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Enjoyably ridiculous.
Hey_Sweden22 August 2012
Horror fans who delight in the cheesy and the silly may find a fair bit to appreciate with Norman J. Warrens' "Bloody New Year". Don't go into it expecting anything resembling a coherent plot, but be prepared for a lot of insane nonsense.

The story has three young couples up to a whole bunch of tomfoolery at a carnival who afterwards find themselves shipwrecked on an island. This island features a hotel that not only is celebrating Christmas in July, it's celebrating Christmas circa 1959, and is eagerly anticipating 1960.

Among the assorted crackpot ideas Warren and screenwriter Frazer Pearce throw at the wall are snow indoors, invisible pursuers, a furiously moving camera seemingly inspired by "The Force" from "The Evil Dead", a "table monster", and lots of hilariously, endearingly tacky special effects. The good thing is that Warren and Pearce do seem to be just having fun with the genre because this whole production has a heavy tongue in cheek feel. Now, some people may find this simply *too* cheesy and *too* silly, but others should find themselves smiling if not laughing outright.

The first 15 minutes quickly establish the irreverent tone, and the filmmakers do achieve and maintain a certain loopy charm and a "Just what the hell is going on?" sensibility. The actors do an impressive job of keeping poker faces throughout, and they're all reasonably appealing, although there will undoubtedly be viewers who will get sick of all the screaming that Janet (Nikki Brooks) does. One of the best routines involves some appearing and disappearing sets of footprints.

These 90 minutes of off-the-wall antics don't quite fly by, but enough amusing stuff happens to help people pay attention. The music, by Nick Magnus and a duo dubbed "Cry No More", merely adds to the appeal. All things considered, this is an interesting effort among Warrens' filmography.

Six out of 10.
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Take a ride on Norman's ghost train
heedarmy27 March 2002
If "Terror" was Norman J Warren's take on "Suspiria", then "Bloody New Year" is surely his version of "The Beyond". After a slow start, it changes from a British teens at the seaside affair, all big dippers and frustrated love triangles, to a delirious zombie movie - "Quadrophenia" crossed with Lucio Fulci.

Considering the extremely low-budget, this is a creditable piece of filmmaking, with Warren achieving some neat shock effects. The young and unknown cast acquit themselves reasonably and there is some groovy organ music to spice up the final reel mayhem. The unexpected arrival of the fairground yobs adds to the fun.

I do have two questions though! Norman is such a nice man so why does he go in for ultra-downbeat endings? And is there really a time-warp island,complete with drooling zombies, living lifts and ambulatory fishing nets,within sailing distance of Barry Island Funfair? Has the local Tourist Information Centre been informed? (Wait a minute, that's three questions).
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Bloody New Year=A Bloody Good Time
UltimateDarkness25 January 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I have wanted to see this film for a long time based on its very cool original VHS cover art and I finally rented the recently released DVD to see it. I had assumed long ago it was a typical slasher set on new year's eve, but before I had rented it I had read little blurbs about something to do with time travel or something supernatural, and was a bit turned off by this. Well, it turned out that the film isn't a slasher at all and really it can not be neatly categorized as belonging to any one horror subgenre. I really liked this movie and am disappointed to see such unfavorable comments about it. Yes, its cheap, and cheesy and lame in some parts, and the acting and realism and logic is far from stellar, and yes it borrows somewhat from famous movies such as the Evil Dead movies and the A Nightmare On Elm Street series, but all that withstanding the film is very entertaining and has a great deal of originality to it. Many of its effects are quite impressive and creative and although things are a bit slow to start early on, once things start happening, the pace and frequency with which weird stuff happens is relentless! I think many non-horror fans would find this amusing because to them it would probably be a complete joke, and I highly recommend this movie to all horror fans who can look past low budgets, poor acting, and faulty logic, and still enjoy a very well written and photographed, extremely unique movie.
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Somewhat enjoyable nonsense
Stevieboy6661 January 2019
Teenagers?? The actors look like they are well into their 20's, if not older! A group of "teens" find themselves in a spot of bother at the seaside when their boat starts to sink and they swim to the nearest island. Here there is a seemingly deserted hotel, stuck in a time warp of New Year's Eve 1959. Ghastly things start to happen to them, one by one. Plot wise I felt able to follow it, despite being a load of nonsense. On the negative side the acting was very wooden, as mentioned before the actors look much older than teenagers, the special effects are cheap looking and it has an obvious low budget feel and look to it. On the positives some of it was filmed at Barry Island seaside resort, a place that I have visited several times and it was nice to see how it used to look. Among the effects are a few clever tricks, such as an arm coming out of a mirror and pulling a victim inside. The British VHS comes in a terrific, 3D box. The picture quality isn't great, not sure if it has ever been released on DVD/BR but deserves to be. Not Warren's best film and not the best film to watch on NYE either but reasonably entertaining if you like bad movies.
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Let's do the Time Warp!
BA_Harrison10 October 2009
Anyone expecting Bloody New Year to be a cheesy slice of seasonal slasher fun will no doubt be sorely disappointed: despite having a title that conjures up images of a bloody Father Time slicing New Years revellers in half with his massive scythe, the film is, in fact, a supernatural horror that shamelessly rips off Sam Raimi's The Evil Dead whilst throwing in as much random nonsense that it possibly can.

After running into a spot of bother with some nasty fair-ground thugs, a group of teens set off in their sail boat, only to encounter more trouble when a collision with a rock forces them to abandon ship and swim to a nearby island. There, they discover a strange, seemingly abandoned hotel adorned with New Year decorations (despite it being mid-July), and encounter the restless spirits of the hotel's inhabitants, who have been trapped in limbo since 1959 thanks to a government experiment gone wrong.

This logic-free plot allows for a scatter-shot approach by director Norman J. Warren, who gives viewers everything from traditional transparent spooks to a possessed bird-shaped Newell post (!) in the process. Other bizarre occurrences include a murderous sheik emerging from an old black and white film, a killer fishing net, a monster that emerges from a table-top, walls that come alive, an indoor blizzard, and a collection of Evil Dead style zombies. As well as borrowing the look and sound of Raimi's 'deadites', Warren also adopts his directorial techniques, with the camera rushing around the hotel and through undergrowth towards the terrified victims.

The cast are, as expected, rather dreadful (although Nikki Brooks as Janet is cute), the gore is extremely cheap looking, and the special effects range from the inventive to the downright pathetic, but Bloody New year is such a ridiculous and completely surreal experience from start to finish that It actually proves to be pretty enjoyable; after all, any film with malevolent kitchen utensils can't be completely worthless.
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Fantastically terrible,but enjoyable to watch!
HumanoidOfFlesh26 May 2003
"Bloody New Year" is a very cheesy horror film set on an isolated island.The acting is wonderfully bad and the gore scenes as well as various exploitation elements known from earlier Norman J.Warren's releases("Satan's Slave","Alien Prey")are almost completely absent.The film has some really surprising moments-the scene where Rick and his girlfriend are chased by a crowd of people through the rustling woods except their pursuers are invisible is the highlight of the film.6 out of 10!
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Gory, plot less, madcap and a true one-of-a-kind viewing experience
Leofwine_draca25 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
An utterly crazed, no holds barred final outing for British director Norman J. Warren, the purveyor of such schlockers as TERROR and INSEMINOID. This no-budget, virtually plot less affair is a failure as a film, but contains such individual scenes of imagination and bizarreness that it almost becomes worthwhile. Filmed in Wales, the film meanders from incident to incident as the group of badly-acting British teenagers are picked off one by one by the various evil and invisible inhabitants of the island. Also thrown into the brew is a gang of wicked thugs who cause havoc at a funfair, an American girl to make the film appeal to overseas audiences, and lots of references to '50s culture. We even see FIEND WITHOUT A FACE playing in a cinema at one point! The fashions have dated badly along with the hairstyles and pop music which turns up, and the acting of the unknowns is as wooden as you can get. Even the dialogue sounds like it is cheesy and dubbed, even though it isn't. The special effects, done on the cheap, are also very cheesy and unrealistic in the extreme. These are probably the reasons that the movie is a flop which basically scuppered Warren's interesting career, and he hasn't recovered since. I'm sure you can all feel a "but" coming...

I find it impossible to totally dislike a film which has so much madness going on in it. There's a battle at a ghost train ride. Disappearing '50s singers. A ghostly old maid who appears and disappears at will. Snooker balls which move back to the original position after a game has been played. A girl gets sucked into a mirror and is trapped there for the duration of the film. A possessed vacuum cleaner and jukebox. A sheikh jumping out of a cinema screen to electrocute someone. A flying net which attempts to strangle a girl. A slimy monster emerging from a table. Bushes which laugh. Footprints which appears and disappear in the sand from nowhere. A burnt pilot lurking in the bushes who explodes. A plane wreck on the island. A snowstorm inside a building. A thug who punches through a girl.

You want more? Railings which attack people. A scene of a man dismembering a zombie which is seemingly a tribute to The Evil Dead. A possessed boy whose arm is sliced off in a lift. A wall which grows hands and kidnaps a girl. A man thrown in a deep fat frier. Kitchen appliances which get a life of their own and kill. A severed arm which reattaches itself. A boy's head sliced apart by a boat propeller. A girl who is sucked through the bottom of a boat. Christ, the hotel in this movie makes The Overlook look like an ideal family vacation spot! Although undoubtedly a bad film, BLOODY NEW YEAR is worth watching for the incident alone and frequently made my jaw drop at the sheer badness/cheesiness/extremity of it all. I love the throwaway line at the end of the film to try and make sense of it all (a pilot was carrying a time-warping device which trapped the inhabitants of the island forever). Incredible stuff.
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A cross between "The Rocky Horror Show" and "The Shining"
GOWBTW3 January 2019
If you have seen "The Rocky Horror Show" and "The Shining", good. This movie, "Bloody New Year" is a lot more schlocky to me. It's got good horror though, yet there are some things that are commonly usual. It's the end of the 50's, transitioning to the 60's. However, an experiment being performed goes horribly wrong. Everyone in the New Year's Eve party began to disappear, without a trace. So when 5 English people take a boat out to an island resort, it appears deserted. Nothing unusual, except it hasn't been operational since the 1950's. All the clothes are to be in that decade. And the staff, happened to be ghosts. Even the guests who stayed there are ghosts. Each one of the survivors of the boat wreck would later fall victim to the hotel's spirit. Very much exploitive, yet equally fun. It's not for everyone. I enjoyed it very much. 2 out of 5 stars
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Redundant funhouse of horrors
drownnnsoda28 January 2019
"Bloody New Year" follows a group of young adults who wind up stranded on an island through unusual circumstances. They seek shelter in an abandoned hotel there, which after all doesn't seem quite abandoned; decorations from a New Year's Party abound, as does a Christmas tree-but it's summertime. Soon enough, they find themselves the target of horrors beyond belief.

This offbeat British slasher flick is actually more of a haunted house movie than it might appear; the film starts in a beachside amusement park, and the horrors the characters experience in the hotel after mirror the terrors of the carnival funhouse. The fun of the film is that danger lurks around every corner, and something utterly fantastical, lethal--or a combination of both--is lying in wait.

Where "Bloody New Year" falters is in its pacing and the way in which it deals out information. The middle section of the film is weighted down by a series of bizarre incidents and murders that defy logic, and these episodic scenes come one after the other without a shred of insight or explanation. By the time the film winds down to its conclusion and an explanation is offered, it's almost difficult to care. Despite this, there are some fun set pieces, hokey special effects, and a handful of well-crafted sequences that mirror elements of "The Shining."

Overall, "Bloody New Year" is really not the sum of its parts, but it's an amusing oddity by and large, whose main problem is that it alienates its audience for the majority of the runtime. The final reveal is ludicrous, but ludicrous in a way that seems to fit with the rest of the picture's modus operandi. A goofy, unconventional offering, but don't expect a straightforward slasher, because what you get is more "Scooby Doo" than "hack-and-slash." 6/10.
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absolutely brilliant
gezza8200315 January 2009
Warning: Spoilers
this is an excellent British film that you will enjoy time and time again like me and my mother before me has.

this film is a refreshing look on a film genre that was dominated by British movies at the time when British studios were the best in the world at horror.

bloody new year is different compared to the other horrors made in Britain as it is a time warp horror with the story stuck in 1959 going into the new year of 1960. the movies lives out the story of some British teenagers being chased from a fairground to a desolate island and being haunted by ghosts that were killed by a tragic plane crash which killed the occupants of the island, but they turn into bitter spirits who are hell bent on killing any occupant of the island and making them join their eternal party.

in all the film was made on a low budget, but that takes nothing away from the original idea and the script (even though the acting is something to be desired) is a brilliant original which cannot be copied.

i myself enjoyed the film and my family has too, originality comes 10/10 the acting is 5/10 but you will keep watching time and time again so the films stamina is also 10/10, so the film overall is 8.3/10
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"I am the table!"
morrison-dylan-fan10 August 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Lining up a week of viewing works from auteurs in 1987, I originally planned to catch Agnes Varda's Le petit amour,but found that the uploader had wrongly listed under '87,instead of the year it came out:1988. During this time, I got Indicator's new epic box set of titles by auteur Norman J. Warren,and finding the last film was from '87, got ready to open the set up.

View on the film:

Ending their set on a high note, Indicator fill the disc with detailed extras, including new a commentary with Warren & BFI film historian Jo Botting, (bet Warren never imagined that the BFI would hold a "season" screening his films!) and in dealing with inconsistent film stock, sand down the roughest edges in their great 2K transfer, whilst keeping the soundtrack clean.

Facing tight limits placed on by producer Maxine Julius, (from no time being given to write more than one draft, turning down any actors who did not live nearby,and keeping a close count on how many reels of film were used)co-writer/(with Hayden and Frazer Pearce) directing auteur Norman J. Warren presents a fitting, late coda to the era of British "New Wave" Horror.Closely working with cinematographer John Shann and co-writer Frazer Pearce standing in as a set designer, who made sets out of any scraps he found, Warren plays a lively, ramshackle Punk Rock atmosphere, using the real empty hotel location for messy,use anything around shocks, turning the tables on the guests with possessed netting, ghosts caked in thick practical effects and a table which turns into a monster!

Even under the conditions placed, Warren still finds space for his distinctive style to shine, surrounding the group of pretty young things with surreal flashing neon lights,melting into rapid-fire long panning shots of the ghostly old guests giving the new arrivals a special welcome.Backed by a breezy soundtrack of 50's Rock and 80's synch, the writers tune into this sound with a screenplay that takes the body count of Slasher flicks, and wonderfully twist it into Warren's creepy, surreal supernatural time-warp, which keeps the guest held in a bloody new year.
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Cheap, cliched and nonsensical. I loved it!!!
meathookcinema11 October 2020
I knew very little about Bloody New Year prior to watching it for this review. I thought it might be another slasher movie themed around yet another public holiday just like New Year's Evil.

How wrong I was! Every now and again I watch a film that is so 'out there' that I think to myself 'What the hell was that?!' Bloody New Year is one such film.

We see New Year celebrations at a small coastal hotel with the guests forming a conga and leaving the function room with only one woman remaining. The action then shoots forward to the 80's whereby some young adults are at a funfair and see an American girl being harassed on the waltzers by some locals/carnies. They decide to rescue her but piss off the carnies in the process who chase after them. They all get into a boat and sail away to a small local island to escape them. They run aground and have to swim/wade to shore. Once there they see a small hotel in the distance and decide to go there to dry off and freshen up. Things turn increasingly weird when they get there.

This film is actually British made and feels like one of the Look and Read dramas that were made for schools in the UK in the 80's. In fact I seem to remember seeing one which was called Fairground! (loving the exclamation mark!) in 1983. Its almost like this film was written for (and possibly by) a bunch of 8 years olds. That's not to put the film down but just to point out that the whole film holds a remarkably non-jaded and innocent air to events that unfurl within the movie.

Bloody New Year is cheaply made, the special effects are sub-par, the events that happen within the hotel feel like a string of cliches. In fact, the film feels like a bunch of kids were given some video nasties to watch and then the film's writers asked them what they had seen and noted their exaggerated recollections down and used them as the plot of this movie.

Whilst all of these points feel like criticisms, amazingly THEY'RE NOT! I watched it, was left with the feeling of 'What the...?!' when it finished but also realised that I had loved it! And that is one of the things about cult cinema- the film you hold dear might be completely inept and a poorly executed movie resplendent with shoddy production values. But it might have an air or an atmosphere to it that is specific to that film and that film alone. And Bloody New Year has this in spades.

I love the fact that it is British made, with the male characters looking like contestants from a 1987 episode of Blind Date. They're all mullets and C&A/Burton's clothing. The fashions exhibited by the female characters is no better. It's such a shame when they decide to change out of their clothes into the 1950's togs they find at the hotel.

The chain of events that happen in the seemingly possessed hotel feel like a million miles away from The Shining. In fact, instead of merely regurgitating the events from Kubrick's film albeit with a fraction of the budget (although there are unavoidable similarities regarding past events being held in both locales), the film seemingly goes down the route of using The Evil Dead as a primary influence. This is interesting as the filmmakers must have seen the film, admired it's low budget ethos (they knew that this was the route to go down for their film with it's apparent lack of a sizeable budget) and how it worked admirably for Sam Raimi (and also how the film was absolutely huge and not just in the UK because of the video nasty furore and the film being banned but also worldwide) . Thus within Bloody New Year we get bodily dismemberment, characters turning into zombies/demons and even a male character who returns to the hotel only to then turn into a zombie/demon. There even a scene that takes place in the woods near the hotel in which they seemingly come to life and sounds of people's laughter (in reality possibly a sitcom laugh track obtained by the filmmakers) being heard by the characters trying to escape this particular madness. There is even a POV shot with the camera rushing at the characters through the woods like Raimi used to great effect in his film.

Then there is the make-up used for the effects in the film that looks like it was done by a GCSE art group. A trick within low budget filmmaking is not to focus on the make up or effects for too long especially if they were done on the cheap. This film bravely chooses to go the opposite route and focus on them in lingering shots. Potentially not a wise move but another quality of the film that makes it so endearing.

I'm loving the fact that one of the deaths was seemingly inspired by The Exorcist with a character's neck (one of the carnies from the beginning of the film who hated the group so much that they actually went to the trouble of finding another boat and sailing to the island after the youngsters to wreak revenge) being twisted around not just once but multiple times for added horror effect.

Also within this mess is the fact that within the hotel seemingly inanimate objects have the power to come alive and attack the group (a fishing net and carved head on a bannister being but two), the character of a ghost chambermaid who reappears and then disappears numerous times during the film's running time and a sequence involving all of the monsters/demons/zombies coming together to ask the two human characters to just give in and 'join us' (again, The Evil Dead influence resounds loudly!).

Look out for the scene near the end where the house seemingly gets bored of the couple of characters who are still human and just chucks them out of one of it's windows. Hilarious.

Blend all of these ingredients together and you have a cheap horror movie made for the straight to video market in the UK where the whole 'video nasty' moral panic was going through a second wave (possibly because Sam Raimi had just released The Evil Dead 2, ironically). Bloody New Year should have been bogged down by it's seemingly negative aspects and forgotten about.

But that's the thing. Even though it should be rubbish, it's not! One major plus is that it's never boring. My interest never flagged during the runtime and I was gripped until the end. The film has so much wide-eyed innocence to it and that fact that it feels like an especially bloody 'made for schools' special or episode of Dramarama that it works. It also has heart. This is cult cinema at it's purest and before you ask I would never call this 'so bad, it's good' (I would never call any film that redundant term). It has qualities that any number of big budget horror films will never have. I'd see this again in a heartbeat. I think this is infinitely better than It and the recent Halloween reimagining put together.

And the strange thing is that others agree with me. I thought I was going mad at how much I enjoyed this film and so I did something that I rarely do- I search online for other reviews. Sure there were the idiots who said that this was trash. But there were others who loved the film also despite it's flaws or limitations. I'm not mad after all! There's even a Cinema Snob episode devoted to it.

I look forward to buying the Blu Ray release of this from the States on Vinegar Syndrome.
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Unrealizable New Year's resolution: watch less crappy horror movies.
Coventry2 January 2008
If my personal resolution for 2008 would to avoid watching worthless, crummy and totally retarded horror movies, I already would have sinned with "Bloody New Year". This is quite an incoherent and severely unsatisfying hodgepodge of potentially interesting story ideas, truly poor scripting work, horrible acting performances and a painful shortage of gore. I expected a holiday-themed slasher storyline (in the likes of "Happy Birthday to Me" or "Silent Night, Deadly Night"), but instead this film is a bizarre type of ghost story/demonic possession tale. Six hugely irritating teenagers intend to spend their summer vacation quarreling with carnival carnies and taking boat trips too far off the safe English coasts. Their boat hits a rock and the sextet washes ashore an island where everything is decorated to celebrate New Year's Eve of 1959. From this point on, a whole series of ridiculous and laughable UN-horrific events takes place, including the ghostly appearances of housemaids, murderous fishing nets coming to life, distant buzzing and laughter can be heard all over the island and the teenagers gradually turn into a bloodthirsty demons with rotting faces. There's no waterproof explanation for the events, but the script repeatedly hints that the crashing of government plane, carrying a top-secret experiment, on the 31st of December 1959 caused the island to be stuck in a time warp. Still that doesn't explain how pool tables come to life or why soup kettles develop murderous tendencies, but who cares? The island setting is atmospheric and the time warp concept is admirable (particularly with the New Year's celebration), but the overall execution is very weak. None of the characters are sympathetic, so you really don't care whether they all live or die, and there's zero tension throughout the entire film. "Bloody New Year" is overlong even with a running time of barely 90 minutes and the total absence of graphic gore & nudity are unforgivable. Damned, this is an 80's movie starring 6 dimwitted teenagers AND it's directed by UK's shlockmeister Norman J. Warren! The least I expected from the creator of such rancid nonsense as "Prey", "Inseminoid" and "Satan's Slave" was a bit more mindless violence and/or sleaze. One to avoid.
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Boring and redundant trash
The_Void8 May 2008
I went into this film expecting it to be another seasonal slasher along the same lines as Halloween and April Fools Day, but was surprised to find that it's actually a bizarre demonic horror films, sort of along the same lines as The Evil Dead. The good news stops there, however, because in spite of a decent idea that could have lead to a successful horror film; Bloody New Year just has far too many things wrong with it for it to really be a success. The plot takes the usual 'bunch of kids' base and we focus on a group of them that become shipwrecked and end up having to take refuge in an old abandoned hotel. Unfortunately for them, this is no ordinary old abandoned hotel and that soon becomes apparent when the place comes alive and several members of the group become demons. The film is directed by British director Norman J Warren who was also behind the moderately successful 'Terror' as well as the awful 'Satans Slave' in the late seventies. This film is just as trashy as those. The main influence would definitely seem to be Sam Raimi's masterpiece 'The Evil Dead' and the film directly rips it off when it gets into the second half with the noises the demons make. However, the rip off basically stops there; which is a big shame because if there's one thing this film needs, it's a big bucket of gore. Most of the stuff that goes on is not explained and it's all a bit mind numbing really. The film does pick up in the second half but not much and it's a definite case of 'too little too late'. Oh well. I wouldn't recommend anyone goes out of their way to find this film.
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binjus7917 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
gets a good score for its countless scenes of unintentional comedy masquerading as 'terror'! Loads of great bits such as the baddie gypsy with the string belt who keeps popping up and just will not die! others are the tablecloth monster; the melting lift and the baddie who 'accidently' skateboards himself into an enormous cooking pot/wheelie bin that is itself possessed and proceeds to gobble him up! I've just finished at DeMonfort Uni in Leicester where the director of this flick once attended a live discussion on the subject of British budget he is able to intellectualise any of his films (especially the early exploitation crap) is almost as funny as the man buried in the sand up to his neck versus the sailing boat propellers at the end of BNY! i think the hierarchy cottoned on to Warren's inept film-making antics though as this appears to be his last ever 'feature'. Enjoy!
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A Bloody Mess
scythertitus30 December 2020
This movie is about ten percent good idea and ninety percent nonsense. There is a clear Evil Dead influence, as well as a few others. But here the camera angles and effects are a pale comparison to their inspirations, and the lack of any real story doesn't help either.

Its mostly just set piece to set piece with one or more misc characters from a large group. You could say that this describes many horror movies, but most do more to hide this and to stitch together a cohesive narrative.

Overall its hard to recommend this apart from for 'so bad it's good' watching, despite some obvious nods to horror classics, it just makes no sense on its own.
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"A Boy and a Girl, and a Ghost Train Ride"
TwistedContent29 December 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Are you craving for some cheese of the highest order, perhaps a potent dose of 80's camp, or maybe you just want to turn off logical thinking entirely? If so, look no further, because "Bloody New Year" has it all, and has more fun with it than some other similars. It's silly, faulty, and undeniably a complete mess, but cool ideas are thrown around, and the 90 minutes are ridiculous enough to keep You going.

In this forgotten little adventure, a typical group of enduringly one-dimensional friends are out to entertain themselves in an amusement park, where they save a girl who's being harassed, then, together, they escape said harassers, and are now on a boat going to... somewhere. String of bad luck starts with the boat sinking, and them wounding up on an abandoned island with a hotel in the middle of it, where everything is decorated as if it was the New Year of 1960, despite it being the middle of summer sometime in the 80's...

Even though the story is a complete mess with big holes and odd structures, delayed and irrational reactions from the characters etc., it does feel like director Norman J. Warren has tried to make it as intriguing as possible, even though the twists are apparent quicker than quickly. Nonetheless, Norman has fun every step of the way, and the atmosphere, likely meant to be creepy and mysterious, is consistently amusing, funny. Cheese and camp, ain't no better words. A quote by Janet sums the movie up well: "We crashed up a perfectly innocent ghost train and now we're stuck in a time warp!

There are plenty of goofs and filmmaking mistakes, like during the amusement park sequence, when the tilt-a-whirl stops, the men are supposed to be thrown off, but they very visibly run and throw themselves off. Later, poor Tom, the nicest man in the movie, is looking for the fuse box. He goes down in a well-lit basement, and as he's lighting a candle that makes no visible difference, he says: "Sods law, the fuse box is always in the darkest corner". The fuse box was in the frame behind him. Tom's so nice, he couldn't even answer to the horny calls of girls. Twice. As opposed to most movies, the horny teenager force in "Bloody New Year" are women, not men. Don't get excited though, there are not enough gore and boobs to compliment the film on that. All the elements around the characters, including dialogue and acting, is inconsistent and often silly, sometimes they act heartfelt, sometimes as if they weren't friends, but mostly the characters behave low-key stupid.

I found one scene particularly hilarious, Janet and macho man Rick are running in the forest. It's daylight. Various bushes around start shaking, emitting a sound,basically a laugh track, much like one everyone knows from the series "Friends". As if that's not enough of misfired horror, camera starts fast runs towards the now hugged together characters from various angles, simultaneously intensifying the laugh track. They eventually start running, stop and see footprints appearing in sand (stop-motion static frame), then they disappear, then more laughs, and the whole sequence kind of ends... Deaths are hilarious as well, boiling pots, wooden stairs and fishnets attack people violently. Truly a campy flick, in every way possible. The soundtrack is almost entirely put together from songs of a group called "Cry No More". Pleasant enough 80's radio type of music, giving "Bloody New Year" its own theme song, "Recipe for Romance". The lyrics from that song inspired the name of this review. I have no idea wether the songs were written for the movie, or perhaps the other way around, but if it fits, it sits.

"Bloody New Year" is a silly horror movie that can surprise pleasantly, that is, if You are expecting something bad. So bad, that it is, in the end, actually somewhat okay. My rating: 4/10.
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Why this film is the best movie ever made
jed-estes6 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Reasons this is the best movie ever made... 1.It was made in the 80's 2.The film feels so lonely 3.The last surviving guy and chick both die and they are not the average teens in love couple. 4.The Music rules (Recipe for Romance has been stuck in my head for the last five years. 5.It's not mainstream 6.The zombies look so crappy that you have to laugh. 7.It's my favorite movie 8.The gang that hunts the kids down is a very good plot choice 9.It's Australian 10.No American could ever make a film this good These are the reason this movie rules. If you can think of any others just post me a message. I love this film and want to start a club for it our something Rock on
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Boring New Year
Zbigniew_Krycsiwiki27 January 2004
A group of teenagers hang out at an amusement park, hang out on a small boat, hang out at an old abandoned hotel on an island and (yawn) are killed when it's discovered that the island is caught in a time warp. It's never explained who is killing them or why they are killed to keep them there, but that's just one of the many problems that this movie has. An interesting premise gets flushed right down the toilet in this horribly boring movie, only saved by some hit and miss special effects: effects that are sometimes clever and sometimes pathetic. The highlight of this movie though is when a guy jumps out of an old movie and attacks the guy watching him, but this is too weird and badly acted to keep your attention for very long, and the actors accents are sometimes almost unintelligible. This also has one of the worst soundtracks you'll ever hear.
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One stupid event after another
lordzedd-330 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Here comes a series of stupid events starting with why the hell wasn't there any dialog for the first ten minutes of the movie? I mean, I felt Charlie Chaplin or Buster Keaton was going to waddle by. Second, why were those two thugs trying to kill them? I mean what the hell did these kids do to deserve to be attacked by mindless brutes? Why did the carnival worker side with them? They were paying costumers. Next, what time warp, they were dead. What time warp? There was no bloody time warp. Time warp means, they would either be really young, really old or evolved into futuristic monsters. But that wasn't the case, a table cloth became a monster, an elevator became a monster and the dead become monsters. Next question, how the hell did the creeps from the carnival find them on the island, the boat sank. How could they find a sunk boat in thousands of miles of ocean. Really, did the writer think at all? Lastly, bad ending. The last survivor gets on the long boat that brought them to the island and escaped. Then the other shoe drops and a unknown force pulls her through the bottom of the boat, kills her and sticks her in a mirror and now she has to watch her friends at a New Year's party while she's stuck in a mirror. It's garbage and I give it the LUMP OF COAL.
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Killer nets, carnival rides, 80's guitar playing ghosts!
ethylester29 July 2002
First of all, I love killer nets, no matter how many times I see them do their magic. I never quite understood the danger of nets, but I guess they can attack you and trap you for a really long time if you're not careful.

Anyway, this movie was actually a little suspenseful but kind of lame, too. British horror movies always have this way about them. They're scary/suspenseful, but they never have that campy, cool, strange element that say, Italian horror movies have.

This movie has some cool ideas, and I always like it when a horror movie has invisible ghosts. for some reason it just seems scarier than a drooling monster that comes through the floors at you.

Also, what is with late 80's movies always having some element from the 50's there? These people who are shipwrecked, take off their wet clothes (no nudity) and put on some 50's clothes that they just found, and wear them for the rest of the movie. But when one guy goes into an auditorium and experiences ghosts playing music, they're like Elvis Costello and his buddies. REALLY BAD.

And why was the guy that jumps out of the film strip wearing an Arabic head cover? And why was the pilot ghost wearing something out of medieval days? Like he was in Willow or something. These people are stuck in a time warp, but what time is it? SUpposedly 1959, but then I wonder what culture the time warp is from and if it's always supposed to be 1959??? And why is it that the American girl is the only survivor amongst all the Brits? That's weird. And how in the world to the carnies find these people on this island, and why don't the ghosts try to kill the carnies, too? and I never understood why the carnies and the kids ever clashed in the first place?? It's really confusing as to WHY that came about.

The characters in this movie are incredibly boring and they never make the right facial expressions. They also never make the right moves. They don't seem to freak out when their friend turns into a zombie or a guy jumps out of a film strip and kills somebody right in front of them. They don't seem to care that they keep seeing other people in mirror reflections or that they see ghosts playing music that blatently disappear in front of them. They're just like, "well, that's weird... anyway! Let's hang out." So yeah, it's a lame movie. I wouldn't watch it if I were you.
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Bloody New Year
Scarecrow-888 May 2008
Warning: Spoilers
British teens escape a near altercation with three thugs at a fun park, take a little ride on the sea, and wind up on some island when a rock puts a hole in their boat. This island has a Grand Island Hotel, seemingly a ghost resort decorated for New Years 1960. At first we the viewer are witnesses to the strange shenanigans that go unseen by our cast..a magazine, after being read, closes on it's own, or pool balls, once scattered across a billiards table returning to their proper positions. Then, a maid pops up literally out of thin air to do a little clean up before leaving the film. A movie character(..a sheik) literally leaps from a projected movie to maul one of the gang. A fishing net wraps around one victim attacking her! A table cloth turns into a monster to strangle a victim(..I swear to God, I'm not making this up!). Our cast often see the reflections of ghosts when looking into mirrors. A dead downed pilot, often hinted at rustling in the bushes, is about to speak to one of our female characters when his head explodes into a cloud of dust after being hit from behind by another fearing for her life. Plates are scattered in a kitchen on their own with our cast members trying to duck. One of the cast is turned into a zombie with a silver face, while another speaks with a demonic voice while chasing a victim who screeches in horror as she runs for her life. An elevator wall "grabs" a victim. Bushes move with the sounds of invisible people as foot prints become visible on sand chasing two of the cast. Film from a movie projector trips a victim. When one of the characters, whose turned into a zombie, is shot in the stomach with a rifle her stomach explodes. The animal wood carving of a staircase bites into a victim, with a seemingly impenetrable grip as she tries to break free. Those murdered, by whatever this crazy force on the island is, turn into zombies so you have two survivors not only fighting against the supernatural, but the walking dead popping up to terrorize them. The three thugs follow on boat to finish what was started at the fun park, with each dying in one gruesome way or another. One gets boiled in a pot, one gets his head twisted completely around not once but twice, and another is thrown through a wall.

I've read that it was writer Frazer Pearce and director Norman J Warren's intent for this to be a "time warp terror tale", but to me it was just one surreal set-piece after another. The last two remaining survivors find out through one ghoul, "taken by the island", that a plane containing a device which could reshape time and matter, crash-landed resulting in the madness taking place. Anyone who enters this "time warp" are slaves to it's power. I felt myself that this explanation was merely an excuse for Warren and Pearce to embellish their wild desires for mindless carnage placing the characters in a series of oddball scenarios leaving the viewer's mouth open in shock, bewilderment, giggles & kicks. All I can say is expect the unexpected, and I dare you to try and make sense of it all.
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"Should old acquaintance be forgot? Or just brutally murdered."
Backlash0079 January 2003
Warning: Spoilers
Bloody New Year is a very strange British ghost story. It starts with an incredibly upbeat and silly tune that will no doubt be stuck in your head for days and then some amusement park hijynx. This goofy stuff leads you to think it's a goofy movie. It actually picks up and gets interesting when our gang of characters reach the haunted hotel. Bloody New Year is hokey at times and the acting is sub-par, even for the genre. There are some good gags featuring an elevator and a cinema that really work. There's excellent use of reverse filming as well. Quite surprisingly the hotel was not built above an Indian burial ground-it's the result of an experimental aircraft. Like I said, it's hokey, but at least it attempts to be original. It's not The Shining, but it's not all bad either. It just feels like a Scooby Doo episode.
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bigpappa1--225 May 2000
Five shipwrecked teenagers, find shelter in an isolated hotel that is stuck in a time warp and plagued by zombies. Not awful, but not good. Film features decent enough effects and has some good creative moments and is scary and exciting at times. Premise is kind of weird though. 6 out of 10.
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My New Year's Resolution - Take More Naps
marcialyon10 February 2020
A gang of young folks end up in a deserted hotel on some random island and are terrorized by the spirits who lurk there. It's a little bit like The Shining, but without all that pesky dread. Zombies leap out of walls, film screens, and the group starts turning into zombies themselves, but nothing every really makes a lick of sense and you keep expecting someone to wake up, revealing it was all a bad dream. Speaking of the sleep, the pacing will really give your eyelids a workout.

Still, some of the imagery is interesting and I feel like this one might be a movie that plays better in clips than as a full feature.
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