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looks cheap but so damn funny
mcfly-3115 July 1999
Hate to say it guys, but I liked this one better. One was good, but this one is so silly, so comical at times, that I just loved it. If you're unfamiliar with the format, there are 3 short stories featured here. Up first is a wooden indian that adorns the front of a general store, coming to life to kill the goons who gunned down his owners. Holt McCallany is very strong as the foul mouthed leader of the gang. And the way he gets his...hoo boy. Number two has a man-eating oil slick(?) snacking on teens on a wooden raft. And most people are right when they say it looks like a big hefty bag. And a moment that will have you rolling, and that will give teenage boys ideas and have men remembering fondly when they may have done it, is where the surviving guy takes a peek under the surviving girls sweater. Good to see where this dudes priorities are; two of his friends are dead, he's nearly been killed, and he decides its a good time to look at boobies. I loved it. But my absolute favorite of both Creepshow films is the hitchhiker story. It's so hysterically unrealistic that it still makes me laugh all these years later. With Lois Chiles mind-losing dialogue, and the dead guys constant "thanks for the ride, lady!" I can't imagine a funnier, more exciting short story than that. In a perfect world Tom Wright, who played the hitchhiker, wouldda been nominated for an Oscar. Also a high five to the campy look of the film, with all three films set in the middle of nowhere, one at sea, one (mostly) in the woods. A lot of fun I say, though most hated this one.
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Creepshow 2 takes the scary route, instead of the first one's tongue-in-cheek tone. Not a mistake.
Mileskolehmainen2 September 2014
As sequels go, quite good. The three (Not five, budgetary reason) tales are fun (and surprisingly scary). The acting is okay, including a few good performances. The tales, which I will now rate, all have gore, fun, and scares. The first segment: "Old Chief Wooden-head" is an old-fashion revenge story. It has a slow and mysterious build, but with enough action to keep things interesting. Acting-wise this episode does okay, nothing too great, but pretty good. The effects in this episode are a little wooden (no pun intended) but capture the essence of the menacing but slow-moving monsters of 50s media. The second episode, "The Raft" Again, okay acting but nothing great. But the blob monster ranges from looking real enough to looking kinda horrible (mostly in the earlier shots). Stephen King was at least somewhat right when he described the monster as an "old rug". Despite that, this episode still dishes out some good scares and creepy gore. The third installment is the scariest one. Good acting, scary scenes, and scary gore. In all Creepshow 2 is worthy (but not equal to) the original.
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A worthy but flawed sequel
liveronastick14 June 2007
Creepshow 2 was released in 1987 and was directed by George Romero's regular cinematographer Michael Gornick. Gornick, who was a late replacement for the original director FX maestro Tiom Savini, cut his directorial teeth on several episodes of Laurel's Tales From The Darkside and was a natural choice to make the film. He does a commendable job with what is clearly a modest budget and three stories that are not as engaging, gripping and frightening as those available to Romero in his original 1982 film.

Only one of the three stories has been previously published, the other two being originals devised for the film by Stephen King and scripted by Romero. The first story is called Old Chief Woodenhead and stars Hollywood veterans George Kennedy and Dorothy Lamour. It concerns a wooden storefront statue of an old Indian chief that comes to life to avenge the death of two elderly people by a gang of youths. It is the least impressive of the three tales but retains a certain ghoulish charm.

The second story is The Raft. Originally published in King's 1985 short story collection Skeleton Crew (with a slightly different ending). The segment is about four scantily-clad teenagers who arrive at a deserted lake, late one summer, for an afternoon swim but find that something thoroughly unpleasant is waiting for them. The special effects are well below par with King himself commenting that the monster in the lake looks something like "a dirty old man's raincoat". However, this episodes's grim punchline would make The Cryptkeeper himself chuckle with approval.

The third and probably best story is The Hitchhiker and stars Louis (Moonraker) Chiles as a bored, rich housewife who regularly enjoys the services of a handsome gigolo. On her way home from such an encounter she accidentally runs over a young Hitchhiker (played by stuntman Tom Wright) killing him instantly. Terrrified by the consequences of her actions she quickly leaves the scene of the accident. However, a few miles down the road she sees the Hitchhiker, bloodied and amazingly returned to life, limping towards her. To reveal any more would be to dampen this segment's sick delights but I will say that it features a neat cameo by King himself as a foul-mouthed truck driver.

A fourth story called Pinfall was planned for the movie but later dropped due to the faltering budget. It concerned an overweight band of beer-chugging bowlers that are murdered by a rival bowling team and come back from the dead for revenge in true EC style. Its a shame we will never get to see this story but it is very close in theme and structure to both Oldf Chief Woodenhead and The Hitchhiker.

All in all, Creepshow 2 is worth a look and remains a guilty pleasure of mine that I have enjoyed with alarming regularity over the years. It may not be up to the standards set by the first Creepshow but there are more painful ways to spend an evening. Ask The Hitchhiker...
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"Thanks for the Ride, Lady!"
Masters of Horror Stephen King and George A. Romero return to deliver more comic book style thrills in "Creepshow 2." With original "Creepshow" cinematographer Michael Gornick stepping in as director, the film is not only slimmer on content (three stories instead of five) but on budget and star-power as well. That doesn't mean that horror fans aren't in for a heaping serving of campy carnage candy, though. In tradition with the original, "Creepshow" is hellbent on making its viewers laugh and squirm in their seats simultaneously.

While Gornick is no George A. Romero, he certainly brings a touch of style to the film that serves it well. Animated segments aside, the look and tone of the original is carried over into its sequel, with some surprisingly flashy moments that make one wonder why the director fell off the face of the Earth (you know, aside from the fact that this flick flopped). The script, penned by Romero, has its ups and downs, with some stories being more effective and more competent than others. Variety, however, is the key to the film's success. If one thing can be said about this affair, it is that it never bores and it certainly goes by quickly enough. In fact, some would say the fun ends far too early.

The three stories are a mixed bag of creepy and goofy, with the first concerning a wooden Indian propped outside of a small-town general store. When local punks rob its kindly owners, the statue comes to life seeking revenge. This bit is rather slow moving and sets the movie off on the wrong foot. Although not terrible by any means, it is in sharp contrast to the two that follow. Next up, we follow a foursome of guys and gals going for a swim in a secluded lake. Soon they find themselves being feasted upon by what can only be described as an oil slick surrounded by a Hefty bag. Of the three, this is probably the strongest, with some genuinely creepy moments and terrific special effects. Then, to wrap things up, we find a woman of questionable morals being stalked on the highway by a drifter she accidentally hit. While his insistence on thanking her for the ride makes him seem harmless enough, the woman quickly slips into madness as she tries to rid herself of the passenger to no avail. This is the one segment most likely to induce a few unintentional chuckles for its ridiculously over-the-top premise and execution.

Overall, there's a noticeable drop in quality from the first, but the sense of dread and humor is still intact. "Creepshow 2" is certainly a worthy sequel with a few moments of brilliance that may have panned out better in feature length films. "The Raft," in particular, would have been a great 80's teen monster movie in the vein of the remake of "The Blob" that would roll into theaters a year later. Taken for what it is, though, this sequel is like a bag of Halloween candy -- some hits, some misses, but certainly worth the time regardless.
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***** POSSIBLE SPOILERS ***** Scary fun from Stephen King based on three of his stories...
Neil Doyle9 June 2007
You have to be in the mood to watch this sort of thing late at night and I was definitely in the mood although I was about to turn the film off after the first story about the wooden Indian. I just wanted to watch that to see what DOROTHY LAMOUR was doing in a horror film. I notice she won a Saturn award for the role but I was underwhelmed by her performance.

However, if you stay with it, CREEPSHOW 2 improves with each story. There are no real touches of originality in any of them except for the clever use of animation used quite extensively and very effectively to bridge the gap between stories.

CHIEF WOODEN HEAD gets the film off to a start about a couple running a store in the middle of the desert without paying customers who are left some valuables by an Indian who owes them a debt. What they don't know is that their store is about to be invaded by a trio of ruthless thugs led by an Indian lad who is willing to kill in order to grab whatever loot he can. Their death is avenged by--well, guess who? Some clever touches here, but nothing that really stands out. Nice performance by GEORGE KENNEDY gives the whole tale some much needed class.

THE RAFT is compulsively watchable once you see the set-up wherein four attractive young couples decide to swim out to a raft where they are all about to meet their grisly deaths. PAUL SATTERFIELD in his yellow speedos is the standout among these and his demise is particularly chilling. It's got all the requisite suspense and horror you'd expect from King and the special effects are particularly gruesome. DANIEL BEER as Satterfield's worried pal does a nice job, especially in the scene where he almost takes advantage of the sleeping gal.

THE HITCHHIKER could easily have been the one that steals the show, but it becomes a little too repetitious and fond of its own dark sense of humor to be taken seriously. Howevere, LOIS CHILES is very convincing as the distraught woman at the wheel who does everything she can to get rid of a dead man who keeps coming back for more.

Summing up: Give it a chance and it becomes compulsively watchable in the old tradition of horror king Stephen.
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While, not as good as the first movie. This sequel was still, somewhat creepy. The Show must still go on!
ironhorse_iv17 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
While, 'Creepshow 2' directed by Michael Gornick is not the scariest movie out there, based upon the short stories by author Stephen King. I do have to say, this American live-action/animated horror taken from tales from King's 1985's collection book, 'Skeleton Crew' ,can still give you, goosebumps, while watching it. Without spoiling, too much of the scares, like the original horror movie, 'Creepshow 2', was supposed to have, five short stories adapted from author Stephen King, being told, during the course of the film. However, due to budgetary reasons, two of the stories, 'Pinfall' & "Cat from Hell', were scrapped; with the latter, being filmed for 1990's 'Tales from the Darkside: The Movie'. Instead, the movie went with three stories structure with "Old Chief Wooden Head' on the helm, 'The Raft' as the meat of the story, and 'The Hitchhiker' being the climax. While, this story structure might sound right to some critics, since the first tale is most developed of all the three stories, had the longest sequence in the film and on the surface level, the most controversial story facade of the three, since it deals with Native Americans. I still believe, there is still a problem with having it, display in the forefront. First off, the story about a wooden Indian decor, taking revenge on some unlikeable robbers for killing his cigar store, owner, Mr. Ray Spruce (George Kennedy) was pretty bland and somewhat boring. It's no 1980 'Shining'. It's just another simple minded revenge story. Nothing really smart or scary about it. I was really hoping for a Golem like, complexity feel to the story, but it just felt safe & disappointing with the sequence being not really gory with most of the kills being off-screen, and the visuals, not being challenging. Still, I do have to say, the acting throughout it, was good, and the story does leave the audience with a feel good moment, even if the action is somewhat cheesy and silly. However, it wasn't nothing worth, putting as the first sequence in the film. I thought, the story would makes more sense for it to be the climax, as it allows the audience to leave, with a somewhat cheering moment, seeing how the other two stories have, very obnoxious protagonists. Since the movie didn't do that, the rest of the film really leaves a sour taste in the audience mouth. That brings us to 'the Raft', a story about a group of very unlikeable teenagers, getting trapped on a floating raft, when they discover a carnivorous mysterious blob that looks like an oil slick in the lake, surrounding them. Unlike the first story, I kinda dig this concept. It reminds me of the isolation horrors genre films like 2016's 'the Shallows' mixed with the style of 1990's 'Tremors'. Just wish, it expanded the story, not by exposing the origins of the creature, but showing the madness of the characters slowly developing, while being trapped on the raft, like the source material. It really could been, a strong environmental & psychological message if it wanted to. Still, it not, a big deal. The only problem with this sequence story, I really had, against it, was how dumb-down & awful, the characters, were. Why would one of the character accept to grope, another character, during a tense moment, while being trapped on the raft!? It makes no sense. Another problem with this sequence is the acting. Daniel Beer as Randy AKA Poncho is one of the worst actors, I have, ever witness in a horror movie. He really does destroy, the tone of this sequence. I can't help, laughing, how bad, his reactions were. Yet, unlike 'Old Chief Wooden Head', I was not disappointing with the visuals here. While, the creature look like, a rain-out, trash bag. It still look somewhat scary. Also, the oily deaths were very gruesome and the suspense was equally, worth the punch. Even the ending was somewhat clever with the sign and the creature being able to go onto land was a lot better, than the generic and clichés story ending, we got, with 'the Hitchhiker'. This story was, by far, the most, bland of all of the three, with the protagonist, Annie Lansing (Lois Chiles), accidentally kills a hitchhiker with her car, only to be haunted later, by him, on her way home. It was hardly scary. The only scary part of the sequence, was seeing Stephen King cameo as a truck driver. It's very surreal to see, seeing him, here, seeing how he would end up, get run over, in 1999 in similar fashion. It almost seem like he wrote his own prophecy of attempted demise with stories such as this, and other novels like 1987's 'misery' & 1983's 'Christine'. Sadly it was ruin, by how silly & unrealistic, the driving scenes were, and how cheesy, the one liners, was being spoken. Sadly, this sequence was lot more cartoony, than the animation sequences, featuring a kid fighting off, bullies with giant Venus flytraps that were intermixed as prologue, interlude, & epilogue. Despite that, at least, the animation sequences were well-drawn. I just wish, the post-credit scene wasn't there, as it kinda ruins the illusion of the comic book movie with its preachy, safe message about not blaming comic books for juvenile delinquency. I guess, this was added, after parents complain about the first movie, being too violent and gory. It just didn't fit. Nevertheless, 'Creepshow 2' just didn't performed as well, as the first movie. There were far too little thrills, and even fewer appeal to intelligence to be a great film. At least, it was better than the unofficial sequel, 'Creepshow 3' in 2006, which had no involvement from Stephen King or producer, George Romero. That film was horrible. In the end, while, this movie might be below average. I still think it's worth checking out, at least, once. After all, there is no business, like show business.
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Great sequel with plenty of gore and laughs.
HumanoidOfFlesh21 December 2004
"Creepshow 2" is a pretty enjoyable horror anthology that features some gruesome surprises.The first tale "Old Chief Woodenhead" is about a wooden Indian statue outside a small general store which comes to life when some local youths kill the elderly couple during the robbery. This story plays like a routine slasher flick with the statue as the killer.The special effects are excellent and there is a good amount of gore.Unfortunately the script is predictable and the acting from the younger cast is unconvincing.The second tale "The Raft" is about some teenagers who,whilst hanging out on the raft,are slowly eaten by a blob-like creature which lives in the lake.This story is fast-paced and appropriately gruesome with truly satisfying climax.The third tale "The Hitchhiker" is about a woman who does a hit-and-run on a hitchhiker and thinks she's got away with it,only to be confronted with the dead hitchhiker numerous times down the road.This story offers plenty of scares and the hitchhiker is hilarious with his incredibly funny line 'thanks for a ride,lady'.All in all if you enjoyed the first "Creepshow" give its sequel a look.8 out of 10.
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Thank You for the Ride
Claudio Carvalho27 July 2012
"Creepshow 2" is divided in three stories, conducted by a leading segment where a boy that loves the horror comic book Creepshow buys seeds of carnivorous plant and is bullied by four teenagers. Meanwhile the Creep tells the tales of Creepshow:

(1) "Old Chief Wood'nhead" – The elders Ray (George Kennedy) and Martha Spruce (Dorothy Lamour) have lived their whole life and raised their family with their small store in an Arizona town. Now the town is economically decadent and Ray gives credit to his costumers including the Indians of Ben Whitemoon's tribe. When Ray is repairing the wooden statue of an old chief in the front door, Ben (Frank Salsedo) arrives and asks him to keep the jewels of his tribe as a guarantee for their debts. However, Ben's nephew Sam (Holt McCallany) unexpectedly arrives with two other punks to steal Ray, and he kills the elders. They expect to travel to Hollywood, but the Old Chief Wood'nhead will not let them go.

This segment is the best one, with a heartbreaking and gore tale of justice and revenge. My vote is eight.

(2) "The Raft" – The teenagers Deke (Paul Satterfield) and Randy (Daniel Beer) travel with Laverne (Jeremy Green) and Rachel (Page Hannah) to a lake expecting to smoke weed, swim and get laid. They swim to a raft that is floating in the middle of the lake, but they discover a carnivorous blob in the lake that is hungry.

This segment is silly but the conclusion is very funny. Daryl Hannah's red haired sister is gorgeous but has a minor participation in the story. My vote is six.

(3) "The Hitchhiker" – In Maine, the unfaithful Annie Lansing (Lois Chiles) stays too long having sex with her escort and is late to meet her husband in the airport. She drives her Mercedes Bens in a hurry and loses control on the road. Annie runs over a hitchhiker, but she does not help the man and hit-and-run, questioning whether she can live with the situation. She discovers that the hitchhiker will not leave her.

This is the creepiest segment, with a cameo of Stephen King in the role of a truck driver. Would Annie's conscience or the hitchhiker haunting Annie? My vote is seven.

I regret that only three films have been released for this entertaining series. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Creepshow 2"
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Three More Twisted Tales
Rainey Dawn30 October 2014
As good as the first Creepshow - almost. These three twisted tales are fun but scary too. If you enjoyed the first film then you should enjoy Creepshow II as well.

"Chief Wooden Head" is by far a more of a drama or serious story to me. It's just a good horror story. "The Raft" is good but my least favorite of the trilogy. It's good, but typical young kids out for a good time that end up dead - the twist is it's not a slasher. "The Hitchhiker" is my favorite as far as comedy goes. This one had me laughing very hard. "Thanks for the ride lady" still rings in my head and I laugh every time.

Anyway, Creepshow II is worth watching if you like a bit of comedy with your horror.

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Not as good as the first one...
Nuclear-Atom3 April 2003
Creepshow 2 isn't as great as the first one. Fans of the first one will probably have the sense of "have I just been ripped off here?". In the shortest terms, yes you have.

Instead of 5 short stories, you're introduced with three not-so-short stories. Yet, it's still a good movie. The stories are worth watching it especially The Raft and The Hitchhiker which were the reasons why I bought the movie.

And it's not just two missing stories, but you're also missing the wonderful direction from George A Romero. Instead of directing, George co-wrote Creepshow 2. So your missing that comic book-like direction. Too bad. I loved George's direction in the first film. It made me feel like I was watching an interactive Tales from the Crypt comic book.

An ok sequel. Creepshow fans might be disappointed with this sequel because of the lack of 5 short stories in total and George Romero not directing this time around. Other than that, it's a fairly descent sequel.

Rating: 7 out of 10.

I would like to see George Romero and Stephen King sit together once again for another Creepshow movie. At least, one last time.
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Not as good as the original, but a treat and fun entertainment for any horror anthology fan!
Danny Blankenship3 November 2007
Once again the two legendary masters teamed up again that being Stephen King and George A. Romero for another edition of Creepshow, rightfully titled "Creepshow 2". The sequel isn't as good as the 1982 original, because it's made cheaper you can tell that by the cinematography, and the film is shorter only three segments instead of five and star power is missing. Yet still the film thrills, chills, and brings justice and revenge style terror that any horror fan will cherish and consider a classic to watch over and over.

First story is a good old western justice tale of revenge titled "Old Chief WoodenHead" which is set in a rural desert small Arizona town. And the theme centered around the town is it's dealing with hard times a bad socially depressed economy and George Kennedy("Airplane" and "Cool Hand Luke") stars as a generous and do easy storekeeper who's too generous to customers by letting them have items on credit. And yet the only hope that he puts in return and what he lives for is a stature of a wooden Indian outside his store. One day he receives a gift of worthy stone from an Indian man named Ben Whitemoon who says this is payback for his people's debts. Only the episode turns to a violent and tragic end with the store getting robbed and destroyed by modern day punks in search of money so they can flee to Los Angeles to start a new life. After the tragic end, it's payback time and justice Indian style with warpaint and all! Overall good segment that was well done and I love the justice and revenge it shows.

Next tale is "The Raft" about a group of weed smoking and sex driven teens that being two males and two females who take a trip to a lake to do some supposed harmless swimming. Only the plans turn to a sinking river type nightmare. Upon entering the lake one by one they notice a slime like chemical spill or substance of some type that seems to travel and move around the lake fast and at ease. One by one each discover the blood sucking nightmare is a sinking reality. Watch as the segment ends it's slick and clever as a no swimming sign is shown hidden behind trees and brush! Last but not least a classic tale "The Hitchhiker" staring beauty queen Lois Chiles as Annie Lansing a wealthy and attractive and elegant woman who's living in upstate Maine and she's having her fun and entertainment from the services of a male escort. After getting up one night from her affair she finds she's gonna be late and she doesn't want to end up in divorce court! So while speeding back on the interstate when exited onto the I-395 Maine ramp she hits a hitchhiker. And it shocks her, now it's hit and run. And it's a reality nightmare that will not end, as Annie finds this is a highway of terror! Just like in the horror film the villain never dies no matter how many times you kill them. Also look for Stephen King who has a small cameo as a truck driver in this one. Really a good way to end the film.

Sure it lacks the star power and budget and length of the original yet the stories are entertaining, fun, and revenge filled enough for any horror buff to cherish as a classic especially due to the work of King and Romero and the geography settings for this film was nice.
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This Film is All About Segment Two ie., "The Raft"
Caractacus236 July 2011
This is a weak sequel to the early 1980s minor classic, "Creepshow." Unlike the original, it features no direct input from Stephen King (with the one notable exception of his story, "The Raft," taken from 1982's "Skeleton Crew" collection). The original "Creepshow" was directed by George Romero, and the script was authored by Stephen King, so its perhaps no surprise that the only truly good (great, actually) segment in this three-part film, is the one based on a King story, with a script authored by George Romero.

In any event, the first segment, "Old Chief Woodenhead," is just plain stupid, and arguably even a little offensive (and I'm no PC monger, to be sure). Its just kinda...unpleasant. It isn't scary, and it isn't interesting. On a ten-scale, I give it a 3.

The second segment, "The Raft," is the only reason to see this movie, frankly. "The Raft" is an AMAZING short story, and this cinematic adaptation is really quite good. I give it a 9.

The third segment, which I believe is entitled "The Hitchhiker," or something very similar, is OK. I mean, it doesn't suck or anything, but it feels VERY derivative of some 1960s episode(s) of "The Twilight Zone," and otherwise just isn't very memorable (or original, needless to say). Its...mediocre. I give it a 6, which is somewhat generous, and enables me to average out the three ratings as a 6 overall, for the film in its entirety.

Really, the only reason to see this is in order to view "The Raft." If you're feeling bored, what the Hell, watch "The Hitchhiker" too. I adamantly recommend skipping "Old Chief Woodenhead," unless you're one of those people who likes bad cinema in and of itself...and I am not such a person. I prefer quality to crap.
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One of the best horror films ever made.
mgurry10 September 2001
Nevermind what the guy above me wrote... after all, he did actually complain that leslie nielsen wasn't in it. Makes me wonder if he thought he was commenting on Spaceballs.

The original Creepshow was a landmark in horror film history, and the second installment only adds to the glory of the first. It had 3 stories instead of 5 like the first one, but that's probably because they are longer tales. When I look back at the history of horror films, this one is always one of the first that I think of. This is a must have for any collector or film lover.

One last thing... Thanks for the ride, lady!
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Creepy, But Lacking The Quality Of The First
Perry Mercer (Blackace)6 October 2001
I'd have to say one of the first mistakes of Creepshow 2 is that there are only 3 stories. What was Romero & King thinking? After being served up 5 wholesome stories in the first Creepshow, I was excepting a lot more from the sequel. At least 5 or 6 stories would have been perfect. Of course this would have made the budget a little bigger and we can't have that, now can we?

In any case, Creepshow 2 offers 3 stories named "Old Chief Woodenhead", "The Hitchhiker" & "The Raft". We start with Old Chief Woodenhead which centers around some punk Indian boys who rob a convenience store owner and kills him. What the boys aren't aware of is the wooden Indian statue outside the store. This thing comes to life to take revenge for the old man. The story is pretty lame. Yes, this is fictional horror, but this is ridiculous. There's nothing in the story that tells us WHY or HOW this statue comes to life. Did someone sprinkle pixie dust on it? Was it possessed by the old man? What gives?

The second story, which seems to be everyones favorite, is "The Raft".

This was one of the creepiest tales I've ever seen. Even both versions of the Blob didn't creep me out as much. I think the key element that makes this story work in the music and sound effects. It's extremely creepy and keeps you senses on the edge as you wait to see what happens next. The story focuses on four teenagers who travel way, way out to a secluded lake to take a swim onto a bolted raft. The story never says WHY they would travel this far just for a swim in this lake. Apparently is was a favorite place of choice at one time. In the opening scene you seen them driving along a deserted road, so you know they aren't no where near any civilization. Once they get there, they strip down to their swim suits and head out to the raft, unaware of the black, stringy oil slick that's moving slowing toward them. This thing is HUGE, and I'm curious as to how deep the oil slick travels downward, as we are only shown the top of the water. As you can guess, this thing is alive and hungry. What happens next is pretty gruesome. Nuff said.

The final story is called, "The Hitchhiker" and it's about a prostitute that cheats on her boyfriend and then travels home, but accidently hits a Hitchhiker on the way. Not wanting to stop because the boyfriend may find out she's been cheating or she may end up in jail for murder, she flees the scene only to encounter the Hitchhiker again and again and again. This story is pretty gruesome as you watch her run the Hitchhiker over and over again. Each times she sees him again, all the blood, broken bones, and disfigurement can be seen It's a bit funny at times as he continues to ask her for a ride every time she drives into him. The story isn't bad, but it's nothing special either. The ending it pretty much what you would expect.

Overall, Creepshow 2 is a good rental. I'd say rent Creepshow and Creepshow 2, but watch the second one first and then view the much better first one. Will there every be a Creepshow 3? At this point it doesn't look good. Steven King looks like a sick man these days and Romero is working on other projects. Maybe someone else will take the reigns and run with this one. We can only hope.
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A respectable anthology horror film. just don't compare to the original
loomis78-815-98903430 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Three stories are featured this time, two down from the original which might have been one too long. A cheap animated wraparound surrounds the stories and is a far cry from the original. 'Old Chief Wood'nhead' has an elderly couple (Kennedy & Dorothy Lamour) running a small town grocery store that is nearly bankrupt like the town. Outside the store is a life-size wooden Indian statue that comes to life to seek revenge on a gang of idiots who kill the old couple. The second story is 'The Raft' that tells of four teenagers who swim out to a barge in the middle of a lake and get trapped on it because of a black ooze floating in the water. The ooze graphically swallows and devours the group one by one. The final story is 'The Hitchhiker' which features cheating wife Anne Lansing (Chiles) returning home one night where she runs over a derelict (Wright) in the road killing him. She panics and leaves the scene battling with her conscience. Soon the dead hitchhiker begins appearing on the road and then everywhere she looks. This terror filled ride home has the hitchhiker attempting revenge on Anne until the very end. The stories are from Stephen King again and George A. Romero wrote the screenplays but directing chores went to Michael Gornick Romero's cinematographer on the original and other Romero films. Gornick does a decent job but the stories just aren't as good this time around. Where the original could have lost a story, this one could have added one. The three stories seem one shy of a full load. The cheap wraparound animation and simple sets make you wonder if there were budget issues because the production is surly lacking a big feel. The gore is decent and the stories are certainly watchable if not entirely compelling. As an anthology movie, Creepshow 2 can hold its own, but compared to the original it is a bit of a letdown.
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Creepshow 2!
Movie Nuttball14 April 2003
Creepshow 2 is a good multi segment horror movie that is a sequel to Creepshow!I don't want to spoil any thing for you but My favorite story of the film is The Hitchhiker.It really is a good story and I even found it funny!If you like horror films especially ones with several stories then you'll love the horror fest that is known as Creepshow 2!!
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Looocooo looocoooo
kuashie5 November 2014
This is among the best of classic movies that are light and fun to watch. This movie shouldn't be taken too seriously by our modern standards since it lacks the graphic qualities of modern movies.

But that alone takes nothing away from this movie at all. Although its made of only 3 films, the plots are simple, direct and appealing. The humor is spot on coupled with a few gore here and there.

I personally does not see any difference between this one and the part 1, I thought they were both okay. You can watch this one even if you have not yet seen the first one.

Like i said earlier this is a light movie which shouldn't be taken too seriously, and anyone trying to watch it should just relax keep an open mind and just enjoy the ride.
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A fine collection on its own merit
In 1982, legendary director George Romero directed a horror anthology of short stories based on tales by Stephen King; the result was "Creepshow", and it gave Romero another success among horror fans. Five years later both minds teamed up again, with the difference that Romero limited his participation to adapt King's stories, leaving the director's chair to fellow Michael Gornick.

"Creepshow 2" features three stories by Lucille Fletcher and Stephen King, in a manner similar to its predecessor. While the result is inferior to the first one, it still packs good entertainment and surely will please horror fans due to it's 80s vibe and imaginative stories. With the comic book style so characteristic of its predecessor, "Creepshow 2" keeps the tone of the previous movie and the "host", the aptly named Creep, is as funny as creepy.

The first segment deals with the ancient spirit of an Indian Chief looking for revenge. It has very good special effects but the story is quite typical. The sub-par acting doesn't help but it is lovely the rusty old western look it has. A huge improvement is the second segment, named "The Raft", which revolves around a group of friends trapped in a raft by a mysterious creature who lives in a lake. Suspense and horror are the main characteristics of this tale and it easily is the best of the three.

However, the third segment, "The Hitchhiker" has quickly become a fan favorite due to it's imaginative and unpredictable nature. A woman runs over a hitchhiker in the middle of the night; after she runs away from the accident, she begins to loose her mind as the killed man seems to return to haunt her. While not as scary as "The Raft", this segment is very entertaining and really funny.

Director Michael Gornick had mastered the genre with his TV series "Tales from the Darkside", so he was not a bad choice for this film and does the job very well. The three segments are very well constructed, particularly the second one, which despite being set in a limited space manage to keep the suspense and the tension to the max. "The Raft" is an amazing display of how the only thing needed for a good movie is imagination.

The acting is quite average for the most part, but I was really surprised by the cast of "The Raft", who put out truly believable performances that really transmit the horror of the tale. The special effects are quite good too, specially in the last segment. Gerg Nicotero shows why he is now one of the most recognizable names in the make-up department and one of the founders of KNB. His work in the movie is remarkably good.

While definitely not a great movie, "Creepshow 2" is a very entertaining flick that is great to watch with friends. Despite its comic book style, it's not a horror movie for kids, as it contains a good amount of gore. This is a fine collection of stories that any horror fan would enjoy. 6/10
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Forget the other reviews. This movie is NOT disappointing.
David Wildermuth13 November 2005
Warning: Spoilers
"Creepshow 2" is an outstanding horror film. I seen this on Pay Per View when I was either 8 or 9 years old. It is an anthology film with three short stories. The first tale, "Old Chief Woodenhead", is about three trouble makers that commit a horrible crime against a store owner and his wife, then pay the price for it from a wooden Indian. This story gave me several nightmares, and I even imagined seeing the wooden Indian while I was awake. So for me, this was the scariest story of the bunch. The second story, "The Raft", centers around four teenagers who drive out to a lake in the country, only to discover that they are NOT alone. Their companion wants to make a meal of them and they must survive its wrath. The third and last segment "The Hitchhiker", is about a woman who cheats on her husband by sleeping with some guy to get higher up in the work field, maybe her boss? I can't remember. She is in bed with him, and she is late for work, so she drives to work, and THIS is where the horror begins: She accidentally hits a man who was hitching a ride. Soon after this, you will see a guest appearance by Stephen King. Be sure to look out for this. Not only is the woman all shooken up with killing a man, not only does she worry about not getting arrested for it, but the hitchhiker WILL NOT STAY DOWN. Furthermore, he delivers sarcasm with probably the only line quoted from the movie "THANKS FOR THE RIDE, LADY!" as if to say "Thanks for the ride, lady! Gee, all I wanted was a simple ride and you kill me!". The overall movie is wrapped around by a story involving Billy, a boy wants the new "Creepshow" comic very much. He buys Venus Fly Trap seeds, which come in handy for the bullies that keep following him around. ;) Definitely check out this movie. I strongly recommend you buy it. Its a MUST OWN. :)
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A Great Sequel And A Great Anthology, However If Only For That Excrutatingly Awful 1st Story!
callanvass24 November 2003
Warning: Spoilers
This is a great sequel, and a great anthology, however if only for that excruciatingly awful 1st story!, this could have been as good as the original!. Most of the characters are great, and The Raft is truly frightening, plus the ending was amusing. The Opening monologue was kinda weak, and they could have picked a way better 1st story, however i enjoyed this sequel very much, and i highly recommend this one!.

1st Story "Old Chief Wood'nhead", this is absolute garbage, in all aspects, i was literally bored to tears, with this story, A couple of the actors looked embarrassed to be here, and the story is completely dull and predictable, plus most of the characters were irritating! Grade F

2nd Story The Raft, This is one of the best stories ever, as it's scary, suspenseful, well acted, and all around just damn cool!, this story is worth the price of the movie alone, and it has lots of great gore effects, plus the ending was awesome!. Grade A+

3rd Story The Hitchhiker this is a fantastic story, with some hilarious lines ("Thanks For The Ride Lady"), and it's actually rather suspenseful at times,and there is also a nice touch of humor in it as well plus the ending was amusing and the gore effects were great!. Grade A

There is quite a bit of blood and gore. We get bloody gunshot wounds,3 bloody gunshot wounds to the head,gory arrow hits, arrow in the head,someone is chopped with an Axe (off screen),ripped of scalp,gory effects from the Raft story(fun times),gory car accident victim,gory walking corpse,a guy gets run over graphically quite a number of times, and lots of blood!.

The Acting is good for the most part. George Kennedy is an awesome actor, but here he is not convincing, and is totally miscast, plus he had no chemistry with Dorothy Lamour what so ever!. Dorothy Lamour is also miscast here and looks bored, and her chemistry with Kennedy was off. Holt McCallany annoyed me here as the bad ass, he talked about his looks and hair too much and it grated my nerves. David Holbrook annoyed the crap out of me, he is just a fat slob and played that well. Paul Satterfield is hilarious here, he had me cracking up throughout i liked him lots. Daniel Beer is good here as the science nerd i liked him. Jeremey Green and Page Hannah both do what they have to do well. Lois Chiles is decent here, and did her job adequately, and found it amusing when she talked to herself. Tom Wright is awesome as the hitchhiker, he had some awesome lines, and was fun to watch!. Rest of the cast are fine.

Overall i highly recommend this one!, if only not for that awful 1st story, this would have been almost as good as the original!. ***1/2 out of 5
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Suffering from Sequel-itis
Mark Turner16 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I loved George Romero's CREEPSHOW. I was a fan from the first moment I laid eyes on the trailer. When it was released I was working as a theater manager showing the film and I would pop in to watch moments from the film when time provided. To this day I consider it a classic. Had it not been for the success of the film we might never have seen anthology shows like TALES FROM THE CRYPT, MONSTER or Romero's own TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE come about. When I heard back then that CREEPSHOW 2 was being made I was ecstatic. The end result left much to be desired though.

Once more we're presented with tales to frighten straight from the comic book pages of Creepshow, a homage to the horror fueled comics of the fifties. A wrap around story involving a young boy who loves the comic and is tormented by bullies keeps the film moving. Add to that the Creep in the film, this time portrayed by effects artists Tom Savini rather than an animated dummy.

The first story has us in a small town out west gasping its last dying breath. General store owners Ray and Martha Spruce (George Kennedy and Dorothy Lamour) provide a helping hand to those in need in the way of store credit even though they could easily retire and live comfortable on their own. When a criminal Indian from the nearby reservation and his gang rob the store killing the pair it seems justice will not be served. But then they never counted on the wooden Indian standing out front.

The second story is perhaps the best here, based on Stephen King's novella THE RAFT. Two young couples are headed out to the local lake with the intent of swimming out one last time to the floating raft in the middle despite the chilly temps of the water. Fueled by beer and false bravado they swim out completely ignorant of the large patch of something floating on top of the water. That is until they see it engulf a bird floating on top. When one of the girls is taken from the raft and eaten by this glob a standoff follows. The only way to get help is for one of them to reach the shore. But how will they avoid the creature? The final story here is about a woman having an affair who plows down a hitch-hiker on her way home. If she reports it or takes the man to the hospital she'll have to explain why she was driving where the accident occurred. Rather than do so she drives off hoping someone else will find him. Except that he continues to pop up, more battered and bloody with each appearance, always saying "Thanks for the ride, lady." Will she ever be free of this damaged image? The film ends with an animated piece featuring the aforementioned story of the young boy pursued by bullies on his bicycle. So how does the film hold up? It doesn't come close to the original. That could be in large part because the film went from a high profile studio like Warner Brothers to the low budget line New Horizons, Roger Corman's company. It could be because Romero was no longer directing or that King and Romero weren't on set daily to discuss the script they had written. In any case while a decent movie it placed side by side with the original leaves it lacking.

And yet there is a legion of fans out there who love this one as well. For them the news that the film was being released on blu-ray by Arrow Video was a Godsend. Now they could have it in a pristine format to enjoy over and over again. And, being an Arrow release, you knew that the extras would be better than most and that the version offered would indeed be the best ever found. The film is presented here in a 2k digital restoration with original stereo audio. Other extras include audio commentary from director Michael Gornick moderated by Perry Martin, a new interview with Daniel Beer, a new interview with Tom Wright, and interview with Romero, and interview with Savini, a featurette with make-up effects artists Howard Berger and Greg Nicotero, a featurette on Rick Baker, behind the scenes footage, trailers and TV spots and a reversible sleeve featuring newly commissioned artwork by Mike Saputo.

Fans have already been buying this one up like crazy with special editions that include a collector's booklet fetching top dollar. I'm glad that this version now exists but I doubt I'll watch it over and over again. It is worth watching once and fans will delight that they can have this version on their shelves now.
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Appetizing monsters and voracious humans
Warning: Spoilers

The film was even funnier because they had mixed up the audios ON THE DVD and they have Castilian twice and French once but no English. At least I could not find it. So I watched it in Castilian with English subtitles. I must say the language then gives a density to the Monstrous Creep that is really striking in all meanings of the word.

There is nothing new of course in these stories that we have read, probably several times. The three stories are definitely amazing. The first one, "Old Chief Wood'nhead" seems to imply there is among the older Indian generation some decency that the younger generation cannot understand, nor respect, but the ghosts of the dead can come back to bring justice, though a death for a death is not giving life back to the victims of the greed of the younger generation that is going to Hollywood as is well known. They have always dreamed of meeting John Wayne on one of his Indian killing spree. At least they had the intention to go.

The second story, "the Raft," is once again about young people, two couples who decide to go wild on marijuana and on some forlorn and forgotten paths where signs are overgrown with shrubs and trees and are no longer visible. Vain they are and uninformed they remain and they dare do what is advised not to do on the sign they haven't seen. They end up eaten up by some aquatic monster. Yam! Yam! Says the monster. It only takes one overexcited young man to lead the four of them into the water and to their death. Young people have always been what they used to be and what they will be. Boys will be boys and girls the same.

The third story, "The Hitchhiker," is a phenomenally funny story, more than frightening. A white rich lady on her way back from an afternoon with a gigolo (by the way rather cheap) gets berserk at the idea that she will be discovered by her husband because he said he was going to arrive home at 11.30 and she can't make it by that time. Find an explanation if you can. She thus has a problem with a black hitchhiker she turned into a ghost and the ghost haunts her all the way and at the end finally gets even with her. The details are absolutely appetizing. You will be ready for a second helping after licking your fingers clean of the blood of the dead man. Don't forget crime and horror are like pizza, the second slice is always better than the first.

Enjoy your petits fours and canapés, and wash them down with some Bloody Mary.

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Middling but fun trio of tales
Mr_Ectoplasma19 February 2017
"Creepshow 2," in the tradition of its predecessor, frames a series of shorts as a part of a horror comic book. This offering features three stories: one about a wooden Native American statue that comes to life, another about a mysterious entity devouring swimmers in a lake, and the last about a woman stalked by a hitchhiker she's killed on a lone country road.

The original "Creepshow" was a part of my childhood, and a semi-classic of the genre. This followup historically seems to have gotten short shrift in some regards, though it's far from a great film, and in many ways is an obviously weaker production. The writing of the segments themselves feel less developed and considerably more gimmicky, and they are marred by some weak dialogue (this is particularly true of the last two).

That said, each of the three segments do attain a considerable sense of atmosphere that is admirable; the first has a well-established dusty desert setting; the second utilizes an ominous lake to claustrophobic extremes; and the last plays on the utter creepiness of driving alone in the country at night. The special effects are also a strong suit here, which, though dated in some respects, are still very elaborate and well-done. The performances are a mixed bunch given the size of the cast, ranging from good to very bad, but in context, the acting is not a major problem.

Overall, "Creepshow 2" is a fun but flawed sequel. Where it fails most is in its individual segments which, though they have well-developed atmospheres and aesthetics, feel conceptually underdeveloped and gimmicky at times. It is not a bad sequel, but it does feel considerably less toned than its predecessor; however, even in spite of this, there is undeniable fun to be had. 6/10.
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3 Great Stories
Yggort23 July 2015
Stephen King novellas transformed very well onto screen by George A Romero. Let's face it, Stephen isn't known for logic, but that's also why we usually love his twists. OLD CHIEF WOOD'N'HEAD sets up some likable characters, and suddenly introduces some unlikable young punks who seem to embody all the 7 deadly sins, with their leader caught up in vanity. The Chief sorts them out. THE RAFT has a school jock and nerd going to a lake and getting stoned. There are of course 2 chicks with them. It has possibly the cheapest SFX by way of a black floating blob resembling a garbage bag floating on a lake that eats its prey in mere seconds. Through clever tension, it is somehow terrifying, and our 4 characters don't have many options as it surrounds their small raft. THE HITCHHIKER is interesting as our main female character talks to herself through this entire story. A necessity of letting us in on her internal dialogue. This woman is cheating on her guy, and obviously self absorbed, but soon becomes the victim of a relentless hitchhiker that just will not die. Intense music drives this story through the best parts. All up, as our hitch-hiker says best: "Thanks for the ride lady!"
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