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Sex & Nudity

  • Some sexual references and flirting from two girls to a man.
  • A man is mistaken to be a pedophile, a rapist and a murderer.
  • Two girls wear alluring clothes that reveal some cleavage. One girl's areola is visible as she is drug across the floor.

Violence & Gore

  • A large teddy bear attacks a couple and bites their arms (we see blood on them and on the bear's mouth).
  • A girl has her head smashed into a wall repeatedly (blood is shown on her face and on the wall). She is then dragged away. A little girl sees this.
  • A woman is attacked by a bunch of dolls who bite her and stab her with various items (we see blood). Some dolls try to mutilate her. A doll tears off a piece of her arm's flesh with its teeth. Then, the woman falls out of a window. We later see her bloody corpse with one eye falling out.
  • A girl is attacked by dolls. She sets some of them on fire, and hits others with her belt, breaking their shell and revealing their horrible real appearance. Then, she is shot many times in the chest and stomach by dolls (we see blood).
  • A man is briefly attacked by dolls biting and stabbing, but he survives.
  • A man transforms into a doll.
  • A man slams a doll with an hammer.
  • A man is bitten in the ankle.
  • A man attacks another man.
  • We see a girl, transformed into a doll, first tied to a chair, then sitting on the floor with some blood nearby.
  • An old man points a rifle to some people.
  • A little girl reads a tale about a witch imprisoning and wanting to cook two children (Hansel and Gretel).
  • A woman hits a little girl.
  • A father threatens to backhand his little girl. He and his wife are also emotionally abusive toward her.


  • Some uses of the S & F words. Several other profanities and insults are used throughout the film.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Very little smoking.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • All the scenes with dolls in them are intense and creepy.
  • The teddy bear scene will frighten children.
  • A man and a girl are turned into dolls, which may scare some viewers.
  • The doll's real appearance is horrible and could scare young viewers.
  • The movie's general theme is creepy and there are some jump scenes.
  • The way the father and his wife treat the little girl is disturbing.
  • The most frightening scene is probably the scene where the dad is transformed into a doll. Very creepy and disturbing.

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