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My review of my all time favorite fun action flick Beverly Hills Cop II
ivo-cobra84 October 2015
Beverly Hills Cop II is definitely my all time favorite Action comedy flick. Beverly Hills Cop (1984) will always be the best and my all time favorite film that I love to death. That is why I just love the sequel much more and I have always enjoyed this film much better than the original film I did. Here Axel Foley,Billy Rosewood and John Taggart works as a team than they did in the first film. This time Axel Foley returns to Beverly Hills to help Taggart and Rosewood investigate Chief Bogomil's near-fatal shooting and the series of strange robberies "alphabet crimes" associated with it. Axel Foley comes back which he reunites with Detective Billy Rosewood and Detective Sergeant John Taggart.

I love the Action sequences they are all great , humor , suspense , tongue in cheek, shoot'em up and is developed in agility and movement and for that reason is amusing. They are all great, there isn't any cgi in it. Whole cast did a great job. It is my all time favorite sequel to the first film. I seriously I love this film to death and I always have enjoyed so much. I still don't get it why all the hate for this film? The third film was really the worst in the series but I still like it and I will still watch it.

Eddie Murphy did a great job as a Detroit detective Axel Foley, he did acted very well. Yes he was shouting one everyone I saw that, but there are things in the film that people didn't noticed. After his friend Captain Andrew Bogomil was shot he didn't hesitate to come to Beverly Hills and helping him out. He cared more about his friend than anyone else did. He hustle Maxwell Dent accountant Sidney Bernstein for $200 but, he later donated the money for Beverly Hills homeless people. He could spend the money but he donated. After he took Billy's vitamins and he bluff out the secretary in Beverly Hills Gun Club for money and he throw the vitamins away. he gave the money back to Billy for the vitamins he throw away! I thought that was very nice. Judge Reinhold as Detective Billy Rosewood did a wonderful job and a support in the main cast along side Axel Foley. He was crazy with guns which I love it. We see poster from Stallone's Cobra and Rambo: First Blood Part II in Billy's apartment. I love how he was driving the car and caring so much guns with him. He had a turtle in his apartment awesome. John Ashton as Detective Sergeant John Taggart did a pretty good job as detective helping and solving a Alphabet crime he was awesome. Brigitte Nielsen as Karla Fry did a wonderful job as villainies and it was one of her best roles I have ever seen. Jürgen Prochnow as Maxwell Dent was fantastic villain much better than Steven Berkoff and Jonathan Banks in the first movie did. Dean Stockwell as Charles "Chip" Cain did a fantastic job as Dent henchman. Allen Garfield as Chief Harold Lutz was fantastic he was so load and funny I was keep laughing at his performance. The Last and at least the best small role that had was Ronny Cox I seriously I love him in this film. He doesn't do much but his still a good as Andrew Bogomil we finally found out that he has a daughter Jan and she is very beautiful. There are other faces in this film like are Hugh Hefner who plays himself, Chris Rock has a small cameo in it.Gilbert Hill as Inspector G. Douglas Todd and Paul Reiser as Detective Jeffrey Friedman also return from the first film and they also do have a few scenes in the film.In the original movie they were only in the beginning of the film than they were cut off from the rest of the film. I seriously think Tony Scott did a wonderful job filming this decent awesome Action Comedy flick.

Beverly Hills Cop II is a 1987 action comedy film starring Eddie Murphy and directed by Tony Scott. It is the sequel to the 1984 film Beverly Hills Cop and the second installment in the Beverly Hills Cop series.Although it made less money than the original Beverly Hills Cop and received mixed reviews from critics, the film was still a box office success, making $153,665,036 domestically.

I love this film to death!!! I love this film to death! it will always stay in my heart! I love the shooting, action, car chases, playboy girls everything in this film. I love Eddie Murphy! I also love the main theme for Axel Foley from Harold Faltermeyer and songs a Better Way" - James Ingram,Shakedown" - Bob Seger and Hold On" by Corey Hart.
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Decent enough 'fun' flick
The_Void22 November 2005
The original Beverley Hills Cop is one of those films that remains a cult classic because of the fact that it's such a product of the time it was made. This quintessential eighties style is carried over to the sequel, made three years later, and although part two; like many sequels, never quite manages that same verve as the original film - it still offers a good time, and anyone that enjoyed the first instalment (and who didn't?) will probably have a good time with this sequel too. All the main players from the original film have been rounded up once again, with Eddie Murphy heading a capable ensemble cast, lots of wisecracks and some gratuitously over the top action sequences. The plot is, as you would expect, superfluous to the style of the film; and much of the movie is simply tailored around it; but anyway, it follows maverick copper Axel Foley and his two California police cronies as they are pulled into a case known as the 'alphabet murders', which involves a robbery, a tall blonde woman and a gun shop owner.

I've got to say that Eddie Murphy's wisecracks were a lot funnier in the first film. While they were still over the top, they were at least sort of believable. Here, however, Murphy goes massively over the top, and it's hard to imagine how anyone that obnoxious doesn't end up with a cracked jaw. Anyway, Murphy obviously enjoys himself; and if you can get by the complete lack of logic, you probably will too. True to style, the action is completely over the top too; with several ridiculous sequences combining to make the movie the entertaining blockbuster that it is. The film lacks any kind of themes or substance, meaning that it will both not please serious film fans, and that this reviewer is running out of steam; but I will say that this movie does have a point to make, and that is simply entertaining it's audience. It may be completely silly, illogical fun; but some movies need to be there just to entertain, and this is one of those. I wouldn't recommend sticking this movie at the top of any must see lists, or going into with huge expectations; but it's a good time, that's for sure.
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Same again
no-skyline5 May 2006
Beverly Hills Cop 2 is pretty much just the same as the original Beverly Hills Cop but without the freshness and originality of the 1st. Murphy is still a perfect Axel Foley and with some good supporting characters such as his foul mouthed chief of police and Detectives Rosewood and Taggart the movie does have it's moments but the rules of diminishing returns still apply.

With a bit more originality in the script and a bit more daring this really could have been great. But for a sequel this isn't to bad just more of the same but not quite as good.

6/10 - Not as good as the original but far superior to the tepid third instalment.
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Pretty Good
shakey_jake5315 March 2003
I finally saw this sequel and it was better than what many people say. Murphy has some very hilarious moments and Reinhold and Ashton were just as good. Also, the action scene's were decent too, though the chase with the cement truck was'nt as good as the chase in the first with the transport truck. I did notice that the film lacked the freshness of the first one but still it was fun to watch.
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Weak, Murphy sure has a big smile, but weak ... and this was the 80s!
FatChino29 June 2005
Warning: Spoilers
The 80s seems to have specialised in this time of throw away entertainment. Sure it had its promising moments too; there was an Alien and the first Terminator in there, but this was the decade of the macho, gun-totting, mulleted male. The emphasise of style over content is here for all to see, with the excesses of the 80s for all to see (I'd like to say we have evolved since then but I am really not sure).

Eddie Murphy returns to Beverly Hills again, all smiles and one liners to help the ungrateful local cops out with the 'alphabet robberies' (ooowwwww scary). Shoot-outs, pretty pathetic high speed chases, and illogical trips to a strip joint and the Playboy Mansion follow. On the way we see plenty of the semi-nudity that the 80s seem to specialise in (sorry 80s), and the sickeningly smug Foley (Murphy), the 'psycho' gun-enthusiast Billy (Reinhold), and the hapless Taggart (Ashton) bungle their way to solving the case and saving the day.

Clichés seem to pop out at every turn. The idiotic and constantly angry chief of police, the wise-cracking cop who learned his trade 'on the street', the portrayal of a strong female character as 'that big bitch over there' and the solving of the case after finding a match book (surely that has been used in Scooby Doo before!). The ease with which Murphy's character is able to evade shipment out of the city and fool the local cops is infuriately stupid.

Two lines summed up the unforgivable nature of this film for me. After enduring the latest verbal assault from the local police chief Foley, making light of race relations states supposedly humorously "is it a black thing?". Later in the film after disposing of a key criminal who just happens to be a woman Taggart tuts "Women". Come I know i must be taking this film just a bit too seriously, but there can't be anyone out there who finds awful and insulting one liners like this funny, can there? Ultimately between the distractions of the odd breast and an appearance by Hugh Hefner, an engaging storyline fails to emerge and the viewer is left with the infamous theme tune stuck in his/her head.
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The Heat Is Off
zofos26 August 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is widely acknowledged as being one of the worst sequels ever. It's the same movie all over again, but without the intelligence, humour and charm that made the first film such a winner.

Eddie Murphy returns as fish-out-of-water cop Axel Foley and he's at his loudest and most annoying here, shouting at the top of his lungs and speaking so fast that it's difficult to understand what he's saying (Nutty Professor 2 had the same problem, with those two and "Another 48 Hours" Eddie seems to make a mess of sequels).

Director Tony Scott was hired to direct the sequel. He was hot off "Top Gun" the year before, but he's not a comedy director. He gives "Beverly Hills Cop II" his usual glossy look, but he mistimes all of the humour and it shows.

You can tell a movie franchise is in trouble when it starts killing off its main characters and that's what happens here when Ronny Cox is shot (Foley's foul-mouthed boss, Inspector Todd, would be killed off in the next movie).

Brigitte Nielsen, for the 5 minutes she was on Hollywood's A-list, is in among the cast. She only got the part after Sylvester Stallone invited Eddie Murphy over for dinner (Sly apparently fell under the table laughing at Eddie's Rocky impression).

The screenplay for "Beverly Hills Cop" was nominated for an Oscar and that just goes to show you how good the original movie was. This movie got no such recognition. Actor and director Mel Smith once saw this movie at a Royal Premiere in London and he said: "That is the biggest load of cr*p you will ever sit through in your life, I would have left, but you couldn't as there was royalty there." I couldn't agree more. You should only watch this film at gunpoint. Otherwise, don't waste 2 hours of your life that you won't get back.
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Sometimes I get really sad, and it's hard to go on
jessegehrig15 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Official Review: Some guys wear trench-coats? They have machine guns? Something to do with a housing development? I don't know, this movie is hard to remember. I know for a fact I've seen this movie more than once, and relatively sober each time, but that's it. There is a shoot out at the end, but who knows why. I don't know why the bad guy is bad or what the bad guy does that's bad, also I don't know if there is more than one bad guy, like Brigitte Nielsen may or may not be a bad guy, y'know cause I don't remember clearly. In my defense I have an otherwise very good memory, and I don't want Beverly Hills Cop 2 to be indicative of my memory skills, it's not my fault, it's this piece of sh*t movie.
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Murphy's back one more time with his classic character and loads of action
ma-cortes9 December 2005
In this second film about notorious Detroit detective , the foul-mouth and tough Axel Foley (Edddie Murphy) again returns at Beverly Hills to resolve the responsible for the murder of his chief (Ronny Cox) who has been gunned down by a tall woman (Brigitte Nielsen). He decides to track down and clues lead to alphabet robberies that are masterminded by a weapons kingpin . As always , he's helped by a pair of sympathetics mates (Judge Reinhold and John Ashton) . They'll have to confront evil nasties (Jurgen Prochnow and Dean Stockwell) and hold numerous risks , odds and dangers .

The picture is plenty of action , humor , suspense , tongue in cheek, shoot'em up and is developed in agility and movement and for that reason is amusing . The picture provides fast and furious amusement with spectacular scenes and unstopped-action. Relief comic is in charge of Eddie Murphy as his foul and fast-talking creates most big smiles and causing wreak havoc on the way . Besides his various jokes with the sidekicks steal enormous laughs . For that the picture is a ¨Buddy movie¨ though there's a trio protagonist . Eddie Murphy as streetsmart detective is top-notch, as Axel Foley is his greatest smash-hit and converted him in a top-international-star confirming his position with continued successes in the box office . Fish out water formula used in several films is well narrated and originates enough laughters to satisfy the viewer . The giant Briggite Nielsen -just married to Stallone- is attractive and cold . Friends' couple , Judge Reinhold and John Ashton , are nice and likable . Director Tony Scott stunningly scoring highest marks on action , as the film is correctly made . Motion picture will appeal to action-packed enthusiasts and Eddie Murphy fans.
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Better than a lot of people say
John O'Neill18 November 2001
Sequel to the hugely successful 1984 movies, this film was most unfairly slated by critics. I believe in some ways it is better than the original and certainly far, far better than the third installment. The story is, despite what everyone says, very engaging and keeps you watching the whole time. Eddie Murphy starred in Coming to America shortly after this, and then his career took a nosedive, although he seems to be making a comeback. If he is given more roles like this, he'll do better.
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Very good sequel
jhaggardjr6 May 2001
"Beverly Hills Cop II" is the entertaining sequel to the 1984 smash hit. Of course, this sequel can't top the original, but it's still pretty good. Eddie Murphy returns as Axel Foley and returns to Beverly Hills to help avenge the attack of a friend. This movie isn't as fresh as the original movie, but I found myself laughing alot throughout. Plus, the action scenes are well done. Judge Reinhold, John Ashton, Ronny Cox, and Paul Reiser all reprise their roles from the first film along with Murphy. "Beverly Hills Cop II" is a movie that's loud and noisy at times, but it's funny and entertaining. And it's much better than the disappointing third movie in the series, "Beverly Hills Cop III".

*** (out of four)
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Unnecessary Sequel Does Everything Wrong
evanston_dad23 June 2008
A terrible and unpleasant sequel to the surprise hit from 1984.

Though it reassembles most of the cast from the original, including Eddie Murphy in the role that made him a big-screen movie star, all of the other elements that made the first one so enjoyable are gone. Director Tony Scott seems to be absolutely clueless about what made the first one so popular and fresh -- in other words, the comedy -- and instead focuses on aggressive violence and action.

The song "Shakedown" was nominated for an Academy Award, but otherwise the film doesn't even boast as good a soundtrack as the original.

Grade: D
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Good action packed sequel
DunnDeeDaGreat15 June 2003
Beverly Hills Cop II is a great follow up to the classic first film. While the film tones down some of the comedy , the action is upped to the max courtsey of director Tony Scott. Murphy contuines to have good chemistry with Reinhold and Ashton and Brigette Nelson is great the a villanness.
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Bad "Cop"....
Mister-630 April 2000
A fall from greatness is a sad thing to witness, and none is sadder than the fall witnessed in "Beverly Hills Cop II".

Eddie Murphy is back as Axel Foley and you can have him. He's back in Beverly Hills to find the truth behind the shooting of Capt. Bogomil (Ronny Cox). This consists of him insulting and belittling nearly every single person who comes across his field of vision in a loud, shrill and usually un-funny way. Even Dets. Taggart (Ashton) and Rosewood (Reinhold) don't get away unscathed, even as they work with Axel once more.

Of course, the biggest joke in this movie is Eddie himself; he is so full of himself here and believes, even when he is being a jerk, he's in the right. It's amazing: in this single film alone, he takes bland pot shots at blue collar workers, receptionists, tall blonde women (Nielsen), German-accented bad guys (Prochnow), overbearing cops (Garfield, Hill, Reiser) weaselly little front men (Stockwell, looking suspiciously like his Dr. Yueh character from 1984's "Dune"), Gerald Ford and Hugh Hefner! Things are made worse when you realize that NO ONE could ever get away with the things Murphy does here. Only in his little world he has created for himself.

Nobody does themselves any favors by appearing in this movie. And the cameos by people with talent (Reiser, Chris Rock, Gilbert Gottfried) are so short that you expect Murphy felt himself being up-staged and cut them himself. Hey, it could happen.

And there is SO much misogyny running through this flick that you expect Gloria Steinem could use this whole film as an indictment against Hollywood in general. And WIN.

What a waste. The only good scene is the obviously improvised scene where Murphy introduces himself as Johnny Wishbone from the Island of St. Croix. And that's about it. Not much for action fans here, either.

Two stars. One for the good will left over from the original and the fact that Sylvester Stallone, original choice for Axel Foley, didn't take this role. Just imagine what HE would have done to "Beverly Hills Cop II".

Of course, you could always watch "Cobra"....
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Disappointing Sequel
orangerunner6 July 2005
I remember waiting in line on May 25, 1987 , opening day, when I was 14 years old eagerly anticipating this movie.

Five minutes into the movie my heart sank. This movie was the ultimate glossy, high-powered empty "comedy/action" film. Even at age 14, I could tell this one stunk. Here were some of the reasons I felt this way.

1. Eddie Murphy is bitter and angry throughout the movie. There is no joy in this performance. He's constantly yelling and screaming at everybody.

Think back to the first movie when he pretended to be gay in order to get into the hotel buffet. He used his wit and intelligence to get himself through the gate. In BVC II he yells and insults everyone who dares to get in his way.

2. When did Axl become fishing buddies with Ronny Cox? 3. The character Billy Rosewood becomes a gun nut for no real reason other than the writers thought it would be a funny direction to take the character.

This movie could have generated a simple laugh by having Axl still driving around in his old blue Chevy Nova. But no, he's only shown driving a Ferrari and BMW(?)convertible.
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Scott shows how to make everything stylish but where is the substance
policy1348 August 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I was immensely disappointed when I saw this. After I had enjoyed most of the first Beverly Hills Cop movie I had high hopes for this one as well. To see Danish Brigitte Nielsen in a big budget movie was also some sort of weird attraction to me at the time and I thought that I could at least have some fun seeing some banter between her and Murphy, but the expectation was far more attractive than actually seeing it. They do share scenes but there are only lame suggestive remarks from Murphy and Nielsen's character is so devoid of humour that you have a nagging suspicion that she was only cast as some sort of deal with Stallone (Nielsen's hubby at the time), since he was to star in the first movie. There is a poster of his Cobra character, to further heighten the suspicion.

The scenes mostly take place in smoke-filled rooms and you can hardly see any faces clearly. The main villain, played by Jürgen Prochnow, is such a anonymous character that you wonder why he even took the role. Was it because being in an Eddie Murphy film was so popular at the time that you just had to do it? The three Beverly Hills cops also reprise their roles here but the Lieutenant (now promoted to Captain) only has a couple of scenes and it is really totally unbelievable that Murphy's character and the Captain are discussing going on a fishing trip (could you even picture Murphy with a fishing rod?) So what we have is slam-bang action scenes with wisecracks that mostly fall flat and I almost forgot the totally annoying cameo by Gilbert Gottfried (one of Murphy's fellow SNL players) as an accountant named Sidney Bernstein. Take this as a warning: Expect extreme agony through most of the running time and please do not wait to go to the bathroom if you are watching at the same time, it is not worth the wait.
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Deserves more credit
scuderia_filipinetti22 October 2013
This movie gets a lot of bad press and I have no idea why. For me, the BHC concept was in good hands with Tony Scott. From the very first shot, with the thick orange camera filter looking over the oilfields, accompanied by the classic sounds of Harold Faltermeyer, to the final scenes at the same fields, it is a thoroughly entertaining movie as Axel, Billy and Taggart team up to investigate the Aplhabet-murders. If you want, there is much to be said about the execution of the movie, or about the lack of a storyline, but surely, with a cast like Jurgen Prochnow ("Adriano was not perfect"), Brigitte Nielsen depicting the quintessential broadshoulderd eighties woman and the not-a-care-in-the-world humor of Eddy Murphy, who really needs a truly compelling story? There are lots of other movies way better equipped to fulfill that particular need. BHCII isn't one of them, nor does it pretend to be. Judge the movie for what it is, a classic popcorn action comedy, and then you'll see it is actually a fantastic ride.
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excellent sequel, with plenty of action, and funny jokes/improves by murphy and his cast, to make this a fun sequel!
senor_small18 March 2003
this was an excellent sequel to the classic 1984 film. eddie is back, but, he is back where he was in the first movie, this time is not out for revenge for his criminal friend, but for her captain bogomil (ronny cox) of the beverly hills ploice department, who is suspended from ploice work, while working on a case known as the alphabet crimes. by a gang of international jewelry, money and weapon smugglers. led by german actor Jurgen prochnow, and bridgitte nielsen, who is ruthless as the leader of the smuggling gang. axel travels back to beverly hills, to hunt down his friends hitman, who shot him. also returning is john ashton as sgt. taggert, and judge reinhold as billy rosewood. teaming up to look for the criminals. but, what makes there mission impossible, is the abusive, new beverly hills chief played by veteran character actor allen garfield. who thinks, the whole mission is uneccessary for the heroes to go after. for this sequel, i like it how the director tony scott, brother of director ridley scott, switched scene to scenes, between the hilarious detroit scenes with inspector todd (gil hill) and jeffrey (paul reiser) who had a scene in the first movie, to be showing off their hilarious talent in this movie. you also get to see more of those guys, cause you only got to see them for a short time in the first. they have bigger funnier parts. jeffrey is asked by axel to watch overe his ferrari while he is gone. then, todd is funny. this film also features more very funny new jokes by murphy, and ashton and reinhold's characters seem to have a much better sense of humor in this movie, then the first. this movie was violent, furious like the first.little more explosions, and gun fight scenes then the first too. it was very funny to see so many improvisations by murphy. much more than the original. the cameos in the film, by chris rock, gilbert gottfried were hilarious. this marked as rocks first major movie. serge from the first was not in this sequel though. the scene in rosewood's house was hilarious. then, how they get his name wrong, rosemound, roseweed. harold faltermeyer comes back to do the musical score. and jerry bruckheimer for the producing. this film was wonderful! great sequel!! this was the last beverly hills cop film of the 80's following 1994's beverly hills cop 3. last movie for john ashton, ronny cox, paul reiser to be in this movie. cause they were not in the third. and for producer jerry bruckheimer, and composer harold faltermeyer. and, last one to have most explosions, big bad mild language, sexual material and most of the supporting cast in the first, and this one who do not return in the 3 movie for over 7 years later. few 80's celebrities, in this film, and laughs to be enjoyed for quite while.
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Good sequel
gangstahippie29 September 2008
Eddie Murphy stars in Beverly Hills Cop II.I think the first one was a tad bit better than this, but not by much.I think this is a great sequel.Eddie Murphy is funny as usual and so is Judge Reinhold.It also stars Brigitte Nielson and there is even a small cameo from Chris Rock.The film has Axel Foley returning to solve another murder with the help of his two friends from the first film.I think Beverly Hills Cop II is a good sequel to a good action/comedy film and I recommend it if you enjoyed the first one.

Rated R

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It is okay, but it is disappointing
TheLittleSongbird25 September 2010
Beverly Hills Cop is a classic, but this one while not awful was a disappointment in comparison. The set pieces are spectacular, Eddie Murphy and Judge Reinhold are good together and individually, Jurgen Prochnov and Brigitte Nielson suitably ham it up, the film is assuredly directed and it moves briskly. However, what is missing is a good enough story and a decent script. The story is sadly quite predictable, and the script is also unfunny and lacking sorely in wit. The soundtrack isn't as memorable either and while flashy some of the production values make little impact. Overall, it is okay but in comparison to the wonderful original it is lacking. 5/10 Bethany Cox
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nothing memorable in this disappointing sequel
Special-K8814 February 2007
Ridiculous and forgettable sequel goes a long way on the talent of its star, but has little else to make it worth the viewing experience. Detroit cop Axel Foley makes his way back to Beverly Hills after his friend Captain Bogomil falls victim to a random shooting at the hands of a notorious 'alphabet killer.' With the help of devoted officers Taggart and Rosewood, Foley makes it his mission to track down the culprit despite the resistance of an incompetent, hotheaded police chief. Murphy has energy to spare, but this lukewarm action-comedy has an abundance of needless plot twists, dialogue that alternates between highly crude and downright silly, and precious few laughs. Fans of the lead actor may enjoy it, but the script is a total letdown. **
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The spark begins to die!
bob the moo27 July 2002
Axel Foley is back in Detroit when he hears his old friend Bogomil has been shot during an investigation into the Alphabet robberies. He returns to Beverly Hills to rejoin Taggart and Rosewood in the investigation. Hooking himself up in a big mansion Axel lives well until the trio find themselve up against Maxwell Dent and Karla Fry who are planning a major arms deal with the profits from the robberies.

Never one to turn down a sequel to a hit film (how many has he done now?) Murphy returns for part 2. The first problem the film has is how to keep the material fresh. One of the first things we discover is that the producers didn't manage to answer this question very well. The plot again is nothing special – it could be any cop thriller although the action scenes are a little bigger this time around.

In terms of comedy, Murphy's shtick isn't as funny this time around as he merely wheels out the same sort of jokes all over again – we even have the difficult Lieutant from part one replaced with, you guessed it, another difficult authoruty figure! While Murphy tries hard he can't lift this the way he lifted the first one, however it still has some funny touches added.

The best addition (and one of the few that works) is Rosewood's sudden obsession with big guns – that works because it's new, but it's the only bit. Ashton replays his performance as the annoyed Taggart. The baddies are not as good as before – Nielsen is pretty vapid if you ask me, and I don't think she's sexy in the least. Prochnow is ok I guess but really can't match the `ham and eggs' haminess of Berkoff. Stockwell is a nice addition and Reiser is always watchable.

Overall it's still fun but really it's an inferior copy to the original (just like all Murphy's sequels). Lacks spark, flair and freshness but is still a passable cop comedy.
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There's gotta be a better way
Shawn Watson6 August 2000
Long ago, when Eddie Murphy was the biggest star in Hollywood, Beverly Hills Cop 2 was the most anticipated film of 1987. Movies like Trading Places and 48 Hours made Murphy famous. But Axel Foley made him a superstar. Impressed by Top Gun (even though it's a truly awful film), Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer brought Tony Scott on board to direct. What they forgot to do was polish the script.

Foley returns to Beverly Hills to help solve 'The Alphabet Crimes' after his old pal Lt. Bogomil is gunned down in the street. With Taggart and Rosewood in tow (now actually doing police work instead of standing by) Axel uncovers a seriously convoluted conspiracy.

The story should have taken a back seat to allow Murphy to work over the massive holes in the plot with his distracting wisecracks. I won't lie to you, there are some utterly horrible contrivances in BHC2 (Bogomil's daughter digging up dirt at the insurance company she just happens to work at is honestly the most obnoxious movie coincidence of all time), but you'll just have to suffer them.

This might have been easy to overlook, but Tony Scott, still finding his feet as a director, and his editors turn a great deal of the film into an incomprehensible mess. Some of the continuity errors are just baffling (where did Rosewood get the coffee cup from at the night club crash scene?) and it makes the action quite hard to follow.

However, Tony Scott's highly visual style of filmmaking is far more suiting to this kind of environment. The wealth and decadence of late 80s California is all over this movie, and it's the only aspect where it improves on the original. I doubt the latter day Scott would make the movie this way, but it's definitely the best looking of the trilogy. It's also the only one to be shot in the 2.35:1 aspect ratio (however it's Super35 instead of the superior anamorphic Panavision format).
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Horribly sexist, rushed, and not necessary.
mariondowning-427-4693449 January 2015
Warning: Spoilers
All the old token bits shoved in about tits and so on (it seems men must be a bit gay when a group of them sit around getting hard ons in a bar watching women stripping). Here we even have "sexy" blonde bimbos going with a guy just because he has a red sports car and giggling like Marilyn Monroe while giving him the sexy eye constantly.

And random shots of girls dancing topless on poles(looking like they'd rather be elsewhere). Here Eddie even called one woman "bitch" while talking to other males about her (not the "bitch" that implies she was horrible, just "bitch" as in a name some men call the objects that are women (in the last movie they were chicks and other things). The pole stripper looked angry too like Eddie's character seems to be through this whole movie but men wouldn't notice since they were looking elsewhere (maybe Eddie didn't want to be there either which would explain his acting through this movie). And just for no reason we have the Playboy mansion involved.

The rapid scene changes that cut out or abruptly ended dialog got boring too. There is one "memorable" scene where Eddie's character makes a bet that a cash exchange will be the next place robbed (after someone else told him about the place and they had a computer with the location on it - duh) and then he didn't even finish the sentence and it was cut to the next scene. Seems they just added bits where Eddie's character would be the one man hero of the piece guessing where crimes would happen next etc and then rushed to show us he was right. Or maybe they just edited bits because with all the tit conversations they went overtime and had to get rid of some parts.

All the people shooting in this movie are so bad - the hit man who shoots at the ground as Axel runs away and the police who shoot out car lights. Axel couldn't hit a person in a car that wasn't moving but coincidentally hit all the targets at the shooting place and hit people when it suit the ridiculous plot.

The first time Axel laughs the "Axel laugh" in the movie is like a setup also because there's staged silence and then the horrible laugh that anyone can fake. As if we were being rewarded for waiting by being given the token signature laugh by our hero. Other times when he laughed in the movie he would laugh normally and then go back to that laugh again as if someone else told him he swayed from the path of crazy fake laugh central. I think Eddie Murphy just phoned this one in and his wooden acting, inappropriate yelling, and inappropriate facial expressions for emotions show it. I guess he got paid either way and that is all that mattered.
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