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Kentucky Fried Movie-Redux
britishdominion6 March 2003
I'm sure this is the last time we will see this kind of Cuisinart comedy collection directed by, at the time (1987), some of the cinema's top comedy directors. And that's a shame. Because "Amazon Women On The Moon", although not perfect by any cinematic measuring stick, represents a small victory for loopy, silly comedy anarchy. Look at this line up of comedy vets: John Landis ("The Blues Brothers", "Trading Places", "Animal House" among so many others), Joe Dante ("Gremlins", "Innerspace", "Matinee"), Robert Weiss (TV's "Police Squad!"), Carl Gottlieb (co-writer of "Jaws" AND "The Jerk") as well as newby Peter Horton (of "thirtysomething" fame).

This anthology features some real groaners to be sure, but surprisingly hits more times, and with more genuine laughs, than would be expected. Cobbled together as a de facto follow up to Landis's 1977's "Kentucky Fried Movie" (the picture that boasted the first unspooling of the Zucker-Abraham-Zucker genius that would soon launch "Airplane!" three years later) on a low-low indie budget way outside his usual 80's big-budget Universal stomping ground, "Amazon Women..." manages to both successfully surpass AND fail to reach the dizzy, laff-a-minute, rat-a-tat-tat of the 70's midnight circuit fave.

This picture has several clinkers of flat comedy (Landis's opener nearly stops the film dead with the always-unfunny Arsenio Hall), but hits with so many other vignettes that it's easy to get into the groove of this short-but-sweet skewer of 80's late-late-night TV. The standout segments in this comedic buffet are abundant, but the best of them belong to Dante, Weiss & Gottlieb: the Universal-International "Invisible Man" short with Ed Begley Jr.; his hilarious run at the Leonard Nimoy "In Search Of" chestnut as "Bullshit Or Not?" with pitch-perfect host Henry Silva; the stay-for-the-end-credits 1930's "Reefer Madness" health scare jewel starring the late, great Paul Bartel and Carrie Fisher; or the crossed-circuit tributes to BOTH the "Siskel & Ebert" show AND the old Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts, featuring a dream cast of vaudeville and 50's Vegas comics that has to be seen to be believed.

Landis's standouts include a "no soul" infomercial featuring David Alan Grier and BB King, a funny hospital sketch featuring Landis players Griffin ("American Werewolf") Dunne and Michelle ("Into The Night") Pfeiffer (!) and a respectful nod to the earlier "Kentucky Fried Movie" wrap-up featuring an interactive video that stars Marc McClure, "UltraVixens" cult director Russ Meyer and Andrew Dice Clay. Highest marks, though, go to the running-gag "Amazon Women On The Moon", which lovingly - hilariously - mocks everything from "This Island Earth" to "Robot Monster" complete with film splices and gorgeous, over-saturated Eastmancolor.

If you have ever loved crappy TV, the Universal Studios backlot or any of the directors who have contributed to this dog's breakfast of SNL-inspired skits (written by two ex Carson-era "Tonight Show" writers), take a look at this one. Plus, it's only 85 minutes of your life that you'll never get back. Bullshit, or not.
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An homage to late-night television surfing
djstevet6 April 2005
Greetings, one and all! "Amazon Women on the Moon" is one of my all-time favorite movies, not because it is perfect, but because it effectively yet respectfully lampoons so many genres, including 50s movies, late-night television of all sorts, and even different styles of literature available throughout a good portion of the 20th century. Find a trend in literature of the 40s and 50s, movies of the 50s and 60s, or television of the 50s through the 70s, and it is somehow made fun of in this movie.

Another reason that I like this film is the fact that everyone involved, and there are many, many recognizable names involved with this project, seems to be having so much fun doing it. Several of the best moments for me are those when actors are playing, tongue-in-cheek, the same types of roles for which they were famous in other "serious" movies.

The movie is incredibly funny if you are in the right mood, and with the right crowd. Even if not, however, there are enough funny moments to make this worth watching. The pacing and style are sometimes uneven, which I found worked toward a purpose, but that may make it hard for some to watch the movie straight through. If that is the case, watch it in two sittings; it's worth the extra effort.

One game you can play, if you know the times or are old enough to remember first-hand, is to find how many books, TV shows/icons, and movies are good-naturedly ridiculed throughout the movie.
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A Fun Niche Movie!
Michael-RGV13 March 2005
While most people will think this film is plain silly, which it is, it is really quite fun too.

With a few exceptions, the film is about your typical late night television and the crazy ads that used to permeate the airwaves before all the infomercials started taking over in the 90's. In this film, they make fun of those crazy ads and programming by doing outrageous spoof ads interspersed with an old 1950's B movie with a lot of projection problems.

Any couch potato with a good sense of humor and a memory of the 70's & 80's television programming should enjoy this one! This is why I call it a niche movie.
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Very funny, especially David Greer
Scoopy27 October 1998
The movie is funny in general. Several segments are good, and they are smart enough to know when their welcome is worn out.

The highlight for me is Don "No Soul" Simmons, the unhippest black guy ever born, and poster boy for the charitable campaign to aid black people born without soul.

David Greer singing "Blame it on the Bossa Nova" over the closing credits is worth the price of the rental.
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one of my favorite comedies!
MASTAMIND7228 January 2003
Boy, do i love this movie! Im not saying it didnt have any flaws. Id say about 80% of it was very funny. My absolute favorite sketches are the Harvey Pitnik critics corner/funeral sketches. The critics really tore Harvey a new one (LOL)! All the roasters (comedians) were great, but my favorite was Rip Taylor, especially when he says "you know the old saying in show business, get off quick, like Harvey on his wedding night!" When i heard that, I laughed so hard, that i probably have an uncured hernia to this day from it. Of course i cant leave out the blacks without soul/ Don no soul Simmons albums (my second favorite), Arnesio Hall, bs or not, pirates, titans, and every Vangoe must go, and the Amazon Women movie itself. These were all very funny. I cant wait to get this on dvd one day. 8 STARS OUT OF 10.
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A feel-good, light-headed pleasure
blackcircles5 December 2000
This is not a great film by any means, but there are some really hilarious, unforgettable sketches in this movie. There's the Playboy bunny who goes grocery shopping naked, goes to church naked and everyone else acts like its normal. The Amazon Women on the Moon sketch is a scream. David Alan Grier is fantastic as the man without soul. There's the Siskel and Ebert-style critique of a man's life. There's also Andrew Dice Clay's finest moment (not like he's had any others) as he screams from a TV set at someone watching his girlfriend's porn video. A very silly movie, but with lots of great moments.
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Donate your money to Don Simmons - Black without a soul :)
Gallston7 July 1999
After I saw this film I was positively surprised of the varied amount of excellent little surprises this film offered in form of little jokes. The film itself is in a way a sequel to the "Kentucky Fried Movie" so if you have seen it, you might know what to expect. The movie itself is built around a 50's b-movie "Amazon women on the moon" which has some serious troubles while showing and the jokes are then presented as commercials etc. One of the most memorable moments IMO in this film include: "The blacks without the soul", "Petmate of the month" and several others. I'll give this 9 out of 10. RECOMMENDED
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A hilarious collection of comedy sketches. Highly recommended!
Cowman17 February 2003
Like its predecessor KENTUCKY FRIED MOVIE, AMAZON WOMEN ON THE MOON is simply a 90-minute assortment of short sketches, gags, and spoofs. All of the segments star multiple big-name actors, but they each vary in style, technique, and content. Some rely on humorous dialogue while others (specifically "Mondo Condo") depend solely on slapstick physical comedy. Some (like "Video Date") are pretty risque and could even be considered questionable in taste, while others are 100% family-friendly. Each of the approximately 20 skits do have one thing in common with one another, though: they are all unbelievably hilarious.

Admittedly, there are some jokes that miss the mark and one or two short sketches that are pretty corny, but these dull moments are easily forgiven since the rest of the movie is just so damn funny. My suggestion: grab a friend, a bowl of popcorn, and watch AMAZON WOMEN ON THE MOON today! Be prepared to laugh yourself to tears, and don't forget order the latest album from Don 'No Soul' Simmons when you're done!
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highly uneven comedy with multiple versions
MartinHafer23 December 2005
It's really hard to give a score to this movie, as I have seen two or three different versions of the film. The original version appears to have been re-edited to remove some of the dirtier skits (and there were quite a few). Then, less funny skits that were apparently left on the editing room floor were substituted--with less than glowing results.

When the movie is funny, it is side-splittingly funny (especially the teenager buying condoms, the funeral, and Lou Jacobi re-appearing throughout the movie after he is sucked into the television set) but it also tends to fall flat from time to time. This unevenness is probably due to the fact that this movie had MANY different directors--each directing their own skits and then the movie was pieced back together. The end result is highly reminiscent of a better version of Kentucky Fried Movie.

My advice is, see the original un-edited version--but WITHOUT the kids! The edited version just isn't all that funny.
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Funny, Broad Farce
JamfoFL14 November 2002
Warning: Spoilers
This is not subtle comedy. This is not a thought-provoking parody of everyday life.

What it IS is a broad, in-your-face farce that goes anywhere and everywhere to grab your funny bone. And in most instances it works.

The movie is loosely constructed around the premise of late night television, complete with a grade B 50's style sci-fi film providing the central nexus around which the movie is built. Skit changes are presented as "channel switching" or commercial breaks. Because of the skit nature of the movie, the changes between set pieces can be abrupt, and each piece will succeed or fail on it's own merits. Amazon Women on the Moon hits, fortunately, far more times than it misses.


One of the funniest pieces of the film is the initial segment featuring a very physical performance by a young Arsenio Hall. My sides hurt from laughing during this segment, and helped set the "mood" for the rest of the film.

A pre- "In Living Color" David Allen Greir turns in a hilarious performance as Don "No-Soul" Simmons. His facial expressions and physical mannerisms are perfect for the role. You almost feel as if you should find your wallet to donate to the "Blacks Without Soul" foundation. (I also got a great chuckle out of watching a 70's era pimp, in full Huggie-Bear outfit, touting the benefits of driving a Volvo Station Wagon.)

The "Two forms of ID" skit is both funny and prophetic, considering this movie was made in 1987. Anyone who is familiar with "googling" a potential date will see more than just a hint of irony here.

Carrie (Princess Leia) Fisher and Paul (Eating Raul) Martel also turn in all too accurate performances spoofing the old "educational" films of the 50's. Anyone who has seen "Reefer Madness" will get a kick out of this.

Overall, this movie is fun to watch, especially with a larger group of friends when you want to sit around and just have a hearty, mindless laugh. There's something here for everyone, and it's just plain fun.
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Uneven spoof
funkyfry5 February 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I first saw this movie fairly soon after it was released. I didn't enjoy very much of it other than the segment at the beginning with Arsenio Hall. In the meantime I've become quite a big fan of "B movies" and a lot of the people in this film are now near and dear to my heart. I think I have a better understanding of what they were trying to do in this film now, but I don't think on the whole it was very successful. The film remains fun for fans of B movies but not nearly as funny as I think it tried to be.

It's certainly watchable, as it is fast-moving and features many memorable faces from not only B movie lore but popular culture at large. For example in the same segment you can see legendary exploitation director Russ Meyer ("Faster Pussycat, Kill Kill!") and stand-up star Andrew "Dice" Clay. The film's epilogue features Carrie Fisher of "Star Wars" fame and director/character actor Paul Bartel ("Eating Raoul") in a funny spoof on educational style exploitation films. Monster movie fandom icon Forrest Ackerman appears as the President in the extended sci-fi sequences, Phil Hartman does a sports announcer voice, Arsenio Hall is a man terrorized by his own apartment, Lana Clarkson (now famous for very undesireable reasons in connection to Phil Spector) is an amazon woman, B.B. King urges tolerance and sympathy towards "Blacks without Soul", Henry Silva appears as himself to spoof Jack Palance's television gig in "Bullsh** or not", and so on and so forth. You could have a pretty good time watching this movie just trying to spot random celebs who came from the B movie world and others who became big stars later (Michelle Pfeiffer for example).

But the bits and pieces don't add up to a good film, and the film fatally fails to walk the tight line required for a "B" type movie, even an expensive one with big stars, between its camp and its serious side. The sci-fi segments in particular fall pretty flat and I have to imagine would fail to amuse anyone but geeks like myself who recognize some of the "inside" jokes. Surely the outer space scenario being depicted is ridiculous, but it actually looks and feels quite a bit like an older sci-fi film (specifically the late 50s "Queen of Outer Space") without having much of its charm or the sense of innocence about it. With something like the Zuckers' "Airplane" you can see how cheezy the disaster movies they were spoofing were but at the same time the film itself was more outrageously campy and silly than any real disaster film. But with this film, it feels like the film-makers felt the source material was goofy enough that the laughs should follow from simply a reproduction of some of the genre's original camp elements -- they failed to take it to another level where it would become funny in its own right.

A lot of the other segments fail to take off as well, or overstay their welcome. The bit in the hospital, the bit about "Two IDs".... a lot of these parts just take a long time and end up having no punch line. The majority of the sketches are basically funny premises beaten into the ground and done in a self-serious style that wastes the opportunities for humor. I just do not feel this movie's conviction -- it seems like they were afraid to be too zany but they were also trying really hard to seem "irreverent" while in fact the film rarely strays into controversial territory.
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Well I Liked It
utgard1410 November 2013
This is a mostly funny sketch comedy movie with some hits and some misses that obviously will divide the audience.

The two sketches that are total stinkers: - Rosanna Arquette and Steve Guttenberg sketch about a woman running a different kind of credit check on a blind date. This was my least favorite sketch. Up until this point, I was laughing steadily at the movie but here I didn't laugh once. Really derailed the movie's momentum. - The comedy roast funeral with a lot of old comics like Steve Allen and Rip Taylor. Terribly unfunny and it goes on forever. Very painful to sit through.

The funniest sketches: - Opening sketch with Arsenio Hall as an accident-prone man having the worst day ever in his apartment. Lots of old school slapstick comedy that won't be to everyone's tastes but I laughed out loud through the whole thing. - The Pethouse Video sketch mocking vacuous centerfolds. In addition to being funny, it features the gorgeous Monique Gabrielle walking around naked the whole sketch. - Henry Silva sketch mocking In Search Of type shows - A man has his life reviewed like a movie by two Siskel & Ebert-type critics - Son of the Invisible Man - Teenager trying to buy condoms with frustrating results - Video date sketch with Marc McClure - Amazon Women on the Moon sketch that lovingly mocks 50s sci-fi. This one runs throughout the film and is very amusing, particularly if you're a fan of those types of films. - Another running gag: Lou Jacobi as a man zapped into his television and appears in various sketches throughout the movie looking for help

As you can see, there's more good than bad. The rest of the sketches in the film are brief but chuckle-worthy. The only two that are absolutely terrible are the ones I listed above. Make sure you sit through the credits for the Reefer Madness spoof with Carrie Fisher and Paul Bartel. It's worth it.
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Gratefulness to AWOTM
Cristi_Ciopron3 June 2009
Warning: Spoilers
AWOTM is a strictly confidential delight, a comedy with a surrealist and _absurdist twist ;seldom spoken of. Now cinema has such treats—I mean, wonderful Bs little spoken or extremely badly spoken of—the Rourke comedy—HARLEY DAVIDSON …--is one such treat, and SAVE ME with L. Anthony and Ironside, and POSSESSED BY THE NIGHT with the gorgeous Mrs. Tweed, and a sexy comedy with Tanya Roberts and Joan Severance, and some others …. Make no mistake—acknowledging them requires true sophistication. Then by the middle of the '90s the B passed out.

Most parodies are mean, and meant to insult and criticize sourly, while AMAZON … is essentially and fundamentally friendly and cheerful and nice—to the viewer as well as to the shows it pastiches ceaselessly.

I can casually enjoy a parody, there are some I have liked indeed; but AMAZON … is so much more than that. It's wonderful spirit makes one sad as well as glad—sad, because its example was not matched afterward. It is made by people who like the shows they lampoon, while the regular parodies lampoon recent successful movies—not movies particularly enjoyed by the parodists. I liked AMAZON … so much that the next evening I needed to see it once more.

It's not a parody, how could it be one, but a strangely affectionate entry into the wacky movies' genre. The endearing ingenuity is the feature I enjoyed most.

It is rather long since I have delighted so much in a comedy; I have found it crassly, wonderfully and hysterically inspirational, an anthology comedy featuring an awesome battery of movie stars; I liked Mrs. Pfeiffer's sketch the best. I had the vague impression that Mrs. Tweed should pop in somewhere in this flick, and I think she did not, perhaps I was mainly misinformed—but guess what, dear fellow buff—Mrs. Pfeiffer, Carrie Fisher, one of the wonderful Arquette sisters …. AWOTM was half—sad, nearly heart—rending—half—stupid and half—bitter, and unselfconscious enough …. An addictive comedy, better than the flicks it spoofs, merry and sometimes truly funny …. The '80s still had this kind of ingenuity and inoffensive comedy …. The almanac—format allowed for a host of persons to be assembled such as to turn the movie into a celebration of a B world. Afterwards the B became prosaic, dull and trite—I know the flicks made by Rourke, Eric Roberts, and Don Johnson and Madsen and Hopper ….

AWOTM was doubtlessly very good, better than, say, the Monty Python similar formats—more cheery and mindless and affable; it cheered me, while most American comedies do not. It is a cult movie? I wish it were.

But it's also good that such movies remain our secret and, as it were, our password.

It was directed by several known names from the genre movies; this kind of trivia you will get from IMDb.

Nowadays even this kind of extravaganza is forbidden to us B flicks buffs. Perhaps this also makes AWOTM so sad; so cheering and sad—a lost continent. They smashed those B movies; some of us needed them. Now being given all liberality of taste, if you indeed disliked AWOTM, I do not know what kind of a person you are; I would rather not meet you.
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Some Hits, Some Miss, But Otherwise Pretty Good
domino100310 November 2005
Warning: Spoilers
"Amazon Women On The Moon" is like an unofficial sequel to "Kentucky Fried Movie." However, this film isn't as funny.

Directors John Landis, Carl Gottlieb, Peter Horton, and Robert K. Weiss take on different segments of the film. As a whole, the film is a bit messy. Some of the film has some good spots such as: 1) Mondo Condo: As Arsenio Hall is getting attacked by his apartment and constant calls for someone named Thelma.

2) Amazon Women On The Moon: The constant thread through the movie. You never get to see the whole film because the film is always interrupted in one form or another. At least you see how it ends. A tribute to incredibly bad SciFi films of the 50's.

3)Blacks Without Soul: Just for the seriousness of B.B.King.

4) Son Of The Invisible Man: The guy has injected himself with so many chemicals that he thinks he's invisible. And the town people just let him roam around naked! 5) Video Pirates: In this day and age of internet downloads and the passing of VHS, watching this is pretty funny.

6) Bulls*** or Not?: The Loch Ness Monster is REALLY Jack The Ripper? Did I do this gig for a quick buck? We may never know.

Some of the other segments just fall sort of flat (Especially the Titan Condom and Hospital sketch). However, it still makes for some fun viewing.
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Sketchy Comedy
peenworm9 November 2002
Collection of sketches, essentially _The Kentucky Fried Movie_ updated for the 1980s and ported from film to late night tv/video. Slow, perplexingly un-funny and intensely dated in many parts, it still manages to provide a few fairly good amusements as it twitches along. The central feature of this collection - the titular _Amazon Women on the Moon_ movie-within-movie is a fairly amusing if obvious spoof of the cheap, brash sci-fi movies of the 1950s. Yeah, easy subject matter to spoof, but some of the attention to detail indicates at least some measure of fondness for the material. Fun fact: the astronauts are dressed in the uniforms from _Forbidden Planet_. The rest is 'filler', little vignettes and fake commercials and so forth which vary in quality from funny to passable to containing steve gutenberg.
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An authentic parody on late-night telly that works despite some forced and silly side-skits.
lost-in-limbo23 December 2005
I guess it was perfect timing that I watch this late last night, because it goes hand-to-hand with its overall context and what it's trying to come across as. This star-studded production with the likes of John Landis and Joe Dante directing some of these gags and segments, come up with a compilation comedy that lampoons late-night American TV. The main focus is on a Z-grade 1950's Sci-fi film called 'Amazon woman on the moon', but it's the small comedy sketches of info-commercials that flooded proceedings. The majority of the film is filled with these comical ads and pointless interruptions and breaks, with the z-grade feature more so in the background. Which is quite sad as from what get out of this flick is a correct parody on late-night telly and some of it is mildly entertaining. It's just sometimes the one idea gimmick had me smiling while other times it had me rolling my eyes. Some skits worked with their ingenious side gags and self-referential humour, while others totally missed the point by overplaying its hand, or they were rather thin.

Some of my favourite segments would be the Video date, Don 'no soul' Simmons, Murray in videoland, critics corner and bullsh!t or not. Plus the z-grade mocking of 'Amazon woman on the moon' is neatly setup and done with great effect, with its dodgy sets, awful dialog, wooden acting, women in skimpy outfits (with Sybil Danning appearing), choppy editing and the many pointless interruptions that go through the flick. They just nailed it! The whole parody is interesting and it works in small slabs, but the whole execution was rather uneven and downright hectic. Maybe too many directors spoil the brew? As some segments and gags just don't fit in with others, that being the context or that of the humour. The narration is all over the place, but that was intended by mocking these type of productions and the clever script is done with enough panache and wit. You'll notice a lot of familiar faces popping up throughout, like Rosanna Arquette, Griffin Dunne, Michelle Pfeiffer, Steve Guttenberg, Dick Millar, Ralph Bellamy, Arsenio Hall, Phil Hartman and many more. But just don't think it's finish when the credits start rolling, as there's another send-up following involving Carrie Fisher called reckless youth. Pocking fun of the 30's when there was movie/TV propaganda about foolishness of teens and how your youth can destroy you by taking reckless temptations.

The feature did kinda remind me of Monty Python gags and definitely in the way the format was presented. These Python's films are 'And Now For Something Completely Different' and 'The Meaning of Life'. Although a friend of mine told me that this idea for this film is similar to 'The Kentucky Fried Movie' (1977), the same people who went on to create the spoof 'Airplane'. It supposedly was a catalyst for this type of picture.

Basically it's a fairly entertaining watch and true to its sources, but still rather forgettable when it came to shove.
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"THE BI*^H DON'T LIVE HERE!!!" -Mondo Condo segment.
roll tide29 August 2003
Warning: Spoilers
"Amazon Women on the Moon" (1987) is a strange little low-budget comic offering,a bizarre and often hilarious(yet ALMOST as frequently dull) collection of slapstick sketches with only the thinnest of a connecting thread. I suppose it is based on the idea of simultaneously simulating and spoofing the feel of an insomniac's late-night channel surfing. The result is an almost randomly mixed series of syndicated TV,low budget films of the past,and commercials parodies.

While it is truly a mixed bag in both theme and quality,and it is far from great, "Amazon" does turn out to be an altogether unique and memorable comedy experience...just begging for the perfect cult audience. Another tip,pop this baby into the VCR after midnight,it works best when the night is full,the moon is out and the drowsiness of the viewer is for real(and can work in it's favor).

The sketches ***POTENTIAL SPOILERS***: Mondo Condo- The opening segment features Arsenio Hall in what may always remain his greatest performance. Innovative and hilarious. John Landis directed this beauty. **** out of ****

Pethouse Video- Penthouse spoof features loads of nudity. Like I like it. ***

Murray in Videoland- Old man gets stuck in his own TV set,wanders through the programming. Decent. **1/2

Hospital- Is Mr.Potato Head really Michelle Pheiffer's baby? Well,kind of... Weird sketch. **

Hairlooming- Commercial spoof has Joe Pantoliano hawking a wig that won't come off. Fitfully funny. **1/2

Amazon Women on the Moon- The recurring sketch(s) of the title is an almost painfully unfunny spoof of 1950's sci-fi fare and brings the movie to a halt whenever it appears. *1/2

Blacks Without Soul/Don "No Soul" Simmons- 'Ya gotta admit that David Alan Greer is simply the man here. No sweat,these shorts are good. ***

Two ID's- Rosanna Arquette,Steve Guttenberg and a relationship background check. None more 80's,none more funny. ***1/2

Bulls*^t or not- On TV,it's "baloney" or not. Sheesh! I dig that Lochness Ripper! ***1/2

Critics Corner- Siskel and Ebert like critics turn their disparaging comments on a man's sorry-a## life. ***

Silly Pate- Not much of a joke to build on,even for a short "commercial" segment. **

Roast Your Loved One- That sorry-a## guy is back,and even a funeral cannot stop the laughs(or Rip Taylor's ghastly hairpiece). ***

Video Pirates- Let me get this straight...those are real pirates stealing videocassetts? Um,Ok. Ho Ho. Robert Weiss is responsible for this dreck. *

Son of the Invisible Man- WARNING!!! Ed Bagley Jr. is butt-naked in this one. **

Art Sale- Try and guess what this one is about...damn! Okay,it's an Old joke,but skillfully timed. ***

First Lady of the Evening- Some kind of Sidney Sheldon spoof. Nearly as dreary as the real Sheldon. *1/2

Titan Man- A my-first-condom-kind of sketch...and a serious embarrasment for Mr. Bailey. **1/2

Video Date- Now we're talking!! A Russ Meyer cameo,t^ts galore and a brief,top-of-form appearance by the Diceman himself elevate this one to brilliant status. ****

Reckless Youth- Stay tuned post(false)credits for this funny spoof of 30's "Youth Beware" films with Paul Bartel and Carrie Fisher. ***

OVERALL FILM QUALITY= *** out of 4 stars.
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Amazing Film on the TV!
analiacroci17 January 2005
This is, so far, the most entertaining film I've ever seen. YOu can't get bored because gags pop up on your screen at any moment. And the only storyline that goes along the whole movie (the B-film Amazon Women on the Moon inside the film) is as hilarious as the rest of the stories.

Don't miss the opportunity to watch this movie if it's on your local cable or local video store. You'll be surprised to see the bunch of actors casted here, from Arsenio Hall to Joe Pantoliano, Rosanna Arquette to Michelle Pfeiffer... As the opening credits say: "Lots of actors", instead of everybody's name.

Sure this is a movie for SNL fans. Who's your favorite SNL star you would like to work in this movie? Will Ferrel, I guess...

Grab your popcorn, don't get choke on the laughs... Enjoy!
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Extremely uneven
gridoon28 July 1999
This loosely connected collection of gags reminded me of "And Now For Something Completely Different" and, like that film, it's extremely uneven. Opening five minutes, "Critic's Corner" and "Video Date" are among highlights, but long stretches (like "Video Pirates" and "Son of the Invisible Man", whose joke had been used in a 1972 Disney comedy) are just terrible.
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This movie will play better on TV.
rinter3 October 2006
The various sketches with a large assortment of personalties is a real hit or miss affair. The BB King segment is definitely the best. The other parts are funny or boring depending on the viewers tastes. The interruptions of the space voyage add little to the movie. Yes the space voyage interrupts the various sketches although the intent is to have it the other way around. Arsenio Hall's segment and the seductive women segment are also fairly entertaining. But as with the awful " Tunnelvision" and the fairly acceptable "Groove Tube" one has to pick and choose what they like. The space voyage segments should have been funnier to complement the sketches.
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spooky_trix6 January 2003
this is one of the funniest movies i have ever seen. "Blacks without Soul" is one of best (especially the Black Republicans). "The Titan's" is also very funny. (wow thats a grammatical error). The "Amazon women on the moon" is just awful. I love the jumpy cuts. And of couse Bulls**t or Not! where jack the ripper is really the loch ness monster....But the best, the pinnacle of this movie comes after the credits. I cannot stop laughing at the memory of this skit.

The funniest part goes like this:

Carrie Fisher is talking to her doctor, and tells him about this party she goes to: Carrie: it was a wild party... Scene shifts from Fisher to a small room with five people sitting in chairs bouncing balloons around.

Then of course when her husband ken gets the social disease and suddenly loses his eyesight while driving....

Oh god.

Anyways some of the skits do drag a bit. The critics corner is kind of dull. The man in the tv, while probably very very funny when it was made (remotes being pretty new stuff at that point) falls kinda flat now. The hospital scene is funny in theory but the actors kind of drag it out.

However, the movie in whole is hilarious, great for people with very low attention spans and perfect for parties (especially parties so wild you toss balloons around).

8 out of 10
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A fun romp worth visiting yearly. Possible Spoilers
BlackJack_B25 April 2002
This is a supposed sequel to a John Landis movie I've never seen called "Kentucky Fried Movie". I will say that this movie is a heck of a lot better than the spoof of T.V. movies that I've seen such as Tunnelvision or The Groove Tube.

The film has some weaknesses. Due to the presence of 5 directors, who all came up with their own material, the film lurches through different types of situations. From hilarious commercials, to spoofing T.V. shows, to SNL style sketch comedy, to even making old black and white short films, as well as the title film, it changes without any rhyme or reason. There are some cruel sketches as well.

Still, the film is a classic because of the memorable characters created. In particular, David Alan Grier's Don "No Soul" Simmons, who appears in the "Blacks With No Soul" and a segment where you can buy his albums are hilarious. I'd love to get those "albums", especially "Don "No Soul" Simmons Gets Down And Funky". I feel that Alfonso Ribeiro's character of Carleton Banks from "The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air" was derived from him; they look, dress, talk, sing, dance, and have the same interests in music. Joey Travolta's attempt to ape his brother John's Barbarino character in the "Amazon Woman" segment is pretty hilarious, too. Of course "Mondo Condo" featuring Arsenio Hall in an apartment cursed with Murphy's Law is still hilarious, as is the two segments featuring Archie Hahn "Real Life Movie Review" and "Roasting A Loved One" (actually based on a show that existed, where comedians got roasted on T.V.). Some great lines from those segments:

"I'm sorry, but I have to give Harvey Pitnik a big thumbs down"

"We're here to put two things to rest: Harvey and the fact that Charlie Callas is funny!"

"We've got two pieces of bad news: Milton Berle couldn't be here and Rip Taylor is."

Even the two black-and-white featurettes are interesting. Ever wanted to see Ed Begley Jr. naked. Here you go. Ever wanted to see a glimpse of what a message film from the 30's about the evils of sexual diseases was like? It's here.

The commercials are alright. Other than the "No Soul" commercials, the Silly Pate (I'm eating Popeye.) comes close, the rest are weak, although the Irving Sidney novel commercial should have given Sidney Sheldon a good idea for a future novel.

The SNL skits are a mixed bag. "Mondo Condo" is a classic. The one with the then married couple of Michelle Pfeiffer and Peter Horton trying to get their delivered baby from a doctor played by Griffin Dunne is great for one line uttered by Horton:

"That's not our son! That's a Mister Potato Head!"

The cruel skit involves Matt Adler, Kelly Preston, Steve Cropper, Howard Hesseman, and Ralph Bellamy and it's about a teenager buying condoms for the first time and finding out that he was the billionth man to buy them and is paraded around in embarrassing fashion. The "Video Date" one is pretty good, until it gets a bit nasty in the end, but since it features Russ Meyer (and Andrew Dice Clay), it wouldn't surprise me if Meyer came up with the plot for this one, as a lot of his movies are like this. The "Two I.D.'s" skit with Steve Guttenberg and Rosanna Arquette is a frightening portent of today's fears of your private life being available for the public to know about. "Video Pirates" is weak, why this one was made is beyond me, as well as seeing Lou Jacobi in a running joke of being trapped on T.V.

The movie says it has a lot of actors in it's opening credits. You'll see old-movie stars, established actors, up and comers, bluesman B.B. King, comedians and cult movie directors such as Meyer and Paul Bartel. As well, one of the most beautiful array of female talent ever assembled. A female cast with Michelle Pfeiffer, Rosanna Arquette, Kelly Preston, Sybil Danning (in the "Amazon Women" segments), Lana Clarkson ("Amazon Women"), Angel Tompkins (Irving Sidney), Carrie Fisher (you Star Wars fans loved her outfit in "Return Of The Jedi"), former Playboy Playmate Monique Gabrielle (an honourable mention in my tops list for beauty) and former Penthouse Pet Corrinne Wahl (nee Alphen). You can't beat that.

Put it all together, and you have a film that must be seen once a year at least. An ambitious project, and even though it has a few flaws, it's great. I wish they'd make something like this today.
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A wacky send-up of late-night TV movies, celebrity roasts, etc.
jamil-513 April 2000
Like Monty Python stuff, this uneven collection of comedy tidbits with several different directors and a huge cast will receive mixed reactions: some will love almost all of it; some will like some parts and loath others; and there will be those who find the whole thing to be sophomoric, humorless idiocy. For me, the best parts were the title skit, an almost too real parody of a 'fifties space movie, the concluding social disease sketch (you have to have experienced the 'thirties and 'forties to get it, though), and some of the commercials, especially the ones by Don (The Man With No Soul) Simmons. And if you want to know who Jack the Ripper REALLY was, YOU CAN"T AFFORD TO MISS THIS IMPORTANT CINEMATIC MASTERPIECE!!! Anyway, worth a look.
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A must see for anyone who enjoys movies.
adaminlosangeles28 February 2000
This is one of those movies that you see, put on a shelf, and get back out a few years later for belly laugh after belly laugh. Something else fun about this movie is seeing how many actors made it big after this movie came out. SO many NOW name talent and then they were just trying to get work in a city full of people trying to get work. The pure fun that the movie pokes at itself makes this a MUST see!
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Uproarious send-up of mindless late night television
Woodyanders20 March 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This sketch comedy that gleefully satirizes blithely brainless cathode ray fodder hits plenty of gut-busting bull's eyes: B.B. King informs us about "Blacks Without Soul," in which the hopelessly geeky and unhip Don "No Soul" Simmons (a sublime David Allan Grier) turns his unfortunate affliction into a successful singing career belting out cheerfully insipid covers of bland inoffensive songs; legendary comedians Steve Allen, Slappy White, Charlie Callas, Rip Taylor, Henny Youngman, and Jackie Vernon mercilessly mock a dead guy at his funeral in the gloriously sick "Roast Your Loved One;" Lou Jacobi as hapless couch potato Murray finds himself trapped inside his television, and inspired spoofs of 50's sci-fi schlock, 30's black and white horror fare, and 40's VD scare movies.

The eclectic cast boasts a neat array of big names -- Michelle Pfeiffer! Steve Guttenberg! Rosanna Arquette! Carrie Fisher! -- and familiar B-flick faces: Henry Silva as the stone-faced host of "Bulls**t or Not," Paul Bartel as a pompous doctor, Sybil Danning and Lana Clarkson as voluptuous Amazon moon honeys, William Marshall as the hearty captain of a scurvy band of video pirates, Angel Tompkins as a lascivious First Lady, and soft-core king Russ Meyer as a shady video store clerk. As a yummy plus, smoking hot babes Monique Gabrielle and Corinne Wahl both bare their beautifully bountiful wares. An absolute hoot.
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