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Max Cantor: Robbie Gould


  • Robbie Gould : [sees Baby comforting Johnny]  Well, it looks like I picked the wrong sister. That's okay, Baby, I went slummin' too.

    [Johnny jumps off the porch and starts beating him up] 

  • Jake Houseman : Max, our Baby's gonna change the world.

    Max : [to Lisa]  And what are you gonna do, missy?

    Baby : Oh, Lisa's going to decorate it.

    Robbie Gould : She already does.

  • Robbie Gould : I didn't blow a summer hauling toasted bagels just to bail out some little chick who probably balled every guy in the place.

    [Baby is pouring water into glasses for him] 

    Robbie Gould : A little precision please, Baby. Some people count and some people don't.

    [brings out a copy of The Fountainhead from his pocket] 

    Robbie Gould : Read it. I think it's a book you'll enjoy, but make sure you return it; I have notes in the margin.

    Baby : You make me sick. Stay away from me, stay away from my sister or I'll have you fired.

    [Baby pours the jug of water on his crotch] 

  • Jake Houseman : [Jake gives Robbie a letter of recommendation for medical school]  Good luck in medical school, son.

    Robbie Gould : I wanted to thank you for your help with the Penny situation. I guess we've all gotten into messes.

    Jake Houseman : What?

    Robbie Gould : I thought Baby told you. Look, I'm not sure. Penny said so, but you know with girls like that. They're liable to pin it... on any guy around.

    [Jake snatches the letter back from Robbie] 

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