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Andrew Robinson: Larry



  • [Frank sees Kristy while constrained in chains] 

    Frank (wearing Larry's skin) : Jesus wept.


  • [Kirsty kneels down over her father's skinned body] 

    Kirsty Cotton : Oh, my God! Daddy. Daddy!

    Frank (wearing Larry's skin) : No, don't mourn him. He was dead long before we ever touched him.

    Kirsty Cotton : [screaming]  Bastard!

    Frank (wearing Larry's skin) : Oh, hush now. Everything's all right. Frank's here.

    Kirsty Cotton : [screams]  Bastard!

  • Lead Cenobite : [to Kirsty]  This isn't for your eyes!

    Frank (wearing Larry's skin) : [Frank looks at Kirsty]  You set me up, bitch!

  • [the Cenobites find Frank in the attic] 

    Lead Cenobite : FRANK!

    Frank (wearing Larry's skin) : No!

    Female Cenobite : We had to hear it from your own lips.

  • [Larry and Julia watch an aggressive boxing match] 

    Larry : I thought this kind of stuff made you sick?

    Julia : [Julia with her head laying in her hand out of boredom]  I've seen worse.

  • [Frank looks to Kirsty with half of Larry's face scratched open] 

    Frank (wearing Larry's skin) : [Frank clicks his switchblade open]  So much for the cat and mouse shit.

  • [Julia finds Frank's abandoned bed in one of the homestead bedrooms] 

    Julia : Squatters?

    Larry : [Larry picks up a sexual statue]  Frank!

    Julia : He's here?

    Larry : Well, he's been here. I mean, there's stuff in the kitchen you wouldn't believe. He's obviously made one of his famous getaways.

  • [the moving man asks Julia for a beer] 

    Moving Man 2 : You got any beer?

    Julia : There's some in the fridge.

    Larry : Oh, well. Why don't I get it? I've got nothing better to do.

    [Larry sarcastically drops the mattress he was carrying] 

  • [Julia comes out of the kitchen from cleaning] 

    Larry : So how's things in there?

    Julia : Looks like a bomb dropped.

  • [Kirsty realizes that Frank is wearing her father's skin] 

    Frank (wearing Larry's skin) : Stay with us. We can all be happy here.

    Kirsty Cotton : No...

    Frank (wearing Larry's skin) : Come to daddy.

    Kirsty Cotton : [Kirsty gasps]  Oh, my God.

    Frank (wearing Larry's skin) : Come... to daddy!

  • [Julia and Larry enter the old homestead] 

    Larry : Well, this is it. The old homestead.

    Julia : [Julia sniffs the horrible house smell]  Ugh, it smells damp.

    Larry : Well, it's been empty for a while, hasn't it? But we'll soon warm it up and get it feeling like a home.

  • [Julia and Larry enter one of the old bedrooms of the homestead] 

    Larry : Don't worry. This stuff means nothing to me. It all goes.

    Julia : I thought half of it was your brother's?

    Larry : I've never known him to kick cash out of bed, and besides, he's probably behind bars someplace.

  • [Julia shows Larry her distaste to move into the old homestead] 

    Julia : You really want to move in here?

    Larry : You don't like it?

    Julia : [Julia gasps]  I suppose it's better than Brooklyn.

    Larry : Oh, don't start, Julia!

    Julia : Don't start what?

  • [the phone rings downstairs in the homestead] 

    Larry : What the hell's that?

  • [Kirsty calls her father Larry] 

    Larry : Who is this?

    Kirsty Cotton : Dad.

    Larry : Kirsty!

    Kirsty Cotton : I got through.

    Larry : Barely, where are you?

  • [Julia agrees to move in the old homestead] 

    Larry : So?

    Julia : [Julia smiles]  Why not?

    Larry : [Larry smiles]  Great!

  • [Kirsty sees the size of the old homestead] 

    Kirsty Cotton : This is a big house.

    Larry : You like?

    Kirsty Cotton : [Kirsty glances around]  Yeah. Me likes.

    Larry : Well, I'll give the grand tour if we ever get this god-damn bed moved.

  • [Larry tells Kirsty to be gentle with Julia during their current move] 

    Kirsty Cotton : Is Julia here?

    Larry : She's upstairs. Look, be gentle with her, okay? She hates moving.

    Kirsty Cotton : Surprise.

    Larry : Kirsty.

    Kirsty Cotton : Okay, all right. I'll be nice. You get on with the grunt work.

  • Moving Man 2 : That your daughter?

    Larry : Uh-huh.

    Moving Man 2 : [about Julia]  Got her mother's looks.

    Larry : Her mother's dead.

    Moving Man 2 : [the moving man goes quiet]  Oh.

  • [Larry goes up to Julia to stop his hand from bleeding] 

    Julia : Ugh, is it deep?

    Larry : I don't know. I haven't looked. You know me and blood. I'm gonna faint.

    Julia : You're not going to faint!

    Larry : Shit!

    Julia : Let me see.

    Larry : [as the wound pours onto the floor repeatedly]  Shit.

  • [Larry tells his dinner guests about the hospital visit for his hand] 

    Larry : I'm not kidding. This Doctor's poking around with all of the delicacy and compassion of Josef Mengele. And I'm warning him, "Listen, I'm gonna pass out!" And he said, "Oh, no, of course you're not, old boy. Of course you're not." Next thing you know, I'm on the floor and he's standing there like he's the one who needs help!

    Bill : Probably was afraid you were gonna sue him.

    Larry : I should do it! Bill, I should - you know all about that stuff. I'll call you tomorrow. We'll sue his ass!

  • Frank (wearing Larry's skin) : Where are you, beautiful? Come out, come out, wherever you are!

  • [Frank's dinner guest asks if his hand still hurts] 

    Evelyn : Does it still hurt?

    Larry : What? Oh. No, only when I drink.

    [as the table laughs] 

  • [Larry arrives home to find Julia in the bathroom sick] 

    Larry : [talking through the locked door]  Julia, I was calling for you. Didn't you hear? Are you in there?

    Julia : I'm feeling sick.

    Larry : Oh, babe. Is there anything I can get you?

    Julia : Maybe a brandy.

    Larry : It's coming right up.

  • [Julia keeps Larry obedient to help the skinless Frank] 

    Larry : [from downstairs]  Julia? Are you all right?

    Julia : [yells down]  Just a moment. Put on some music, will you, babe?

    Larry : [downstairs]  Yeah, sure.

    Frank the Monster : Poor Larry. Obedient as ever.

  • [Julia tries to stop Larry from investigating the banging in the attic] 

    Julia : It was nothing.

    Julia : [as Larry moves to go upstairs]  Larry!

    Larry : What's the matter with you, anyway?

    Julia : It's just - It's just that I hate the thunder.

    Larry : [the thunder and lightening continues]  I'm here. You're safe. You're trembling. This is nothing to be afraid of.

  • Julia : [Julia sees the skinless Frank come out of the closet behind Larry]  No.

    [Frank silently walks to the foot of the bed] 

    Julia : No, please, don't. No, please. I can't bear it. Please! No, please, no! Please. Please! No!

    [Frank stands quietly, slicing open a rat with his switchblade] 

    Julia : I can't bear it! Please, no!

    Larry : [as Julia whimpers and cries, Larry stops]  I don't understand you. I mean, one minute... you're all over me. And the next... I just don't understand you.

  • [Larry tells Kirsty that something's wrong with Julia] 

    Larry : I don't know. Maybe we shouldn't have come back. You know, Brooklyn certainly wasn't any worse than this.

    Kirsty Cotton : Look. You love her, so there must be something worth loving.

    Larry : I wish it were that simple. I've got a real problem here, kiddo. She doesn't even want to leave the house.

    Kirsty Cotton : Really?

    Larry : It's like she's waiting for something.

    Kirsty Cotton : What?

    Larry : I don't know... I don't know. It's way beyond me.

  • [Frank, wearing Larry's skin, tells Kirsty that Frank is dead] 

    Kirsty Cotton : [in tears]  Your brother Frank is upstairs. He... he's upstairs and he's trying to kill you.

    Frank (wearing Larry's skin) : Now, wait, wait, wait! Whatever Frank did was unspeakable. Unspeakable.

    [Kirsty sobs] 

    Frank (wearing Larry's skin) : But believe me. It's finished with now.

    Kirsty Cotton : Why is it finished?

    Frank (wearing Larry's skin) : He's gone.

    Kirsty Cotton : What does gone mean?

    Julia : He's dead, Kirsty.

    Frank (wearing Larry's skin) : He was insane, baby. A mad dog. I had to put him out of his misery. Jesus, what a scene.

  • [Frank stabs Julia to death] 

    Frank (wearing Larry's skin) : It's nothing personal, baby.

  • [Frank sees the light of the Cenobites enter through the walls of the attic] 

    Frank (wearing Larry's skin) : What the hell is that?

  • [Julia and Larry arrive outside the family homestead] 

    Larry : [Larry jiggles the locked front door handle]  It's got to be one of these.

    Julia : I'm going to freeze to death.

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