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10 out of 10
dragon ma young1 August 2001
The last of the 3 Brothers films is undoubtedly the best. Yes, even better than Project A. It took me a while to find a copy of this Chan-Hung-Biao classic, but as soon as I found it, I immediately bought it. I payed 29 dollars for it, and it was totally worth it. It has some of the best action choreography I have ever seen. It is a fast, hilarious, action-packed ride that everyone can enjoy. I think that every single person should see this film, because if you havent, you dont know what action really is.
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Nick_Vorobyov24 June 2001
One again "Jackie Chan" & "Sammo Hung Kam-Bo" & "Biao Yuen" star in the same movie. This is the most amazing movie!!! It's even better then "Project A" with the three brothers. This movie has the most amazing fight scenes and stunts there is. And this is the funniest "Jackie Chan" movie there is. There is an amazing fight aboard a ship and a fight in a restaurant in the beginning of the movie. Also see "Jackie" fight the amazing "Benny Urquidez". That fight is ranked among the best "Jackie's" fight scenes ever filmed and I agree. So go rent buy doesn't matter as long as you see this film.
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Now THIS is a martial arts movie!
Anonymoo-29 September 1999
It's amazing what you can do in your "last collaborative effort." With other movies behind Chan, Hung, and Biao like "Winners and Sinners" and "Wheels on Meals" (weird-as-all-hell names, if you ask me), the three kung-fu-teers, as they've been called, made their last, and what I consider best of their films. The inimitable Jackie Chan plays a lawyer, and a corrupt one at that. However, he does beat a healthy load of bad guys into body casts, with his pals Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao along for the ride. Scary kickboxer Benny "the Jet" Urquidez dukes it out with Jackie for the last time as a generic thug, subsequently getting his villainous rear knocked from here to the god-awful studio that made "Baby Geniuses." Give this movie a try. You won't be disappointed.
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Although I'm by no means an expert, this movie was awesome!
azerda12 June 2000
I am by no means a Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, or of the genre in general, but I was simply blown away by the fight sequences. Some of the stunts I had never seen before, and even those that have long since become cliche continued to impress me. Although the plot was rather simple and at times I was confused as to Jackie Chan's character's intentions, I didn't watch this movie for its intellectual stimulation...

Incredibly acrobatic!
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FinnishChanFan11 December 2003
Absolutely one of the Jackie's best ones. No doubt about that! There is nothing to say. Im stunned! Movie includes several fights and every single one of them are one of the best Jackie has ever made. Sammo and Yuen plays their part good too, but Jackie does mainly the best stunts, fights and slapstick. Jackie, Sammo and Yuen fights each other several times! The main event is a re-match fight between Jackie and Benny "the Jet" (someone, cant remember the last name, its really hard). Last time these guys met in "wheels on meals". Did i mention, that the stunts are incredible! Definetly one of the best!!!!

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Zargo24 June 2003
Dragons Forever seems to me to be a little overlooked amongst Jackie's other more celebrated movies such as Project A or Armour of God. It's a pity, because I've seen more then 40 of his movies and Dragons would be in my top ten or very close.

It's practically your perfect Jackie Chan movie; great action, great humour, and just a lot of fun to watch. I didn't find the romance side painful at all, though character's motivations can be a little shady.

As you might know- Jackie, Samo, and Yuen Biao haven't appeared together in a project since Dragons Forever, and as much as i enjoy Jackie alongside a Tucker or a Wilson, it would be just great to have those three reunited again some day soon!
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Top grade Jackie Chan,blending bruising action,silly slapstick and a welcome dose of romance
DrLenera26 July 2005
Dragons Forever may be one of Jackie Chan's best and certainly one of his most satisfying films. It contains some of the best fight action of his career,and an equal amount of humour,but also has a reasonable plot,some character development and a welcome dose of romance,something which is usually sidelined in Chan films. In fact,this is one Chan movie which might be enjoyed just as much by the gals as well as the guys.

This was the last film featuring the great trio of Chan,Samo Hung and Yuen Biao,and it sees them experimenting a bit by playing against type. Chan is really good as a shady,skirt chasing lawyer,and Biao is very funny as a mentally unstable thief {some versions of the film remove two of his scenes,so beware},but Hung,who was easily the best actor of the three,gives the stand out performance as Chan's devious gun running buddy. A great deal of time is given to Hung's and Chan's romances,and there is one really touching if over the top scene involving Hung with a megaphone trying to get his potential girl to trust him in front of loads of people.

Some of the film's slapstick perhaps goes on a bit,but there are some terrific scenes where the three heroes keep comedic-ally fighting each other,sometimes all at one time. Don't worry action fans,amidst all this romance and slapstick is some superb fighting. The fights are not that many in number and some are quite brief,but Chan looks near his best and Hung and Baio also shine. Chan's running battle with a gang of heavies on a ship and his duel with Benny Urquidez {a thrilling battle and not at all like the Chan/Urquidez match in Wheels On Meals} are amongst his best fights ever. Just try and keep a a note of all the stunt men who do extremely dangerous falls during the climax! As often with a Hung-directed film,the violence is a bit stronger than the usual Chan film.

As usual there is the odd scene which doesn't work,such as when Hung apologizes to his girlfriend and she......smashes him in the face with an iron bar!-after which they make up! The film was rushed and sometimes looks a little rough around the edges. Nevertheless,this is a truly enjoyable all round movie which should satisfy even if you're not really into martial arts movies!
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Engagingly goofy - one of Jackie's funniest
gridoon2 January 2004
The comedy is VERY funny (casting Jackie as a lawyer is funny in itself, intentionally I hope), the romance is sweet and the action is (expectedly) spectacular. The film is marred only by its inconsistent tone: there is a little too much violence toward the end, which doesn't sit too well with the rest of the movie. By the way, I watched the dubbed version, and this may be one of those rare instances where the dubbing does not significantly detract from the film - in fact, it probably ENHANCES the comedy. (***)
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Be sure to stay for the ending.
BA_Harrison29 June 2017
Defence lawyer Jackie Lung (Jackie Chan) represents shady businessman Hua Hsien-Wu, who is accused of polluting a local fish farm owned by Miss Yip (Deannie Yip). To help him win the case, Jackie enlists two friends from the criminal fraternity, arms dealer Luke Wong Fei-hung (Sammo Hung) and cat burglar Timothy Tung Tak-Biao (Yuen Baio). Jackie also romances Miss Yip's pretty cousin Nancy (Pauline Yeung) in order to get inside information, but finds himself falling in love for real, resulting in a change of heart that pits him and his friends against Hua Hsien-Wu and his cronies.

For twelve incredible minutes, Dragons Forever shows Chan, Biao and Hung at their very best, in a blistering finale that sees the trio battling numerous bad guys in a chemical factory: our heroes perform amazing feats of acrobatics, punch and kick at jaw-dropping speed, bodies falls from gangways onto hard surfaces, and lots of glass is smashed. It's just a shame that to get there one must endure well over an hour of mediocre comedy and dull romance, interspersed by the occasional spot of less memorable martial arts to retain the attention of fight fans until the final showdown.

As a whole, the film really only warrants an average rating, but I'm happy to bump it up a bit for the main bad guys, the excellent Yuen Wah (who also played the memorable villain from another fave of mine, Eastern Condors), and the awesome Benny 'The Jet' Urquidez—never has eyeliner been so macho! 6.5/10, rounded up to 7 for IMDb.
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I want a sequel!
aidenthomson732 April 2013
This movie is pure! It is like a remake to wheels on meals. Sadly however, this movie was did not do well in the box office and the HKL DVD is cropped to 1:85:1 from its original aspect ratio.

Dragons Forever stars Jackie Chan (Police Story), Sammo Hung (Martial Law) and Yuen Baio (The Prodigal Son).

If you own a DVD of Dragons Forever, hit the fast-forward button and watch the end fight scene, It shows Jackie Chan fight Benny Urquidez and is literally the Jackie Chan equivalent of the Matrix!

The main problems with this movie is it was a little rushed and has a lot of editing flaws.
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A fine piece of action cinema.
garygraham19843 April 2005
Warning: Spoilers
The legendary Sammo Hung directs and co-stars in this, the last of his collaborations with both Jackie Chan and Yuen Biao. However, it is clear that the best was indeed saved for last (at least in terms of pure martial arts action), managing to outdo even Project A, Wheels on meals and all of the lucky stars series. The storyline is pure simplicity, with our heroes out to stop a criminal from polluting a fishpond whilst at the same time attempting to woo their female co-stars. No one ever watched a Hong Kong action movie for its storyline but it is nice to have some semblance of a plot. What saves this film is the characters, most notably the three main leads and the villains (including Yuen Wah, Billy Chow, Dick Wei and Benny Urquidez). The characters played by Jackie, Sammo and Yuen are generally against the "type" they normally found themselves playing. Jackie is still given the most screen time due to his higher marketability and he still plays the hero, but this time he is a lawyer and not a policeman as he is so often cast. Sammo still plays the fat and lovable criminal, but this time he is not quite so pathetic in that he also gets a girl. Yuen Biao takes the biggest departure from his normal character playing a rather disturbed young man with parental issues. It is the action that simply sets this movie apart, however. There are plenty of smaller fights that keep the viewer hooked until the final battles. Sammo Hung pummels his way through about a dozen men and shows that he is one of the most powerful fighters in screen history. He is waylaid for the last ten minutes however, giving more time to Jackie Chan and Yuen Biao. Yuen Biao impresses again with effortless acrobatics and grace but it is Jackie's fight with Benny Urquidez that really leaves a mark as it is every bit as good as their encounter in Wheels on meals, though much more serious. All in all this is a highly recommended movie for fans of action cinema at its very best.
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Very Good Chan Film.
gangstahippie16 August 2006
Rated PG-13 for Violence and Language. Quebec Rating:13+ Canadian Home Video Rating:14A

I saw Dragons Forever on Spike TV a year ago.Dragons Forever is a great action/comedy with Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung but it is also sort of a romance movie in some parts.But that doesn't stop it from having great fight scenes and the usual Jackie Chan charm.Jackie Chan and Sammo play lawyers in this film.Draogns Forever has a fairly good story,great fight sequences and the usual Jackie Chan charm and I recommend it for Chan fans.


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Stupid Ass Romance Aside, Good
ThyDavideth8 June 2017
Dragons Forever is the finale of the collaboration between Sammo, Jackie,and Yuen Biao. It's a good one at that but romantic crap sucks. Urrgh! The court house scene after Jackie confesses his love to this snatch-faced broad was so annoying. It is this very scene that made me deduct 3 stars for this movie. It was meaningless and stupid.

As for the rest of the movie, it's a fun filled action movie with excellent martial arts action and stunts with a story that works. The comedy elements were decent, too. The romantic crap slowed this movie down some but not enough for me to completely berate this movie to death.
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The pinnacle of the Hong Kong '80s action movie
Leofwine_draca4 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Another crazy comedy/action flick to combine the star talents of Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao; this is their last production together but by no means their least. Once again the familiar formula of the tale involves our heroes getting up to all kinds of shenanigans when they become involved in the legal case between a woman who claims her lake is being polluted by a factory and the factory owner. Chan stars as a rather unlikely lawyer who ends up falling in love with the beautiful witness on the other side whilst Sammo Hung turns up as an arms dealer who also falls in love with the woman's sister (or friend, it doesn't really matter). Best of all is Yuen Biao as Chan's friend, an eccentric burglar who has frequent visits to the shrink to try and cure him of his insanity. Lots of comedy antics ensue between the threesome, especially Biao and Hung who take an instant dislike to each other and always seem to be fighting at inopportune times.

The film offers plenty of comedy and also a double romance, which is focused on a great deal. I'm pleased to say that the romances are handled sensitively and with great passion, and its enjoyable to watch the martial artists doing something other than fighting all of the time. The comic interplay and slapstick humour is handled superbly and mixes well with the action. As for the fights, well once again they're phenomenal and have a real edge to them. Watch out for a meal on a boat which is interrupted by hired thugs, watching Chan wipe them all out is a delight and wonderful stuff. The three stars are on top form, especially Yuen Biao who stars in what may be his greatest role as the consistently funny and not to mention crazy thief. Chan is solid in the leading part although has less screen time than usual whilst Hung is excellent throughout, especially in the scarily realistic scenes in which he gets injected by heroin which gave the film an 18 certificate here in the UK. His direction is above-par too.

As usual for these collaborations, the finale is the most memorable thing about the film, this time offering an extended action sequence set in a factory full of railings, poles and bubbling pools of evil. The acrobatic martial arts which take place amid the glass-smashing, bone-snapping mayhem are truly incredible and a wonder to behold. The chief villain, played by the inimitable Yuen Wah, is an amusing cigar-chomping caricature who gets his just desserts. But the best thing about the film is the reappearance of Benny 'The Jet' Urquidez, who turns up as a thug to fight Chan at the end just like he did in WHEELS ON MEALS. Complete with heavy eye-liner and a ponytail, Benny has never looked scarier than he does here and he proves to be a mean menace. The fight sequence is phenomenal and a fitting end to a quality production. Use of slow-motion in the various stunts also heightens the enjoyment, helping to make this one of the best action/comedies out there.
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plenty of fight action
SnoopyStyle19 May 2016
Mr. Hua is a murderous businessman. Miss Yeh is suing Hua for dumping chemicals into her pond. Johnny Lang (Jackie Chan) is a defense lawyer. He hates his rapist client. His new client is Hua and his goal is to keep the factory producing. Miss Lee from HKU is testing the water and Yeh's cousin. Johnny gets his gun-running friend Luke (Sammo Hung) to spy on Yeh and Timothy to plant a bug in the apartment. Luke gets Timothy arrested and gets closer to Yeh. Lee accepts a date from Johnny to pump him for information.

There is plenty of fight action as one might expect. I don't know if the trio of Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, and Biao Yuen have ever done a version of Three Stooges HK fight movie. I prefer they portray close but combative friends. Their relationship in this movie is too messy. Timothy's actions give me whiplash. I don't get his character. There is too much of the movie when the three characters are separated. Jackie Chan would work so much better defending the good guys. The characters generally struck me as being wrong but the fight action is still terrific.
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More boring than you'd think with this lineup
Vartiainen16 December 2015
Dragons Forever brings together three Hong Kong martial arts superstars, Jackie Chan, Yuen Biao and Sammo Hung, the last also acting as the director of the film. The plot revolves around Chan's character, Jackie Lung, a slimy lawyer and a horndog, who has been hired to represent a factory that has been sued because its waste spillage is ruining a local fishery. He decides to do this by hiring the help of couple of his criminal friends (Biao and Hung), and also by seducing the environmental scientist aiding the fishery (Pauline Yeung).

As you can see, not exactly a typical movie for any of these actors, mainly because their characters are more than a touch shady. Their nefarious deeds are played mostly for laughs, but it still means that there will be more than a few viewers who will have their expectations ruined because they're not used to seeing Jackie Chan and the others playing antiheroes, if not outright villains. Personally I found their roles refreshing, although I have to admit that their mannerisms and routines are more suited for heroic roles. In this film you don't really buy their acting.

The other big problem is that the plot is rather dull. It's mainly there to allow for humorous situations and fight scenes, both of which are very good, though all three of them have done better in other films, but the story itself wanders around aimlessly and is not all that interesting.

All in all I'd say that this film was a slight disappointment. I applaud them for originality and going against the norm, but I must admit that I'd have rather seen them in a more traditional martial arts film.
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Fine finish for the trio!
KineticSeoul11 September 2013
This is actually a really good kung-fu slapstick comedy film with Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung. The plot and the humor this time around is actually clever and witty on how it comes around. Jackie Chan during his prime played these trouble making, mischievous characters that are still likable. This time he somewhat plays a despicable one that as the plot unfolds becomes likable. It was also nice to see the middle aged Deannie Yip(who I think of as a amazing Chinese actress who's talents shine more as she gets older) as the target. This one seemed like a sequel or a spin off of "Wheels on Meals". Although I personally like this film better and found it more humorous and enjoyable. There is a second round of Jackie vs. Benny "The Jet" Urquidez. But the main highlight of this film is the constant fights between the trio. And how they fight each other all at once. And it's one of Jackie's and Sammo Hung's most entertaining fight sequences, plus Jackie's trademark getaway scenes. This the fights, the getaways and slapstick humor all work superbly in this for the most part. If you enjoy Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung and even Yuen Biao movies this one is satisfying. And is a very good finish for the trio that gives off a lasting impression.

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Quality stuff.
tarbosh2200021 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Notorious gangster and all-around bad guy Hua (Yuen) is using his chemical factory, Hua Chemical Works, as a front for a drug operation. Because his factory has made him a rich, white-collar businessman, no one can touch him. When a woman, Catherine (Yip) complains that the waste from his factory is polluting her beloved fishpond , she initially gets the brush-off from Hua. But when Hua's lawyer Johnny Lung (Chan) decides to defect to the good guys because he falls in love with Catherine's cousin Nancy (Yeung), all hell breaks loose. Uniting with buddies Luke (Hung) and Timothy (Biao), the triumphant trifecta take on the takers in a no-holds-barred brawl (is there any other kind?) Sammo Hung chalks up another winner for his storied career in this lovable outing. Once again, the movie is filled with energy, humor, and action. This time around, he introduces some romantic comedy elements, so for our money, the previous "Three Brothers" film, Wheels On Meals (1984), is a bit better, but it's entirely subjective, of course. There's plenty of expertly done slapstick on show as well, and if Wheels On Meals had our heroes as the Three Musketeers, here they're reminiscent of the Three Stooges. It's all very well-shot and well-staged, and the ending certainly doesn't skimp on the action.

Thanks in part to the newly-added presence of co-director/production supervisor Corey Yuen, the Martial Arts have that kinetic, bone-breaking edge that we've all become so addicted to. It's perfectly suited to counterbalance the romantic comedy elements. Benny The Jet also returns from Meals, and, as stated earlier, the final fight in the warehouse is awesome, with stellar fight choreography and tons of engaging moments.

If you have Netflix Streaming, that's a good way to view this movie, as it's nicely letterboxed and subtitled. Hopefully the Three Brothers will reunite, as 1988, the year of this movie, was their last film together to date. It would be amazing to see them all together in a movie that comes to the theater. Dragons Forever is a movie that will appeal to die-hard Martial Arts film fans, as well as newbies just getting into the genre. Quality stuff.

For more action insanity, drop by: www.comeuppancereviews.com
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Simply another of Jackie Chan's entertaining movies
david-sarkies6 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This is a Jackie Chan movie: need I say any more. Probably not but I will. Not all of Jackie Chan movies are full of fights and laughs, though they do have scenes which set them apart from other movies. Dragons Forever I thought was going to be a slow movie, because I have seen a couple, but it wasn't. It was full of laughs, fighting, and things typical to Jackie Chan, though it did not have the classic stunt from Project A.

Jackie Chan plays a lawyer that looks after business people and even gangsters, but he does have morals. After he manages to get a guy acquitted for raping a woman, he punches him in the stomach. His nemesis is a young girl who owns a fish farm and a local factory is poisoning the lake. The girl takes the factory to court and Jackie Chan is hired by the factory to look after them. The confusion sets in when he realises that he has fallen in love with this woman. Then it is discovered that the factory has a more sinister side to it.

As for intellectual stimulation, there is little in this movie. It is interesting how we see the relationship between the lawyer and the girl work, especially how he starts off wanting to simply bed her and then uses the law to switch sides. The other characters are interesting as well. There is one business man who deals in fake weaponry and another who is simply mad. The guy is simply crazy and talks about how fish represent capitalism and birds represent communism. Jackie's methods are a little unethical, depending on where you draw ethics. He uses his two friends to extract information for himself, though he does not reveal everything to his friends. Everything flies back to him in the end when it is realised that he is taking everybody for a ride. Though the movie does have a happy ending, as is true Hollywood style.
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Awesome !
ebiros26 November 2011
This is the next step up for Jackie Chan movies from the Police Story where his actions and comedic touch goes up a notch.

Criminal factory owner is polluting the water and fish farm downstream is getting affected. The fish farm owner (Diannie Yip) decides to sue the factory. Jackie (Jackie Chan) who's the lawyer for the factory hires Luke (Sammo Hung) to seduce the owner of the fish farm so he could convince her to sell the farm. The fish farm owner has a cousin Jenny (Pauline Yueng) who Jackie is wooing. The problem is Jenny is the chief witness for the fish farm owner. Jackie decides to go under the wire and hires Biao (Yuen Biao) to put hidden microphone in Jenny and her cousin's house. Luke rents the house next to the fish farm owner's house, and listens in on the conversation next door. He hears that the owner is looking for love, so he decides to make the move. All of these smoke and mirror moves by Jackie ends up in real love for him, and Luke. He decides to get off the case, and side with the fish farm owner.

Great movie with Jackie, Sammo, and Yuen in the same movie since Wheels on Meals. The timing of action combined with comedy is a notch or two higher in this movie compared to all of Jackie's previous movies, and sets a new standard that continues on to future Jackie Chan movies.

Unbelievable action by the trio is guaranteed to entertain the viewer. One of the best Jackie Chan movie from the '80s.
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Another of Jackie's finest - which means it's all time great!
oneguyrambling10 December 2010
Another one of Jackie's finest. Jackie is a lawyer and it must be said a bit of a playboy. Sammo is one of his buddies and Yuen Biao is another buddy, although one prone to insanity.

Initially Jackie is defending a client accused of polluting water sources with toxic waste, which is killing the fish in a fish farm owned by the film's alleged "hotties". After a while Jackie lets his dick do the talking and goes to bat for the ladeez. Sammo also gets a chance to work his big man magic by putting the word on the more conservative female owner. With not one but two romantical subplots they had to shoe-horn in a cheesy "falling in love" montage, but I'll forgive them that for the fights.

Aaaaahhh, the fights.

The first big fight occurs on a boat where Jackie is macking his lady friend. Once the bad guys make their intentions known Jackie must ward off about a dozen assailants, all within the confines of a boat that he can't escape from. So basically the scene is run away... get cornered... fight... run... punch... delay... fight... repeat until knuckles bleeding and audience salivating.

The finale has Jackie, Yuen and Sammo all heading to the bad guys factory, after some preliminary hijinks, where they have a showdown between them and a cigar chomping bad guy, his numerous henchman and personal attack dog Benny the Jet Urqiduez. The cigar chomper is a cheap shot master, often slipping a sly kick or punch when Jackie is busy warding off other attackers, he also seems just slimy and weasely enough that you wants him to get f*cked up.

Yuen Biao gets his chance to exhibit his athletic prowess in taking on several henchman in order to save Sammo, who has been drugged by the bad guys, but as always it is Jackie who must take on the principal threat, and once again the Jackie V Benny stoush is another classic.

(It must also be said that in the DVD version I own Benny has the worst overdub in the history of bad overdubs, even though he gets only 3 words of dialogue. As a postscript this is perhaps the only Jackie DVD that I own with overdubbed dialogue. Normally I don't mind subtitles at all, but I must say after watching maybe 30 foreign language films in the last few months my eyes welcomed the chance to simply watch a film rather than reading it.) Dragons Forever is an absolute classic.

Using the Jackie Chan Marathon checklist from oneguyrambling.com 1/ Are there any "WOW!" fights? The fights in this are as good as anything Jackie ever did bar perhaps Drunken Master 2.

2/ Are there any "WOW!" stunts? Not really. The feats on show are more about athleticism than death defiance. Some huge falls though in the fights that must have hurt.

3/ Which Jackie is it? Serious / Whimsical / Cocky...

On top of the usual action this film has Jackie at his most pimpin' pimpin'.

4/ Does he get to use Jackie-exclusive toys? More product placement than toys. Thanks Mitsubishi! 5/ Do stolen relics come up? No.

6/ Are there hot chicks (that usually can't act)? Supposedly the two women who own the fish farm are hot. I guess you had to be there.

7/ Is there a blooper reel over the credits? No.

8/ Were there injuries on the shoot? Severity? Unknown.

9/ Has he still got it? Undoubtedly.

10/ Is it a "Jackie Chan" film, or just one he is in? 100% Jackie.

Final Rating - 9 / 10. If you were trying to showcase Jackie to a newbie, this might be the film to use to ease them in. Easy to watch, hard to fault.
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3 is always better than 1
GodzillaVSJaws26 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
The Three Dragons, Sammo hung, Yuen biao and Jackie chan, all come together in their last starring roles together. If someone made a list of the top 5 greatest kung fu films ever put on the screen since the beginning of the genre, then this would be on it. It would be unfare to say that it is number one, since i have not seen every kung fu film ever made, and because they will forever continue to make more. But it would definitely be on the list, every...single...time. It is the perfect recipe for a perfect movie, and the result is more than perfect. The cast, the fights, the camera work, the fights. Awesome,awesome,awesome,awesome. This also just might be the most underrated movie of all time. Not only do most people not even know about this movie, and when tou tell them Jackie chan is in it, they won't even believe you.Too bad too.
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The consistent and exciting action sequences cover the weakness in the narrative
bob the moo29 December 2008
Jackie Lung is a hotshot lawyer working for those that can afford him. He is used to less than savoury cases so he thinks nothing when he is hired by a criminal-run factory that has been challenged by a local fish-farm that is being badly polluted. Jackie hires his two associates (themselves less than savoury characters) to spy on the owners of the fish-farm and find out whatever they can about it. However, when Jackie falls for one of the women in question he finds himself with a conflict of interest and decides instead to look into the factory.

I've been using my DVD subscription service to dip into older films of late and a couple of good experiences made me seek out more older Jackie Chan films to see him in his prime. This film caught my eye as it had Chan, Sammo and Yuen together, not to mention several other recognisable names and faces in Urquidez and Yuen. I had recently seen some of Chan's films where the action was mostly left to one big sequence at the very end and the rest of the film was focused on more comedic sequences. This film is similar in the "light entertainment" mould but it succeeds by having regular and consistent action throughout. These are mostly very good and each of the three stars gets a chance to show off their abilities on the way to a final fight between Chan and Urquidez that is as skilled and exciting as those names would suggest.

What this leaves though is the plot which is as simple as the genre requires but not actually that engaging. A lot of it rests on the romantic part of the film to work and this doesn't really do much other than happen. It didn't really interest me or provide anything beyond the odd chuckle that justified the time given to it. I suppose in the context of the film it is a necessary evil simply because the romantic interest between the characters is what drives the plot and puts people where they need to be for the action to occur. It still doesn't work that well though but never to the point where it hurts the total film – all it does is produce weaker bits that are a bit hard to care about.

The cast are mostly excellent in terms of delivering what we came here for (action) but also the main people are solid in the comedy stakes as well. Chan is charming and quite amusing while Sammo is his usual clowning sort of character. Yuen is a bit drier but still it is his agility that makes him watchable. I enjoyed the amusing villain from Wah Yuen and the fight-work from Urquidez just about makes up for the terrible make-up they have stuck him in. The women in the cast have a thankless job of mostly being important within the romantic threads of the film – they are cute enough but not much in the way of performances thanks to the material I think.

Dragons Forever will draw viewers because of the three main actors and what they can do physically. With this as the motivator the film wins by having consistent and engaging fight sequences that are impressive and fun. The downside is that the plot used to frame these sequences is pretty weak at times even if ti does produce some funny moments here and there. Martial arts fans will enjoy it no doubt.
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Why do simple when you can complicate?!
editajan28 March 2008
This could be the motto of the story of this excellent film. All those who know and like HK cinema style will watch it with great pleasure.

Do not think too much about the meaning of the title - it is there because a film must have some title. When you see the film, you will forget about it for it has not much to do with what is happening :-).

Dragon number 1 and the source of all complications - Jackie Chan. It's a lawyer who has obviously never imagined that you can simply do what you have to do. And if finally he fails it's precisely because he was manipulating too much. He has another two dragons to help him with this task (I mean losing the case). Dragon number 2 (following the order of appearance in the film) is Sammo Hung - not too scrupulous man selling illegally false guns. Dragon number 3 is Yuen Biao - a little bit crazy but sincere guy (too sincere to have such a cunning friend!). As usual his acting and acrobatic skills are simply amazing. As far as the smart lawyer is not smart enough to warn his aides that they are two working for the same case, they meet, of course, and successfully ruins each others plans and the whole Jackie's strategy. And all this does not mean that they are losers. Not at all! In fact they win... but not where they thought they would.

I do not recommend you to eat or drink while watching this film, because it is full of funny episodes which come unexpectedly. It might be dangerous if you have your mouth full of food! I especially appreciate the funny fighting moments. I do not mean only fighting in a funny situation, but the fighting itself, its choreography. When you are told that three men are fighting, you probably think one against two? WRONG! Each of the three against the other two. I told you it's complicated.

The most boring part is the final fight. In fact, it is excellent. Jackie Chan and Yuen Biao are demonstrating their wonderful skills (and their opponents are not worse) while Sammo Hung is looking half dead with his face painted in white. I say it's boring because there are so many films that end in the same way: general fighting - all bad guys vs all good guys, the good ones winning by miracle, for, in fact, the enemy was stronger.

The film has also its lyric moment which make it so cute and human... and gives you some rest, for nobody can laugh without stopping during one hour and half!
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The best of the 3 "Brothers"
kadzunk6329 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
When I watched Dragons Forever for the first time in 1998, I was in awe about the fight scenes and the comedy. I had just become a fan of Jackie Chan's movies, and the TV showing of Dragons Forever really got me hooked. I bought the movie on VHS but found it hard to read the English subtitles because they were below the Chinese, so most of it was unreadable.

Two years ago I bought a Hong Kong DVD and watched it for 7 times in one week :) I LOVE this movie, it is so unique in Jackie's oeuvre. Not only is it one of the few movies in which the "Brothers" (Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao), are acting together, it was also the last time they did. And most of all the ONLY movie in which the "Brothers" are not only fighting the criminals together, but also each other! The fight scenes are hilarious and every step is choreographed although it looks like a spontaneous fight. Alls the fights are both funny and breath taking.

Jackie Chan as a slick lawyer, a true Romeo when it comes to women, finds himself in a somewhat difficult position where love and work collide, Sammo Hung in a non type-casted role as romantic fortune seeker, (btw I love the way he gets "her" to have dinner with him) and Yuen Biao is absolutely the most lovable lunatic I have ever seen.

The scenes where Sammo and Biao encounter each other in Jackie's apartment are sequences I watch over and over again.

The boat fight and the factory fight with Benny Urquidez are really something! And I am certainly in awe of Yuen Biao's agility in the factory fight, where he is on his back and flips himself over in a way I would never have imagined possible.

Just today I got a newer DVD, which includes bloopers and 2 deleted scenes with Yuen Biao. One where he is seeing his psychiatrist, and another one where he believes he is talking to his psychiatrist over the intercom, but in fact is talking to the guy that is ROBBING the psychiatrist!!!

One other funny thing about the movie: in the kitchen scene Jackie is juggling with a knife and then later with both the knife and a wooden kitchen utensil. But if you look closely, the wooden utensil is NOT in from of him and a second later (as by magic it is).

Yuen Wah makes a terrific BAD guy!!!!!! We see Dick Wei as one of the thugs (he was also the pirate leader in Project A) Even though today I am the proud owner of some 55 Jackie Chan movies, I feel that Dragons Forver is still one of my most favorites!!!!! Tip: If you want to see the other 3 (Sammo Hung, Yuen Biao and Yuen Wah) in action again, DO try Eastern Condors also.
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