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Clare Higgins: Julia



  • [Larry and Julia watch an aggressive boxing match] 

    Larry : I thought this kind of stuff made you sick?

    Julia : [Julia with her head laying in her hand out of boredom]  I've seen worse.

  • [Julia finds Frank's abandoned bed in one of the homestead bedrooms] 

    Julia : Squatters?

    Larry : [Larry picks up a sexual statue]  Frank!

    Julia : He's here?

    Larry : Well, he's been here. I mean, there's stuff in the kitchen you wouldn't believe. He's obviously made one of his famous getaways.

  • [the moving man asks Julia for a beer] 

    Moving Man 2 : You got any beer?

    Julia : There's some in the fridge.

    Larry : Oh, well. Why don't I get it? I've got nothing better to do.

    [Larry sarcastically drops the mattress he was carrying] 

  • [Julia comes out of the kitchen from cleaning] 

    Larry : So how's things in there?

    Julia : Looks like a bomb dropped.

  • [Julia and Larry enter the old homestead] 

    Larry : Well, this is it. The old homestead.

    Julia : [Julia sniffs the horrible house smell]  Ugh, it smells damp.

    Larry : Well, it's been empty for a while, hasn't it? But we'll soon warm it up and get it feeling like a home.

  • [Julia and Larry enter one of the old bedrooms of the homestead] 

    Larry : Don't worry. This stuff means nothing to me. It all goes.

    Julia : I thought half of it was your brother's?

    Larry : I've never known him to kick cash out of bed, and besides, he's probably behind bars someplace.

  • [Julia shows Larry her distaste to move into the old homestead] 

    Julia : You really want to move in here?

    Larry : You don't like it?

    Julia : [Julia gasps]  I suppose it's better than Brooklyn.

    Larry : Oh, don't start, Julia!

    Julia : Don't start what?

  • [Julia agrees to move in the old homestead] 

    Larry : So?

    Julia : [Julia smiles]  Why not?

    Larry : [Larry smiles]  Great!

  • [in a flashback, Julia relives the first time she met Frank, who is coming in from the rain] 

    Frank Cotton : Can I come in? Can I come in?

    [Julia remains silent] 

    Frank Cotton : You're Julia, right?

    Julia : That's right. Who are you?

    Frank Cotton : I'm Frank. I'm brother Frank.

    Julia : [Julia smiles with delight]  Oh, yes.

    Frank Cotton : I, uh... I came for the wedding. Well, can I come in or not?

  • [in a flashback, Julia sees her first kiss with Frank] 

    Frank Cotton : What should we drink to? Wedded bliss?

    Julia : I'm very happy.

    Frank Cotton : Oh, sure you are. Are you going to let me kiss the bride?

  • [in a flashback, Julia relives the first time she and Frank have sex] 

    Julia : What about Larry?

    Frank Cotton : [Frank clicks out his switchblade]  Forget him.

  • [in a flashback, Julia and Frank finish having sex] 

    Frank Cotton : It's never enough.

    Julia : [begging him not to leave her]  Please. I'll do anything you want. Anything.

  • [Larry goes up to Julia to stop his hand from bleeding] 

    Julia : Ugh, is it deep?

    Larry : I don't know. I haven't looked. You know me and blood. I'm gonna faint.

    Julia : You're not going to faint!

    Larry : Shit!

    Julia : Let me see.

    Larry : [as the wound pours onto the floor repeatedly]  Shit.

  • [Julia leads her 1st victim into her home] 

    1st Victim : You know, it's funny. I... I feel like I've known you for years. You know?

    1st Victim : [he tries kissing Julia, who is reluctant]  What's the matter? What? This is what you brought me here for, isn't it? Well, isn't it?

    Julia : I suppose so, yes.

    1st Victim : So what's your problem? Let's get on with it.

    1st Victim : [Julia pushes the man back from her, angering him]  You're not gonna change your fucking mind, are you?

    1st Victim : [quietly]  I'm sorry.

    Julia : Let's go upstairs.

  • Frank the Monster : I'm hurting.

    Julia : Hurting?

    Frank the Monster : My nerves are beginning to work again.

    Julia : Good.

    Frank the Monster : One more, maybe two.

    Julia : Not again.

    Frank the Monster : To heal me completely! Then we can be away from here before they start to follow.

    Julia : Who?

    Frank the Monster : The Cenobites. It's only a matter of time before they find I've slipped them.

  • [Julia finds a puddle of liquid maggots being eaten by rats in the attic] 

    Julia : [disgusted]  Oh, God!

    [when she screams, a hand grabs her ankle] 

  • [Julia finds the undeveloped Frank in the attic] 

    Frank the Monster : Julia!

    Julia : [gasps]  Oh, my God.

    Frank the Monster : Don't look at me.

    Julia : [whimpers]  Who are you?

    Frank the Monster : I said, don't look. Help me!

    Julia : Tell me who you are!

    Frank the Monster : Frank.

    Julia : [gasps]  No. No!

    Frank the Monster : Believe me. It's me. It's really me. His blood on the floor. It brought me back.

    Julia : [trembling]  Back? From where?

    Frank the Monster : Just help me, will you? Please, God, help me!

  • Julia : What do you want me to do?

    Frank the Monster : The blood brought me back this far. I need more. You have to heal me.

  • [Julia agrees to help the undeveloped Frank] 

    Frank the Monster : Will you do it?

    Julia : Yes. I will.

  • [Julia has a drink by herself to pick up a man] 

    1st Victim : How much fun is it?

    Julia : What?

    1st Victim : Drinking alone?

    Julia : Not much.

    [Julia takes a drink] 

  • [Julia takes her 1st victim into her home] 

    1st Victim : You know, it's not often that I, uh... well, you know.

    Julia : [Julia smiles]  There's a first time for everything.

  • [Julia walks her 1st victim into the empty attic] 

    1st Victim : This isn't the bedroom.

    Julia : [smiles nervously]  No.

    1st Victim : So, what's going on?

    Julia : We don't need a bed, do we?

    1st Victim : [smiles]  Well, no, I suppose not.

    Julia : I've always preferred the floor.

    1st Victim : Oh. First time for everything, eh?

  • [Julia's 1st victim undresses while looking at her] 

    1st Victim : You're very beautiful.

    Julia : Am I?

    1st Victim : You know you are.

  • [Larry arrives home to find Julia in the bathroom sick] 

    Larry : [talking through the locked door]  Julia, I was calling for you. Didn't you hear? Are you in there?

    Julia : I'm feeling sick.

    Larry : Oh, babe. Is there anything I can get you?

    Julia : Maybe a brandy.

    Larry : It's coming right up.

  • [Julia keeps Larry obedient to help the skinless Frank] 

    Larry : [from downstairs]  Julia? Are you all right?

    Julia : [yells down]  Just a moment. Put on some music, will you, babe?

    Larry : [downstairs]  Yeah, sure.

    Frank the Monster : Poor Larry. Obedient as ever.

  • [Julia agrees to help the skinless Frank] 

    Julia : You're hurting.

    Frank the Monster : You won't cheat me, will you? You'll stay with me, help me? Then we can be together the way we were before. We belong to each other now, for better or for worse. Like love... only real.

    [as Julia rubs Frank's finger tip over her lips] 

  • [Julia seduces her 2nd victim back into her home] 

    2nd Victim : Are you sure we're not gonna be interrupted?

    Julia : [Julia smiles]  Quite sure.

    2nd Victim : Only I, uh... like to be careful.

  • [the skinless Frank shows Julia the box] 

    Frank the Monster : You promised me an explanation.

    Frank the Monster : [Frank holds up the box]  This is it.

    Julia : Let me see!

    Frank the Monster : No, don't touch it! It's dangerous. It opens doors.

    Julia : What kind of doors?

    Frank the Monster : The doors to the pleasures of Heaven or Hell. I didn't care which.

  • Frank the Monster : They won't get me back. I'm going to live and you're going to help me, yes?

    Julia : Yes. They'll never find us, not in the whole wide world.

  • [Julia tries to stop Larry from investigating the banging in the attic] 

    Julia : It was nothing.

    Julia : [as Larry moves to go upstairs]  Larry!

    Larry : What's the matter with you, anyway?

    Julia : It's just - It's just that I hate the thunder.

    Larry : [the thunder and lightening continues]  I'm here. You're safe. You're trembling. This is nothing to be afraid of.

  • Julia : [Julia sees the skinless Frank come out of the closet behind Larry]  No.

    [Frank silently walks to the foot of the bed] 

    Julia : No, please, don't. No, please. I can't bear it. Please! No, please, no! Please. Please! No!

    [Frank stands quietly, slicing open a rat with his switchblade] 

    Julia : I can't bear it! Please, no!

    Larry : [as Julia whimpers and cries, Larry stops]  I don't understand you. I mean, one minute... you're all over me. And the next... I just don't understand you.

  • [the skinless Frank suggests to Julia that they murder Larry] 

    Frank the Monster : You can't love him.

    Julia : You know I don't.

    Frank the Monster : So where's the harm?

    Julia : I said no.

    Frank the Monster : Then find me somebody else before they come looking. Now.

  • [Julia leads her 3rd victim through her home] 

    3rd Victim : I, uh... I get lonely sometimes.

    Julia : [Julia looks up towards the attic]  Everybody does.

  • [Julia and the skinless Frank discuss what to do with Kirsty and Larry] 

    Julia : [the phone starts to ring]  That's probably her now. Or the police.

    Frank the Monster : It doesn't make any difference.

    Julia : Don't you care?

    Frank the Monster : What I care about is a new skin.

    Julia : Maybe we should just leave.

    Frank the Monster : Like this? Look at me.

    Julia : We can't just stay here.

    Frank the Monster : [in a low voice]  My brother will be home soon.

  • [Frank, wearing Larry's skin, tells Kirsty that Frank is dead] 

    Kirsty Cotton : [in tears]  Your brother Frank is upstairs. He... he's upstairs and he's trying to kill you.

    Frank (wearing Larry's skin) : Now, wait, wait, wait! Whatever Frank did was unspeakable. Unspeakable.

    [Kirsty sobs] 

    Frank (wearing Larry's skin) : But believe me. It's finished with now.

    Kirsty Cotton : Why is it finished?

    Frank (wearing Larry's skin) : He's gone.

    Kirsty Cotton : What does gone mean?

    Julia : He's dead, Kirsty.

    Frank (wearing Larry's skin) : He was insane, baby. A mad dog. I had to put him out of his misery. Jesus, what a scene.

  • [Julia and Larry arrive outside the family homestead] 

    Larry : [Larry jiggles the locked front door handle]  It's got to be one of these.

    Julia : I'm going to freeze to death.

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