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Some kind of wonderful
superstar41824 December 2004
I don't really know what it is about Dirty Dancing.. there is some sort of absolute magic in this movie.. I cannot possibly recount the hundreds (yes, hundreds)of times I've watched it, beginning to end... but every time I do come upon it on TV, I am entranced and mystified and sit myself down and there I am, for two hours, loving the movie as if I'm watching it for the first time. Although Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey absolutely hated each other throughout the making of this film, they possess a beautiful chemistry on the set.. it makes the viewer enjoy it that much more, to see this passion and commitment.. and I can't help tearing up a tiny bit at the end, when Patrick comes up to the Houseman family and tells her dad, "Nobody puts Baby in a corner". (classic moment) For all those people who believe this movie is corny and sappy, maybe in a way it is, but it was the penicle of the 80's films, and put Patrick Swayze right on the map; his performance was immaculate.

Three Cheers for Dirty Dancing !!

Ps- The soundtrack is fantastic, an absolute masterpiece
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Original 'Feel good" dance epic -- often imitated Never Duplicated
A_Different_Drummer9 September 2016
This is one of those rare rare films that needs a 30 year break between the time of production and the time of the review in order to appreciate it.

Since 1987 I have seen this film 7 or 8 times. Each time it just gets better. As a Prolific Review here on the IMDb, I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of films that improve with age like that.

This is literally the original "feel good" dance film -- which spawned dozens if not hundreds of imitations. The script is perfect. The acting is perfect. The casting is perfect. The direction is perfect. And the music score is to die for.

Nobody puts Baby in a corner? Well, nobody should ignore this film either! Also has an odd note of the "one hit wonder" label about it, which in my view only makes it more of a treat than it already is.

Swayze's career was unfortunately cut short. Jennifer Grey, who practically made this role a part of her DNA, had a nose job and (the cynics say) lost a lot of later roles because the casting directors were afraid no one would recognize her. And the brilliant writer/Producer Elenor Bergstein for whom this was a labor of love (there was a documentary on this) also seemed to hang up her spurs when production wrapped.

The IMDb rating is a joke. This is no less a classic in its genre than Maltese Falcon or the Matrix.

See it, rent it, buy it. But don't forget it.
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"I don't believe you Baby"!
triple81 September 2003
This timeless summer love story is a classic and will never be dated. I can't even count how many times I've seen Dirty Dancing. This is one movie that I could probably watch every few weeks and still love.

There is something timeless about this movie. I have loved other "blockbuster love story movies" like Pretty Woman and when Harry met Sally. I think their up there but there is something about Dirty Dancing that just makes it absolutely perfect. The characters, the chemistry between Swaze and Grey, the movie's direction, the INCREDIBLE dancing, the warm summery atmosphere, everything about dirty dancing is absolutely perfect. It is an instant classic and I've never really seen a movie like it either before or since.

I don't think there is one particular element that makes this movie so loved but many things, a lot of which are mentioned by numerous reviewers. Dirty Dancing has a nostalgic, languid, summery mood, realistic characters, a relateable honest message coupled with incredible music and dancing, and the one of the best dance sequences cinema has ever given us.

This movie is always on TV and I will continue to watch it as long as they show it. But I WILL mention I have no interest in seeing "Havanna Nights", this one they should have left alone.
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AgentFalco13 March 2015
One word sums up this film "Perfection". That's it really!! I saw this film in 1987 when it was released and was completely blown away and like Baby I fell in love with Johnny and Patrick Swayze. It has such classic lines as "I carried a watermelon" and "Nobody puts Baby in the corner" and too many others to mention. I loved the story, the characters, the setting, the dancing, and well … the music was phenomenal not one bad song in the whole soundtrack. It just shows that you don't have to spend a fortune to make a great film. Thank you to the cast and crew for making such a wonderful film which makes me smile like a Cheshire cat whenever I watch it.
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Maybe a predictable story of girl gets man of her dreams but this film is still brilliant!!!!
expage200220 June 2001
I have been waiting to see this film for ages and I finally have! As soon as I heard the title I knew that this film would be my favourite film ever and when I saw it believe me I wasn't disappointed!

This film had everything dance, love and Patrick Swayze! There was so much in it and it dealt with important issues, (that were at the time, 1960's) , such as abortion.

The dancing in this film was fantastic, just like the acting was! Swayze was brilliant just like Grey was too!

Although this film was absolutely fantastic you cannot say that you have seen it if you haven't seen the last scene. It really does take your breath away as the whole choreography of the last dance was done brilliantly, it had you dancing at the end of the film and it really wouldn't surprise me if it influenced people to take up dancing!

Overall Dirty Dancing is a film NOT to be missed and even if half the actors are in the: "Where are they now?" period the actors will always have this superb film in their career!
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Nobody puts Baby in a corner.
film-critic25 September 2004
80s...........................................Dancing............................Patrick Swayze..............................Baby's in the Corner....................Abortion..........................Lake Dancing

Who wouldn't think this was one of the best movies EVER. Even as a very masculine male I find this film very entertaining. It represents a time when films could be based completely on dancing and music without the modern day clichés. This film represents a time when love could blossom in the summer, and also the unending (yet creative) story of a daughter who grows to be a woman … through dance.

Grade: ***** out of *****
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A wonderful, moving, touching and poignant classic
president24200724 July 2004
I viewed this movie for the first time last night and I enjoyed every aspect of it –the dancing, the acting, the dialogue, the plot, the script and the whole atmosphere that this movie created. I would highly recommend it.

Jennifer Grey gives an absolutely wonderful and first class performance in her role as Frances (Baby) Houseman. She has a natural ability and flair for dancing and she is beautiful and enchanting on the dance floor. But what is wonderful about Baby is that she has such a wonderful depth and dimension to her character. This is not simply a movie about dancing but the scriptwriters have also given us a chance to see Baby deal with the various emotions and feelings that she is experiencing throughout the movie and to allow us an insight into how her interaction with others at the camp changes her life. Grey portrays her character with such realism and poignancy that you end up feeling deeply for Baby as she experiences all she does in this movie.

Patrick Swayze is magnificent in his role as Johnny and truly succeeds in making his character come alive. He gives his character a comprehensive personality, strong appeal and great depth. The chemistry between Swayze and Grey is enchanting and powerful and contributes significantly to the great success of this movie

Cynthia Rhodes is great in her role of Penny and her portrayal of the ordeal that she experiences is truly powerful and contributes a frightening dimension to the film. The other members of the supporting cast –Jerry Orbach and the late Mark Cantor deserve a special mention here-also give wonderful and imaginative performances that gives this movie an additional dimension of high quality acting and believability that is wonderful to experience. The dancing is magnificent and first class on the part of all involved.

The script and interaction between all the major characters is intriguing and engages the viewer in a powerful fashion. The plot, although exceedingly predictable, is given more than enough life and vitality to make this movie successful.

Furthermore the wonderful selection of music contained in this movie creates a truly magical atmosphere and very nostalgic environment that enhances the quality and success of all the various scenes.

`Dirty Dancing' is a truly powerful, magnificent and very appealing movie that leaves you deeply touched and with a wonderful feeling in your heart and soul and an inspiration to dance. I highly recommend it
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My favorite film
rmgirl114 October 2005
This is the best movie ever, but that is my opinion. Some say it's cheesy but I think it is truly a beautiful film. The chemistry between Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze it's like no other I have ever seen, and that is what makes the film so perfect. I always wonder what would have been of this film if these two actors never existed, because not just one them did it for me, they both did. If you have never seen this film, when you do you will understand what I mean. Dirty Dancing looks like it was done from the heart and it feels so real for some reason, like magic- and the soundtrack LOVE IT. Besides the 2 lead actors the soundtrack makes the film the beauty that it is. As you can tell I am in love with this film, and I know you will be too.
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She's Like the Wind
kz917-130 May 2017
This movie has stood the test of time. Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze make movie magic with the sultry dance moves. The choreography and the music make this a ride you will not want to get off of. Now considered a cult classic, it has spawned a television series, Broadway production and most recently a remake (that was horrific). Fantastic piece of celluloid history that ought to be revisited every now and again.
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I'm a straight MALE and i love this film! This film oozes with Energy!
DjLee-Manchester9 February 2005
I'm Male-and yes i am straight! but this doesn't stop making this film one of my all time favourite films!I'm also convinced i'm not alone! I know for a fact there are blokes out there that either admittedly or secretly enjoy watching and love this classic film! (Not just English/British men-but men world wide!) and rightly so...nearly 18 years on, and this film is STILL watched and enjoyed- world wide, and people are still able to relate to it.I know all the words i've seen it that many times!Most of my dance moves i use for work-are taken from this film!There's so much energy.In fact it is my firm belief, if people were brought up thinking watching these types of films are deemed as 'cool' and OK to watch the world would be a slightly better place to live.An enjoyable film that doesn't make you want to go out into the world and cause havoc and heartache-do drugs or get into gun crime (coz its classed as being 'cool')this films makes you want to find a girl-that you can love and feel that special feeling felt in this film.It also makes you want to go out and enjoy yourself by simply Dancing!It's free,Legal and makes you feel good-while keeping you fit and healthy-not forgetting FUN! In my opinion, the films main two themes are 'LOVE', the true love story between Baby and Johnny (Jennifer Gray and Mr Swayze) (compared to Baby's sister's relationship-where she was just used for sex) plus classic Music. Yes music! The type you can really dance to! Every song on the soundtrack is fantastic! In true cheesy Dj style, i still play all the old classics from the soundtrack (especially 'Time of my life')and is still goes down a treat every single time! You just can't stop yourself! Anyway-everyone has wrote hundreds of reviews, and has pretty much summed up this film and explained the story...all thats left to say is....

If you haven't seen this film yet...go treat yourself, buy the DVD (you can get if for an average of £5 or less (British pounds) Roughly 9 American Dollars (i think!)It's well worth it, and highly recommended.

If, you enjoy the film-please go out and buy one of the 'Dirty Dancing' soundtracks- especially the Ultimate Dirty Dancing (released in the UK 2004 in celebration of the films anniversary- as it contains all of the songs and is digitally remastered. (I got my second personal copy from the British supermarket 'Tescos' for an amazing £6! (For anyone 'Up North' try 'Music Zone' as its only £6 in there too!

Anyway-cheers for taking the time to read this-i'm sorry i went on a bit! If your planning on seeing this film for the first time...enjoy! And as everyone else has said-very cheesily! Try and have THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE!

I will go as far to say 10/10. Highly enjoyable-with lots of energy. Makes yo wanna move like Swayze and Gray!
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Dirty Dancing Coming to Broadway for it's 20th anniversary!
Syl24 June 2004
There was talk on the E! Hollywood Special about the Making of Dirty Dancing which still is considered by many women including a dear friend of mine in her fifties to be one of her favorite all time movies. Maybe the music, the dancing, or the melodrama around the plot of Baby Frances becoming a dancing sensation with Johnny Castle. Of course, this film established Jennifer Grey whose biggest role to date was the resentful sister in Ferris Beuller's Day Off. Patrick Swayze is perfectly cast as the heart throb leading man who sweeps baby away literally. Dirty Dancing has it all to become a Broadway or West End smash hit. It has the love story, the music, and most of all lots of dancing. Jennifer and Patrick could revive their roles easily. it is nice to see Jerry Orbach play a doctor instead of a police officer and Kelly Bishop as the mother. It all took place in the Catskills in the sixties where many Jewish families vacationed in the area during their summer vacations. At the end of the film, it is sad to see the hotel owner, Kellerman, be baffled by the next generation. It happened anyway! Most people prefer cruises and traveling through Europe than spending the summer in the Catskills. Those old grand hotels are becoming Indian gaming casinos. Let Broadway bring Dirty Dancing alive and well. After all, they could do it for Footloose and Saturday Night Fever, this should be a no brainer! I know that this film is one of the favorites that you don't get tired of after watching 800 times. There are people that have probably seen this film-a 1,000 times by now. Somehow watching the making and the story behind Dirty Dancing made me long for my childhood days as a thirteen year old. Dirty Dancing may not be the greatest film ever made in the history but its universal appeal still draws crowds and repeated watchers like the 800 club whose members have watched it so many times. I watch it fondly now with all the awkwardness of Baby's first days and her first true love with Patrick Swayze as heart throb, Johnny Castle. Nobody could have imagined this little film as a big hit then with the sixties music, two soundtracks, and even a tour in the late eighties. I hope they bring it to Broadway in a musical. It would work for the audience to be part of a film. No wonder it still attracts kids and even adults particularly women of all ages to watch it over and over again. Well, Australia and London both have had productions of Dirty Dancing. It looks like it will come to Broadway in 2007 just in time for it's 20th anniversary.
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guilty pleasure
charest583 August 2004
I first saw this movie with my fiancée many years after it came out. I thought I would hate it, but to my surprise it is so cheesy that it's great. We've spent many hours reenacting parts of the movie ("Sylvia?!Yes Mickey?" or "I'm sorry you had to see that Baby. Sometimes in this world we see things that we don't want to."). My financee cracks up every time I imitate Neil. Also the music is classic and fun to sing along with, especially on road trips. Of course I don't admit any of this to my male friends. It's like a guilty pleasure. I seriously watch Dirty Dancing once a month or more and it is just as good every time. Jennifer Grey is also so cute in this movie. Its too bad her career never really took off.
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Repeated viewings reveal a well crafted story
Pro Jury4 March 2001
When this film was released I dismissed as being lightweight pop nonsense. That was a mistake.

After repeated viewings and seeing a documentary of the making of DIRTY DANCING, discovering the depth of this film certainly increases its appeal.

DIRTY DANCING is a film about change. The evolving nature of relationships within the family, the changes in one's view of the world during their coming of age, etc. The story takes place during August of 1963, the final weeks of the last summer of innocence for the American people. The many personal changes experienced by the characters reflect the many changes in American society that would be marked by the Kennedy assassinations and Vietnam.

Female movie go'ers adored this film and repeated trips to the movie houses made it the world's most successful dance movie. As a male I find the romantic pairing of ultimate stud Patrick Swayze with very plain Jennifer Grey very hard to accept. This would be fatal for most romantic dramas, and it also may have create the intense dislike expressed by most male reviewers.

The film's soundtrack found #1 status before the release of the movie. To this day it is nearly impossible to attend a wedding reception without hearing a DIRTY DANCING song.

Near the midpoint of the film Baby's mother wakes up and asks Baby's father, "Is anything wrong?"

Baby's father, the anti-change family member, attempts to keep all that is happening a secret. He tells his wife to go back to sleep. However, resist as one can, change is unstopable. DIRTY DANCING is the story of one person waking up just at the final moments of our country's last sleep in innocence.
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Dirty Dancing
roniaussieactress21 January 2006
this is an excellent movie i have been watching it since i was 6yrs old with my big sister. it is the type of movie that u can watch over and over again and still laugh, smile, and cry every time with out ever getting bored of it like other movie's. it is a movie that will live on forever through generations of family. i love it :) when ranking from 1-10 in my case i would rate it easily 9.9 every time.

Itis a film about the change of a girl (baby) and her first boy-friend (Johnny)their relationships within the family, the changes in baby's and Johnny's view of the world during their relationship.

DIRTY DANCING WILL FOREVER LIVE ON AS A TIMLESS CLASSIC. thank-you sorry though for only the short comment.
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Grey and Swayze are captivating
sofiastahl-7212220 March 2017
You can easily see why this movie became such a hit back in the day and still loved today by younger and older generations. This movie got a wonderful soundtrack, great actors, lots of dancing, drama and comedy.

Even if the movie is set in the 60s it has that long gone feeling of the carefree, happy 80s. Grey and Swayze are captivating and they just has that untouchable charm that you only can find in these lovely movies from the 80s.

I will also give cred for the wonderful cinematography which capture the colors of the nature scenes.

This is a must see for everyone!
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Still a favourite...
farfromperfection10 October 2005
Warning: Spoilers
*Contains Spoilers* I rarely write comments. In my 20 years of viewing films and at times, over-analysing them to the despair of my partner, I have very rarely decided that a film in my eyes, is worth viewing 10+ times.

Dirty Dancing - 1987 a low budget film was released, set in the summer of 1963 and focused on a teenager, Baby Houseman (Frances), her older sister Lisa and their parents visiting a Summer Camp, which was hosting it's final year. Baby was everything Lisa wasn't. Lisa loved fashion, dating and boys. Baby wanted to become a Peace Embassendor, enjoyed reading and didn't have many social interactions. She was the under the watchful eye of her father and did everything she could do to please him.

This all changed in a matter of a few months for Baby Houseman. The prim and proper Daddy's Girl that never answered back found an outstanding hobby she excelled in, new friends and most importantly, her romance with Johnny Castle. Drafted in to take the place of Penny, Johnny's usual dance partner, the two struck a friendship up and within time, fell in love. The relationship was banished by Baby's father, and despite forbidding her to have anything to do with "them", Baby continued to see Johnny behind her fathers back. Her father is under the impression that Johnny is responsible for Penny's abortion - a child that was in fact fathered by Robbie, a med student doing a summer job in the resort and who was attached to Lisa. Jake Houseman refuses to talk to Johnny for this reason, and also is unaware of the fact Baby asked for money from him in order to fund the abortion.

Johnny is then accused of stealing from one of the residences who he had a previous fling with, and who is jealous of his relationship with Baby after catching them unawares. Max, the owner of the resort approaches Jake and talks of sacking Johnny, which incites Baby who knows full well he is innocent as they were together. This is Baby's coming of age; admitting to herself she is love, and admitting to her father that she knows the man she loves is innocent because she was with him. In the end, as predicted, she announces his innocence to protect him and keep him in a job at the resort, which is his only income. She falls out with her father, her family, most of the resort and even then, Johnny is still fired for having a relationship with a resident (Baby). One of the most poignant moments of the film is Baby crying to her father, apologising for letting him down, as well as the moment Johnny leaves the camp.

It is at this moment that you realise what is perhaps the most heart warming part of the film is. The way in which the characters all learn something from each other; Johnny realises that not everything is black and white, that people do not exist in this world to use him. Jake realises that his daughter is growing up, and learns to accept her choice. Even Lisa, the stuck up, spoilt sister of Baby learns that her sister needs her unconditional love and another moment in the film is when Lisa is comforting Baby after Johnny leaves. But Baby's plight is perhaps the most important - A girl who never stood up to her family; sheltered, spoilt and socially awkward. A girl who learnt to dance, learnt to embrace love and sociology, and a girl who learnt that sometimes no matter whether things are correct, they will always finish wrong. The two central characters rely on each other to figure these things out - Without each other they would have carried on for an undetermined time living a life where they knew no different. Some say this is a soppy, pathetic documentation of "love". I'm not sure if even the love story is the most significant factor here; I truly believe (or hope) the emotions run high for the viewers that enjoy this film is because of the massive change that happens to the characters personalities. The way they "grow" in just a few months. The way that they know whatever happens from this moment on, nothing will ever be the same again. This is why the film never fails to make me cry. The chemistry between Baby and Johnny (even if the actual actors themselves fought on set) is explosive - Even when they are practising and Baby frustrates Johnny with her ineptness. Everything clicks into place, and the ending moment is magical. What is worth noting in this film is for all those that bash it for being too "slushy" is that no "I love you" notion is utter during the film. When Johnny gets up on stage to announce his "return" and final dance, he is almost professional in his display of affection and love for Baby. He doesn't over-gush with sentimentality - Which I think is the same for the film.

I admit I don't watch this every month like I know some fans do, but every time I do view this, I think it captures the innocence of Baby, the angst of Johnny and the acceptance of Jake perfectly. It shows a time before the Vietnam War, the downfall of the American Government after JFK's assassination and before the "swinging sixties" revolution brought on from the likes of Presley and the Beatles.

A 9/10 from me - A timeless classic.
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Nostalgia meets reality
wnterstar20 April 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Dirty Dancing follows the story of Frances 'Baby' Houseman (Jennifer Grey)and her family as they spend the summer at Kellerman's Family Summer Camp. We get to see her discover herself as she falls in love with the dance instructor, Johnny Castle (Patrick Swayze).

The movie is full of wonderful dancing (hence the title!) some great music, and terrific scenery. It handles some tough issues with dignity and grace, and, of course, has (shocking spoiler here!) a happy, wonderful, feel good ending! You know how it's going to end from the beginning, but that's really not the point here. The point is the journey, a journey that touches every member of the family.

It's one of the movies I need to see whenever it comes on TV...never mind the fact that I already have it memorized!
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A coming-of-age story sure to spark a love....
angelgirl217888 October 2005
Warning: Spoilers
One of the greatest movies to come out of the 80's, Dirty Dancing was a low-budget film with high-budget returns. With a soundtrack that makes you want to get up and dance, to a love story that all of us wish we could live (at least if you're female), this is a movie that you will want to watch over and over again.

The music, which is what drives the movie, is upbeat and flows well with the emotions which are drawn from the viewer. From classic '60's hits like "Love Man" by Otis Redding and "Big Girls Don't Cry" by Frankie Valli to pure '80's hits like Eric Carmen's "Hungry Eyes" and Frank Zappacosta's "Overload", Dirty Dancing is a mix of fun and sensual, showing the transformation of a young girl from shy teenager into a blossoming womanhood, all against the beautiful backdrop of a summer romance that we all hope and wish turned into more.

The dancing in "Dirty Dancing" is not to be forgotten. Cynthia Rhodes shines in her role as Penny, a dancer who could challenge even the most fluid and lithe gymnasts. Patrick Swayze does more than a fantastic job and shows off more and more of his skills, not just as an actor, but dancer and singer as well. And Jennifer Grey shines as Baby, while her transformation in dancing portrays her transformation in status as well.

All in all, Dirty Dancing is one of the best movies of all time, and well worth watching at least once. It's doubtful that the first beats of the Ronette's "Be My Baby" in the opening title won't snare your attention and draw you in to a magical world of sensual dance and musical enchantment.
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My opinion
carteodora13 November 2016
My mom has told me to watch this movie for a long time. I've never watched it until a few days ago. Now, that i saw it, I understand why my mom was begging me to watch the movie. It's the best movie I've seen in years and I fell unconditionally in love with it. So if any of you are interested in watching it, you should see it immediately. I don't know what makes it amazing or what makes me want to STARE at it all day long, but I think that it, in some way, is the greatest movie of all times and, again, IT REALLY IS F-ING INCREDIBLE! NOW I'LL START SCREAMING BECAUSE I LOVE IT SOOOO MUCH AND I WANT TO SEE IT ALL DAY LONG AND I WANT THE MAIN SONG TO BE PLAYED AT MY WEDDING AND FUNERAL. AND AT MY MOM'S FUNERAL. AND AT EVERYONE'S WEDDING!!
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The dancing makes this movie the fabulous classic that it is. I could watch a million times, and still be in love with it
jmarano119 November 2012
It could be the summer atmosphere, or the time frame of simpler days, or maybe it's the forbidden love between the ultimate bad boy and daddy's little girl, and the music that perfectly sets the mood for each scene; but what I think what makes the movie, Dirty Dancing, so intriguing is simply the dancing itself. We've all seen those movies where we leave the theater thinking we can sing any song, or move to any beat that comes our way, and this is one of those movies. The dancing is different from any other movie, because although it takes place in the sixties, the dancing is so much more risqué than anything movie watchers were accustomed to seeing at that point in time. While using older songs combined with young, sensual dancing the movie is able to reach out to an audience with a variety of ages.

The movie introduces its unique dancing early on, automatically intriguing the viewers to question things like "Did people really dance like that?" and "Could I learn how?" The movie is able to reach out to these common people by having the main character, Baby Houseman, witness the dancing for the very first time and shows her utter shock, but also her desire to know more. As the plot continues and the characters become more developed the dancing becomes not only a sight to see, but also it leaves a window for inferences to be made. As Baby is trained to dance by bad-boy Johnny the viewers begin to wonder if their sensual dancing will ever lead to something more? This movie is able to take the typical idea of "boy meets girl, boy and girl fall in love" and completely make it new, unique, and fascinating all through the use of dance.

As Baby and Johnny get to know each other better throughout their training process, the movement of their dancing goes from simply following the motions, and transitions to actually feeling the music and even expressing their inner feelings for one another. As their love affair grows so does the viewers love and desire to see more and more dancing. The movie does a great job creating the idea that the characters are their truest selves in dancing scenes more than any other.

I think so many people enjoy the movie because it doesn't just tell a love story, but shows one. It is able to show a love story not by the characters words but by their choreography. Before Baby or Johnny even declares their feelings for one another it is seen in the way their dancing morphs over time, from impersonal to all consuming. To the characters in the movie, their raunchy dancing is a way to rebel against the expectations of the generations above them, and through this the movie gives the audience a sense of defiance and the idea that they should be proud to do what they love, no matter what society may think.

Over all it is so difficult to pin-point what makes Dirty Dancing the wonderful, cliché classic that it is, but the dancing aspect I feel is what ties the intriguing plot, the charismatic characters, the music, and the beautiful setting all together to create something more than a romantic drama. Dirty Dancing is one of those movies I could watch time after time and only grow more in love with it. It has the perfect amount of drama, romance, conflict, and cheesy monologues to satisfy all my desires when watching a movie. Because of this movie the song Time of My Life will always strike a chord in my heart and dancing will never be quite as great unless it's Dirty Dancing.
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If You've Grown Up, Skip This Movie
ccthemovieman-113 August 2007
This reminded me of many of the 1970s sleazy films with tons of unlikeable characters with low morals and being portrayed by the sick scriptwriters as "good people." This movie was a favorite of of many, especially teenage girls who saw a real poor role model in Jennifer Grey's "Frances 'Baby' Houseman." Grey was extremely irritating to watch to listen to, a big pain in the butt. I laugh at some of these reviews that cite her "depth" and "dimension." Give me a break: she's a slimeball. Only a likewise immature bimbo would enjoy this movie.

As bad as Grey's character is in here, Patrick Swayze's "Johnny Castle" isn't a whole lot better. He's a guy trying to seduce a teenager via his dancing prowess. That's all we need to see in that age of child sex molesters on the web and who knows where else. At least she was 17 so I guess the filmmakers felt that was old enough.

From the sex-obsessed leads, to abortions, to the father changing his mind and giving approval to this male scum, this script offers nothing redeemable. "Baby" has no clue about anything and is one of the dumbest characters ever seen on film.

I am not surprised to read about so many reviewers who thought this was "cool" when they were young and stupid, but now that they are a lot more mature, look at this film again almost in shock at how bad it looks to them now. Good for them; at least they've grown up.
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A tale of romance that was so hard to get...
spursbabe9 April 2006
I have to admit, before i watched this film i thought, this is one of those soppy love stories where everything works out fine and dandy all the way through. but i was proved wrong when i actually sat down to watch this. I found that it was in fact a really good story about a family who go to a dance park for a 3 week holiday and there the youngest daughter, baby, finds love but has difficulty getting there with her new found love due to disagreements with her father. But along the way helps another dance instructor, and risks the whole relationship...A truly heartwarming film, like no other.

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Nobody puts baby in a corner
Incalculacable18 January 2006
I didn't understand what that line meant... I do now. I didn't really want to see Dirty Dancing either. I'd rented it out but never watched it - and today I did. And I thought it was a really fun, great movie that makes you want to get up and dance. Alright, it was cheesy at times... but it's still a great movie. I can't believe Jennifer Grey was 27 in this movie - my friend and I thought she looked about 18 or 19 - 20 at the most. I guess this is attributed to her acting talent. And she did really look awkward at times. Patrick Swayze is also very good, but you can tell he is in his thirties and seems a bit old. Nevertheless, still very good. I love 80s songs so it really struck a chord with me, and the love story (yes, I'm a romantic) was so wonderfully done. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. Exceeded my expectations!
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Very Over-Rated
benhur217 September 2002
This is not a good film by an standards. It is very poorly written and the acting is just a little above par (some performances are well below par, but Swayze and Grey do a very good job with little to work with).

What was good:

The dance sequences were choreographed very well and, as stated above, Swayze and Grey were high points.

What was bad:

The script. The "bad" guys were simply too evil to be believable. The best villains are the ones who aren't so obviously evil. These guys (the owner's nephew, the waiter who impregnates the girl) do and say NOTHING that would leave me to believe they could be real people (perhaps there are guys like them, but I sure don't want to see a movie about it).

Another scene, the first where Grey and Swayze meet when the employees at the resort are "dancing". Swayze and Grey dance together and seem to enjoy themselves. The next time they meet, Swayze is hostile towards her. Why? What happened in between to make him dislike her so when they danced well together?

And some of those lines, I mean COME ON (I cringed at the end when Swayze muttered the line "Nobody puts baby in the corner". How did he EVER do that with a straight face.)

Another thing wrong, the setting of the 1960's. Everyone looked and dressed like the 1980's! Who was in charge of the costumes and hairstyles?

The music (original music for the film) was laughable (with the exception of "I Had the Time of My Life" which was a good song).

Not the worst film I've ever seen, but DEFINITELY the most over-rated
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A cult milestone with substantial dance sequences elevating carefully delivered formula
Chris_Docker3 December 2000
After the decline of ballrooms as a popular night out, partner dance enjoyed a revival with the rise of mambo and various forms of salsa in the USA. The eighties also saw an upsurge of partner dance in Britain with the development of 'modern jive', a simple dance that anyone could learn. Tapping into this enthusiasm comes Dirty Dancing (1987), a well-constructed if cheesy love story that has partner dance at its core. Fronted by the charismatic Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey, it also contains a note of rebelliousness that appeals to its teenage target audience.

The opening credits (in luminous pink) set the tone with sepia shots of sexy dance routines, slowed down to emphasise sensuousness. The 60s Ronettes' song, Be My Baby, hearkens back to an era before the Beatles, before the death of Kennedy.

'Baby' - the insultingly diminutive name for the heroine (played by Jennifer Grey) is a young girl ahead of her time. She can't wait to join the peace core. But for now, she is being whisked off to summer camp with her protective parents and her superficial sister, Lisa. "Baby's going to change the world," quips her father, whereas Lisa's going to decorate it.

At the camp, glamorous female dance teacher Penny (Cynthia Rhodes) has the job of making staid dances (like line-dancing) look appealing to the masses. Baby however, chances upon the dance staff's private party, where a much raunchier dance is practiced. Johnny Castle (Swayze) is a downtrodden dance instructor from the streets. In contrast to the Harvard and Yale educated (and outwardly respectable) youngsters, he is labelled with an unfairly bad reputation, and with strict instructions not to flirt with guests. As Castle and Baby follow their hearts, each striving towards a moral high ground forsaken by society, they are drawn inevitably together.

Why such a formulaic and much-copied movie has held such fascination is sometimes a mystery. Its strengths are the tightness of its construction and the first rate dancing abilities. With the gradual demise of mass of studio-based song-and-dance films associated with Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly, came a shortage of stars who could both dance well and act. Swayze not only had considerable acting experience but was born into a dance family and trained with the prestigious Joffrey Ballet School. As is evident from the companion (dance instruction) video, Swayze Dancing, he toned down his abilities as a dancer to play Johnny Castle, but still looks riveting.

Mambo - which can be performed in a very erotic and sensual manner - is sometimes called 'diabolo' - the devil's dance. Unlike many dance-romance movies that followed, this film features many actual dance sequences, augmented by a spontaneous style of acting, but with the dancing obviously performed 'for real' rather than produced as a result of extensive fast editing cuts - as was the case, for instance, in films like Chicago (2002).

The dirty dancing in the film is ultimately a mix of styles, principally mambo and showcase, and provided momentum for many of the popular dance schools of the time and in the years that followed. The film is part of the wave of 80s indie films that convinced the big studios to diversify and join forces with independents to capture teen audiences. Its sexiness, combines with a James Dean style defiance, appeals to male fantasies The sugary love, of strong girl nevertheless rescued-by-dashing-handsome-man, woos young women. While Dirty Dancing lacks greatness, its enduring strengths are too easily overlooked. If nothing else, it provided a template for dozens of lacklustre movies that emulated its song and storyline formula without emulating its strengths.
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