Prom Night II (1987) Poster


Wendy Lyon: Vicki Carpenter



  • Vicki Carpenter : [possessed by Mary Lou]  BE GONE! COME ON! There's no God, Buddy! And there is no Heaven, and do you know what pissed me off the most? NO FUCKING WINGS!

  • Vicki Carpenter : You shut your fucking mouth, bitch!

  • Vicki Carpenter : [Vicki possessed by Mary Lou, singing]  A wop baba loo bop, wop bam-

    [a row of lockers slam together, killing Monica] 

  • Walt Carpenter : [Walt sees Vicki dressed in a glittery turquoise prom dress, a ton of 1950's-styled makeup on her face, her hair held in place with bobby pins]  You look beautiful! Your mother and I thought we were the best-looking couple at our prom. I had my first job, repossessing cars, and my first paycheck went to buying your mom a rose corsage. You'll remember this night forever.

    Vicki Carpenter : [seductively, as Mary-Lou]  Ooh, I hope so... hold me, Daddy!

    [Vicki passionately kisses Walt, and with a surprised look on his face, he returns the kiss] 

    Virginia Carpenter : What are you DOING?... What have you DONE!

    [Walt and Vicki pull away, and Walt wipes his mouth off with his hand as Vicki steps past her mother] 

    Virginia Carpenter : Jesse-belle! Harlot!

  • Vicki Carpenter : Forgive me Father, for I have sinned. I have done terrible things. I have hurt my friends. I have given into sexual desires with my boyfriend. I don't know what's happening to me.

    Father Cooper : We all stray from the path of the Lord sometimes, child. But with penance, you will find your way again.

    Vicki Carpenter : Will you help me Father?

    Father Cooper : Of course, child.

    Vicki Carpenter : Will you pray for me?

    Father Cooper : Yes.

    Vicki Carpenter : Will you fuck me?

  • Craig Nordham : [bouncing up and down on top of Craig]  Don't you wanna FUCK ME?

    [giggles psychotically] 

    Craig Nordham : [Craig yelps in disgust and pushes Vicki, unintentionally making her fall on the floor. In concern, he hurries to her side]  Vicki...

    Vicki Carpenter : WRONG.

    [Possessed by Mary-Lou, Vicki squeezesCraig's neck and slams him up against the wall with ease] 

  • Vicki Carpenter : Places to go, people to kill!

  • Father Cooper : It's late. You're tired. Your mind is playing tricks on you.

    Vicki Carpenter : It's not my mind, goddamn it! It's Mary Lou Maloney!

  • Vicki Carpenter : I'm NOT Mary Lou!

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