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  • In 2017, a successful businessman travels to the ends of the earth to find that the perfect woman is always under his nose. He hires a sexy renegade tracker to find an exact duplicate of his android wife.

  • In 2017, a rich man travels to the ends of the earth to find that the perfect woman is always under his nose. When successful businessman Sam Treadwell finds that his animatronic wife, Cherry 2000 has shorted out, he hires sexy renegade tracker E. Johnson (Melanie Griffith) to find her exact duplicate. Their journey to replace his perfect mate leads them into the treacherous and lawless region of Zone 7, under the tyrannical overlord Lester. During their journey, Treadwell learns the hard way that the perfect woman is made not of computer chips and diodes, but of real flesh and blood.

  • In 2017, Sam Treadwell lives in a society where romance, economics and technology have evolved into a state where relationships of all sorts are commodities. When he damages his animatronic wife, Cherry 2000, he hires E. Johnson (Melanie Griffith), to guide him across a dangerous apocalyptic wasteland to an abandoned manufacturing warehouse where he hopes to find a duplicate model. Driving through the desert, they encounter Lester, the tyrannical overlord of the wasteland, before they manage to escape from him and his henchmen. Along their journey, Sam discovers that the perfect woman is real flesh and blood.


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  • Set in a post apocalyptic future, Sam Treadwell (David Andrews) lives in a society where romance, economics and technology have evolved into a state where relationships of all sorts are commodities. Sam has bought his one true love a Cherry 2000 and until she fries her circuits beyond repair, making love in the dishwasher, he was the happiest man on Earth. Cherry 2000s are rare by 2017 and after Sam's friends have taken him out and tried to take his mind of things using a relationship broker Sam is more love lorn then ever and realises he must have a Cherry 2000.

    Sam takes his beloved to a repair shop. After being shown a possible host of replacement models Sam tells the repair guy he must have a Cherry 2000. Fortunately for Sam his beloved androids personality disc is still intact and the kindly old repair guy tells Sam to have a chance of a Cherry 2000 he must go to Zone 7 and to do that he needs to hire a tracker and to do that he needs to go to Glory Hole. Another bit of helpful advice the repair guy instills is; Six-Finger-Jake (Ben Johnson) is the best tracker around.

    Sam drives to Glory Hole, think western mining town, tumble weeds etc. Sam goes to the office of E. Johnson she says she can take him there, but there is a catch he has to come as well in order help shoot their way out. Sam rejects the offer and heads to the saloon. In The Saloon he is told Six-Finger-Jake is dead but is led to believe otherwise by other patrons in the bar who go to lead him outside to introduce him, only to turn out to be robbers who take his gun but leave him enough money to hire E.

    Back to E.'s and of they go. E drives a red mustang with off-road tyres and futuristic modifications. Driving through the desert we are introduced to Lester (Tim Thomerson) the tyrannical ruler of the wasteland. Sam and E. Manage to escape from Lester's Clutches after climbing down a drainpipe and into the boat of Six-Finger-Jake. The man who raised E.

    Jake, E. and Sam decide on a plan to get the Cherry 2000. Carrying out this plan they are captured and during the escape, The Sky Ranch, Lester's home fort is destroyed. Sam and E. flee across the desert, E. attempts to seduce Sam saying the personality disc is destroyed and just as they are getting intimate the recorder in E.'s pocket activates and Sam is once again in love with his robot. After being chased across the desert Sam and E. come to a fuel depot where there is a plane. There is also a traitor who alerts Lester of their whereabouts. Lester arrives there is a battle the fuel depot's girlfriend as well as the depot owner is shot. Six-Finger-Jake is killed too. E. is more determined to go on so Jake's death wasn't for nothing.

    Eventually they make it to Zone 7, and find a replacement 'droid in a casino. As Sam puts the personality disk in and starts to make up for lost time with his plastic pal who's fun to be with as one sci-fi writer might put it Lester and what's left of his band show up. A gunfight ensues, the heroes try to flee. With three passengers the plane is too heavy to take of E. volunteers to stay behind as Sam flies of and sees E. preparing to be captured or fight to the death he circles the plane and lands he sends Chery 2000 for Pepsi while he flies of with E. Johnson, quite literally into the wild blue yonder.

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