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  • A spoof 1950s science fiction movie, interspersed with various comedy sketches concerning late night television.

  • A series of short sketches, most of which parody late-night television and the low-budget movies one often finds there. Other skits include a man being attacked by his apartment, a funeral hosted by classic comedians, and a teen-age boy's big night turning into a nightmare.

  • Channel 8 WIDB-TV is airing the 1954 (or is is 1957? or 1955?) Universal International science-fiction classic "Amazon Women on the Moon" as part of its late night programming. The station is experiencing problems with the airing. To fill air time, the viewers are instead shown various other old movies, movie trailers, commercials, public service announcements, infomercials, talk shows and other programming in-between the few clips available of the featured movie. The viewers include a man being attacked by his apartment, a man with a special remote control, and a man whose life is reviewed by movie critics and who is given a tribute by a cavalcade of classic stand-up comics.



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  • Featuring skits directed by directing stalwarts such as Joe Dante, and John Landis showing off their facility with material that is over the top and funny to boot, the whole effect of Amazon Women on the Moon can be viewed as a night with nothing to do but watch the boob tube. with Arsenio Hall, Ed Begley, Rosanna Arquette, Griffin Dunne, Henny Youngman, and even B. B. King and Russ Meyer in cameos the film spoofs all things great and small that occur on TV as if the medium werent actually the wasteland that it is. Highlights of the conglomeration of tales is Amazon Women on the Moon a colorized 1950s version of a cheapie space movie in which Capt. Nelson (Steve Forrest) meets Queen Lara (Sybil Danning) on his visit to the moon and saves her from exploding volcano and man-eating spiders. Then theres Monique Gabrielle as Taryn Steele in the cable channel "Pethouse Video" episode showing the model traipsing around Malibu in the buff as tourists take no notice. Ed Begley plays Griffin in "Son of the Invisible Man" as the inheritor of a formula that makes the user crazy and those around him crazy as well. Two thumbs down goes out to Harvey Pitnik (Archie Hahn III) as his life as feature film gets demolished by Siskel/Ebert type TV personalities on "Critic's Corner", and ultimately becoming the headlining guest of a celebrity washed-up comic venue "Roast Your Loved One. Karen (Rosanna Arquette) uses a new-fangled machine to screen her dates in Two I.D.s with Steve Guttenberg required to stand by his past indiscretions. To cap it all off Mary Brown (Carrie Fisher) is the subject of a by-the-numbers sex hygiene film from those Physical Education classes we all had to sign up for in the 9t grade, but this one seems more than particularly flat-footed.

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