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Bimbos harkens back to era when B's were original and fun.
DrScore9 October 2002
Lonely B-movie addicts seeking jag-off material, yet too timid to rent porn, should probably skip this title. There's hardly any sex or violence, and no used up Scream Queens. It does have three cute, working class girls on the lam from gangsters, red-neck chauvinists, and Eddie Deezen, beating a trail to Mexico. This sure sounds like Thelma and Louise, and there are scenes Thelma shamelessly lifted right out of Bimbos. Considering Bimbos probably had the same total budget as Ridley Scott had for cafe lattes, you have to admire this spunky little movie's quirky feminist ethos and originality. Elizabeth Kaiten is adorable. Three mariachis pretend to play instruments that have no bearing on the music, just like the Monkees. A blast.
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A Fun Campfest
jwpappas11 February 2002
How can you not love this campy B flick! Made on a VERY low budget by people who made the most of it. "Thelma & Louise" which came a few years later lifted the basic plot. Featuring characters named "Peaches" & "Shifty Joe", future director Nick Cassavettes & the immortal line "Oh no, a bimbo with a gun!"
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Thelma and Louise could have learned a thing or two from these gals
hippiedj2 July 2000
There is a special place in my heart for this wacky film. Not only is the plot similar to Thelma and Louise, it came out before that one! It's lighthearted, full of one-liners, and surprisingly tame on the "let's show some breasts" element. I appreciate the fact that nudity was not a chief concern for this story. I never thought these gals were dumb at all, the references to them as bimbos came from the "dudes" who were just not very bright themselves. And like Thelma and Louise, they rise above all the obstacles in their way. Think of this film as celebration of spiritedness and going for your dreams, well, even if it's a cowabunga barbecue! Favorite line: "MMMMM I love pancakes!"
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the title says it all !@
vacantxwonderlnd31 January 2005
I can never understand those out there who " love B-movies" yet render actual expectations , rather high ones at that, for movies that clearly were not made to be taken seriously.. when you rent a movie called assault of the killer bimbos it's pretty obvious what your getting into. I admit there are those movies that are horrific camp,big-budget and other wise but this is not one of them. Hilarious one liners , and a very drug induced performance by Griffin O' Neal perk this classic to new heights ... I suggest renting it if your a true B-movie freak and/or just need a break from the next guaranteed big budget turd of year .....
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Definitely a B-Movie, but fun all the less
Warning: Spoilers
I was curious about this movie as it featured an appearance from Nick Cassavetes, who I think is a great actor, and there were possibly car chases in it, so I just had to see it. The movie is certainly never going to win any Oscars, but I don't care as I thoroughly enjoyed it. The three 'Bimbos' are all very attractive and well-performed and Cassavetes and his 'WRAITH' co-stars Griffin O'Neal and Jamie Bozian were good as the stoner surfers that the girls meet while on the run.

There is only one real car chase in the film, but it's done very well, and features a great cameo from professional nerd Eddie Deezen as a clueless police officer and a unique use for lingerie. ASSAULT is a rather short film, but then again, the film makers probably didn't want the joke to wear thin. I lover how the girls get revenge on the guy who framed them, and earlier in the film where they give a lecherous, crooked gas station owner what-for when he tries to rip them off. It's also funny how Peaches (the 'leader' of the Bimbos) tries to artistically justify go-go dancing.

Overall, this was a great, funny movie, with sexy girls and great humour. May not be to everyone's taste, but I liked it.
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Good stupid fun
TedEBear4 April 2000
Expecting some lamebrain sitcom reject, I found "Assault of the Killer Bimbos" to be good stupid fun. Christina Whitaker made the biggest impression on me; I found her to be funny, smart, and rather attractive. To coin a cliche, don't expect Shakespeare, and you won't go away disappointed. An excellent "girls just wanna have fun" movie; the overall acting and story are better than what the box at the video store led me to believe.
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"Assault"-ed nuts....
Mister-613 September 1999
You gotta love this movie.

In this one, "bimbo" isn't so much an insult as it is a call to arms to just about every woman in it. They band together, seek out their fortunes and make names and faces for themselves against the tyrannical machinations of the men surrounding them.

And if they happen to be go-go dancers, all the better.

And the cast! Not only is patron saint Kaitan featured, but so are familiar names like Cassavetes and O'Neal (offspring, not fathers), as well as the big mack daddy himself, Eddie Deezen. With his name on the credits, you can be assured of at least one funny moment. Maybe two.

In the end, they may "Assault" but these "Bimbos" are basically just good-natured gals looking for a good time. And MAN, do they look comfortable stretched out on the beach.

Two stars, but two well-meaning, good-natured stars. If its laughs you want and lots of go-go dancing, not to mention Eddie Deezen, rent this "Killer" movie.
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Not Exactly on the Cutting Edge
Uriah4311 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
After getting in an argument with their boss named "Shifty Joe" (David Marsh), two go-go dancers by the names of "Peaches" (Christina Whitaker) and "Lulu" (Elizabeth Kaitan) hear a gunshot and go to Shifty Joe's office to find out what's going on. When they get there the murderer named "Vinnie" (Mike Muscat) hands Lulu the gun and flees the scene. A moment later several people arrive in Shifty Joe's office and see his dead body and Lulu holding the gun. Unable to convince anyone that they are innocent they quickly make a break for it and head to Mexico in their car. Along the way they stop at a diner and when they are recognized they grab a waitress named "Darleen" (Tammara Souza) as a hostage and once again make a break for it. Now rather than reveal any more of this movie I will just say that for a low-budget "bimbo movie" this one wasn't too bad as the plot was mildly entertaining, the wardrobes were pretty nice and Elizabeth Kaitan was certainly attractive. On the flip side, the comedy wasn't exactly on the cutting edge and it could have used a bit more sex appeal than what was shown. Again, it wasn't a bad movie but even so it wasn't that great either. Accordingly, I rate it as just slightly below average.
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Somewhat disappointing
Wizard-86 September 2009
With the title "Assault Of The Killer Bimbos", and the premise of two airheaded women on the run from the law, you may think that you'll get a lot of sleazy fun with this movie. Alas, the actual results are somewhat of a letdown.

The women in the movie are written to be a likable bunch, and the actresses playing them are a talented bunch, but the screenplay is pretty one-note with them. After a while, these characters seem to just be doing the same thing over and over again. That may be because the screenplay stops advancing the plot after the first twenty minutes or so, and does not start advancing the plot until the last ten minutes.

Eddie Deezen does liven things up with his appearance (no movie can be completely bad if it has Eddie Deezen), but he's only in the movie for a few minutes.

Also, the screenplay is seriously lacking in sleaze. There's hardly any nudity, no sex, and a minimum amount of PG-style violence.

Did this movie inspire "Thelma & Louise"? Probably not, but you never know.
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Assault Of The Killer Movie
Shaithis14 January 2000
Brought to you by the same people who made 'Slave Girls From Beyond Infinity' and 'Sorority Babes In The Slime Ball Bowl-a-Rama'(of which I loved) this one wasn't up to par.

Elizabeth Kaitan (or Cayton, from the movie Slave Girls) is a co star in this flick that is kind of a Thelma and Louis b-movie. Two exotic dancers (bimbos) get framed for a murder by being bimbos (blatantly stupid). They hop in a car and partake in some adventures.

They meet up with surfer guys, gangsters, and cops. Pretty well getting chased around the highways until they finally get to Mexico.

The girls flaunt their sexy bodies and act totally like bimbos...I suppose the main idea for the movie. Absolutely nothing else happens in this movie.
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jjw818 December 2001
Even in the rarefied air of b-movies this is a stinker. Unlike the work of the fun B directors (H. G. Lewis, Fred Olen Ray, Al Adamson, even Ed Wood) this commits the cardinal sin of being boring. There's no energy, style or fun to this movie. It's just a tedious, drawn-out chase plot featuring three scantily clad women, of whom only Elizabeth Kaitan is worth a second look. (It's no coincidence that she's the only of the three who subsequently had any sort of career.) Even the bad actors (and there are plenty) are boring. Only Kaitan and supergeek Eddie Deezen bring anything to this party. The picture also deserves special mention for two of the lamest performances ever given by famous actors' offspring in one movie, courtesy of Griffin O'Neal and Nick Cassavettes as zonked out surfers. How did this mess ever develop a cult following?
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This movie is just plain bad
david-sarkies7 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is really bad. My friends comment was that it was taken from a porno-script and made into a very bad T&A movie. In fact, the skin shots are simply there to excite the viewers and probably would have made a far better porno, namely because it actually had a plot. Basically, two girls are framed for murder so they flee to Mexico and have a lot of adventures on the way. They pick up a third girl, are pursued by incompetent cops (in the very real sense) and run into the surfies. In the end, through some clever plan, they trap the real murder, get his money, and go on a beach tour south of the border. Really, this movie is just so bad. Not only are the actors really bad, but one gets the idea that it is made simply for men to gawk at attractive women (who really aren't that attractive anyway). The only message in there is for women, which is you don't need to apply heaps of makeup to look attractive, but I doubt any woman would have the desire to even watch it. The only people that would probably watch it are stupid men that get their jollies out of gawking at naked women on TV. My final comment about this movie is: don't bother. I am sure you are far more intelligent that the average viewing audience of this, and don't degrade yourself by giving it a chance. Don't ask me why I even bothered with it.
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The Bimbos - A Short-Sheeted Slapstick Comedy
Oskado14 January 2003
Bimbos is a work of slapstick theater. In contrast, I consider its derivative, Thelma and Louise, a work of junk Americana - to me perhaps all the more junky since I live in that film's playground. But back to our Bimbos. Early in this work, three surfer-boy characters perform a brief Three Stooges parody as though to set tone and genre. Unfortunately, the film falls short of developing that tone as a well-balanced work. If I compare Bimbos to works of the Marx Brothers (together with their faults of excess) or to films such as My Man Godfrey, or to full-length films by Charlie Chaplin, I conclude the following:

First, at least to please me, slapstick comedy must present a mix of `high' and `low' tones. The Marx Brothers interject high tone through music performances, through inclusion of high-class and rational characters - wealthy spinsters, etc. - and through a structure that permits each of the brothers a solo performance, whether on harp, piano or (more questionably) one-on-one clever dialogue. Godfrey employs a languishing piano virtuoso - Carlos, the family protogé - as essentially a clown who actually performs romantic music. The role of art is to entertain and to uplift - `elevare et delectare'.

Drama requires contrasting characters - i.e., texture. The Three Bimbos were not enhanced dramatically by joining forces with three more bimbos - the surfers - and things only became blander as policemen, café crowds, etc., all turn out to be just as `bimbo' as our heroines. Our girls needed to stand out as unique, to contrast against society - e.g., perhaps to fall in with higher-tone `road' figures, like a Woody Guthrie group. We could have watched the three bimbos' tails wagging as they picked melons with the Mexican `temporarios' in the farms along the Colorado, we could have shared the enchantment of fireside music and dance under a huge Arizona sunset. The movie could have ended with our three bimbos waddling off into the sunset like Charlie Chaplin and his sweet sidekick in Modern Times.

The film needed to introduce nostalgic elements to give the humor a bittersweet texture. National Lampoon's Animal House achieves nostalgic counterbalance through enacting slapstick absurdities that recall deep sentimental memories to the minds of many a typical old-college grad - i.e., within each slapstick act hides a kernel of emotionally rooted truth.

Last, our three actresses were not used in either a complementary or complimentary way - indeed, the least charismatic of the three is given the opening scene and the most exposure. Kaitan's minuscule strip at the foot of a scraggly joshua tree only seems a desperate attempt - perhaps an improv, like the three surfers' quick Stooges routine - to inject some shred of life into the work. But the wreckage was too great for Kaitan to save - not even Superman could have done that alone - and Tammara Souza, the third bimbo, isn't even given a chance. Yes, I prefer the Bimbos to T & L, though that isn't saying much. I still respect Susan Sarandon, but far too much as an after-effect of her performance many years ago in the television film, The Last of the Belles - for which I've forgiven many an indiscretion ever since - but not all. For me, her time has come and gone - however much I commiserate with that universal need to make a living. If T & L merits a 7-rating, the Bimbos merit a 9. But that's impossible. I would rate T & L at 2 and our sorry bimbos at three and a half. What a shame - because for so little additional investment in time and money, this film could have been so much better. I guess the real bimbos were the director and producer?
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