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Cheesy science fiction yarn...but watchable.
willywants8 December 2003
'Hell' is the name of the hero of the story. He's a prisoner of the women who now run the USA after a nuclear/biological war. Results of the war are that mutants have evolved, and the human race is in danger of extinction due to infertility. Hell is given the task of helping in the rescue of a group of people from the harem of the mutant leader (resembling a frog). Hell cannot escape since he has a bomb attached to his private parts which will detonate if he strays more than a few hundred yards from his guard. Some cool special effects (the frog creatures look really good), bad acting, cheesy plot....Leave your brain at the front door, there's some entertainment to be found here.
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"This man's carrying a loaded weapon."
Backlash00711 November 2001
Hell Comes to Frogtown is a hilarious cult classic. The plot alone makes this one a must see. It's the stuff of legends. No kidding, the greatest plot of all time. Get this: Rowdy Roddy Piper is one of the last fertile men on the planet. He has some kind of super sperm and humanity is a dying race because of a lack of fertile men and women. So, he is forced by a largely female government called MedTech to go to Frogtown (ruled by mutated Frog people known as Greeners) to rescue fertile women from the evil Toady so he can impregnate them. It's all in the name of freedom of course. Great huh? The supporting cast features Sandahl Bergman, Big Will Smith, Nicholas Worth, and Rory Calhoun. Rent only if you're looking for laughs, and laughs you'll get. A thousand thanks go to Anchor Bay for re-releasing this hard to find classic.
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Worth renting, worth buying
spotter-82 August 2002
I rented this video many years ago, and enjoyed it enough to spend several years hunting down another copy I could buy for my own collection. The video is a great sendup of all the post-apocalyptic Road-Warrior-ripoff movies of the 70s and 80s. It doesn't take itself too seriously, but is written, directed, and acted well enough to be thoroughly enjoyable. Some of the scenes are hilarious. The interplay between Roddy Piper and Sandahl Bergman is worth watching as well. If you like B-movies, this one is a keeper.
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Fun with Frogs
Just saw this one last night. Very goofy. After nuclear war, most people are either dead or sterile. Roddy Piper (Sam Hell) is Shanghai'd by the new govt to go around impregnating those women who are still fertile. They slap a male chastity belt on him and tell him "it's government equipment now." There's also some psycho army guy who's really cheesed that women are in charge of so many things now. (This was made in 1987. I checked, because this guy seemed to belong in 1887.) The army women drive around in cars painted Mary Kay pink.

Then they have to go rescue a bunch of fertile women who are being held prisoner in Frogtown. By frogs. Seriously. A bunch of people in frog masks/gloves run the place. Apparently, frogmen arose instantly as a result of radiation. (May I remind you... 1987. Hello???!?!) Anyway, the head frog is called Toady. Really.

There's bad acting and cheesy sets galore. I have no idea why this is rated R. (Oh, 1987.) They talk about impregnating women/sex a lot, but we see a total of 2 breasts for about 2 seconds. There are also a few scantily-clad, but completely-covered bimbo scenes. I get the feeling that they originally intended this to be a late-night-cine max kind of thing, then just went for campy comedy instead. As a female, this decision is not disappointing to me, but male viewers may feel cheated. :)

According to Netflix, this film "spawned two sequels." Why?? Did this actually make money???? Well, it looks like it was shot in Agua Dulce for about $10,000 so maybe it did. Was this a straight to video, or did it have a theatrical run? Anyone know?
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Cult classic wannabe
gridoon17 December 2007
"Hell Comes to Frogtown" seems to have many of the necessary ingredients to become a genuine cult classic, but the execution is uninspired and the film is not NEARLY as much schlocky fun as it could have been. The main problem is the pacing, which is, in a word, deadening: there are long stretches of nothing happening. In a movie like this, the No 1 thing you want to see is "Rowdy" Roddy Piper and Sandahl Bergman kick a lot of mutant frog butt. They do, but to a much lesser degree than you might expect (even after Piper enters a room holding two shotguns and yells "Eat lead, froggies!"). It doesn't help that large portions of the film seem to have been filmed in a small, dusty warehouse. But Piper is likable enough, Sandahl Bergman and Cec Verrell are 2 strong & sexy women, and the "frog effects" are acceptable, so I'm giving this a higher rating than it probably deserves: ** out of 4 stars.
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Love B films
Kierian28 May 1999
I love bad films. This film is horrible. Fiendishly so. You get drawn in. It sucks up your will to stop watching. You sit there absolutely positive that you won't get more horrified. But heck it's got Rowdy Roddy Piper in it as the main star. That has to tell you something, though for the life of me I can't tell what. Please avert your eyes as our hero, Sam Hell(Rowdy), gets, for lack of a better word, seduced by every female in the post-apocalyptic world including a mutant frog woman. It's scary...I screamed in terror. And don't even get me started on the dance of the three snakes...I'll never look at a frog the same way again.
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Come on, what did you expect, Shakespeare???!!!!
medrjel28 February 2002
A movie with a name like this and a star like Piper, you know what you are in for... a B movie. However, this B Movie is actually quite entertaining. It sort of plays (in a way) like Barbarella with the exception that the hero is a guy, not that he's walking around half-naked (the girls still do that in this movie). I actually found it quite funny and entertaining. No, it's not classic cinema. It wasn't meant to be. It was meant to be entertaining, and it works.

Quick Summary: Men are mostly sterile. Women are not, and now are in charge. Sam Hell is a rare exception, and they need to "protect his jewels". You have giant mutant frogs trying to control the human race in this post-apocalyptic world.

It's a solid B-movie. If you are a B-movie fan, you will love this.
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I love this movie
wolfhell8812 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
It's been a long time ago that I had so much fun watching a movie like this one. If you are familiar with the work of director Donald G. Jackson you are really surprised. Hell comes to Frogtown has a real story, great acting, excellent make-up effects, good camera work, a real cut and it is really a pleasure to watch it.

Wrestling Legend Roddy Rowdy Piper is fantastic as Sam Hell, Conan's female fighting mate Sandahl Bergmann and the beautiful and sexy Cec Verrell as Centinella team up perfectly with him. Western B-movie legend Rory Calhoun and B-movies best bad guy William Smith complete this excellent cast.

You think this movie can't be much funnier in the first 30 Minutes but when they come to Frogtown and you hear William Smiths voice behind one of the masks you fell from your chair laughing and laughing.

Beneath The Roller Blade Seven this is Donald G. Jacksons best work. I really love this movie! Watch it and enjoy it.
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"You have aroused the three snakes!"
Hey_Sweden30 January 2014
"Hell Comes to Frogtown" is an irresistible serving of 1980s cheese, a deliberately goofy send-up of the whole post-nuke action genre. It's engagingly silly from start to finish, with some choice bits of dialogue and fun performances. It offers more entertainment than a lot of mega buck Hollywood movies, beginning with its casting of wrestling star "Rowdy" Roddy Piper in his first starring role.

Piper stars as Sam Hell, a scavenger & drifter in a future wasteland who is discovered to be an incredible stud. This makes him extremely valuable because the world is in very short supply of fertile males, so the government lays claim to him, and sends him on a mission to rescue and impregnate a group of fertile females that have been kidnapped by humanoid frogs otherwise known as "Greeners". He does this in the company of uptight but sexy Spangle (Sandahl Bergman) and gung ho soldier Centinella (Cec Verrell), and does battle with villains such as Commander Toty (Brian Frank) and Bull (Nicholas Worth).

The filmmakers have a good time with their casting choices, including the legendary William Smith (one of Bergmans' fellow cast members in "Conan the Barbarian") as the thuggish Captain Devlin, the highly amusing Rory Calhoun as grizzled old miner Looney Tunes, and Kristi Somers as helpful Greener Arabella. Roddy is charismatic and terrific as our jovial hero, and has some decent odd-couple chemistry with Bergman. Verrell regularly steals her scenes.

Effective lighting, by Enrico Picard and co-story author / producer / co-director Donald G. Jackson, and good production design by Dins Danielsen help to create just the right futuristic look. Verrell supplies some eye candy by removing her top. The frog masks designed by Steve Wang are most impressive. And there are enough laughs to make this pleasant viewing.

Followed by the sequel "Frogtown II" (with Robert Z'Dar as Sam Hell).

Seven out of 10.
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Forget it Jake, It's Froggytown
movieman_kev10 June 2005
Rowdy Roddy Piper is Sam Hell the last potent guy in the impotent post-apocalyptic world. Now he, along with Spangle and Centinella (Sandahl Bergman and Cec Verrell respectively) has to save some fertile girls to impregnate from the clutches of mutant frogman Commander Totyor the bomb attached to his junk will go off. While this flick is nowhere near the greatness of Piper's "They Live", it still holds a special place in my heart from back when I was a kid. It's just a fun little movie to pop in every now and then. Rowdy Roddy acts great in this one.

My Grade: B-

DVD Extras: Commentary by the Late Director Donald Jackson and Writer Randall Frakes (if they got Roddy to take part it would've been MUCH better); plus a trailer and that's all

Eye Candy: Cec Verrell got topless, reminding me unfortunately of the dreadful "Inside Out" movies
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Enjoyably silly send-up of post-nuke sci-fi action fare
Woodyanders23 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Smartaleck Sam Hell (a lively and engaging performance by wrestler Rowdy Roddy Piper) is one of the few potent men left in the wake of a nuclear holocaust. He's recruited by uptight doctor Spangle (Sandahl Bergman in top two-fisted form) to impregnate as many fertile women as possible in order to restore mankind's status as the dominant species in a barren wasteland ruled by mutant humanoid frogs. Directors Donald G. Jackson and R.J. Kizer, working from a pleasingly wiggy'n'witty script by Randall Frakes, relate the lovably loopy story at a snappy pace, maintain a winningly zany tongue-in-cheek tone throughout, and milk the amusing sense of cheerfully lowbrow humor for all it's worth. The zesty acting by the enthusiastic cast keeps the movie humming: Cec Verrell as fierce'n'foxy soldier Centinella, Kristi Somers as sassy saloon gal Arabella, Nicholas Worth as brutish "greener" Bull, Brian Frank as evil frog leader Commander Toty, and Cliff Bemis as suave club owner Leroy. Better yet, we've got colorful supporting parts for dependable veterans Big Bill Smith as the surly Captain Devlin and Rory Calhoun as amiable old prospector Looney Tunes. Moreover, there are a lot of cracking hilarious lines, with the sparky rat-a-tat-tat banter between Hell and Spangler providing the biggest belly laughs. Spangler's scorching hot dance number for Commander Toty rates as a definite highlight. David Shapiro's robust score hits the spirited spot. Jackson's sunny cinematography makes the most out of the desolate desert locations. A total hoot.
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Mad Max: American Style, Mean and..Green?
udragon201018 November 2010
Warning: Spoilers
One of the coolest B-Movies ever made, Hell Comes to Frogtown should be on the list of any post-apocalyptic movie fan.

No, this movie has nothing to do with France, shame on you for thinking that. Frogtown is about Sam Hell, played by "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, who is a super virile man in a post-apocalyptic world where women rule, mutant frog people terrorize the wasteland and fertile men are like gold.

The Fantastic Sandahl Bergman, of Conan The Barbarian fame, plays a special agent assigned to keep Sam Hell and his family jewels safe as he ventures to Frogtown, a city ruled by the frog people in order to save a group of extremely fertile women from the frogs ruler and his right hand...frog Commander Toty.

This movie pacts humor, action, sexy women and sometimes sexy frog women all into one enjoyable film. It's worth it to see "Rowdy" Roddy Piper kick frog butt while traveling around in a pink armored car. This movie is for any action movie fan who has a wacky side.
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hilariously bad b-movie
balesjas2 February 2003
This is a must-see for all fans of 80's b-movies. It's also the biggest waste of a porn plot in the history of cinema. Come on, now -- the world is full of sterile men and you've got Rowdy Roddy Piper as one of few fertile men left to repopulate the earth, and there's one frontal nudity shot in the whole movie. Other than that, this movie is ridiculously bad with great b-movie lines such as "how about you try making love to a complete stranger in a hostile mutant territory, see how you like it?" How many other movies have a three- peckered frog king in them? None, I hope. It's tragically ludicrous and ludicrously tragic.
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Lives up to the title; hilariously horrible beyond belief.
xezlec17 May 2002
Well, some like it, some don't. The reason as far as I can tell is that it is simply such an incredibly, unbelievably horrible movie that it defies expectation or even imagination, to the point of being amusing in a way. If you think you can conceive of how bad this movie is, you are mistaken. You can't. But, there is a PLUS SIDE to that. At first I was in shock from the incredibly cheesy special effects, insanely, mind-twistingly awful plot, and the worst acting I have EVER SEEN, but then I realized that I was having the time of my life, because listening to the dialogue, I found myself laughing out loud. I missed some parts of the movie just because I was laughing so hard at the absurdity that someone actually made this film that I nearly wet myself. But there is no downside to missing a few minutes of this flick. Anyway I really think the film must be a joke, a parody of B-movies. And as a parody, it is very good. In summary, I recommend it.
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So bad its fantastic
angela.lunn26 September 2000
This is one of those films that is so bad its wonderful.An absolute classic.Cheap sets,camera work and wooden acting all add to the "Trashy" atmosphere of this movie.Just watch it,I bet you'll want to see it again and again.
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When I was maybe 10 ...
Cristi_Ciopron17 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I was maybe 10,or more likely 11,when a pal told me,at school,the content of this movie--or rather the most important and cool scenes.I thought the boy was a mere liar.

The squeezing,wringing,crippling belt seemed to me the most incredible. I instantly decided that such a wild movie was but a fabrication of my pal.I giggled scornfully .The frog woman did not seem more plausible either.On the other hand,everything seemed too extravagant and bizarre to be true.Soon after-wards ,I had the chance to see Hell Comes to Frogtown .Well,it proved to be completely in keeping with my hopes.A very happy day!

Several years,in my adolescence,I had this taste for films like Hell Comes to Frogtown ,and Stone Cold (with Brian Bosworth and Lance Henriksen),and Steel Dawn (with Patrick Swayze),and Mad Max ,and David Webb Peoples' The Blood of Heroes (with Rutger Hauer).I saw most of them together with other kids in dirty rooms that stank of sweat and filth.

Such films were up to the mark.Some day I will begin a series of comments on some of these movies seen when I was 11-16 years. Fortunately,since I was 11 I recorded the titles of each movie I have seen,so they are all in my notebooks.These people (Donald G. Jackson, Julius LeFlore,Roddy Piper,Craig R. Baxley,Brian Bosworth,Lance Hool, Patrick Swayze,George Miller,Mel Gibson,David Webb Peoples,Rutger Hauer ) knew how to honestly and extremely amuse kids.I do not know whether they do have any homologue today.
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dstietjen9 February 2015
Warning: Spoilers
One of the best B-Movies I've ever seen. Rodney Piper, in a post apocalyptic world where is the last fertile man gets captured by government agency Med Tech and has to rescue a harem of fertile women from mutant frogmen. You can't beat this. The post apocalyptic cars are awesome as well.

Rodney Piper does not disappoint, gives a great performance like They Live.

I cannot recommend this film enough. If you are a fan of Troma movies or the Evil Dead, or 80's B-Movies put this on the list. It will not disappoint.
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myfugi28 January 2005
My best friend and I picked this up as an addition to our monthly, "crappy movie night" due to the fact that it was a employee pick of my boyfriends at the local video quest. I don't think we'd ever have come across it if he hadn't put it up. The acting is horrendous, but the sheer cheesiness of the plot saves it. So incredibly bad that it's hilarious. The plot revolves around a ridiculously fertile (we were so hoping it was soft-core porn)who has to venture into hostile territory (i.e. frog town) and impregnate/rescue a batch of fertile woman, apparently a rarity in this post apocalyptic world. Oh did I mention the electronic chastity belt? Something like a cross between a chastity belt, a tracking device, and one of those shock collars used to train dogs. my favorite quote of the movie: "relax, I'm trained in seductive techniques." made me laugh so hard I snorted.
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Best enjoyed with beer in hand
tomgillespie200211 February 2014
In one of his first feature film appearances, former wrestler Roddy Piper plays Sam Hell, a highly fertile man in a post-apocalyptic world that has rendered most of its adult population infertile due to a devastating nuclear war. This being the late 1980's, and with Hell Comes To Frogtown being unashamedly B-movie ridiculousness, every long-legged female character wants to jump his bones, and do so wearing not very much at all. It is misogynistic, very, very silly (which I'm sure one would assume from the title) and Piper won't be receiving any Lifetime Achievement Awards from the Academy, but it is occasionally a lot of fun, and features one of most memorable titles in the B-movie canon.

With male population numbers heavily reduced due to nuclear war, women now rule the Earth. After a group of warrior-nurses led by the bespectacled Spangle (Sandahl Bergman) capture nomad Sam Hell, they see their chance to do their part in helping re-populate the Earth due to Sam's high fertility rate. But when a group of fertile women are captured by a gang of rapey amphibian mutants who have been affected by the radiation, Sam is employed as a mercenary along with the tough-but- sexy Centinella (Cec Verrell) to enter a place known as 'Frogtown' in order to steal them back.

Somehow, Hell Comes To Frogtown has managed to spawn three sequels, the latest being made in 2002. The years have made the film a cult favourite, and admittedly, for all it's many flaws and amateur direction, the idea of women piecing together the remnants of civilisation is quite an intriguing one. Of course, the plot isn't really why you would watch a film involving rubber-suited monsters and scantily-clad women, and ultimately, Frogtown suffers from long moments of tedium that plague low-budget films of its ilk. But there are still moments to enjoy in the 90 minutes of endless gun-fights and goofy Roddy Piper quotes, namely in Piper's obvious amusement at the film he is starring in. Best enjoyed with beer in hand.

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A new low!
George-727 May 2000
I watched this movie this morning. It ranks down there with "Motel Hell". It is hard to believe that someone spent money to make this movie. On the other hand, I am easily pleased and was locked in to the movie from start to finish. I guess that is a testiment to my lack of taste. I really felt sorry for the main character Sam Hell. He was faced with making great sacrifices in his country's behalf. (The poor guy was given the task of increasing the population of his country which had been decimated by war.) I agree with previous comments, this movie would be best seen while drunk.
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I liked it!
jhjslj14 April 2002
It's a really cheap low budget s-f flick but I really liked it. It was a hoot and the make up wasn't too bad either. The dance of the three snakes was a gas and I really liked the car with the cannon mounted on it.
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Hell Comes to Frogtown
phubbs6 February 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Sam Hell...Hell comes to Frogtown, nice little play on words there, just like 'Wild Wild West' with James West. This movie came along way after John Carpenter's 'Escape from New York' but the influences are clear. I might also add that this movie probably gave Carpenter a solid reason to cast Piper in the lead of his cult movie 'They Live' which sees him play a similar smartass role.

Sam Hell is one of the last males left alive with a high sperm count, yep that's right. In a post-apocalyptic world (cue lots of desert) where most have succumbed to atomic fallout Mr Hell is one of few who can breed, and breed well. So the organisation of warrior-nurses (a government organisation) grab Hell and force him to breed with sexy females in order to boost the human race...yes you are reading this correctly. Problem is the only group of fertile women around have been pinched by the mutants of Frogtown for...reasons. So its up to the one man army Sam Hell to bust into Frogtown and save the sexy females...then slam dunk em all.

In all honesty this really does sound like a big pile of low budget, cheap-ass, tacky soft porn poo. The entire notion is like something from the 'Flesh Gordon' franchise for nipples sake...errr I mean Pete's sake. One stud left in a post-apocalyptic world who must boink all the lovely ladies as part of his job...oh geez! The funny thing is the movie is indeed a cheap silly throwaway piece of fluff but its also a semi-worthy trashfest.

If you didn't know any better you'd swear this was a John Carpenter flick, but as said that's probably because director Jackson has taken most ideas from 'Escape from New York'. The whole concept of having Hell locked into a government owned steel chastity belt that will explode if he runs off or tries to tamper with it is a blatant ripoff. Sure the idea is childishly amusing and makes for some cringeworthy moments of overacting but its basically a below the belt version (no pun intended) of Snake Plissken's internal explosive device.

His mission is all too familiar as well, a high risk rescue from the mutants of Frogtown. He's gotta zip in and out rescuing the damsels without anyone realising what's happened, only then will his groin be released. Luckily he does have two sexy females to accompany him on the mission...if they can stop trying to hump him of course. Strangely enough this isn't really sexy even though it sounds like it, way too many shots of a half naked Piper for my liking.

Then of course you have the character of Hell who is pretty much a carbon copy of Mr Plissken. He has the shaggy long hair, the unusual attire which looks like a mish mash of styles, weapons galore and of course a gruff, butch, chauvinistic wisecracking persona. The only difference here is Hell is more of a comedic character for the most part, almost like a parody. Seriously though why does he have those two long bits of red cloth at the front and rear of his jeans?? It looks like a native American influence...but why??!

The enemy here are humanoid amphibians, mutants, but I was unsure if they were suppose to be mutated humans or actual mutated amphibians from the atomic fallout. If they were indeed real frogs before the mutation I must ask where on earth all these frogs came from to make up this big population! plus why just amphibians? why nothing else? There also seems to be various types of amphibians too like bullfrogs and a salamander? Most of the main amphibian characters are rubber masks and bodysuits which admittedly worked pretty well, the large rubber masks were accurate looking and appropriately wet n slimy. It all looks a bit basic these days of course, the mouths don't move very well with no lip sync whilst the rubber suits are obvious, but they do the job and at least look like real frogs. Most background characters are simple makeup jobs which stand out a bit but lets not get too picky here (ahem).

Most of the movie does look cheap and doesn't really have much going for it. There is a sort of car chase sequence near the end, some sort of fisticuffs between characters which is all too fake looking and a little bit of sexy tomfoolery with boobies. I did like the use of the old abandoned steel mill for Frogtown (I presume it was a steel mill, could be wrong). For the most part its all a bit rubbish though, there isn't any real pending threat to anyone at any point which is the main issue. I always got the impression they could just sit down and have a good natter over everything as the mutants don't seem all that bad.

Its easy to see why this has become a cult classic, especially with a title like that. In my opinion its all down to the great performance by Roddy Piper who is a really solid action comedy star and very much underrated if you ask me. This guy has proved himself twice with this movie and 'They Live', he knows how to deliver cornball lines, he's endearing, quirky, amusing, looks good and somehow makes all this sh*t seem really decent. This whole thing dangles by a thread...If it wasn't for Piper and some good rubber mask work it would be complete pants.

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Eat Lead Froggy
laserbradley234 July 2009
Pretty solid movie for it's time. I think it was a little silly at times, the special effects for the time were probably decent, but the fact is it was entertaining.

Roddy Piper as the last potent man, awesome. In terms of post apocalyptic movies, I would say this is an underrated flick. I would recommend to sci-fi fans....but don't come in to watching this thinking you've found a diamond in the rough.

You could most certainly find a better movie to eat up your time but if you're looking for some thoughtless fun this one might be the right one for the moment.

Just a decent movie overall. 6 / 10
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The Frog Prince...
fmarkland3216 June 2009
Rowdy Roddy Piper stars as Sam Hell (Great name, by the way) the last fertile man on earth who has to impregnate some fertile women to save humanity, while scientist Sandahl Bergman helps Rowdy Roddy out, while falling for him. Rowdy Roddy Piper isn't a great actor but he certainly has the charisma to make this cheapie worth seeing. Indeed the frog suits are great, and the film without question works on an utterly surreal level. This is one of those films that you watch in spite of yourself. The movie is actually decently made but the movie is beyond surreal to watch. I mean you haven't seen surreal until you see a frog trying to chainsaw Roddy Piper's chastity belt (Which will blow up his testicles if he separates from Bergman) and while the film doesn't have a lot of nudity considering the premise, the film is action packed, never boring and works solely on a visceral level. The action is well choreographed and well acted by Piper and Bergman, who share an entertaining chemistry. It's a B.movie through and through but you can't help but enjoy the tongue and cheek antics that the films indulges in.

**1/2 Out Of 4-(Pretty Good)
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A wildly goofy B-movie homage...
shaneo63227 November 2007
Shaun Munro's Reviews (ShaunMunro.co.uk):

If this film's title wasn't enough of an indication for you - yes, Hell Comes to Frogtown is a cheese piece, a staple of the "so-bad-it's-good" genre of action adventure films, and more to the point, it's a 1980s film, and in all aspects, it is both a considerably under-seen, and dare I say, underrated little gem of a film.

By classical film standards, this film may be considered nothing but a resounding smudge on the sleeve of the cinema of yesteryear, yet the opening moments of the film alone should cause you to realise that this was made with the tongue very firmly planted in the cheek - I have an inkling that everyone involved with Hell Comes to Frogtown knew that it would be both an extremely fun film to make, and moreover, be ravaged by critics upon release.

The film's plot, which cannot be described as anything less than "offbeat", involves the preposterously-named, hilariously virile Sam Hell (Roddy Piper) standing among the few men left with their reproductive organs in tact following World War 3. Soon enough, Sam is captured by a band of scientists and informed that he must aid them in kidnapping a group of virgins, and subsequently inseminating them. Yes, the plot sounds as though it was torn directly from a pornographic film, but it works, as long as you're not expecting high art, and if you are - what on Earth did you expect with a title like "Hell Comes to Frogtown"? Furthermore, the female scientists escorting Sam on this mission are naturally quite fetching once free of their glasses and army get-ups, and their unequivocally ridiculous mission objectives include keeping Sam "excited" throughout his mission, in order to promote potency, a feat apparently best achieved by stripping off, at times of class, into lingerie, and at all other times, to nothing. Additionally, near enough any female that Sam comes into contact with (even the frog-like females of Frogtown) pounces on him, turning the ever-trite stereotype of "the lecherous male" on its head, one female even asking Sam, "I guess you have to be in love first?" in response to not wanting to be used "like a machine". It's a refreshing turn, and funny to boot, thanks largely to Piper's ever-present charm as the dumbstruck last hope of mankind.

Of course, what would any bite of 80s cheese be without the forced, shamelessly telegraphed sexual tension, which quite naturally pans out as you would expect. Of course, this tension is somewhat stunted by the fact that, to every male's cross-legged cringe, the love interest herself, the lead scientist (Sandahl Bergman), is wearing earrings which control an electronic codpiece that Sam wears, and even worse, if the earrings get too far away from her, the codpiece will explode, a plot thread which is of course explored exhaustively.

Almost half of the film passes before we finally meet the stars of the show - the inhabitants of Frogtown, by-products of man's nuclear war, melding the DNA of humans and frogs together to create a bestial entity that assumes the form of a human, whilst the skin and facial features resemble that of a frog. Considering the all-encompassing B-movie aura surrounding this film, the effects are surprisingly impressive looking, and any flaws, such as the often out-of-synch mouth movements, only add to the fun, as if guffaw-inducing frog-men themselves weren't levity enough. Moments from Sam and his cohorts entering Frogtown, they hear of the town's anger that they were all herded into Frogtown by the government, and moreso, disallowed from handling weaponry (not that this stops them). This in itself is interesting food-for-thought in relation to the place of deformed individuals in today's society, and whilst it's never dwelled on in any great detail, it doesn't have to be either.

Once our heroes settle rather comfortably into Frogtown, the film becomes something of a caper, and quite predictably, Sam and company become embroiled in a scrimmage with the inhabitants of the town, attempting to both rescue the helpless virgins, and escape Frogtown themselves. However, even as the gunfights ensue, Hell Comes to Frogtown never surrenders its whimsical tone, never endeavouring to take itself too seriously. This is to the film's credit - it aids us in not focusing on its misgivings, but simply sitting back and absorbing this truly harebrained work of cinema.

The film's solution relies on an outrageous measure of coincidence, making no attempt whatsoever to emancipate or otherwise inspire, but it's so flagrant and deliberate in its delivery that one has no other choice than to laugh. Nevertheless, once the smoke clears, everything is tied up a little too nicely, and we are left with little time to ponder anything (as if there was anything to ponder) before the credits roll - we are simply invited to observe our protagonists riding away into the sunset.

It is quite sincerely a cinematic truth that few films can hold claim to being able to "out-cheese" Hell Comes to Frogtown, but this film, above all else, is a huge ball of fun. If made today, moreover, without the imposing "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, it likely wouldn't be half as fun, but on the sheer "strength" of its premise alone, would enter into the cult film lexicon. Hell Comes to Frogtown is one of the many films of decades past that no doubt influenced such post-modern cheese-fests as Crank, Snakes on a Plane, and more recently, Shoot 'Em Up, and so Hell Comes to Frogtown is at least something more than forgettable guys-in-costumes fare with, of all people, a professional wrestler as the protagonist. Just ensure to steer well clear from the purportedly dire spate of sequels.
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