussing Robert Townsend’s 1987 independent comedy born from the frustration of being a black actor unable to find good roles. “The trailer actually has him holding up his credit cards,” they both enthusiastically recalled, and this captured the essence of what the massive 60+ film, six-week series kicking off on 17 July at Bam is all about. “Was this put on the director’s credit card?” was the litmus test they asked one another when deciding which titles to include in indie 80s. The question may not have been literal, but the spirit is easy to recognize.
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'Cooley High' Is the Most Influential Movie You've Never Seen

"Cooley High" ought to be remembered as a cinema milestone, and its writer and director remembered as pioneers.

Released 40 years ago this week (on June 25, 1975), it ought to be celebrated for its vast influence on movies, TV, and music. As a young-men-coming-of-age movie, it deserves to be mentioned alongside Fellini's "I Vitelloni," George Lucas's "American Graffiti," Barry Levinson's "Diner," and John Singleton's "Boyz N the Hood." And yet, the film and its creators have been largely forgotten, lost to history.

The story behind "Cooley High" is even more dramatic than the comedy-drama that unspooled on the screen. It's the story of Kenneth Williams, who, like protagonist Preach, left Chicago's Cabrini-Green projects with dreams of becoming a Hollywood screenwriter. Having dropped out of high school, he hitchhiked from the Windy City to Hollywood with $5 in his pocket and no connections, and for a while he supported himself selling drugs.
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BAMcinématek Reveals Plans for 'Indie 80s' Screening Series

BAMcinématek Reveals Plans for 'Indie 80s' Screening Series
Read More: 20th Stony Brook Film Festival Welcomes 'Best of Enemies,' 'Wildlike' and More Brooklyn's BAMcinématek revealed plans for a six-week-long retrospective screening series that is scheduled to begin in mid-July. Focused exclusively on independent American cinema from the 1980s, the program will feature over sixty films, along with special guests such as directors Ross McElwee and Rob Nilsson. Robert Townsend's "Hollywood Shuffle" (1987), a comedy about an African American actor (Townsend) struggling with the limitations of racial representation in Hollywood, will open "Indie 80s" on July 17. The series will conclude on August 27 with a screening of "Chameleon Street" (1989), which follows actor-director Wendall B. Harris, Jr. as he camouflages himself at hospitals, newspapers and court, faking as an expert in a wide range of professions in order to escape his tedious life.  Other notable titles include Rob Reiner's classic...
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There Is a God in Celluloid Heaven! Entourage Flops at Box Office

You could be vaccinating felines for a year at an animal shelter and still not hear the word "pussy" as much as you do in the first half hour of Entourage. This expansion of the HBO TV series appears to have been conceived by a gaggle of misogynistic, beer-chugging adolescent virgins who brag about getting laid, but the closest they've ever gotten is a Playboy centerfold bespattered with cream of mushroom soup that they rescued from the city dump.

To be fair, I have never viewed any episode of this series that I thought was supposed to be a tongue-in-cheek inside gander at Hollywood. Instead, what we have here is a glorified daydream of the male need to copulate with any orifice within five inches of his zipper. Make that four inches.

Directed and written with unflinching ineptitude and fetid taste by the series' executive producer Doug Ellin, the film is basically plotless.
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“They Only Do One Black Movie a Year”: Robert Townsend on Hollywood Shuffle

In the mid-1980s, actor and comedian Robert Townsend had scored supporting roles in films like A Soldier’s Story and Streets of Fire, but was still limited in the opportunities available to him as a black performer. Frustrated by the lack of roles, Townsend created one for himself – and directed a landmark in American independent cinema in the process – by helming Hollywood Shuffle, a self-financed comedy about a young actor whose experiences mirrored Townsend’s own. Bobby Taylor (Townsend) is an aspiring thespian who dreams of playing superheroes and Shakespearean kings but mostly finds himself auditioning to play pimps and […]
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“They Only Do One Black Movie a Year”: Robert Townsend on Hollywood Shuffle

In the mid-1980s, actor and comedian Robert Townsend had scored supporting roles in films like A Soldier’s Story and Streets of Fire, but was still limited in the opportunities available to him as a black performer. Frustrated by the lack of roles, Townsend created one for himself – and directed a landmark in American independent cinema in the process – by helming Hollywood Shuffle, a self-financed comedy about a young actor whose experiences mirrored Townsend’s own. Bobby Taylor (Townsend) is an aspiring thespian who dreams of playing superheroes and Shakespearean kings but mostly finds himself auditioning to play pimps and […]
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'Memories On Stone', 'Chinese Mayor' lead RiverRun prizes

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'Memories On Stone', 'Chinese Mayor' lead RiverRun prizes
David Gordon Green returns to his alma mater to present Manglehorn; local newcomers impress with Homeless feature.Scroll down for full list of winners

RiverRun International Film Festival in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, wrapped last night with Shawkat Amin Korki’s Memories on Stone winning best narrative feature and Hao Zhou’s The Chinese Mayor winning best documentary feature.

In the audience awards, best of the fest went to honoree Stanley Nelson’s The Black Panthers: Vanguard Of The Revolution; best narrative feature went to Anywhere Else by Ester Amrami; best documentary feature went to Marc Silver’s 3 ½ Minutes and best indie was Proud Citizen by Thomas Southerland.

The festival presented 165 films in total in its 17th annual edition; more filmmakers than ever before attended the event.

“Films showcased at our festival this year reflected diverse stories from around the world, immense talent from directors, many trained in Winston-Salem, and a host of passionate projects that are jewels
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The Brewster's Millions Remake Just Took A Huge Step Forward

For a novel that's been adapted into ten different films, Brewster's Millions seems to still have some life in its pages. Since 1906, audiences have had quite a few chances to see what could have been their favorite book adapted for the screen, with the most memorable one being the Richard Pryor/John Candy version from 1985. And just when we'd thought we'd heard the last gasp for any sort of modern shot at a revival, a new Brewster's Millions remake has arrived and it brought a director along for the ride! Variety has reported that Robert Townsend, director of such classics as Hollywood Shuffle and Meteor Man, will be the latest director to tell the tale of a man who stands to inherit a large fortune... if only he can spend a small one in a limited amount of time. In the 1985 version, the stakes were to spend $30 million in 30 days,
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Yet Another Remake Of Brewster’s Millions Coming

If we could only agree on what ‘remake’ actually means, we could probably decide which film was the most remade. Cinderella is said to be the most retold story in cinema history, with A Christmas Carol also a hotly-tipped contender.

Somewhere high in that ranking must also be Brewster’s Millions. To date, it’s been filmed ten times and, according to Deadline, an eleventh iteration is now in the offing.

All that’s known about the new version is that Robert Townsend will be directing.

Townsend’s debut, Hollywood Shuffle, is a very sweet but also sincere and pointed piece of satire on how the American film industry marginalised and stereotyped actors and characters of colour. It’s still his most successful film, at least critically speaking, but Townsend did go on to make several other films that engaged with similar themes.

This is why I find his attachment
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'Brewster's Millions' Lands Director Robert Townsend

'Brewster's Millions' Lands Director Robert Townsend
Actor-filmmaker Robert Townsend has signed on to direct the reboot of Brewster's Millions, news which comes 30 years after the 1985 comedy Brewster's Millions was released, starring Richard Pryor and John Candy. The story is based on George Barr McCutcheon's 1902 novel, which was turned into a stage play in 1906 along with 10 different movie adaptations, including a lost 1914 Cecil B. DeMille version towards the beginning of his career.

Michael William Schmidt is writing the screenplay, which centers on Montgomery Brewster, a man who inherits $1 billion, under one condition: he must spend $100 million in one week, or he loses everything. The financial stakes in the reboot have been increased considerably, since the 1985 version, directed by Walter Hill, centered on Richard Pryor's Brewster tasked with spending $30 million in 30 days, in order to receive his full inheritance of $300 million. No further story details were released at this time.

Joseph Nasser and Jack Nasser are producing the reboot,
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'Cooley High' Writer and Cast Reflect on the Film 40 Years Later

In honor of Black History Month and the film's 40th anniversary, the WGA Committee of Black Writers hosted an intimate screening of "Cooley High" last night in Los Angeles. The classic story about a group of Chicago teens in the 1960s remained a fan favorite over the years for its heartfelt nostalgia and as Sergio pointed out, the movie recently came to Blu Ray. Screening attendees got a rare chance to hear about the making of the film from "Cooley High" screenwriter Eric Monte and cast members Glynn Turman and Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs, who played Preach and Cochise, in a post-screening conversation moderated fittingly by "Hollywood Shuffle"...
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Shaft Reboot Movie In The Works

John Davis has set up a new Shaft movie at New Line. A lot of the tropes of 70s blaxploitation movies are quite embarrassing, and more risible than ever after films like Black Dynamite, Don’t Be A Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood and Hollywood Shuffle, but there’s no reason for a new Shaft to keep any kitsch trappings.

In their story, The Wrap are calling the new picture a reboot rather than a remake, which is fair enough as the last sort-of remake of Shaft was actually a sequel: Samuel L. Jackson’s Shaft was the nephew of Richard Roundtree’s original. That might be the case this time, or maybe not. Heck, they might even be planning a period movie for all we know.

Here’s a bit of trivia: not only has Quentin Tarantino crossed over Django Unchained with Zorro for some comics,
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2014 Milwaukee Film Festival Reveals New African American-Focused Film Program

The 6th Annual Milwaukee Film Festival, presented by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, announces Black Lens, featuring work from both emerging and established African American filmmakers. Eight fiction and documentary films put the focus on black filmmakers, something Robert Townsend (actor, comedian, producer, director, and writer) sought to achieve in his revolutionary film, Hollywood Shuffle (1987). The satirical comedy screens in 35mm with the legendary Townsend scheduled to appear for a question and answer session following the film. “Our goal with Black Lens is to directly spotlight African American filmmakers, not just films with black-related subject...
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NFL Sets 2nd Hollywood Boot Camp For Current, Former Pros At Universal Studios

What comes after the professional football careers of NFL players? For some of them it might be Hollywood. Twenty-two current and former NFL players have signed up for the second annual NFL Pro Hollywood Boot Camp. Directed by NFL Player Engagement and New York-based Film Life Inc., the March 11-15 event will provide a wide-ranging crash course on creative disciplines in the film industry including screen writing, directing, producing, and film financing. Session leaders include Legendary Pictures partner-producer and member of the Pittsburgh Steelers ownership group Thomas Tull (The Dark Knight, Inception, We Are Marshall), director-producer Peter Berg (Friday Night Lights), and writer-actor-director Robert Townsend (The Five Heartbeats, Hollywood Shuffle). This spring’s group of current and former NFL players will include 2005 NFL Mvp Shaun Alexander (Seattle, Washington DC) and four active first-round draft picks – Darrius Heyward-Bey (Raiders), Alex Mack (Browns) Gerald McCoy (Bucs), and Jared Odrick (Dolphins). Participants will
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Robert Townsend Receives Lifetime Achievement Award At 8th Annual Florida Entertainment Summit

Man, I really miss the Robert Townsend of Hollywood Shuffle days; bring him back! But kudos on the honor sir! Details via press release below... Dec 05, 2012 - Miami, Florida -- The 8th Annual Florida Entertainment Summit (FESummit) kicked off in downtown Hollywood, Fl with a taping of Comedienne Aida RodriguezModel Behavior” Comedy Special. The FESummit weekend included a mix of emerging talent and legends in fashion, film and music with appearances by Grammy Winner Betty Wright, Filmmaker Robert Townsend, Actor Christian Keyes, top DJs Bigga Rankin, Tony Neal, DJ Demp and a host of others. Tri Destined film “Note To Self” was the featured film in the...
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