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  • An Extended Export Version was released on DVD in Germany and Laserdisc in Japan that features two more scenes showing Yuen Biao at the psychiatrist and the bicycle-folding-scene. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The French DVD contains both the uncut HK Version with the original audio and an overdubbed but 16 minutes shorter French Version, which lacks some of the plot elements. This is probably not the same cut that can be found on the French tape by Rene Chateau because the exclusive scenes from the Export Version can be found in French language as a bonus on the French DVD. Also, both versions on DVD have more or less the same picture quality, which is not always the case with this label. It looks as if the HK master tape has been used to recreate the VHS release's cuts without including the Export Version's scenes due to their inferior quality.

    It can be assumed that the Exported Version was used as a basis for the French Version because all of its cuts are included in it as well. Another 10 minutes of storyline were removed as well. This version is certainly not recommendable, but at least the complete cut can be found on the DVD as well even in good quality. However, it lacks English subtitles, English speakers should therefore buy the British DVD, which is also good. Edit (Coming Soon)


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