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  • Because they probably believed, like many people in the 1960s, that rock was a subversive genre of music and that the soldiers fighting in Vietnam would become subversive or insubordinate if they listened to it. Cronauer, who had a history of angering superiors, decided to ignore that rule because he felt that, things being as tense as they were during the war, the soldiers needed some sort of release from the death, destruction, and general tension felt throughout their ranks. Cronauer's use of humor was also frowned upon as being subversive.

    Sergeant Major Dickerson and Lieutenant Hauk are both obviously by-the-book soldiers BUT, their orders to prevent rock music playing on the air likely came from higher up in the chain of command so the two both felt that the letter of the law needed to be followed. Also, it's pretty clear that at least Hauk didn't like rock music himself & therefore we can assume that, given his domineering personality, Dickerson didn't like it either.

  • Yes. More info can be found on him here, although the article is quite short. The film takes great liberties with the story, as films like this often do.


The FAQ items below may give away important plot points.

  • Probably two reasons: first, she comes from a very traditional Vietnamese family and had been brought up to believe she could never have a relationship with an American serviceman. Secondly, like Tuan says to Cronauer near the end of the film, much of their family had been killed in the fighting between the US forces and the North Vietnamese army & the Viet Cong so she likely didn't trust Adrian, as nice as he tried to be to her.

    There's also the longstanding rule the armed forces had of soldiers being forbidden to fraternize with both the enemy and any locals. We do actually see the consequences of Adrian's friendship with Tuan, who turns out to be a spy and terrorist for the Viet Cong.

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